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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Are my shrimp sick?
  2. TDS-3 meter reading??
  3. Water?
  4. Macro Shot of Shrimp Eggs
  5. Perfect shrimp food holder?
  6. Sponge filter...powerhead or air pump?
  7. HELP: my CRS tank pH went thru the roof when I added Fluval shrimp mineral!!!!
  8. Shipping CRS without heat packs in the high 50's/60's?
  9. Cherry Shrimp and Algae
  10. Where to find nerite snails online
  11. insulated boxes
  12. Orange Bee Shrimps
  13. Shrimplets
  14. separating berried shrimp
  15. Scud patrol! Help!
  16. Would anyone mind making a common shirmp list?
  17. Shrimp Bottle Trap Placement
  18. Should I keep them or terminate
  19. Where to find Black Tiger's
  20. using HARD WOOD LEAF in tank , what do u think?
  21. My Shrimpies !!!
  22. Name origin of "Crystal Red Shrimp" (CRS)
  23. RCS and Old Age
  24. shrimp internal body white?
  25. Maracyn 2/Salt and RCS
  26. RCS explosion!
  27. Noobtastic Shrimp guy needs help.
  28. isnt this cute :))
  29. introducing new shrimp questions
  30. Shrimps no longer breeding?
  31. CRS & Snails?
  32. Nerite question
  33. Shrimp Food
  34. Mts
  35. hey ppl
  36. easy snail question
  37. Shrimps and eggs questions
  38. snail shipping recomendations?
  39. how to clean
  40. Shrimp Eat Shrimp
  41. can i raise CRS with hydro sponge filter?
  42. whats the difference between crs and rcs?
  43. My shrimps destroyed my plants - Help !!
  44. "Orange Spotted" Poso Snail? (ID help)
  45. Berried RCS?
  46. shrimps and rasboras
  47. Damselfly hatch in my tank...with pictures.
  48. Pls. help ID my Green Shrimp
  49. Translucent shrimp
  50. CO2 and cherry red shrimp careful!
  51. Borneo Suckers and Shrimp
  52. Too funny.
  53. ferts in shrimp tank
  54. What is OEBT?
  55. freshwater plants algae
  56. Odonata Aeshnidae (Dragonfly nymph) development thread.
  57. If an all inclusive FW shrimp book existed....
  58. Need Pics for Project
  59. Keeping Amanos out of the HOB filter
  60. Silly Question: Chocolate-chip cookies safe for shrimp?
  61. Bonus shrimp what is it?
  62. excited about my first shrimps.
  63. Overly Powerful Siphon?
  64. Changing around tank a little.
  65. Crs grade?
  66. Ugly Brown algea what can I do?
  67. shrimp and Pygmy Cory
  68. HOw many bee shrimp to get started?
  69. Found something out of the ordinary today...
  70. external BREEDER BOX for shrimps
  71. What shrimp want....
  72. where to buy shrimp in Ontario Canada
  73. Assassin Snails
  74. Apple snail eating water sprite
  75. My shrimp was stuck the filter inlet
  76. I have never seen this before...
  77. when to add shrimp?
  78. Can someone tell me what all these are? - full names?
  79. Red Cherry Shrimp & temp
  80. handfeeding
  81. Store bought R/O water question
  82. Another Shrimp ID plz
  83. Snail shell question
  84. Blackworms in my shrimp tank
  85. Shrimp and water flow (current) in the tank?
  86. Thought id share
  87. Broccoli for RCS?
  88. Aurora blues & Red tigerd
  89. feeding zucchini to shrimp
  90. Mixing Shrimp?
  91. RCS Population Decreasing. Why?
  92. Help with new shrimp tank
  93. great stuff question..
  94. Fluval FX5 - How to keep shrimp safe?
  95. planning on setting up a shrimp tank
  96. Berried Amanos
  97. dark green shrimp
  98. Favorite tank for RCS colony?
  99. Mass Grave
  100. ZooMed 501 for Fluval Ebi
  101. Do assassin snails eat all other snail?
  102. need to play detective here
  103. TDS meter?
  104. What does "berried" mean with RCS?
  105. blue saddle/ eggs?
  106. Tank re-do filter setup
  107. Tiny worms in substrate?
  108. Best way to catch tiny baby shrimp?
  109. Malaysian Trumpet Snails Won't Dig Deep?
  110. Any Electric Blue Crayfish Breeders?
  111. what shrimp is this!?
  112. Freezing blanched spinach
  113. Yellow apple snails yes and no's for planted tanks
  114. Wine Reds and Red Ruby
  115. Fish for RCS
  116. Do you need plants?
  117. Are crystal shrimp that hard to keep?
  118. just curious
  119. Why am I not seeing berried RCS?
  120. Rilis are hardy? Yeah right.
  121. wine red (and babies!)
  122. OMG White Worms please help
  123. Plantex CSM + Boron and RCS
  124. BOOM! Hydras in my shrimp tank.
  125. Cherry shrimp?
  126. Cherry Shrimp
  127. Baby Pandas! (And blue pandas??!)
  128. What set up for black bee shrimp?
  129. CRS Babies!!!!
  130. Temp for CRS and RCS
  131. Shrimp Hatchlings dying. I think
  132. Are there any comprehensive books on FW shrimp breeding?
  133. A "Red Neck" Neo Journal
  134. Root tabs and CRS?
  135. shrimp placement delemma.....
  136. Shipping shrimp HELP
  137. Need Ideas. Building a Do!Aqua Mini-L
  138. Need help with CRS....plz
  139. First shrimp tank
  140. low grade CRS are easy?
  141. RCS Time in shipping?
  142. Another CRS Thread
  143. I have one rili shrimp!
  144. is my water good for crs
  145. has anyone tried Genchem White Pellet for crystal red shrimp? does it really work?
  146. Shrimp, Flourish Excel, & BBA
  147. Can not enough O2 kill my Amano shrimps???
  148. Yellows are flopping over! Need Advice.
  149. Treating Rain H20 prior to adding them into shrimp tanks?
  150. Self-sustaining Shrimp Tank
  151. Oh noooo!!!
  152. shrimp in a community tank?
  153. My Crystal Red Shrimp Journal
  154. Shipping shrimp in cool or cold weather....
  155. my tank's parameters
  156. Introducing my shrimp hotel
  157. Ordering shrimp online
  158. CRS Setup Need Help ASAP
  159. What's up with her tail?
  160. shrimp bowl temp question
  161. Officially restarting!
  162. My TFR is berried.....Now What?
  163. Opae Ula
  164. My Top 13 Most Unique and Favorite NERITE Snails
  165. What Grade of Cherry Shrimp?
  166. Did my shrimp molt????
  167. How Long will RCS Survive in Transit?
  168. Some shrimp and maybe just a few nerites too.. (pics)
  169. anyone willing to send MTS?
  170. MTS being weird.
  171. Please help me welcome my new SS-SSS CRSes! : )
  172. Breeding Nerites?
  173. Planaria Immune to Fenbendazole?!?!
  174. Assassin Snails
  175. BKK x F1 Hybrid (update #95, Blue Bolt baby)
  176. Wanted: Mosura CRS shrimp food sample
  177. shrimp foods
  178. New Shrimp - CRS and Amano questions
  179. Copepod Control
  180. Are Supplements Worth It?
  181. Asian Pacific Shrimp Contest
  182. Trek for NERITE Snails
  183. Need help with green hair algae
  184. amano and rcs
  185. ADA Aquasoil Amazonian killing shrimps!?
  186. Check out my new adopted children
  187. Dennerle
  188. Why is it.......rcs colors
  189. Is this a male or female crs?
  190. What killed my RCS?
  191. How soon to add CRS shrimps with Fluval shrimp stratum?
  192. Heaters and Shrimp....
  193. Cherry Shrimp colony threw solid white stripe
  194. Any benefits to adding more air into my shrimp tank?
  195. Orange Eye Panda
  196. WTB Tiger Shrimp
  197. My journey for breeding Amano shrimp
  198. CO2 with new Amano shrimp ?
  199. My Iwagumi Shrimp and Snail Tank
  200. are my yellows mating?????
  201. Tubifex Elimination
  202. Anything else I can do to make my RCS happy?
  203. How small is too small for a shrimp tank?
  204. Feeding RCS, type and amount
  205. temp.
  206. seed shrimp?
  207. What types of shrimp can I house together?
  208. What kind of snail do I want?
  209. Artificially Hatching CRS eggs project
  210. Rilis and RCS?
  211. Vacation 2 Weeks... HELP
  212. What kind of snail is this?
  213. Problems with berried females and shrimplet survival rates using Fluval stratum?
  214. Moving a New Shrimp Tank
  215. who should be my new shrimps tankmates?
  216. what is bumble bee shrimp?
  217. my Crystal reds produced these babies....
  218. Feeding Red Cherry Shrimp and Bristlenose-protein question
  219. Blue Tigers, Black Tigers, and Tiger Shrimp
  220. shrimp...
  221. low grade cbs? shrimp id
  222. PFRS dropping eggs
  223. Mystery Snails and Colors
  224. Snowball Shrimp
  225. Pinto-bee shrimp!
  226. shipping question!
  227. Crs mia???
  228. ID please?
  229. sunkist or really dark yellow?
  230. Video of Red Cherry Shrimp eating Butternut Squash
  231. Assassin snail
  232. Shrimp and Lobsters
  233. Best way to vac gravel
  234. progression of the 90
  235. how many shrimp can you possibly have in a 7g?
  236. waiting is so hard!
  237. Shrimp and Sinking Pellets
  238. Shrimp tank advice- need more activity
  239. Treating for ICH with shrimp in tank
  240. I checked PH , and then
  241. Crabitat
  242. Shrimps on a Mothertruckin Plane!
  243. My crs are disappearing!
  244. Shrimp Eggs?
  245. shrimp growth question
  246. sundadanio axelrodi + shrimp
  247. RCS not eating food I put in, cause for concern?
  248. Switching from HOB to Canister, How long?
  249. cherry shrimp deaths
  250. Cherry shrimp habitat help