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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. CRS tankmates in CO2 tank: Please help me choose! : )
  2. Black Worm on Shrimp? Help... PIC
  3. Yikes! Mexican Orange Crayfish
  4. Looking for Larry (in all the wrong places?)
  5. Shrimp: "Scratch my belly!"
  6. UGF or HOB?
  7. Eheim Substrat pro raising PH !..?...!....?
  8. Which snails to add???
  9. When to feed?
  10. Massive Blue Pearls with red Tiger stripes?
  11. Dosing H2O2
  12. pH?
  13. My Amano is full of eggs!
  14. How To Trap All RCS Move To Smaller Tank
  15. Leaves that won't leak
  16. Shrimp lethargic and some deaths
  17. Shrimp Eyes
  18. Do I have a tiny clam?
  19. How low do you go?
  20. Does this RO system look okay?
  21. Micro crabs!:)
  22. Another berried tiger but yellow.
  23. What kind of pre-filter are you using to save baby shrimp?
  24. Need Crayfish Help
  25. Nitrate issue
  26. Opae Ula and Nerite Biotope - What Do I Need?
  27. crystal red help please
  28. Amano Shrimp buffet!
  29. Starting new colony with 2
  30. 55g shrimp tank set-up help
  31. New shrimp in old shrimp tank?
  32. Neocardinia Palmata
  33. How small are babies?
  34. Is this bacterial infection?
  35. Snails that are beneficial, which ones are not.
  36. Thai microcrabs?
  37. When are cherry shrimp most likely to drop their eggs?
  38. Carbon bottle or RO/DI system
  39. Useful for Shrimp Keepers
  40. Babies!
  41. ideal OEBT pH
  42. Do I take out food?
  43. Double woot.. (caught a pic of some cpo doin it :) )
  44. what tests do you use
  45. Can RCS be with Celestial Pearl Danios?
  46. Fun find at the Fish Store = Fun side project!
  47. 5 gallon planted tank with RCS
  48. Sunkist Sakura vs Orange Sunkist **Not the same**
  49. Tips on shipping?
  50. Triops as live food?
  51. blackworms
  52. Goldens in my tank? It's more likely than you think
  53. TDS meters
  54. Moving berried shrimp?
  55. Cultivating Puffer Food
  56. stupid idea #1
  57. Tank safe for cherry shrimp?
  58. fry saver
  59. No way! Berried CBS already!
  60. ID on this shrimp?
  61. crs tank redo and need some help
  62. Opae Ula in the wild
  63. I, Shrimp. Or: A few questions on my first shrimps.
  64. Yellow eyed neos?
  65. How to get tannins out from almond leaves?
  66. Pair of Cardinals?
  67. Flourish and Shrimp
  68. Anyone on here keep vampire crabs?
  69. Every cherry shrimp is dead
  70. Tankmates for my yellow neos
  71. Super friendly Neos
  72. Rremineralizing ro water GH or TDS?
  73. Spirulina Powder??
  74. Holy Moly! $99??
  75. Little white bugs in tank
  76. Parasites
  77. I remember when.....
  78. Pics my blue rili stock, different colorations, grades
  79. Taiwan bee hybrid x Golden CRS = ?
  80. Got the ok to set up 3 10 gallons
  81. Setting Up Breeder Tank Substrate?
  82. Why only asians breed shrimp?
  83. GIANT deep sea shrimp found!
  84. Tank Raised vs Wild Caught
  85. And you guys think scuds are creepy...
  86. What plant fertilizer do you use?
  87. All white CRS? New to me.
  88. Yellow Fire Neon
  89. pvc pipe hides for shrimp?
  90. Nerite Snail Questions
  91. Size of females when they get their saddle?
  92. Boraras brigittae (Micro/Chili Rasboras) w/ CRS & Water Temp?
  93. snails and calcium
  94. debating a shrimp tank
  95. lost a cherry shrimp juvie
  96. Two new tank members!
  97. Attempting to Breed Microcrabs
  98. OEBT color?
  99. Pre-treating plants
  100. Best coloration in the tank -- A shrimplet?
  101. Odd case of shrimp death
  102. ****Red Claw Macro Shrimp Videos****
  103. Tall vs Shallow tanks for breeding CRS/CBS
  104. Aura Blues okay?
  105. Question about my Akadama and water change
  106. Wild form of cherry shrimp?
  107. Cpo
  108. Mystery snail acting weird
  109. Short high-res video of Amano doing his thing...
  110. Ideal shrimp 2213?
  111. Shrimp safe fish?
  112. look how cute he is!!
  113. First berried shrimp since tankpocolypse
  114. Shrimp in a bowl
  115. Play Sand in Shrimp Tank?
  116. Where to put my shrimp?
  117. Shrimp and filtration
  118. Mixing black bee with CRS?
  119. Aura Blue Shrimp
  120. So I added the breeding liquid to my CRS tank and....
  121. Dead snail smell- GET IT OFF!
  122. Pros and Cons of Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  123. im a proud parent of my baby CRS
  124. "Wild" blue crayfish (Pics)
  125. Bamboo Shrimp Advise
  126. No Anubias or Crypt plants in Shrimp Tank
  127. Mosura BioPlus vs BorneoWild Bebi
  128. Green Water and Inverts
  129. To go with high tech with shrimp or not?
  130. Marina Breeding Box setup
  131. Lost nerite snail
  132. OEBT + seiryu
  133. Bad Akadama?
  134. why do shrimp have an uncontrollable urge to move up currents?
  135. Snail population dying
  136. Long, thin white worm in substrate
  137. Good Combination of Shrimp
  138. BorneoWild Vigor is it fresh? Suppose to be Chunky not powdery?
  139. new shrimp tank not sure what plants
  140. Shrimp TOO active
  141. Bee shrimp berried.
  142. What is the biggest shrimp disaster that you've had?
  143. Found this chart showing which shrimp will crossbreed
  144. Keeping water cold in summer...
  145. Baby Albino Bristlenose Pleco safe with Shrimps?
  146. Tiger Tank...official start (now with shrimp)
  147. REDDEST of the red
  148. How many amanos
  149. Will this CRS survive? Place your bets.
  150. Moving Babies Inside RCS
  151. Pros and Cons of a 5G shrimp tank
  152. Shrimp ID
  153. rilli shrimp question (pic)
  154. Help me decide which shrimp go where! :P
  155. Why I love my new ramshorn snails...
  156. Iron Nerite!
  157. woot!
  158. Blue pearl shrimp are the biggest fraud in the shrimp keeping hobby
  159. Shrimp tank cycle???
  160. Shrimp in a semi-emersed tank?
  161. Apple Snail - Dinner reservations for one. :)
  162. My ghost shrimp aren't ghost shrimp?
  163. Micro Crabs with a shrimp colony???
  164. What's this on my shrimp?
  165. another shrimp ID.. but cool looking
  166. catching shrimp
  167. cherry shrimp
  168. When do you need to boost gh?
  169. Shrimp ID Needed!
  170. Tubifex worms
  171. CRS Babies Not Reaching Juvie Stage
  172. Dead or hiding?
  173. Mag 7 pump question
  174. Question about live brine shrimp culture
  175. Shrimp Eating Neon Tetras?
  176. Are guppies approved for a shrimp tank?
  177. What's so special about orange pumpkin shrimp?
  178. Most common abbreviations
  179. Loss of white in CRS
  180. Yellow neos breeding true?
  181. Mystery Snail
  182. DIY Co2 Kills Ghost Shrimp?
  183. Ghost shrimp question
  184. Place that sells "breeding liquid" and other shrimp specific conditioners?
  185. Making an order, need some input.
  186. Water conditions for common shrimp
  187. How long does a female usually remain saddled before berrying?
  188. does this look like a yellow tiger? :)
  189. OEBT question.....
  190. Help with ID'ing my new cutie-pies
  191. Clam shrimp
  192. Newbie needs help!
  193. RCS legs turning white, later dying
  194. Has anyone ever seen a shrimp lay eggs?
  195. Is a canister filter too much?
  196. Could someone explain rili color?
  197. Nematodes? Or what worm? HELP PLEASE!
  198. maracyn plus for bacterial infections
  199. So excited berried tiger.
  200. Paraguard + MTS = No More Snails
  201. Who else has emersed shrimps?
  202. I have crabs lol
  203. Need for a lid?
  204. are neo's crazy?
  205. What happen to this Cherry?
  206. Another neocaridina
  207. How many shrimp species can be kept together?
  208. Trapdoor snail woes
  209. Blueberry with Red Cherry Shrimp?
  210. tiny shrimp bowl
  211. Lowing KH, and shrimp ready?:)
  212. Pics of my CRS and large berried female
  213. Marbled Crayfish as feeder?
  214. Breeder box for shrimp... Suggestions?
  215. Shrimp safe rocks
  216. Shrimps Grading
  217. missing female cherries...
  218. Shipping shrimp.
  219. What and How to feed my Lobster
  220. Platys and RCS
  221. shrimp compatibility
  222. How fast does a group of shrimp eat 1 dead shrimp
  223. Blue PFR Cull? (Pic Warning)
  224. Hydrogen Peroxide with Amanos
  225. Cpo and shrimp?
  226. Predator for Red Cherries
  227. Aquatic spider???
  228. Adding RCS to an uncycled tank?
  229. Remineralizing RO/DI water, which product?
  230. Any of you feed weird stuff to your shrimp?
  231. What the heck is killing my shrimp???
  232. RO Water pain in the ...
  233. Coconut fiber to lower ph?
  234. I have a giant high grade CRS that is berried....
  235. Summer time
  236. Worms causing dead shrimp?
  237. inbreeding
  238. Anyone have Blue Bolt Shrimps,?
  239. what is this?
  240. Orange tiger babies from Wild Tigers
  241. Is OiZO almost ready? Shrimp tank build!!!
  242. Do you use dry leaves?
  243. Shrimp on winter strike?
  244. Neon Tetras and shrimp?
  245. Red Rilli
  246. Assassin snails or snail eaters?
  247. Mesh suggestions for shrimp
  248. feeding rcs
  249. Do you know your shrimp?
  250. Need some feedback/advice for my Shrimp Tank plans