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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. My rilis yellow inside keeps growing
  2. Most expensive cherries?
  3. Do shrimp and DIY CO2 work well together?
  4. Tiger or Super Tiger?
  5. thai micro crab
  6. fluval nano filter
  7. Result for blue and black bees breeding?
  8. Shrimps to go with tigers?
  9. hydra in shrimp tank
  10. Molting
  11. Sounds to good to be true!
  12. Plant food
  13. how to set up under ground filtration in shrimp tank
  14. Once a shrimp,always a shrimp?
  15. What Non-Neo Shrimp Will Look Great With PFRs?
  16. Nerite eggs....
  17. green babaulti
  18. Any have one of these
  19. Prefilter sponge - Eheim Installation Kit and Marineland HOT
  20. Nerite Snails
  21. Molting RCS
  22. Ramshorn in a bowl?
  23. Shrimp parisite/illness?
  24. Copepods
  25. red rili x blue rili?
  26. A tour of the worlds tiniest shrimp room
  27. Unfiltered 0.9 gal. CRS cube
  28. feeding nerites
  29. Got thai micro crabs and amano shrimp today!
  30. Feeding My RCS
  31. shrimp tank with snails
  32. Coldwater Shrimps
  33. What makes food good for a shrimp?
  34. CPO had a bad molt.....
  35. Odd Critter
  36. Assassin Snails?
  37. Crs start
  38. Black Colored Blue Tiger Video
  39. Some general questiosn from the new guy
  40. Discovered a Worm in my Substrate
  41. I'm a grand-shrimp-parent!
  42. what invertebrates can live in high-tech / low-ph?
  43. Veggies you can feed your shrimp
  44. Black Impact CBS?
  45. Mail Order Plants killing your cherry shrimp--- article!
  46. RCS Dancing!!
  47. rcs in the portland area
  48. Mosura and BorneoWild shrimp additives
  49. First Amano Molt--am I the only one who finds it creepy? lol
  50. sexing question
  51. bigger peaceful shrimp?
  52. Geosesarma mating behavior
  53. New Photos of my OEBT and some oddities
  54. Possibility of Using Bottled Water for CRS
  55. about shadow or regular panda???
  56. crs light sensitivity at the 12000k range.
  57. How long does it take mama to birth?
  58. People who have received OEBTs
  59. Whose shrimp is this?
  60. What color should Taiwan Fire Red shrimplets be?
  61. Questions about Aura Blue
  62. Snail ID
  63. Crazy world
  64. Lava rock substrate for shrimp?
  65. Newly hatched CRS/RCS
  66. I almost got an all blue blue rili
  67. Article on plants killing shrimp
  68. 3D background and CPO
  69. rcs questions
  70. Common Symptoms?
  71. New Shrimp ????
  72. Berried Orange Eyed Blue Tiger - Day 7 (picture)
  73. Shrimp + Angels = ?
  74. Shrimp getting lighter and pooping ... white?
  75. Snail Shells
  76. water changes, Akadama and pH
  77. Malawa Shrimp Keeps Dropping The Eggs
  78. Aqua bidding
  79. Nematodes... EEEEK or OK?
  80. Fluval Stratum Shrimp
  81. Name that shrimp
  82. 30 second old baby photo
  83. Prime raising TDS?
  84. Dead shrimp - half red ... does that mean anything?
  85. Ramshorn snails
  86. Shrimp suggestions?
  87. Shrimps killed by mail order plants!
  88. Horned Mini Conch and Turbo Skai Bleu Snail
  89. Need help identifying... an aquatic insect?
  90. Why it's important to keep moss in your shrimp tank...
  91. My First shrimp babies
  92. Need help with rock for shrimp
  93. Dipping your plants.
  94. Chocolate Shrimp
  95. Shadow panda or regular panda????
  96. My OEBTs (New Pics
  97. Which Cray's for a Nano Tank.
  98. Shrimp Diseases
  99. Mystery snails and cherry shrimp to Hawaii?
  100. any one used this sub for their shrimp tanks
  101. Help! CRS Dying?
  102. tin fishing weights in a shrimp tank?
  103. Baby SS CRS Picture!
  104. Water cooler recommendations
  105. PFK investigates: Shrimps killed by mail order plants
  106. Oh noes! Help Please! Shrimp are dying!
  107. What can't CRS/RCS eat?
  108. How do use the Gush Catch Pen??
  109. Alternatives to getting rid of Planaria??
  110. my baby SSS CRS grew!!!!
  111. Feeding BKK and WR with Hikary frozen blood worms.
  112. Leaves- A GREAT addition to any shrimp tank!
  113. Mosura Mineral + dosing question
  114. If ghost shrimp can survive, what are the chances rcs will?
  115. Help with first shrimp tank
  116. Hikari CRS sinking pellets
  117. Shrimp Arriving Today- Aclimation recomendations?
  118. Blue Tiger Photos
  119. How fast do RCS breed?
  120. new shrimp from speedie
  121. name of shrimp breeder
  122. Paraguard safe with berried crs?
  123. Could these be green neocaridinas?
  124. RCS babies eating zucchini (Video)
  125. Bloody Mary Shrimp
  126. ADA Malaya breaking down after one day !?!
  127. Moss Wall Mesh.
  128. snail with barnacle
  129. SSS & SS/S/C grade crossing?
  130. eco complete yes or no
  131. Bug ID
  132. small flat rate
  133. Shrimp
  134. Thinking of trying shrimp again
  135. All my females berried all the sudden.
  136. Where to get cherry shrimp near Nashua NH
  137. Hawaiia Red Shrimp deviating from the published material on them
  138. Is this a Male Fire Red?
  139. Shrimp pics- Berried Malawa and PFRs!
  140. Duckweed in shrimp tanks
  141. Hard water shrimp
  142. What grade cherries are these?
  143. Shrimp safe micro fish
  144. 40 breeder for RCS
  145. Cycleing a low ph shrimp tank??
  146. Can I siphon my filter instead of squeezing it?
  147. Ghost Shrimp with Crystal Reds
  148. Changing shrimp tank substrate
  149. What was your first shrimp ever and why did you get it?
  150. Baby assassin eating one of my Red Cherry Shimp...
  151. shrimp and tetras
  152. red cherry shrimp went extinct overnight
  153. Ghost shrimp stretching?
  154. Cherry and Painted Fire Reds
  155. Escape attempt #2
  156. Just set up my first shrimp tank. New to shrimp, not to planted tanks.
  157. Amano shrimp turned cloudy
  158. My assassin snail exploded?
  159. Red cherry shrimp and fish eggs?
  160. OEBT care?
  161. tank set-up
  162. Orange Eyed Blue Tigers Where?
  163. Something that would eat nemotodes, that would leave shrimp alone
  164. Rookie move will my shrimp be ok?
  165. Fluval Shrimp Soil... DO NOT recommend
  166. Who mention BAD ADA AFRICANA?
  167. Apple Snail Coloration and Release into Wild
  168. Shrimp medicine cabinet??
  169. Apple snail veggies.
  170. barley Straw Pellet
  171. painted fire red with yellow eyes?
  172. Crayfish fight video.
  173. Colored Amanos?
  174. How do you guys gravel vac with shrimp in the tanks?
  175. Brackish Tolerant Shrimp
  176. snails and CO2
  177. Do pond snails eat plants?
  178. Shrimp molting vs Shrimps not molting, good or bad?
  179. Something in my shrimp?
  180. Shrimp: mixed breeding tank
  181. Easy, sleazy Breeder Box Mod
  182. How do I get rid of insect larva in my shrimp bowl?
  183. lost pregnant Cherry, And im trying to save the eggs
  184. filter bag instead of sponge on filter inlet?
  185. really? No...I mean...REALLY???
  186. Borneo Wild products - reviews?
  187. Cactus wood in shrimp tanks
  188. People are eating our pets!
  189. How is this possible?
  190. Strange shrimp death
  191. First time with shrimp, yellow eggs..?
  192. how many mts for a 10 gallon?
  193. Shrimp Experts! OEBT and Chocolate Help!
  194. cruel prank
  195. oto bioload with shrimp
  197. USPS 7x7x6 boxes discontinued?
  198. Got some Orange Sakura long before I can sell some?
  199. oops nevermind.. can someone delete thread?
  200. Should I try these?
  201. My Valentine"S"!!!!
  202. From saddled to babies
  203. Saddle to berry?
  204. PFR's have a weird white split on their back?
  205. Seed Shrimp
  206. Max Breed shrimp food and Neo's?
  207. Betta Tankmate Shrimp? Bad Idea?
  208. anything special? (suspected wine reds)
  209. Cherries with black eggs?
  210. Kent marine pro-plant and shrimp
  211. Building a Shrimp Rack?
  212. should I be worried about this shrimp?
  213. Failed molt?
  214. Crs
  215. Gammarus and shrimp
  216. Nerite Snails Help (Nerita vs. Neritina vs. Theodoxus?)
  217. Tell me the plants to use in my 20L shrimp tank
  218. Apple snail not moving at all
  219. Beginner Shrimp Tank
  220. Any one using a PH Controller with shrimp/planted tank?
  221. "black zebra neos?"
  222. BorneoWild Humic
  223. Tri colored Taiwan bee hybrid.
  224. new pics of some of my sss
  225. Quick Bumblebee Question
  226. White dots
  227. Amano Shrimp & Fish
  228. tiny swirly snails
  229. Think of starting a 20L CRS, water info help
  230. Berried Shrimp Question
  231. Has anybody ordered from this seller?
  232. My shrimp rack build. Updated 8/6
  233. Today...
  234. Getting rid of tiny snails
  235. I want Caridina sp. "Blue Bee"
  236. blackish RCS
  237. What Type of Shrimp?
  238. Cardinal shrimp?
  239. shrimp turning purple
  240. PFR with apistogramma trio + cherry barbs and tetras
  241. Centipede type bug in shrimp tank?
  242. Bee Shrimp Natrual Habitat
  243. How much to pay for CRS?
  244. Getting rid of blackworms in the substrate of my shrimp tank?
  245. Info for Breeding Amano Shrimp
  246. Ammonia wont drop ... Any thoughts?
  247. Raising Brine Shrimp
  248. Will They Interbreed?
  249. Can Anyone ID This Shrip?
  250. My Shrimp Pics :)