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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. need help with water change/ph
  2. Shrimp has dark insides?
  3. Thai Micro crab question
  4. crs losing its white
  5. Possible fertility issues!
  6. any of you feed Repashy in shrimp tank?
  7. red claw macro??? help!
  8. First Colony & Questions
  9. Gush Catch Pen in action catching planaria (video)
  10. whoa white rili shrimp
  11. Letting Tigers and Bee Shrimp go to town
  12. I cant stop looking at my first CRS'
  13. How long after birth till an RC gets berried?
  14. Tiny snail issue
  15. How to keep daphnia?
  16. I had a baby! ...I think
  17. Breeding box, does it need to be well lit?
  18. I got shrimp!
  19. Anybody feed Newlife Spectrum Cichlid formula?
  20. Ebiken Products - Please help me choose
  21. Blue Tigers with Taiwan Fire Shrimp??? Interbreeding???
  22. I may actually have a true bloody mary
  23. Which snails are very.......very slow breeding?
  24. Hiding places for Amanos/CPOs
  25. Recharging Purigen-Who has guts?
  26. mystery bug
  27. Trimming moss in shrimp tank
  28. Moving a tank full of shrimp to a new tank?
  29. Super Glue Gel and shrimp?
  30. How to ship snails?
  31. Thai Micro Crabs
  32. Large Water Changes Harmful?
  33. How to change water in a shrimps tank?
  34. Snails and pasta
  35. Shrimp waste question
  36. Shrimp tanks safe/required with those startup powders and such?
  37. Best solutions for pesty pond snail invasion
  38. Question about Amano shrimp molting
  39. Big Mother Shrimp Dropping eggs
  40. Painting the side of a tank with shrimp in it...need advice
  41. Stingy Nettle
  42. CRS in harder water?
  43. Sexing
  44. OEBT Not Saddling Up
  45. Shrimp stocking?
  46. how many ghost shrimp?
  47. molt with eggs left on shell?
  48. When is my tank ready for shrimp?
  49. worms???
  50. Red Cherry Shrimp TankMates Researched Opinion !
  51. Can i keep CRS in 77F Temp?
  52. Baby shrimp growth rate.
  53. OEBT Hatched - 25 Days - Pictures
  54. Caridina cf. babaulti “Black” what do u think?
  55. How do I get rid of these?
  56. quick cure with shrimp in tank
  57. Baby Shrimp? Or a parasite?
  58. What do babie tiger shrimp look like?
  59. Killing my Shrimp, need immediate action
  60. RCS in cold temperatures
  61. question about nerite snails
  62. Kuhli loaches with shrimp?
  63. Proper Dosing of Paraguard?
  64. Why do some of my Fire Reds have a crack behind the carapace?
  65. Shrimps tank without substrate
  66. RCS in a tub?
  67. Size of OEBT
  68. Akadama: How to prepare it for a shrimp tank?
  69. Shrimp safe filter fabric batting?
  70. Coral Food for Shrimp?
  71. Ghost shrimp and blue pearls?
  72. Quick question
  73. CRS getting berried
  74. Get Published / shrimp articles
  75. Questions about CRS & BPS
  76. Red mini lobster?
  77. WOW, anybody see this yet?
  78. To soon for shrimp?
  79. OEBT missing link?
  80. What kind of snails hitched a ride
  81. CPO and Taiwan bee
  82. diff between cbs and panda?
  83. Got my first shrimp!
  84. Blueberry Shrimp
  85. Assassin Snail turned brown.
  86. How long does it take ...
  87. Catching shrimp
  88. Shrimp chart?
  89. Fluval Edge Killing Off Shrimp
  90. Where is my Bamboo Shrimp?
  91. Help me ID this...hitchhiker...Shrimp?
  92. DIY breeding box suggestions?
  93. Wonder Shells for snail shells
  94. New shrimp dying!
  95. Dwarf African Frogs
  96. check it out soon to have babies woo hoo
  97. cut manzanita for nano tanks
  98. setting up a shrimp tank in rush?
  99. Shrimp safe method of getting rid of planaria?
  100. Suprise shrimp!! How?
  101. Duckweed in the shipping bag, how to keep it out of the tank?
  102. What are these BUGS???!!
  103. All of my shrimp are gathered at the surface...
  104. Tiny thread like worms in shrimp bowl
  105. Other plants besides moss for RCS
  106. Cinnamon for shrimps breeeding tank.
  107. Permit for Shipping Snails
  108. Tiger shrimp problems
  109. RCS not breeding...strange question
  110. OEBT and low GH
  111. nerite or ramshorn PH under 7.0?
  112. Help! What kind of shrimp is this?
  113. Atyaephyra Desmaresti
  114. Spixi Apple Snail (Asolene spixi) in a Shrimp Tank (GOOD OR BAD IDEA)
  115. Cherry cannibal
  116. A surprise baby
  117. wise advice needed!
  118. weird worm on my oebt
  119. Different Shades of Chocolate
  120. Big delima????
  121. male or female
  122. Berried OEBT - Day 22 - Updated (3/13)
  123. Shrimp Tank - How much flow is bad?
  124. White tube off of my nerite snail?
  125. RCS Deaths
  126. Orange Eye Black Tiger
  127. Soo.. I just saw a fish fry in my shrimp only tank..?
  128. CPO Dwarf Orange Crayfish with Rili, CRS, RCS?
  129. Shrimp deaths and new plants?
  130. What can i put with blue pearl shrimp that require about the same parameters?
  131. Moved my shrimp tank and...MOLTS!
  132. Are these snail eggs?
  133. Water Change question.
  134. Good shrimp for a beginner with a ph of 7.5?
  135. Helping babies survive.
  136. Cool looking shrimp for beginners?
  137. Eques pencilfish
  138. JsPLAYnz Planted Haven
  139. What kind of shrimp?
  140. Can a single pond snail produce more pond snails?
  141. bacterial infection in oebt?
  142. Lowest temp. for RCS?
  143. Can I use a powerhead in a shrimp tank?
  144. Shrimpin!
  145. Red Cherry Shrimp and Filter Intakes
  146. high no3 help
  147. Dosing ferts & CO2 booster
  148. what subs for breeding OEBT?
  149. How does one calculate shrimp into total inches of fish
  150. Geothelphusa dehaani (Blue variant)
  151. Amano Shrimp with Opae Ulas?
  152. Shrimp ID - purchased today at LPS
  153. a couple of propinqua pics
  154. Fluval shrimp granules feeding question
  155. Good food for RCS?
  156. A question for the experienced shrimp people
  157. how to clean equipment
  158. Tips for RCS
  159. Baby snail identification
  160. Help: Snail with Shrimp
  161. Another stupid shrimp question.....
  162. Are Blue Pearl Shrimp Good For Noobies?
  163. Anybody breed Blue tigers in params near these?
  164. This is what happens with my feeding dish
  165. who's looking for CRS
  166. green vs white hydra
  167. Can you ID this shrimp, please?
  168. Wanted: Experienced Shrimpers For Food Testing
  169. Best Money Making Shrimp For You
  170. orange shrimp I.D.?
  171. Thinking of breeding shrimp what should i know
  172. AZgardens - misleading?
  173. trimming fissidens fontanus
  174. CRS/OEBT cross..looking for pictures
  175. Molting.
  176. Using Borneo wild in tylo/ cardinal tank??
  177. Amano shrimp sensitive to co2?
  178. pictures of shrimps
  179. Sulawesi Shrimps
  180. White inside RCS, not a milky body
  181. Shrimps with SAE?
  182. What shrimp species ok to mix?
  183. ph puzzle
  184. Another dead PFR Female.
  185. bug identification
  186. Gene shrimp, what are they for?
  187. Shadow Mosura Taiwan Bee... Ever heard of it?
  188. Shrimp Food Advice
  189. Ultimate shrimp tank!! Everrrr
  190. **** Shrimp Videos ****
  191. RCS cloudy?
  192. Dying Blackberry shrimp??? how?
  193. Shrimp population dwindling. Help! Can't stop the black spot!
  194. Day/night temperature fluctuation?
  195. is this mix okay?
  196. Mr. Yen Shrimp Farm Factory
  197. shrimp turning green?
  198. Can you name this shrimp?
  199. Weird Thai Microcrab behavior?
  200. Any color changing shrimp?
  201. I want shrimp
  202. Trying my hand at selective breeding – OEBT
  203. Birth to re-berry, how long?
  204. All your base are belong to us – OEBT Edition
  205. CRS and filter flow question
  206. I lost another bee shrimp! Why?
  207. Air pumps and Sponge Filters.
  208. Super Shrimp and the Fortress of Solitude
  209. Some Blue Rili's Pics
  210. Two questions
  211. Shrimps pricelist
  212. Moved Amano - turned navy blue
  213. Amanos eating live clams
  214. Crawfish/Shrimp Compatibility
  215. Chart that displays pregnancy time vs water temperature....
  216. Looking for Feedback - Water Hardness Management Guide
  217. Why!! Lost berried bee shrimp.
  218. Orange Rilis?
  219. rili looking for a snack
  220. Crazy shrimp!
  221. Sad day for loach lovers
  222. Shipping
  223. how many shrimp in a 2.5 gallon?
  224. Copepods
  225. Excel/API CO2 booster
  226. TDS/Fertilizing/CRS
  227. 113 vs 80
  228. Catching Shrimp
  229. lower gh needed
  230. Another little Breeder Box Mod - ZooMed 501
  231. Crs and aqua soil?
  232. Guess what I just saw in my PFR tank?
  233. OEBT tank update - Several pictures
  234. selective breeding for rcs
  235. Moving berried shrimp
  236. RCS help. Circling around the tank after water change
  237. Puzzling parameter help
  238. Stocking Shrimp
  239. shrimp magazine
  240. Media for shrimp tanks
  241. How do you stop Amano from digging into your HC Cuba?
  242. Filter Feeders
  243. AFI - (Aquarium Fish International) - Nano Shrimp Article
  244. Lets talk CHILLERS
  245. molting problems
  246. Shrimp Food ?
  247. My new Cardinal shrimp.
  248. Finally got a berried CRS
  249. Carpeting plants ok for a shrimp nano tank?
  250. Jumping the tank.