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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Decided to add fish to Shrimp Tank (Need some recommendations)
  2. help me sex my shrimp
  3. My first shrimp mutation
  4. When is it safe to reintroduce nerites?
  5. Saw my first planaria....but
  6. best snails for cleaning a koi pond
  7. How to keep PH stable
  8. What kind of snail is this?
  9. Breeding shrimp in a Fluval Spec
  10. Everybody seems to be selling shrimp over the last few days...
  11. Favorite book or site
  12. Question About Mosura Mineral Plus Ultra
  13. Shipping very young shrimp?
  14. What is the best way to divide a tank that is already setup?
  15. cycling a new tank
  16. Blue Bolt and BKK babies
  17. SunSun Filters in shrimp tanks
  18. Low Tech, Low Maint, Low Cost Nano Ideas?
  19. CBS shrimplets
  20. Easiest way to...
  21. It turned blue UPDATE!
  22. White worms?
  23. cherry shrimp help!!!
  24. Quick Question!
  25. Azoo Plus Ornamental Shrimp Supplements
  26. Climbing to hell.
  27. berried king kong question
  28. Making SSS+ patterns?
  29. CRS loosing white and dying ???
  30. Amano + Bowl
  31. Serious stones
  32. Red Worm??? What is this?
  33. Vanishing Bees
  34. Rcs
  35. adding paraguard with new shrimp?
  36. Shrimps pictures * 5/9 Cardinal shrimps added*
  37. How to lower GH
  38. how old before you can grade crs
  39. Can someone tell me whats going on with this shrimp.
  40. Attack of the super creepy creepy worms!!!
  41. Do your assassin snails "pair up"?
  42. RCS Fungal Infection?
  43. low quality yellow shrimp - what should I do now?
  44. Method to Increase/Decrease pH
  45. Tiny Shrimp Boat
  46. Shrimps for 7+ pH.
  47. Hardscape Only Shrimp Tank ?
  48. Soilmaster Select Charcoal for shrimp???
  49. Shrimp shipping to Hawaii
  50. Can I keep OEBT'S inthe following water parameters?
  51. shrimp net longer than 19.5"?
  52. All these specialized shrimp products worth it?
  53. Apple Snails how much calcium carbonate?
  54. Bare bottom tanks
  55. Black Tigers
  56. babaulti blue shrimp??
  57. Identify the gender
  58. Nerite Snails vs. Otos
  59. How bad is my tap water?
  60. mineral rocks
  61. Do shrimp eat
  62. Babies and Berries :)
  63. Caridina sp. 'dark green' ?
  64. Mischling shrimp changing colour
  65. Akadama DRL SS grain size? or Akadama kotobuki
  66. Baby shrimp surviving with fish
  67. Low temperature shrimp keeping?
  68. Assassin Snail
  69. do ghost shrimp eat hair algae?
  70. Is this a pond snail?
  71. crs grading question
  72. Blue Bolts and Flowerheads UPDATE 5/13 Mosura BKK & WR babies!
  73. Alternative for Double red line Akadama
  74. Research - RCS
  75. which type of shrimp to keep
  76. Shrimp getting sucked into filter?
  77. cherries and red crystals (beginner question)
  78. My first babies!
  79. SS CRS berried?! Hopeful in CO...
  80. Are Australian Rainbows Safe With Shrimp?
  81. Setting up Shrimp tank, need advice
  82. Finding Azoo products
  83. Shrimkp Preemies
  84. baby crystal reds and cleaning a tank
  85. Dr. Strangeshell: Or, how I learned to love the snail and stop worrying.
  86. Cannibal Shrimps
  87. Benibachi Grade A mosura pics
  88. FRCS male molting video
  89. Question about pure line shrimp such as benibachi
  90. uh oh i think i saw a worm in my tank...
  91. Urgent: Isulate shrimp boxes in heat?
  92. Is this good for black tigers?
  93. Best Substrate for Shrimp
  94. Ghost Shrimp Babies(!) but adults die?
  95. Whose babies are these
  96. swear i saw a tiny ghost shrimp baby
  97. Is my snail dead?
  98. Would a bamboo shrimp eat babies if other shrimp?
  99. Is it crazy to add a layer of Aquasoil on top of my existing substrate?
  100. Sudden Amano Death?
  101. Is anyone currently housing Aura Blues?
  102. My Next Project
  103. Do you prefer white or black sand?
  104. @#%& Blue Bolt in TROUBLE~!
  105. Need opinions about my new 10gal project
  106. "Interesting" fish to keep with RCS?
  107. ID this Shrimp please ( WR )
  108. Help Identifying Snails?
  109. OKay to leave molts in tank? Specifically the Bamboo shrimp molts?
  110. Blue Rili Shrimp Grading Guide: What to keep and what to "cull"
  111. completely different readings from test kits.
  112. nemaotode cannon!
  113. Shrimp enjoying a meal
  114. Shrimp babies and tank tare Down?
  115. Yes...Pregnant Beni!!!
  116. OEBT & CRS in 1 could I make it work?
  117. my crystal reds
  118. Amano face-sucking the wood?
  119. crs and cbs in same tank?
  120. Do Amano shrimp eat green spot algae?
  121. Happy Day, but will they make it?
  122. Check out my new RO/DI unit
  123. Alpha Pro Breeders shrimp room #1 & Phase 2
  124. gynandromorphs just for fun
  125. Seachem equilibrium and cardinias anyone?
  126. Isolate berried/newborn shrimp?
  127. Fluval Spec for Shrimps???
  128. CRS berried in a bare tank with PH 7.6 tap water!
  129. How do I get rid of nematodes
  130. My CRS Tank with pictures
  131. Question on Azoo Products
  132. OEBT Macro movies
  133. just recieved my rili shrimp from usps
  134. Giant cannibal shrimp invasion growing
  135. Shrimp stress ??
  136. Name this shrimp
  137. disappearing hydra
  138. seperating shrimp juvies from adults
  139. Running the Shrimp Mile
  140. New FW Crab Species
  141. First shrimp tank
  142. No Planaria vs Tiny White Pest Snails.
  143. Half crown small hino dot pattern??
  144. Lol that was awesome. Amanos got very protective of algae wafer.
  145. Missing Neo babies
  146. PH range of 6.8 - 7.2. Good or bad?
  147. Tiger Shrimp attacking other tiger Shrimp
  148. red tiger babies
  149. Red Claw shrimp "Macrobrachium sp"
  150. Green and yellow shrimp together?
  151. Colors of brains in snowballs?
  152. PH vs PH Range?
  153. Indian Almond Leaves (Catappa / Ketapang) for your shrimp?
  154. My mutated CRS...maybe?
  155. Shrimp Care Rankings
  156. Peat set up
  157. keeping Green Babaulti with RCS?
  158. Umm .. these snail eggs??
  159. Whatca think of my breeder box idea?
  160. Shrimp Exoskelton
  161. Procambarus clarkii
  162. Let's talk water parameters!
  163. New mini purple crab species found.
  164. suggestions for vacuuming the shrimp tank
  165. Anyone use BW vigor,minerax, humic and bacter as substrate add
  166. is this normal...
  167. I want...
  168. So Many to Choose From!
  169. shrimp and newts?
  170. Cardinal Shrimp tank setup
  171. Trumpets becoming a pest
  172. Reliable overseas shrimp dealer
  173. Mussel Yellow Clam - Corbicula javanicus
  174. Will a Aquarium UV Sterilizers help any with OEBT bacterial infections
  175. Safe nitrate concentration
  176. What do you use to boost GH of your RO/DI water?
  177. RCS color change
  178. Ghost Shrimp Hatchlings
  179. Nitrates
  180. Breeding POSO snails?
  181. New purple crab species found in Philippines
  182. Attempting to fix my fluval ebi tank backround
  183. Sponge for Eheim intake?
  184. cherry shrimp help
  185. Creveti Red Claw Macrobrachium
  186. Snail eating plants???
  187. Berried Blue Bolt. Who's the dad?
  188. berried blue bolt colored crown/flower CBS tibee
  189. What shrimp should I get?
  190. pH down for neo's or something else?
  191. Leg color in babies
  192. my tank plants caught on fire
  193. I call her 'Ghost Walker'
  194. Blue jelly shrimp?
  195. dancing shrimp?
  196. berried crs, but not rcs
  197. Made in the USA SHRIMP
  198. what's wrong with snails
  199. What substrate and where to find it
  200. CRS Tank
  201. Shrimp breeding question
  202. Do natural temperature swings stress shrimp?
  203. CRS patterns?
  204. two plecos in my shrimp tank have ick and i don't know what to do...
  205. Africana substrate not leaching ammonia?
  206. Tylo and Rabbit snails?
  207. Need help w/Apple snail with shell damage
  208. Questions about red wine shrimp
  209. Fresh Foods
  210. Planted Invert tank relandscaping question
  211. shrimp color related to food?
  212. Mixing Africana 90% with FSS 10%
  213. TBs and CBS growth rate
  214. Help found unknown eggs in shrimp tank?
  215. Setting up a Taiwan Bee Tank (I Hope)
  216. Using tubs to breed CRS
  217. Floating spinach balls
  218. CRS with red face and tail
  219. Cherry Shrimp starved my oto (I think)
  220. Super Glue/Krazy Glue
  221. Delicious foods for shrimpies~
  222. Mystery snail...?
  223. Peat
  224. Thai Micro
  225. substrate burrowers???
  226. A pair of mysterious shrimp deaths.
  227. Shrimp breeding liquid
  228. Cardinal shrimp hard to keep?
  229. Borneowild Spinach
  230. Another WHY are they dying thread
  231. Ghost Shrimp Death
  232. what kind of shrimp is this
  233. mordalphus' mischlings
  234. My mini shrimp trap tell me what you think
  235. Good Calcium supplement?
  236. itsy bitsy teeny tiny red spidery thing?
  237. Naughty Shrimp
  238. How soon do you feel juvies after acclimation? Not perverted!
  239. CRS question
  240. My pure snow white
  241. Seachem Matrix in the Substrate?
  242. over berried!
  243. Is Active Soil realy necessary for shrimp?
  244. Crab advice? Red claw crabs!
  245. Taiwan Bees
  246. My mischlings
  247. PH raiseing mystery
  248. Super tigers
  249. I tied a section of screen and moss to my filter....
  250. Thai Micro crabs and shrimp... Oh my eye!