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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Shrimp food and supplement
  2. What type of kale do you feed, any way to get pesticides off?
  3. My tanks and their inhabitants
  4. Amanos with neos?
  5. New to shrimp...
  6. Super-soft water - crushed coral for neos?
  7. Out of stock
  8. Shrimp-safe fish medications?
  9. Fluval Shrimp stratum Help
  10. Using methylene blue to disinfect shrimp eggs
  11. Bbs
  12. help with moss wall for shrimpies
  13. Artificially hatching PFR eggs, a few questions
  14. Lets See your Crayfish tank
  15. Not cut out to be a midwife
  16. Hydra :Its back:
  17. DIY Chiller
  18. My heater boiled my Rili tank today...
  19. purple shrimp
  20. I guess I won't be getting neos any time soon
  21. Possible way to connect multiple shrimp tanks
  22. How big is yours?
  23. Lower grade shrimps questions
  24. Can anyone identify this little bugger
  25. yellows slowly dying off
  26. Proper water change advice
  27. Shrimp trap deployed
  28. crs breeding
  29. my shrimp pics
  30. 1-3 dead shrimps a day.
  31. Dead nerite...strange question about keeping the shell
  32. Chance surprise: free MTS at big box store. A brief story by a happy camper.
  33. blue jelly/blue rilis have developed a white line on back
  34. Some new babies
  35. Leopard Shrimp from Vietnam (Caridina rubropunctata)
  36. Amano Shrimp and Fish Fry
  37. CRS shrimplets
  38. I think my fish ate my cherry red shrimp
  39. Amano shrimp breeding (video)
  40. Poor girl looks overly berried
  41. Shrimp identification!
  42. How long before adding shrimp to FSS?
  43. I think my Amanos hate me...
  44. How long will it take to trap shrimp?
  45. Copper and shrimp: Myth vs Truth
  46. Snails in shrimp tank dying
  47. Ivory mystery snails
  48. HD VIDEO: Watch in 720p! Speedie's OEBTs and Black Impact PBL CBS
  49. Shrimp substrate
  50. CBS gene pool
  51. woo! found the baby sakura's!
  52. how to get rid the bugs in the tanks
  53. Assassin snail starving?
  54. Baby Ghost Shrimp
  55. can u answer this question?
  56. First berried CRS
  57. B/C grade CBS/CRS where'd they go?
  58. Random Pearl Ramshorn?
  59. Shrimp Breeding Help from Mosura
  60. Culling Yellows?
  61. Red Cherry Shrimp Question GH
  62. Dosing help
  63. invert death mystery...SOLVED!!!
  64. Hydra in Snail Tank
  65. antibiotics - Full strenght/course?
  66. Newly hatched CRS
  67. Best sponge filter for CRS?
  68. Berried CRS PRL of a Crim or Kang after Ph adjustment
  69. How to get powdered food to the shrimps???
  70. What snail is this?
  71. Decent substrate for rcs, cbs, AND oebt?
  72. Malawa shrimp
  73. My DIY Egg Tumbler, trying to salvage my golden bees
  74. any one have run away shrimp?
  75. Red Cherry Deaths-4 Tries and No Survivors!
  76. Shrimp Behaving Badly.
  77. Summer is here? Mind your temps
  78. RCS wont breed??
  79. Shrimp color blind?
  80. Snails maintaining cycles
  81. Pfertz and Shrimp
  82. Which antibiotic( Added Pictures)
  83. Did I just watch my RCS breed?
  84. It never gets old
  85. Anyone seen albino/blonde assasin snails
  86. That is either one VERY LUCKY shrimp, or a ninja shrimp!
  87. BABIEZ: Snowball v.s. Golden CRS
  88. Nerite snails - stocking and quarantine?
  89. Safe rocks or wood that won't increase pH? And Borneowild driftwood?
  90. RCS colony, with Cardinal Tetras and C. hastasus
  91. How to ship MTS?
  92. Noticed some Hydra. Let me know if this is the right course of action.
  93. Repashy Superfood-Tiger Ball Approved. lol.
  94. Nerites laid eggs!
  95. Berried Amano????
  96. Question about cold packs for shipping
  97. Q about rocks, wood etc
  98. Temperature
  99. Veggies for your shrimp
  100. Another PRL video
  101. Do Shrimp like dry land?
  102. My 10 gallon setup
  103. dead amano shrimp
  104. Best crs substrate for dropping 8.5ph
  105. CRS berries and babies
  106. What kind of snail is this?
  107. How many MTS per tank?
  108. mod, please delete this
  109. Snail Question
  110. Flourite or lava rock?
  111. What do you use to boost TDS in your tanks?
  112. CRS in breeding tank?
  113. Berried in 2 days?
  114. shrimp and fish eggs/fry?
  115. Divided tank...looking for setup help and pics of others' tanks:)
  116. Raising a Bull Frog
  117. Help identifying shrimp
  118. What the heck are these?
  119. Osmocote and shrimp
  120. What happened to this shrimp?
  121. Posting pics
  122. Bad WQ or bad shrimp?
  123. CRS Breeding
  124. my disaster
  125. What kind of worm is this??
  126. Oryzias woworae/Rice fish with CRS?
  127. RCS baby?
  128. Where did all the CBS go?
  129. Cheated a little but finally have baby cherry shrimp
  130. Breeding Ramshorn...
  131. My first berried!
  132. Is this a good quality Blue Rili?
  133. At wits end with regular Tiger shrimp
  134. ID this bug?
  135. Tiger nerite food?
  136. Shrimp ID?
  137. Neocaridina in Soft Water
  138. Ever have that magic tank that everything does good in?
  139. Fairy Shrimp, anyone?
  140. Red Cherry Shrimp Dying HELP
  141. Shrimp living on the edge
  142. Lowering pH in an established system.
  143. Favorite crayfish/crab
  144. Snowball mix Blue Pearl
  145. Shrimp Tank Maintenance
  146. Lots of bubbles on the surface???
  147. pH fluctuation and shrimp breeding
  148. Any good books on freshwater shrimp?
  149. Baby MTS Explosion In My CRS Tank!! Help Me Get Rid of Them!
  150. Shrimp food?
  151. Snail ID please ...
  152. My 20g RCS/Amano tank
  153. Equipment for starting off
  154. how to move shrimp substrate
  155. What is a blue Panaque shrimp???
  156. Just witnessed the impregnation to berried process
  157. RCS swimming all around tank.
  158. Theory on Shrimp and Fish
  159. Eastern Newt care
  160. Tell me about Tigers and Super Tigers?
  161. Shrimp attacking other shrimp while molting
  162. Water changes in a CRS tank
  163. Akadama DRL what the status is?
  164. How often do shrimp jump for everyone.
  165. well water, should I use Fluval shrimp safe?
  166. Mysterious CRS Deaths... ?
  167. just great a move
  168. Shrimp I.D...Sunkist or not?
  169. Movie: Upbringing of young Taiwan Bees from F1 hybrids
  170. One of the Red Cherry Shrimps that I just received is berried.
  171. PFR Discussion on product
  172. How many shrimp in a 10g
  173. A berried momma passes away with 1 baby surviving
  174. shrimp id for this newbie please
  175. Shrimp I.D.
  176. Amanos jumping out of tank?
  177. Best shape & color for shrimp nets
  178. Shrimp breeding newbie
  179. Breeding projects- what's YOURS?
  180. New PFR's with pictures (one berried!)
  181. Unborn trapdoor snails removed from dead mother
  182. What shrimp in a 10 gallon?
  183. Which creatures are hardiest: fish, snails, or shrimp?
  184. Ghost Shrimp are so awesome!
  185. What shrimp to get?
  186. Saddled shrimp
  187. What kind of algae do trapdoor snails eat?
  188. Japan wild shrimp
  189. cherry shrimp from ebay
  190. CPO or Procambarus clarkii?
  191. Yellow shrimp with yellow stripes
  192. If you could have wild shrimp from anywhere, which species would it be, include pics!
  193. Weird CRS pattern or wine red?
  194. CBS vs Bumble bee
  195. I really dislike keeping CPO after witness Cannibalism
  196. Freshwater Shrimp Beginner
  197. Rili question
  198. What's the lowest pH you keep your CRS in?
  199. Assassin snail breeding
  200. Rili x Orange x Fire Red x Blueberry
  201. Dark blue RCS mutant and weird eggs!
  202. How to kill shrimps?
  203. is it hard to raise amano shrimp?
  204. CRS Comparison
  205. Sakura cherry shrimp, decreasing numbers... Help!
  206. I found a snail this morning.. in a shrimp only tank
  207. orange neo's
  208. Molting=Instant Death for Amanos?!
  209. Molting CRS
  210. weeee
  211. Pre filter canister
  212. Market for wild-type RCS
  213. What are chocolate shrimp?
  214. Inexpensive way to help with molting
  215. chitosan/chitin
  216. brand new tank... fluval shrimp stratum?
  217. how to keep mts(trumpet snail) alive?
  218. I'm new to this field... I would like to know more about Shrimps business
  219. Seachem root tabs vs Alternative inexpensive
  220. Snail ID
  221. ghost shrimp can be really pretty, actually.
  222. How to get rid of nematodes?
  223. Miracle ?
  224. Sulawesi Rabbit Snail
  225. HOBs vs. Canister Filters
  226. Always exciting at this moment!!!
  227. CBS molted, got berried, then died in the span of 4 hours...
  228. Lava rock substrate
  229. any one have any shrimpie art work they have done
  230. So many abbreviations!
  231. Today is the day...
  232. Should I increase pH for OEBT / BTOE?
  233. in love with shrimps~
  234. well it has a shrimp in it rofl
  235. Caridina babaulti?
  236. Is this normal for snails?
  237. Finnaly found some babies in my rcs tanks!
  238. My new Ebiten PRL + crazy contraption ***NOW BERRIED***
  239. I feel so guilty
  240. Green Leaf Aquatics Ultimate GH Booster, Ok for shrimp?
  241. special lighting?
  242. CBS popping out CRS
  243. Kitty litter in a shrimp tank
  244. random RCS death about 1 every day
  245. i have mold or white algae growing from my substrate
  246. Wow! Petco has Amanos!
  247. Pretty momma about to bust
  248. Am I better off using a peat filter or shrimp specific substrate for CRS?
  249. Overkill on filtration?
  250. Four types in one tank?