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  1. PH for African Filter Shrimp
  2. Fancy Tigers are really F1 or F2?
  3. One Female Nerite Snail Laying Eggs
  4. Couple Questions about RCS
  5. Red cherry shrimp, male/female?
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  7. Freshwater Snails: Thiara cf. Winter and Thiara Cancellata
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  13. Crs question.
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  16. Adding Amano shrimp to new tank.
  17. Berried Shrimp?
  18. Shrimps - algae assassins!
  19. when they don't move
  20. Snails appeared
  21. First Planted Tank, First Shrimp Tank, First Berried Shrimp, look normal?
  22. Buying and Acclimating Shrimp Help
  23. Clear snails
  24. DIY RCS Food - Reptile calcium?
  25. Betta with neocaridina in a 30 gallon?
  26. Amanos and plantex csm b
  27. Can Someone identify this ?
  28. Please help my neocaridina shrimp keep dying!
  29. Invertebre aquarium?
  30. Sick Snail or Not
  31. Berried ghost shrimp
  32. ID please - SOLVED - Clogmia larva
  33. Gold Inca/black mystery snail babies
  34. Shrimp Aquarium
  35. Shrimp and critters
  36. Shrimps surviving in 2.0ppm Ammonia waters?!
  37. Help! Amano shrimp berried
  38. vanishing shrimp in tank
  39. Lucky bamboo with unknown fertiliser
  40. What impact will Malaysian trumpet snails (MTS) have on my tank?
  41. Shrimp Care Question
  42. "Worthless" Shrimp
  43. Ghost Shrimp tank mates
  44. Nerite Shell Tip Decay
  45. Berried Bloody Mary! In what appears to be all female tank. :S
  46. Help, Random New RCS Deaths
  47. Dwarf Mexican Crayfish owners?
  48. Which substrate for TB Tank: Amazonia Regular/Light/Powder Type
  49. Green jade breeding? Who’s doing it
  50. Friendly Tankmates for Snails
  51. Strange moving pink thing in my new pregnant shrimp
  52. Need advice on substrate for new planted shrimp tank
  53. Paracaridinia hybridization
  54. Snail Help
  55. Moving Pregnant Cherry Shrimp
  56. Eggs Under Berried Shrimp Not Hatching and Dying
  57. My shrimp is inactive most of the time
  58. In your opinion, what affects how long buffering substrate lasts?
  59. Mixing Caridina Shrimp for Maximum Colors
  60. Help ID these small creatures please
  61. Fluval Shrimp Stratum
  62. restart old tank, how long to cycle?
  63. KH and GH for cherry shrimp
  64. Help buried red cherry shrimp odd behavior.
  65. Breaking down shrimp tanks
  66. Leeches
  67. Amano shrimp and copper
  68. Red Rili Shrimp VS Red Cherry Shrimp
  69. Having shrimp deaths
  70. Amano shrimp help: yellow eyes
  71. New Neo Tank - Random Death/less active
  72. Question for "Sl Aqua Blue Wizard" users
  73. Looking for a good tank divider for 12g long
  74. feeding a orange dwarf crayfish
  75. Chicago ornamental shrimp society
  76. regulating ph
  77. New and first shrimp tank - Shrimp dying?
  78. Amano shrimp diagnosis
  79. aquarium shelving racks weight limit 20gal long
  80. Red cherry shrimp dying off
  81. Potassium (bi)carbonate and inverts
  82. Tank suitable for Amanos?
  83. Tank Pest Question
  84. Moving Crayfish to Bigger Tank
  85. Fantasy Blue Shrimps Breeding Question.
  86. Reptile feeding dish for shrimps?
  87. Aquascaping with RCS
  88. What is this?!?
  89. Shrimp and betta
  90. Shrimp question
  91. SOS! Please help me ID this snail that came with my plants!!!!
  92. Thin, Reddish worm in my tank?
  93. Shrimp gathering at surface
  94. Amano Shrimp with RCS?
  95. Pinto Shrimp Questions
  96. Snail ID
  97. Orange Eyed Crystal Red Shrimp
  98. Can I keep shrimp in 55 Gallon or will they get sucked up the filter?
  99. Coudy water, water fleas
  100. Caridinas General Hardness Question
  101. Crossing CRS with other shrimp
  102. Bacter AE vs everything else
  103. My First Shrimps (Fluval V, Yamaya stone, and Slim Wood)
  104. Leaning Tower of Snails
  105. ISO Cherry Shrimp in Orlando FL area
  106. Dying shrimp
  107. Sponge guard to protect baby shrimps?
  108. Shrimps without Air Pump or Filter?
  109. First berried shrimp!
  110. ghost shrimp babies
  111. Setting up my first shrimp tank, help!
  112. 40 Gallon Breeder Stocking Question
  113. Remineralize rodi water for shrimp tanks
  114. New Shrimp tank fatalities
  115. Cardina (CRS) Shrimp in Community tank
  116. Opaque and inactive yellow neo, possible illness?
  117. How I cured "Green Gungus" Ellobiopsidae Neocaridina Parasite
  118. Shrimp tank recommendations
  119. Heating shrimp tanks??
  120. Why my shrimp wont breed? Help
  121. dinner time!!
  122. My Fantasy Blue Shrimps.
  123. What do these look like to you?
  124. Snails
  125. My shrimp changed color?
  126. Shrimp dropping eggs
  127. Worms??
  128. Planaria zero and nerite snails
  129. My CRS TANK
  130. Beginner 5g shrimp tank
  131. Levamisole For shrimp/snail
  132. Two lost nerite snails
  133. Caridinas PH discussion. please Help.
  134. Please share your successful Caridinas water parameters
  135. A snail mystery...
  136. RCS Pregnant
  137. "White" stripe on Shrimp
  138. Can i use DI Only water for shrimps?
  139. Krebs cycle killing my shrimp?
  140. Need help with my tank
  141. Medicine for shrimp illnesses? urgent help required please.
  142. Ghost shrimp
  143. Shrimp not eating shrimp king complete
  144. Amount of salt per 10 gallon tank for Zebra Snails
  145. Post Your Neocardina Water Parameters
  146. CRS out of control.
  147. Pest snails and acidic water
  148. Nerite snail question
  149. Show your Neo's & Substrate
  150. killer
  151. Blue Dream Shrimp In Low PH?
  152. Chili Rasboras, CRS, and Betta tank
  153. Plants and shrimp
  154. Will dipping plants in aluminum sulfate harm shrimp?
  155. Blue velvet shrimp died and turned red?
  156. Snail or shrimp eggs
  157. Indian almond leaves or bark or alder cones? please help
  158. Are Vinegar Eels Really Not Nutritious?
  159. Ready to serve spinach
  160. Good or Bad Algae for shrimp
  161. Nerite snail eggs and shrimps
  162. What is this?
  163. Ramshorn Snail shells suddenly turning chalky white after substrate change
  164. Id?
  165. 3 gallon tank adding shrimp
  166. Shrimps Dying. please Help.
  167. Any success keeping shrimp in a vase?
  168. RCS Breeding issue
  169. Setting up shrimp tank - Water parameters changing
  170. Neocaridina and pH fluctuation
  171. Snail Identification
  172. chemically dipped plants + Invertebrates?
  173. Mixing neocaridina davidi
  174. help,amano rescaping my tank
  175. CRS white turning dull
  176. Best baby shrimp shelter when you have little fish
  177. Ghost Shrimp Water Parameters
  178. Blind bamboo shrimp?
  179. Betta/ shrimp planted tank
  180. Amano presenting odd behavior during late stages of pregnancy
  181. What is my snail doing?
  182. Snail troubles - SOLVED
  183. Apple snail sick or healthy
  184. Starting Shrimp Tank
  185. Interesting Article(s) about Marmokrebs - Self Cloning Crayfish
  186. Confused about SL-Aqua Magic Powder
  187. My Shrimps are not active. Please help me!!!
  188. Shrimp Escape
  189. Why canít I keep invertebrates?
  190. ID Please: Dark Blue Diamond or Chocolate revert?
  191. Is this a Ramshorn?
  192. Mixing PRL CRS lines?
  193. remineralizer question
  194. Selling Neocaridinas
  195. Saltwater nursery tank setup for Amano larvae
  196. Looking to buy cholla wood
  197. How do I use Praziquantel against Hydra.
  198. Chili Raspora and Shrimp??
  199. How to catch shrimp for a tank rescape
  200. Red Cherry Shrimp Dying off
  201. shrimp parasite/disease/eggs ID?
  202. Seachem Purigen with Bacter Ae?
  203. Show me your snails!
  204. Bladder Snail Breeding Project Help
  205. Shrimp acting spastic and has tail raised up
  206. Shrimps having molting problem
  207. Red Cherry Shrimp Water/High TDS?
  208. How to sell live inverts?
  209. Shrimp compatibility in community tank
  210. Amano shrimp eating live fish?
  211. Help! Worm In Shrimp Tank!
  212. Where do you buy your Neocaridinas?
  213. RCS Being Pushy?
  214. Please help me in formulating the diet plan for my Shrimps
  215. Snail ID
  216. Shrimp like bugs. How to rid?
  217. Flying Shrimps
  218. Safe panacur dosage
  219. Glass/Acrylic feeding tube for shrimp. Good or bad idea?
  220. Sick amano shrimp
  221. TDS and red cherry shrimps
  222. Best tankmate for rcs
  223. Whats wrong with my Shrimp
  224. shrimp not eating. help!
  225. Neon tetra with crs and rcs
  226. Please Identify this shrimp
  227. Normal for rcs or not?
  228. How do I make a Shrimp-Zone with no snails allowed?
  229. Bacter Ae Dosage for Nano tank?
  230. Testing blanched cabbage method for eliminating bladder snails
  231. Fantasy Blue Shrimps with Babies
  232. rack shelf system for several tanks?
  233. Nerite Snail Introduction to Tank
  234. trying to ID some hitch hikers..
  235. Blue or red?
  236. Calling Shrimp Experts
  237. Help with high Ph, Gh, and nitrates
  238. Mexican Dwarf Crayfish (CPO): Tearing up MC
  239. Saving my snails?
  240. Ramshorn snails with Shrimps?
  241. counterproductive devices?
  242. Red Cherry in low PH tank
  243. Nerite shell problems
  244. I need help with caring for shrimp before I get anymore.
  245. What snail is this?
  246. Ramshorn snail or no
  247. All snails died, neocardinia dying too! Amanos remain victorious
  248. Cross breeding
  249. What is this on my Amano shrimp?..
  250. Suitable tank for Sulawesi shrimp?