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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Yellow Shrimp Grade?
  2. pH dropping in one tank
  3. What invertebrate is good for a community tank?
  4. How often would you feed this colony?
  5. RCS or Neon Yellows as First Shrimp?
  6. Identifying a hitchhiker
  7. population explosion
  8. RCS + orange sakura + ghost shrimp. Interbreeding risk?
  9. How to keep snails out of shrimp food
  10. My neo's are dying, need some advices
  11. Losing shrimp
  12. Breeding - 30 gal with divider or two 10's?
  13. I found my bamboo shrimps living in my HOB
  14. Kuhli loaches and red cherries loaches and red cherries
  15. Planaria or Rhabdocoela flatworms?
  16. Ready to get this new tank dirty.
  17. will the copper in Flourish be detrimental to amano shrimp?
  18. Bloody Mary shrimp
  19. Buffering Substrate vs. CO2
  20. Good snails or bad snails?
  21. Help identifying couple new snails
  22. Pond snail died outside its shell?
  23. what snails is this?
  24. I did it! Baby shrimplets
  25. A lone MTS amongst detritus worms
  26. Super Tiny Snail Infestation
  27. NLS Hex Shield
  28. Shrimp id
  29. Random Small Snail?
  30. just thought I'd share-
  31. Need food recommendations for my neocaridina shrimp
  32. Molting issue?
  33. Amano Breeding Help
  34. Large black cherry shrimp?!
  35. Amanos inevitable escape artists?
  36. Black hole?
  37. when to add inverts
  38. Breeder Box for Amano Shrimp
  39. Brown "lines" on neocaridina rostrum
  40. Need to identify this worm
  41. Snails Taking a Bite out of my Plants
  42. Breeding Ramshorn Snails
  43. Establishing a new shrimp tank: RO+GH water for cycle?
  44. Could someone please help me identify these snails
  45. Best very small all in one
  46. Glas Garten only
  47. Detritus worms or planaria?
  48. Shrimps dying after water change
  49. Switching tanks.
  50. Ideal Water Parameters for Red Cherry Shrimp
  51. Cherry shrimp not breeding
  52. A ton of berried Amanos...
  53. Weird water bug
  54. Red Cherry Shrimp
  55. Shrimps with glut and fertilisers
  56. Shrimp help
  57. Why is my ghost shrimp black?
  58. Starting a shrimp tank
  59. Cherry shrimp + plants = what substrate?
  60. What snails are these?
  61. Unidentified snails in MY tank!
  62. benibachi growth enzyme and caridinas not breeding
  63. Any risks/tips on moving berried female to new tablet?
  64. Red cherry shrimp help
  65. Can I use tap water and a remineralizer in my planted CRS tank?
  66. Cherry red shrimp dying off-I'm totally bummed
  67. Shrimp changing tanks/adding new shrimp
  68. What next for Sakura Fire Red Cherry?
  69. Shrimp food help?
  70. What do you feed your shrimp?
  71. Odd 'Amano' shrimp?
  72. Molting Question
  73. Neos ate away newly planted tissue culture crypt
  74. Cherry shrimp?
  75. 1 Malaysian Trumpet Snail in 5 Gallon?
  76. F's Cleaning Crew
  77. Blue Amano Shrimp
  78. Bacter Ae and Shrimp Deaths. All Bacter Ae users please read and comment.
  79. Want to increase fry survival rate.
  80. Catching fry hiding in Java moss to move tank
  81. New Tank - Cycling - Tell me the news
  82. everything ok but suddenly my taiwan bee start dying
  83. how long for snails
  84. RCS died from molting issue - advice would be appreciated!
  85. Shrimp baby but whose? Please help
  86. shrimps water changes and shock TDS
  87. Brownish color on shrimp tale?
  88. CRS sexing
  89. What are these tiny creatures?
  90. Which snails are best?
  91. how many amanos is too many
  92. Emergency urgent advise needed please. Everyone please advise.
  93. Black crystal shrimp going transparent
  94. Let's talk gh kh and neocaridina
  95. What is wrong with my Snail
  96. Do I need an Airstone?
  97. Peat pellets shrimp tank advice
  98. How true bloody mary breed?
  99. Amano shrimp for melting after dry start?
  100. Please Help Identify
  101. What grade CRS are these?
  102. How dangerous Planaria can be for shrimps?
  103. Plan aria maybe??
  104. New plants .. dead shrimp
  105. Your feeding schedule with bacter AE
  106. Caridinas breeding offspring patterns?
  107. Dead Shrimp or Molting?
  108. Glasgarten Shrimp Dinner Granules Size?
  109. Bladder Snail? ID Help
  110. Shrimp food recommendations please
  111. Fenbendazole and Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  112. Rcs slowly dying out (the usual)
  113. Shrimp emergency!!
  114. Please help to Identify the baby snail.
  115. The shrimp with the missing eggs.
  116. New caridina tank and some questions.
  117. Local shrimp breeder?
  118. Shrimps interbreed Question
  119. Unidentified pest in shrimp tank!
  120. Do Columbian tetra eat Amano Shrimp?
  121. New Fiddler Crab!
  122. Snail identification
  123. Lava rock shrimp safe?
  124. Mating behaviour?
  125. Planing a new tank - How can I avoid snails?
  126. Water too hard for RCS?
  127. Isopods or Decapods or Neither?
  128. Anyone successful in keeping crystal shrimp in hard water
  129. Adding 35 Shrimps all at once. Need advice please.
  130. Cherry Shrimp acting strange?
  131. So many Qustions
  132. Magnetic Soil and Shrimp. Very worried
  133. Worm Help
  134. RCS abnormal molting - how to increase GH safely but as quickly as possible
  135. Occasional live food for shrimp?
  136. Couldn't keep shrimp alive, help restarting...
  137. Cherry shrimp found on street! advice plz
  138. My first babies!
  139. Just Started a Neo Tank... What Am I Doing Wrong?
  140. How many of you kept Cherry Shrimps in low ph successfully?
  141. What can cause a mystery snail body to darken?
  142. MIA shrimp?
  143. Cherry Shrimp Gone Wild
  144. Shrimps in Low Tds?
  145. Dying Nerite Snails!
  146. Any harmful ingredients in water?
  147. Please help with shrimp water parameters.
  148. RCS fry?
  149. New Shrimp tank, Neos are dying
  150. Bloody Mary and Fire Red difference.
  151. One lonely zoomer, shrimp
  152. Ramshorns all died, but not MTS
  153. Snail Id help please
  154. New shrimp
  155. How many shrimp suitable?
  156. Ghost shrimp has red spots on its side
  157. Question for anyone with Caridina sp Tiger
  158. Help, my neos are dying... (solved)
  159. Soybean noodles for shrimps
  160. red spots on shrimp
  161. Worms eating my water lettuce?!
  162. woke up this morning to a baby snail!...just not sure if it's a good thing
  163. Are Ramshorn Snails a problem?
  164. RCS breeding behavior
  165. The Hydra infestation continues, ideas?
  166. Nerite Eating Anubias Leaves
  167. Will Amano Shrimp eat Fugus from new drift wood?
  168. Mixing different species of shrimp into a 10Gallon
  169. “Caterpillars” in aquarium?
  170. Again! Baby Amano in freshwater
  171. Breeding rate of Dwarf Crays
  172. Disappeared Amano Shrimp!
  173. Local Snails safe?
  174. San Francisco tap water + Amano shrimp?
  175. Where is my nitrate coming from?
  176. Separating M&F Mystery Snails
  177. Three Berried Shrimp - now what!
  178. What do you consider to be the best snail population for a planted tank?
  179. Where'd them shrimpy eggs go?
  180. My Nerite is not closing his trapdoor but is not decaying...
  181. Are those eggs or what?
  182. Amano shrimp health
  183. Empty snail shell
  184. Where could my shrimp be
  185. Seed Shrimp's water parameters
  186. Setting up a cull tank and questions on culling
  187. What is this creature?
  188. Bottled mineral water for cherry shrimps
  189. Ramshorn snails or pest snails?
  190. Tank size for dwarf crayfish
  191. Liquid Ferts
  192. Why my shrimp be hiding from me?
  193. RCS and CRS
  194. Culturing shrimps as live food for fish
  195. Shrimp in community tank
  196. tap water for top offs?
  197. shrimp activity level
  198. My only shrimp
  199. Does anybody use this tank for their shrimps ?
  200. Help! Random Snail!!
  201. Shrimp grading
  202. HELP! shrimp death
  203. water GH level decreasing
  204. Too much filtration for shrimp?
  205. Vampire crab problems and questions
  206. Clean algae while baby shrimps in tank
  207. Shrimp acting weird
  208. Seachem Flourish
  209. Berried Shrimp?
  210. Water parameters
  211. Amano shrimp and Nitrates
  212. Half my shrimp died after introducing them to my tank
  213. Where to buy shrimp
  214. gH flucuation
  215. Thoughts on snail traps
  216. Hatched Horned Nerite Snail in Freshwater
  217. What disease is this?
  218. Bug ID and What To Do About It
  219. Other food sources for shrimp
  220. should I be worried by this worm?
  221. Awww, my biggest oldest berried shrimp kicked the bucket 😞
  222. Orange Eye Regular Tiger Babies
  223. How long before a saddle turns to berries?
  224. Suitable Rocks in cherry shrimp tank
  225. Red patch on Amano shrimp?
  226. Shrimp Gender Opinion
  227. Feeding dish for cherry shrimp
  228. Self-Sustaining Aquascape with Inverts
  229. Can't decide which type of snail would be good in my tank
  230. Ways to get rid of Hydra?
  231. Amano shrimps eating plants
  232. Red cherry shrimp eggs hatched
  233. How to introduce CRS from PH 6 to PH 6.5?
  234. Redecorating Nano Shrimp Tank
  235. cherry shrimp now amano for thread algae
  236. RO water and cuddlebone? Shrimp dying?!
  237. Mystery Snails and Dwarf Gouramis?
  238. Shrimp
  239. Shrimp dropping fast. Any thoughts?
  240. Amanos with Pearl Gouramis, Keyhole Cichlids and GBRs?
  241. Going to attempt a small semi-self-sustaining tank
  242. Stratum, water chemistry, and shrimp choices...
  243. Mixing shrimp breeds?
  244. Can someone identify this shrimp!!
  245. Water paramiters ghost to neos
  246. Carbon Rili are not true breeding???
  247. neocaridina davidi vs caridina
  248. Snail Injury
  249. Anyone try Cambarellus Diminutus (Dwarf Cray)?
  250. A couple questions regarding worms and crayfish