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  1. Blue Velvet Shrimp?
  2. Putting Together Another Shrimp DB - Need Some Help :)
  3. Removing carbon filter on Canister filter, a dumb question
  4. What do you keep?
  5. Marble cray babies.
  6. Kordon Breather Bag Size
  7. Advice on first shrimp only tank
  8. lowering ph~ (video by pondguru)
  9. Nerite snails, what should I know?
  10. Help Sex my Shrimp
  11. Bamboo shrimp purchase
  12. Cleanup crew for dead plant material?
  13. If you cross to Neocaridina heteropoda variations they don't become sterile after all
  14. Caridina Bee Origins for BKK, Panda, Wine Red, Blue Bolt, BTOEs
  15. Purple Bolt Shrimp ("Pink Panther")
  16. New to shrimp keeping
  17. Massive CRS Deaths HELP!!!
  18. Spray bar position for shrimp tank
  19. Shrimp tank needs maintenance, should I be worried about my little baby shrimp?
  20. Missing? Mystery shrimp
  21. Scientific Classification of Bee vs. Tiger?
  22. Well Had My first Berried!!
  23. Bug ID help please
  24. All hail the power of corn!
  25. Texas holey rock in shrimp tank, inert or no?
  26. RCS and CRS Newb!
  27. Any good advice on remineralizing RO water?
  28. Fluval Spec 2G Stocking suggestions
  29. Can anyone identify these shimp? I think they are Halocardina Rubra
  30. I missed it!
  31. I have a giant pond snail...anybody ever get one this big?
  32. Newly berried but saddled?
  33. Does anyone here keep spixi snails?
  34. Baby snail appeared in my tank what should i do
  35. Will a move affect shrimp this much? also how to get them to breed again
  36. Cull now or wait?
  37. Is this NORMAL or something is wrong?
  38. GH booster - do I need it?
  39. TDS meter
  40. Cloudy rilis and analysis paralysis
  41. Baby assassins
  42. just recieved dwarf crayfish and self cloning, couple questions
  43. Pics of a murder in progress!! Warning viewer discretion!!
  44. My Shrimp days (long)
  45. Purple Neos at last?
  46. White mold on driftwood.
  47. Name That Black Shrimp ??????
  48. Unknown Freshwater Hydrozoa, What is it?
  49. Lily Pipes & Shrimp
  50. what a lost
  51. If cost wasn't/was an issue, substrate
  52. Fleybay stay away from it
  53. Princess Bee Shrimps - Paracaridina
  54. ShrimpZoo's 30gal CRS/CBS/Golden Breeding Tank
  55. How to scape a CRS tank
  56. Neritina communis from the Philippines to Germany
  57. Will orange rabbit snails eat java fern, java moss, and bolbitis?
  58. are u infected? drunk???
  59. Shrimps and fertilizers
  60. What is going on here. CRS?
  61. Staring a colony?
  62. keeping shrimp with loaches
  63. not enough food?
  64. RO water with added minerals. what do you use?
  65. new shrimp molting
  66. Blue light for shrimp?
  67. Red cherry shrimplet macros & video
  68. All About Foods :]
  69. Limnopilos naiyanetri & Friends
  70. How to set up a 125gal tank for shrimp?
  71. Purigen reactor, a how-to sorta...
  72. How to make moss carpet
  73. Newly setup 10 gallon CRS + white bee tank.
  74. Question about seeding a new canister filter
  75. Shrimp Tank Setup Advise
  76. Ghost shrimp, planning to add
  77. Co2 and CRS
  78. Help with dying cherries
  79. Amano and bettas
  80. No Planaria - water change
  81. How much purigem is enough for a 35 gal?
  82. my shrimp looks funny HELP!
  83. Zucchini v Spinach
  84. Snow white from CRS
  85. Co2 to No Co2
  86. Acclimating Rilies
  87. Strange Assassin Snail Behavior
  88. Is a 3 gallon tank good for keeping shrimps?
  89. What is the trick for aclimating CRS?
  90. Will Assassins eat Nerite ?
  91. What should the nitrate level be for CRS?
  92. Caridina Shrimp: Where to start?
  93. Ramshorn eggs laid on another snail?
  94. Melafix bubbles
  95. The importance of specialty shrimp foods?
  96. Eeek rogue nerites
  97. Baby RCS color
  98. shrimp rocks?
  99. How many Amanos?
  100. Ghost Shrimp help
  101. UGF for shrimp tank.
  102. Amano shrimp kill baby CRS
  103. How soon can Amano Shrimp lay eggs?
  104. why do my amano shrimps grab on to each other
  105. question
  106. Lazy assasin snails...
  107. How long for cherry babies to color up?
  108. Hikari First Bites as shrimplet food?
  109. Still too many MTS
  110. Bugs or Shrimp
  111. Question about Air Pumps & Filtration for my future CRS breeding tank.
  112. Mosura Shrimpton equal to BW Bebi and Bio Plus?
  113. Rili male turned white overnight?
  114. Look what I found!!
  115. questions about bubbles
  116. Water changes for CRS shrimp..How much?
  117. Berried Ebitens!!!!
  118. New tanks - quick review of water parameters
  119. Yellow and RCS
  120. Help!!!
  121. Will strong flow kill any shrimp?
  122. Anyone ever witness their amano shrimp filtering for food like a fan shrimp?
  123. Sponge filter vs Undergravel for shrimp?
  124. Finally bought test kit...
  125. Super Tiger habitat video.
  126. Bio load mystery
  127. Excel and snails?
  128. My shrimp tank was going so well....
  129. Selective breeding questions
  130. Purigen Jar
  131. "Universal Substrate"
  132. is there an easy way to CATCH MTS?
  133. any suggestion on stands~?
  134. 10 gal shrimp filter
  135. Why is my Amano Shrimp blue?
  136. Seachem Matrix - who uses it?
  137. Who has cardinias in a planted tank with CO2? Please share :)
  138. Cutting copper clad board for PCB, safe to put hands in tank?
  139. Blue Velvet pics
  140. Thinking about starting a new tank and I want some input/recommendations.
  141. Wild Type Bee Shrimp Behavior Question
  142. Need a quick shrimp ID
  143. BKK/Panda with SSS CRS
  144. Green eyed fire red?
  145. ANOTHER spinach question!!!
  146. Green Fire Babaulti
  147. Can I use root tabs in a shrimp only tank
  148. pH of 8.0
  149. RCS Babies?
  150. eek a shrimps and lobsters
  151. Are all NEOs the...
  152. Fluval Spec 5L Shrimp setup
  153. Who wants to write FAQ threads with me?
  154. What type of Shrimp?
  155. RCS Colony slowing down
  156. How long does it take?
  157. Kent R/O Right
  158. cbs having crs babies?
  159. Question about seiryu stones
  160. RCS dying off with unknown cause?
  161. Has anyone seen these??
  162. Multiple questions about my shrimp
  163. Quick way to save shrimp from filter!
  164. Gravel Cleaner
  165. Blanched Spinach, How Often?
  166. Amano Giving Birth on Video
  167. Amano Turning Red?
  168. shrimp community
  169. CPOs gone wild XD (how to + survival rates??)
  170. macros of shrimp
  171. Predatory Scuds Hunting My Baby Shrimp?!
  172. Shrimp safe fish?
  173. NEW SHRIMP currently under developement from my German breeder, Micha Nadal
  174. Cucumber question.
  175. A few shrimp questions
  176. CRS and GH
  177. Found the Fountain of Youth
  178. What's in my tank?
  179. Ghost Shrimp
  180. How can I tell
  181. Why isn't she saddled?
  182. Regular Tiger Vs. OEBT hardiness/water params, etc.
  183. my tigers losing its stripe
  184. Another white shrimp thread
  185. Babies!
  186. Speaking of Batman
  187. Sperm looking Pests
  188. Dead berried shrimp :(
  189. anybody has any experience keeping CRS/CBS in water with ph around 7.8?
  190. Specialty Shrimp Food and Color in CRS
  191. My taiwan Bee/crs tank
  192. Population density... No Pants Dance...
  193. Crays that are dwarf shrimp safe
  194. Pinto Taiwan Bees in the US!
  195. Colorful Nerite Snails
  196. Where to buy Sulawesi shrimps?
  197. Orange offspring from a PFR
  198. Yay! Cycled and ready for PFRs! but a few questions first...
  199. Non-nauseating protein options
  200. Blue Velvet neos.
  201. Shrimp smarts
  202. filtered water vs tap water.
  203. Best Sustainable Live food.
  204. Shrimp feeding questions & behavior at feeding time...
  205. Maybe I gassed my shrimp :(
  206. If you DO do Co2 with Caridina.. Solenoid or 24/7?
  207. Your Shrimp food recommendation
  208. Got pics of a baby TT?
  209. Starting Fresh
  210. Tds?
  211. Test Sticky: Shrimp and Invertebrates FAQ
  212. Shrimp and Invertebrates FAQ
  213. Glass/ghost shrimp question
  214. algae vs clean ?
  215. What the heck is that
  216. No berried shrimp?
  217. Is this set up right and shrimp safe?
  218. Needing a seed shrimp trap
  219. Can I do Tigers or CRS with the local water...?
  220. Question On Planeria and Hydra
  221. Dang it dumb mistake
  222. random crs deaths
  223. No Shrimplets
  224. Carbon question...
  225. CRS Molting GIF
  226. BB + CRS - new avatar
  227. Panacur, help on dosing
  228. Welp, my momma finally popped!
  229. Grade this CRS?
  230. I spy baby (CRS) skrimp!
  231. finally first berry RCS
  232. Opinion on moving shrimp
  233. What kind of snails are these?
  234. Brotia pagodula
  235. Freezing Zuchinni
  236. glowing RCS
  237. need help on shrimp substrate~
  238. 21 lb lobster
  239. Whoa!!! Amanos aren't BLUE???
  240. EYECANDY shrimp
  241. Is my water OK for RCS ?
  242. Question about a few odd shrimp - possibly albino?
  243. For those who have BKK, strips on the back?
  244. What are these Shrimps?
  245. new photos of a predaceous diving beetle
  246. Assassins breeding (viewer discretion is advised)
  247. African Clawed Frogs (Warning, graphic image!)
  248. How Many is Too many
  249. OEBT berry behaviour
  250. Looking at starting a shrimp only aquarium. Warning: Long post.