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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Question about baby snails shells
  2. Does a Shrimp Only Tank Need Light?
  3. Any probs keeping shrimp with tetras?
  4. Torn on first shrimp
  5. RCS Blue Mutation?
  6. Can I water down my water?
  7. Yet another planaria?
  8. Horned Nerite Eggs
  9. First berried CRS!
  10. what should i do with planaria?
  11. crayfish mating
  12. assassin snail question
  13. Alder cones
  14. This blue bolt is just fantastic
  15. Filamentous Algae How to Remove in an invertebrate tank
  16. Purigen
  17. how am i supposed to raise amano shrimp?
  18. Fluidized Bed Purigen
  19. What We Talk about When We Talk about Hateful Snails.
  20. Amano shrimp coming this week!
  21. Anyone use the Repashy shrimp food
  22. Just got my new blue rili stock
  23. Is activated carbon OK for Cardinias?
  24. BW Humic or Mosura pH Down?
  25. Giving up on CRS
  26. PFR VS supreme red
  27. Amano shrimp dying
  28. Cardinal Shrimp (Sulawesi)
  29. How many people use Purigen in their shrimp tanks?
  30. What leafs?
  31. That quick of a berry?
  32. Anybody know in millimeters how big the intake pipe is on AQ20 and AQ50?
  33. Time to get Shrimp for my 30 gal (what species is best suited for me)
  34. What shrimp to keep?
  35. Need a little help cycling my tank
  36. Where to get Giant Columbian Ramshorn snails? Anybody have experience with these?
  37. TT's X CRS
  38. Shrimp refusing Mulberry and Grape leaves
  39. Snail shells looking worn out
  40. Blueberries in my tank!
  41. Lethargic Ramshorn/MTS Snails
  42. CRS Pointers
  43. Nerite snail shell erosion - pretty bad
  44. CRS losing white?
  45. Ideal temp for breeding?
  46. Feed scallions (green onions)
  47. Substrate (sand) looks dirty water test ok
  48. How to Feed Small MTS to My Betta Girls?
  49. Snails in the plants
  50. Taiwan Bees and bacteria
  51. Is Alum a safe way to disinfect plants meant for an invertebrate tank?
  52. TDS and water changes
  53. Hybrid?
  54. Had to share!
  55. lfs looking to buy crs locally
  56. parameter help?
  57. Flea things in the tank
  58. Anyone find Dragonfly Nymps in their tanks?
  59. How to Feed Leaves?
  60. What substrate have you bred your OEBT/BTOE in?
  61. When do Juvie red rillis start showing color?
  62. shrimp id
  63. Planaria? dog dewormer?
  64. What shrimp species to go with Red Cherry?
  65. look at my really blue neo shrimps
  66. 22x11x11 shrimp tank help please
  67. Clay Pots and Shrimp
  68. Shy Shrimp?
  69. Mating?
  70. Help please
  71. will hot water kill nematodes and planaria?
  72. Compatibility question
  73. Red/Yellow Rili's-Neat
  74. Snails and Planted Carpet
  75. Need shrimp ID please - *pic posted* *more pics posted*
  76. UGF's really do filter the soil good
  77. snail eggs?
  78. Mulberry leaf?
  79. RCS Questions
  80. Pond snail+plants =?
  81. Wow, just wow. Resilient CRS Babies or what
  82. Yet another shrimp ID please!
  83. Feeding mold to my shrimp
  84. ...can't get nitrites to show up UPDATE, now I can't get nitrites DOWN!
  85. Planaria Infestation!!!
  86. I've had enough.
  87. my tds...
  88. Discus buffer
  89. Orange Eye Blonde Tiger? Resemble Regular Tiger or Super?
  90. Oxygen and Shrimp
  91. PVC and shrimp?
  92. CRS dead from algae control
  93. to be or not to be
  94. Shimp tank with no water change.
  95. Who's got Crabs?
  96. Starting up a 1.5gal planted shrimp tank
  97. Is there a fertilizer that is safe for shrimp and Moss Balls?
  98. Old South Aquatics shrimp thread
  99. Will seachem paraguard raise gH or TDS?
  100. Organic rabbit / goat food for shrimp?
  101. Wanting to change out gravel
  102. Orange Shrimp--What type are they?
  103. "Bio Film"
  104. How many shrimp,
  105. Electrical tape/Glue gun, harmful?
  106. My Shrimp setup
  107. Shrimp Activity
  108. Plant Smasher!
  109. How to acclimate shrimp?
  110. 20g long derimming done!
  111. Beta safe (or fairly safe) colorful shimp or inverts??
  112. How "established" does a tank need to be before adding shrimp?
  113. Another shrimp tank, input/advice welcome!
  114. pH rising. Unsure!
  115. Two of my CRS tank
  116. My mystery snail died... Why?
  117. Seachem Alkaline Buffer and shrimp?
  118. Shrimp and Bee Pollen
  119. Are Supplements and "Immunity Boosters" Essential?
  120. looking for microfauna for fish food
  121. RCS Color
  122. CRS breeding questions
  123. Scuds in Shrimp tank
  124. Anubis Nana and crs.
  125. Molting Problem?
  126. Relative Shrimp Size Comparison?
  127. PFR+CBS+OEBT+Cardinals+Blue Bees in one tank.
  128. Freshwater Copepods (daphnia..etc)
  129. ID please
  130. Orange Eyed Chocolate Neo
  131. CRS compatibility
  132. More random pictures
  133. Amano eating molted shrimp.
  134. Are PFR easily/inexpensively available? Ok in newly cycled/heavy planted tank?
  135. What substrate to use?
  136. Egg Dropping... anything that can be done?
  137. Dosing dry ferts or Excel with RCS
  138. Shrimp Moss Aquariums?
  139. Yellow shrimp babies?
  140. What is the most expensive shrimp?
  141. New Tank Questions???
  142. Can I ask this? Reefdive
  143. I'd thought I had seen it all, Baby death by trampling....
  144. Are Ghost Shrimps Asexual?
  145. Ramshorn Snails.
  146. Breaking down a tank, white dots?
  147. Left a RCS in a vase and forgot about it..
  148. Cross breeding?
  149. Nitrates/TDS through the roof, WWYD?
  150. Man these shrimp look sexy (pinto)
  151. Yes more Yellows are dyeing fast
  152. color of the eggs, color of babies?
  153. N. Palmata vs. N. Heteropoda Parameters?
  154. How much should I feed my apple snail?
  155. Siamese Algae Eater and Neos?
  156. How to tell is adult
  157. Benefits of Netlea
  158. Converting a fish tank to a shrimp tank
  159. Volcano shrimp
  160. Riicia only carpet for 20 gallon breather
  161. Yellows die off
  162. New Shrimp Owner Question
  163. molting issues/death
  164. Tibees anyone??? (Pinto Gene)
  165. BTOE x OEBT
  166. Shirakura - Minima Breeder
  167. 1 gal Rili shrimp tank DIY sponge filter
  168. Indian Almond Leaves?
  169. Welcome to the Snail Pit
  170. temperature?
  171. Shrimp and back to school
  172. Rili culls I threw in my balcony dirt bucket months ago
  173. humic acid
  174. RCS and blackwater?
  175. Planted shrimp tank... Need help maybe?
  176. Your favorite breeder box/net?
  177. TDS - What Is going on?!
  178. Funny snail behavior
  179. My first snails!
  180. Cool shrimp for 8 gallon planted & fish tank?
  181. mulberry leaves??
  182. No-Planaria question
  183. Yu CRS Center
  184. Nerite Snails poop like crazy!!
  185. Cycling a tank for shrimp
  186. Breeding crystals w/o RO?
  187. aquarium advice *help needed*
  188. 1st berried shrimp!
  189. Help!
  190. Cherry - Rili Crossbreed?
  191. What kind of tiger shrimp?
  192. Crab ID please
  193. Blue velvet babies! Video and a couple pics
  194. Sick yellow
  195. what caught my eyes~
  196. Water Parameters?
  197. Snail ID?
  198. How to stabiilize pH if it gets to low
  199. Red Cherry Shrimp water parameters?
  200. Amano Shrimp Zoe?
  201. not sure about this moss... looks different?
  202. Shrimp soil discussion....
  203. Would People Be Interested?
  204. filter feeders
  205. my shrimps well whats left of them
  206. When to know tank is cycled?
  207. Smallest filter feeding shrimp?
  208. Flourish dosing
  209. Do you use carbon?
  210. Crystal White Shrimp
  211. seneye water monitor system
  212. Catappa leaves disintegrate within 2 weeks
  213. Multiple questions about shrimp and snails
  214. Native North American Algae Squad
  215. Starting With RCS...
  216. Good source for Bamboo shrimp in GA
  217. What's wrong with my shrimp?
  218. Portable Air Condition Recommendation?
  219. 2nd berried crs gone!!
  220. Please help this newbie get started
  221. where is spongebob when i need him!! help!!!
  222. Red cherry shrimp now!
  223. I am a shrimp killer
  224. Shrimp and fish
  225. CRS ready?
  226. Do baby RCS hunt (breeding)??
  227. Pic of a yellow "cherry"
  228. how much CO2 can shrimp handle?
  229. RCS baby yields
  230. Adding new shrimp
  231. Amano shrimp a not so good shrimp
  232. Preparing to add OEBT or CRS/CBS: The checklistening.
  233. Failed Molt Death? (Cherry Shrimp Juvenile)
  234. Shrimp Shipping Question
  235. My inverts don't eat any goodies
  236. Why does this shrimp look crusty
  237. Thinking about getting shrimp
  238. Blue Velvet, kinda purple?
  239. Feeding advice
  240. Clear Transparent Neocaridina Heteropodas?
  241. CRS/CBS berried at 81F
  242. All my cherry babies died after adding Excel
  243. Cherry Red Shrimp DYING. Help :0! (solved? have healthy shrimp now..)
  244. Help identify this shrimp???
  245. Red and black shrimp
  246. Is this Substrate any good?
  247. What are Paracaridinas?
  248. Mystery Snails
  249. CRS - Live Plants Needed
  250. One of my bamboo shrimp randomly died. Really weird.