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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Shrimp that are always hungry????
  2. Ahhhh, the Quiet!!!!!!!
  3. Sick Apple Snail?
  4. CoČ...
  5. Anything to do for injured shrimp?
  6. Can TT's just "happen"?
  7. Purigen saturation, tannins to control PH???
  8. Ramshorns...New Substrate
  9. Shrimp advice please.
  10. Dry additives; "supplement" for shrimp???
  11. Documenting my 2nd cardinal death
  12. How do you replace substrate that has expired in your shrimp tanks?
  13. CRS not entirely active!
  14. Baby Cpo
  15. Dirt with CRS?
  16. I Hate Scuds! Help Me Get Rid of Them
  17. Strange bubbles appearing on the surface??
  18. what can kill mosquito larvae
  19. Catching shrimp
  20. First berried females in my little blue project
  21. Ups and Downs... Ammonia and Ghost Shrimp Babies.. Now with Pics
  22. Can I Make This Shrimp Water?????
  23. Do I need to take out Purigen when dosing FenBen?
  24. what do you think of this one? Another beauty!
  25. I need to vent...
  26. Shrimp and Pimafix?
  27. is this a bluekk?
  28. Need Help with blue gren algae.
  29. Sieryu and Shrimp
  30. intruders already!
  31. rcs not
  32. First Attempt - 5g - Suggestions for Plants please
  33. RCS New Address
  34. Mystery snail died
  35. Leopard ramshorn snail
  36. Wild type neos - anything I should change?
  37. First time using RO water, do I need to add any minerals back into it before adding?
  38. How much fenbendazole for a 5 gallon tank?
  39. What to do with 3 Fluval Edge aquarium?
  40. Bamboo/flower shrimp
  41. Benibachi Planaria Zero and Nerite Snails?
  42. 5g Fire red shrimp Update! Check it out! I'm pretty pumped!
  43. CPOs! The possible solution to algae
  44. shrimp breeding liquid?
  45. Proud owner of accidental CPOs
  46. Powerhead & shrimp... bad mix?
  47. RCS vs. Ramshorns
  48. Shrimp posters?
  49. crayfish with a bad molt
  50. Who has shrimps in San Diego ONLY....
  51. Assassin Snails Stuck Together
  52. RCS, Amano berried constantly. CRS berried once and died...
  53. Amano Shrimp = Escape Artists?
  54. Where can i get watermelon crabs?
  55. Sieryu Stones, How do i control them?
  56. Do bettas eat scuds?
  57. i hope is not algae(help)
  58. To rinse or not to rinse, that is the question, FSS (Fluval Shrimp Stratum)
  59. Building a shrimp rack...
  60. My newest baby!
  61. My Chocolate Neo colony - a short video
  62. Keeping Neos with Tiger Shrimp - Water Parameters?
  63. Tale of Three Shrimp Tanks - Shrimp not Thriving
  64. Tank size preference and why
  65. Unexplained shrimp death?
  66. Purigen
  67. Shrimp not swimming right, going in loops
  68. I think I am over feeding but
  69. What would You call this CRS?
  70. How many gallons is yr tank?
  71. crystal red shrimps's white is not a solid white
  72. What kind of net do you use?
  73. Can I add Sawagani crabs in my planted tank?
  74. Shrimp safe fish
  75. What's the best red neo? Or how to improve red rilis?
  76. Female shrimps have started swimming all over the place
  77. Very High TDS levels...
  78. Baby nerite in freshwater
  79. First berried Sulawesi!
  80. Macro Shots
  81. Shirakura CA+
  82. Tiger shrimp babies
  83. Do Goldfish eat Nerite Snails?
  84. CRS babies
  85. OEBT gender help
  86. My new 18 inch acrylic cube
  87. Poor Man's Wine Red Berried
  88. Tangerine Tiger x OEBT cross?
  89. colors of blue bolts is it water related?
  90. Blue Velvet
  91. best way to catch shrimp when culling?
  92. Golden Bee vs. Snow White?
  93. 2-Inch by 4-Inch Ceramic Moss Plate
  94. Am I the only one
  95. Shrimp ID
  96. Olive Nerite Water Parameters
  97. Breeding Taiwan Bees- questions
  98. Dead PFR!
  99. Seed Shrimp
  100. dirt under substrate.
  101. Silly question (substrate)
  102. Moss walls
  103. Is this a cherry red? Also, shrimplets!
  104. Shrimp King
  105. Shrimp and lighting talk
  106. Resources for beginners?
  107. How to get rid of leeches
  108. Successful OEBT keeping
  109. help setting up shrimp breeding tank
  110. Shrimp ID
  111. Starting my 1st shrimp tank
  112. Bee x Snow white x CRS x CBS =
  113. lfs shopping~
  114. Do shrimp eat their molt???
  115. My nano shrimp tank build
  116. Amano molting, looks bad
  117. My tanks, a few questions
  118. Cutest Shrimp in the World?
  119. white insides male shrimp
  120. Prfect water chemistry
  121. Best small canister filter for small aquarium (5g or less?)
  122. BBA - My curse
  123. anyone try this filter yet
  124. Would you buy Netlea Substrate??
  125. berried shrimps
  126. Azoo plant grower vs red sea flora
  127. Shrimp never move. Am I doing something wrong?
  128. Fancy glass/pyrex shrimp feeding dishes
  129. Question: Rule of thumb? Shrimps per gallon
  130. Gah! Damn Amanos Fooled Me Again!!
  131. Can't get nitrates down. Seachem matrix vs denitrate
  132. Dirt and Shrimp Tanks
  133. Regular Cherries or PFR?
  134. Amano Shrimp in 10 gallon
  135. Sneaky filter shrimp
  136. Surprise Bonus:RAOK Shrimplets! Please advise!
  137. RCS info
  138. Does people ask you if you it your shrimp?
  139. Dying RCS....
  140. CRS/CBS Breeding Question
  141. CRS died?
  142. Multispecies shrimp tank
  143. Temperature for shrimp?
  144. Shrimp disappearing, pacing
  145. Can I keep Amanos?
  146. Assasin snail eating pond snail....
  147. Ghostie mix up?
  148. Not PRL but nice and white none the less
  149. nerite snails and soft water
  150. Possible to grade RCS shrimplets using leg colour?
  151. Noob shrimp questions, my parameters ok?
  152. BEST snail?
  153. Ransacking marmokreb
  154. Food Bowls
  155. Can it really be true?
  156. TDS during Cycling
  157. cleaning gravel
  158. Shrimp Macro Video
  159. How can planaria kill shrimp?
  160. Why would shrimp drop their eggs?
  161. Do shrimp migrate upstream in the wild?
  162. Setting up a shrimp tank...
  163. Crossbreeding question
  164. Ammonia control
  165. Different species together?
  166. Rare climbing shrimp...
  167. Another CRS ready thread!
  168. need help ID sex of the tigers
  169. Question about shipping shrimp
  170. 3 gallon shrimp tank
  171. Baby Assassin Snail!
  172. CBS grabs substrate, NOT move even when being touched
  173. Plastic scrubbies and biofilm
  174. Aqueon Plant Food...Copper levels shrimp safe?
  175. Got my benibachis today!!!
  176. CRS in a nano?
  177. Finally!!
  178. rili getting cloudy as they get older?
  179. OEBT Carapace Cracks?
  180. Changing substrate, quick question...
  181. Red Cherry Shrimp HELP!!!!
  182. Planaria in shrimp tank~HOW and WHY?
  183. Blue Bees Pics
  184. blanching foods
  185. Ramshorn shell and calcium
  186. Tank Considerations?
  187. Rising TDS?
  188. Is Paraguard safe for babies and Nerites? and another?
  189. Remineralized Water vs Tap,RO mix
  190. Advice please!
  191. Water for new tank
  192. New to shrimp: Need Advice!
  193. Calcium oxalate effect on inverts?
  194. ramshorns with eroding shells - how to improve the water for them?
  195. Live Food Source in the same Tank.
  196. aqua soil shrimp
  197. Cleaning external filter in a shrimp tank
  198. Filter Medias for shrimp
  199. Abandoned eggs. What do?
  200. Looking for new shrimp maybe?
  201. Will this work for shrimp?
  202. Stocking advice?
  203. My first sulawesi tank
  204. Snails for planted tanks?
  205. First Berried: Update (mating pic)
  206. How do shrimp react to huge change?
  207. My New RCS!
  208. Can My Dosing Harm Shrimp?
  209. Anyone using UV light?
  210. Do males take time to sexually mature
  211. Does anyone use Nitra-Zorb or similar products?
  212. My first yellow fire berried
  213. Preparing IAL
  214. Freshwater clams
  215. gotta say, i feel a little sick
  216. id help please
  217. Size differences?
  218. Tank Suggestions?
  219. Color of berries?
  220. Is this what a freshly berried neo looks like?
  221. To use or not to use
  222. What kind of shrimp and gender questions
  223. When to treat for planaria?
  224. Most Desired Neocaridina Shrimp?
  225. How to eradicate hydra!
  226. First berried CRS, dead...
  227. Blue neos
  228. What temp do you keep your OEBTs at? Post your water parameters.
  229. Found a good price on FSS if you need some
  230. Weird shrimp death
  231. planaria
  232. Prepping for Painted Fire Reds
  233. Shipping Painted Fire Reds in October?
  234. Selling baby assassins
  235. Where can I get these Shirmps?
  236. Which of these two tanks?
  237. enhancing white in Crystal Red Shrimp
  238. Websites and Online Shopping
  239. Tan spot on Cherries
  240. CRS and PFR tank
  241. Shrimp Aquarium Set-up
  242. Shrimp Can't Find Food Dish...
  243. Why does Amano breeding have to be so difficult?
  244. Japanese Flag Rili
  245. 100% RO water
  246. Some questions about flow
  247. Post your CRS water parameters...
  248. CRS vs. RCS
  249. Red rilli x sakuri red = ?
  250. Asian supermarket shrimps?