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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. will shrimp eat killifish eggs
  2. Ebiten Nagomi
  3. Nerite quarantining...
  4. CPO experiences
  5. Crayfish, Crawfish, or Crawdads?
  6. Anyone want to sell me amanos?
  7. The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
  8. unfinished molting
  9. Quick moss wall question for shrimp
  10. The Tale of the Traveling Cray
  11. Help ASAP.. No clue what this is
  12. Timing of blackout vs. acclimating to CO2 tank
  13. Red rili with black stripes?
  14. Transferring shrimp into new tank/water params.
  15. Gh and kh too high
  16. Whats a good survival rate for CRS Babies?
  17. Finally got some shrimp!
  18. Babies!!!
  19. CRS Bowl
  20. Another RCS dying thread
  21. Happy B-day to me!!! :):)
  22. Moving branch with fissidens to a new tank...any chemicals to kill snails?
  23. why are cherries being so still
  24. It is a sad day for Shrimp hobbyist!!
  25. Fire Reds with Blue Eggs
  26. My experience with shrimp and my particular style of tank
  27. Simple, affordable RO units??
  28. Anybody know what's actually in EBIKEN EI?
  29. Food options
  30. blonde chocolate question
  31. Assassin snail reproduction
  32. Key to Amanos in high CO2?
  33. insides of aquarium heaters?
  34. how should i sell my shrimps!?
  35. Well THAT sure was stressful...assisted molting
  36. Another Betta and Shrimp quest
  37. Bunch of little snails in 2gallon tank?
  38. Shrimp Boxing?
  39. After 12 months Its about time!
  40. New CRS
  41. Amanos with AquaSoil
  42. Dumb mistake I think
  43. why is my amano orange?
  44. no-planaria
  45. Amano attacking corys
  46. Mulberry Leaves
  47. Hardiest Caridina?
  48. Redoing the tank, help with snails...
  49. Aquavitro Mineralize and shrimp tank
  50. genchem no planaria instruction
  51. Apples vs Assassins
  52. Help with Snail I.D
  53. Gh keeps dropping
  54. daed shrimps
  55. What is this gross worm?
  56. What's the difference between German K14 CRS and PRLs like Benibachi?
  57. minimum shrimp size for breeding group
  58. What to put with Shrimp?
  59. TFG for a TDS meter, could have just killed $500 in CRS
  60. gH has crept up.
  61. mts and algae on glass?
  62. 2.5 nano RCS tank, and a few questions
  63. Frosted cherries?
  64. CRS death after shipment
  65. MTS and shrimp tanks with buffering substrate
  66. Mischlings and their hardiness
  67. Check out how hardy my CRS are...
  68. Apple Snail eggs and young..
  69. wormy things
  70. Shipping shrimp in the cold weather
  71. Ghost shrimp as feeders?
  72. INFO PLEASE! Flubendazole dosage and hydras?
  73. moltings
  74. Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster
  75. Dead Ramshorn
  76. RCS won't breed?
  77. RCS sex ratio?
  78. Massive red rili die off
  79. largest hiform freshwater aquarium shrimp?
  80. My shrimp not eating spinach?
  81. Stupid accident but very concerned!
  82. Which Bee Pollen?
  83. Freshwater cleaner shrimp (Neos)
  84. PFR help
  85. somebody molted! :)
  86. Rapid sucession normal?
  87. Water changes.
  88. Red Devil Fiddler Crab
  89. Anyone Have Extra Malaysian Trumpet Snails?
  90. How should Amano shrimp be shipped?
  91. Is my GH & KH ok?
  92. Our CPOs, just wanted to share pics
  93. Dry Ferts as GH booster?
  94. When is too expensive???
  95. Shrimp deaths
  96. Please help ID my new shrimp
  97. Ramshorn floating
  98. Planaria :\
  99. Safe Baby Shrimp
  100. Plant/Tree leaves
  101. You guessed it... more Crystal Red Shrimp questions!
  102. Cherry shrimplet problems
  103. Shrimp bacter...
  104. Cbs?
  105. Fenbendazole Dosage Recommendations?
  106. Loosing adults, but tons of babies?
  107. A little blue update
  108. Where are my babies?!
  109. Best method to remove shrimp
  110. fish and shrimp
  111. Is a 5 - 15 gallon capacity filter on 20 gallon shrimp riparium tank enough?
  112. Mutation Question
  113. breeding cherry shrimp
  114. shippping snails?
  115. big snail
  116. How soon to see babies?
  117. Save Baby Shrimp
  118. Poll: Neos vs Caridinas
  119. Can anyone supply safe mulberry leaves??
  120. Need some killer snails!
  121. Bacteria for Cycling a Shrimp central system
  122. fluval stratum volume needed??
  123. Does anyone in the US sell Dennerle products?
  124. substrate question
  125. too many shrimp?
  126. A few of my CRS tanks
  127. I finally found a berried CRS
  128. What works with cherry reds, want to add another shrimp
  129. Tibee x TB
  130. RCS and Yellow Shrimp
  131. Cherry shrimp dying.
  132. Acclimating amanos to CO2
  133. Who likes BABIES!?
  134. Nerite snails cleaning crew
  135. Oebt
  136. Woohoo I've got seed shrimp
  137. Just curious...
  138. cherry shrimp backs
  139. Artificially Hatched Shrimp Eggs.... Now What?
  140. Opae Ula, Hawaiian Red Shrimp, SuperShrimp, whatever...
  141. Wine red had a bad molt
  142. Nestle Pure Life
  143. Blue Velvet
  144. ID for a shrimp
  145. 35Shrimps' PRL Tank set up : Step by Step
  146. Baby shrimp feed
  147. Can you crossbreed CPOs?
  148. Shrimp filtration/current/surface agitation
  149. Asian Tiger Cray and Algea eaters.
  150. Snails, snails, snails!
  151. RCS Question.
  152. Strange Inverts in 55g???
  153. Help a brutha out to expose or confirm this assumption!
  154. Raising baby red cherry shrimp in a bowl?
  155. Cherry adult colony, so what's up with...
  156. Seeking some information on some shrimp purchasing!
  157. help shrimp die when they get berried
  158. Hawaii volcano shrimp
  159. Random CRS death?
  160. There be babies!!!
  161. Can RCS become PRS?
  162. CRS winter breeding
  163. Bananariot's Not So Good Pictures of his shrimp...out of sheer boredom
  164. Quick question for shrimp expert
  165. Ottos and Shrimp?
  166. shrimp safe ferts
  167. Freshwater Ghost (Glass) Shrimp
  168. How to get spinach to sink
  169. Shrimp recreation?
  170. Feeding Stinging Nettle
  171. 4 Berried CRS - Feeling Good
  172. Is manzanita driftwood safe for shrimp?
  173. Brevina's tribe declaration - Caridina cf. breviata
  174. feeding bee shrimp
  175. Amano Shrimp.... whose got 'em?
  176. Concern for shrimps
  177. Shriakura Mineral stone?
  178. Feeding Shrimp
  179. Best snail for a nano shrimp tank?
  180. Shrimp and plants
  181. what to do to make baby shrimps to grow faster
  182. Color of shrimp eggs - matter or no matter.
  183. need help asap, neirte matting...
  184. Shrimp ID help please?
  185. After My Tank Crash help, Colorless band on CRS
  186. anybody know what type of shrimp this is?
  188. Alder cones
  189. Potential Shrimp Safe fish?
  190. montmorillonite tds contradiction
  191. How to get rid of Scuds/ Gammarus?
  192. Blue coloring Marbled Cray
  193. Shrimp Eggs??
  194. crs dying
  195. Setting up my new ADA tank for Ebiten PRL
  196. Excitement is in the water!
  197. Just some bad pictures...
  198. Has anyone here kept Triops cancriformis?
  199. Graphic with all the shrimp?
  200. What kind of shrimp should I buy???
  201. Why are my blue tigers dying? Help!
  202. Shrimp and a betta?
  203. Molting Question
  204. help with sex of shrimp
  205. Baby Brine Shrimp
  206. propinqua live span?
  207. What Did They Make?....a Tiger?
  208. how often
  209. Shrimp Colors
  210. Crystal Red with red dots in white coloration?
  211. what kind of shrimp is this?
  212. Planaria Question?
  213. PFR question
  214. How lethargic are your Nerites
  215. My ninja shrimp
  216. This was a shrimp I found in cartimar...
  217. assasin shrimp?
  218. Anybody interested in writing a book?
  219. Planted tank with cherry shrimp, is it possible?
  220. What veggie has highest calcium content (for shrimps)?
  221. so do shrimps get lazy too?
  222. 10G CRS tank ran crazy
  223. how often do zebra's or tiger nerite snails lay eggs?
  224. shrimp safe loaches?
  225. has anyone ever gotten different grades of Mischlings?
  226. More shrimp questions...
  227. Zoes, Get out of me
  228. [First Berried Cherries! Oh happy day!] [w/ Pics]
  229. How often will the have babies?
  230. pfr's and hob & sponge filters
  231. S.O.S. Shrimp in DANGER. help
  232. Shrimp molt but with eyes left in the sockets!?
  233. CRS and TDS
  234. Berried OEBTs Need Help
  235. Nerite Snails
  236. Anyone ever feed this to there SHRIMP???
  237. Success!! Finally a live bloodworm culture!
  238. Upper NO3 range for hardier shrimp?
  239. Preggo shrimp!
  240. Taiwan Bee X F1 Taiwan Bee Hybrids =
  241. It's getting colder, should I add a heater?
  242. Royal Blue Tigers vs BTOE
  243. green shrimp & yellow [email protected] can i mix them?
  244. Should I Worry?
  245. Questions on Tangerine Tigers and OEBT
  246. Balancing PH & TDS
  247. Hydra and Safeguard; How the heck to calculate with these new pellet packages?
  248. My Amano shrimp LOVE water change day
  249. molting issues
  250. water changes