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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. How do I use dolomite to raise gH?
  2. What do you use to increase the PH of your shrimp water??
  3. ID this worm
  4. Shrimp Options
  5. Adding some Ghost Shrimp to an aquarium?
  6. blood sucking worms?
  7. fire red Shrimp & otocinclus
  8. Pond Snails I choose you!
  9. avian calcium
  10. did my shrimp have babies????
  11. How's my tap water for CRS?
  12. Vacuuming a shrimp tank?
  13. Acclimating crayfish, anything special??
  14. shrimp and plant water temperatures?
  15. Apple snails
  16. flourish excel safe for crystal red shrimp
  17. Shrimp tank hydra ASSASSIN options
  18. rcs mating behaviour?
  19. Blue Neos- Hybrid of heteropoda and N. zhangjiajiensis
  20. My breeding project a little update more pics posted
  21. My first planted/shrimp tank 20 long
  22. Good looking shrimp at 2 inchs?
  23. feeding Repashy
  24. A lot going on first shrimp tank
  25. Shrimp???
  26. Tank size recommendation ( new to shrimp )
  27. Mts
  28. Who's got some information on Orange Eye Blue Tiger shrimp (OEBTs)?
  29. Purigen? Should I consider a reactor?
  30. shrimp+osmocote capsules, is it safe?
  31. safe to ship RCS in USPS small flat rate?
  32. TDS meter has arrived!
  33. Filter maintenance nervousness....
  34. Large inverts that are plant safe?
  35. Shrimp Dying
  36. shipping ramshorn snails
  37. Minimum tank height?
  38. Why cull shrimp?
  39. Breeding Ghost Shrimp? Help!
  40. Make your macro pictures come true with a $3 microscope for your iPhone
  41. Mineral stones?
  42. Berried Shrimp Photos
  43. Constant light?
  44. Indian almond leave ?
  45. Shrimp ID
  46. Spinach vs baby spinach
  47. TDS and Prime
  48. I have a berried female
  49. Oh hai! quick pic
  50. Dying berried OEBT...AWESOME update, post #112
  51. Tangerine tigers with orange eyes?.
  52. Tds question
  53. surprised by a baby shrimp in my tank
  54. Omg look what I found!!
  55. Apple, mystery, trapdoor?
  56. help with new shrimp tank
  57. Crawfish ID
  58. Crs food
  59. BW Humic vs Peat
  60. tankmates for dwarf shrimp
  61. Photos of some of my OEBTs:)
  62. best price for heat packs?
  63. Talk to me about Electric Blue Lobsters...
  64. here's a question for the experts!!!
  65. Catching small shrimp with turkey baster?
  66. Moving Need to know size of shrimp to ship safely
  67. I don't/can't trust amano shrimp anymore.
  68. Reasonable arguments to convince an SO more tanks are necessary
  69. New rack project - Updare 12/5/2012
  70. RO water supplement
  71. List of Shrimp Food and Supplement brands
  72. Pests in the Shrimp Tank!
  73. Woke up to tiny... rocket shaped creatures?
  74. Cardinal baby survival
  75. Aquarium surface skimmer and amanos?
  76. does 100 yellow neo shrimp produce enough co2 for planted tank?
  77. My Shrimp Tanks...
  78. shrimp and Prime?
  79. That Crystal Red Shrimp thread
  80. How long til snails stop birthing?
  81. Whisker Shrimp
  82. Shrimp holes?
  83. can anyone identify this shrimp?
  84. Green Shrimp Treasure Hunt!
  85. CRS shrimpmates?
  86. How Do You Cull?
  87. making shrim grow?
  88. Curts 55 gallon Crs/Cbs Tank
  89. My Red Tiger berried female
  90. New Shrimp Tank - Lid?
  91. Take A Picture of your test strips PLEASE
  92. What kind of snail is this?
  93. Neon tetras and shrimp
  94. Scuds
  95. Shrimp Product identification
  96. Breeding Higher grade shrimp
  97. ID help on this snail please!
  98. Combing Red Rili's & Blue Rili's (Blue Velvets)
  99. Air pump recommendations for 4-5 sponge filters?
  100. Sluggish rabbit snails
  101. delete
  102. Feeding plan
  103. Blue Pearl Vs Blue Velvet?
  104. Hiding? Or possibly dead?
  105. CBS Help!!! Please
  106. Gold dust orchid bee
  107. breeding crs in a 2.5? possible?
  108. Shrimps and Snails
  109. Oak leaves
  110. Petco Bookshelf Freshwater Fish Aquarium
  111. Fluval shrimp granules
  112. marine phytoplankton for zoes
  113. Can BKKs turn into green hulks?
  114. Breeding vs keeping shrimp
  115. Oh the Guilt! Pink ramshorn fatality!
  116. shrimp suggestions
  117. So sad! Have to say goodbye to my tanks
  118. New Shrimp Owner
  119. Hikari Crab Cuisine - how much?
  120. Shrimp in PH 8.6!
  121. What do you feed your shrimp?
  122. Compatible Shrimp
  123. What's your favorite "low tech" shrimp?
  124. Problems with my inverts.
  125. My first shrimp :D
  126. Blue neo dilemma
  127. flukes in shrimp?
  128. catch shrimp larva??
  129. Do different shrimp species eat each other's babies?
  130. holy cow, nitrates up in the 80ppm range(or higher)!!
  131. Mixing tiger shrimp?
  132. talk to me about shrimp foods, suppliments etc
  133. Can any fish live with a breeding colony of shrimp?
  134. How big can ramshorn snail(planorbidae?) get?
  135. APB Pure line Red video
  136. orange eye black tiger video
  137. Shrimps in the wild *video*
  138. How much humic in a 10g
  139. Bit the Bullet
  140. Anyone breed flower or bamboo shrimp?
  141. Artificially hatching rili's
  142. Big Shrimp Arrival Updated pics 10/28
  143. Tannins & Shrimp. Do they go good together?
  144. Oebt x normal tiger mix?
  145. Preventing health issues, some questions
  146. Quarantining procedures?
  147. Amano Shrimp Eating Clay
  148. Horned Nerite Snails..pros & cons of this algae control snail?
  149. Is it possible?
  150. Wine red & crs mix?
  151. My first shrimp parade
  152. Woooo! New shrimp tomorrow!
  153. Successfully Acclimated!
  154. NewB needs advice on plant selection
  155. Ok so I spur of the moment bought 20 crs
  156. Should I keep the New Babies Separate from the Amanos?
  157. Water parameter gh, kh, tds questions
  158. Dropped Eggs
  159. How to avoid sucking up my ghost shrimp in my gravel vac
  160. The Hunger Games -- Pond Snail Escaped!
  161. Ghost/Glass shrimp questions.
  162. Acclimating New Shrimp
  163. I love Shrimp
  164. whats the longest period you've had your shrimps berried for?
  165. Tiawan bees substrate alternative
  166. Excited and Nervous!
  167. Plants for an 8G Evolve Shrimp Tank
  168. You guys are evil (random)
  169. Tiny White Bugs ?
  170. Who is using GLA GH booster for remineralizing shrimp water?
  171. How hot is too hot?
  172. How fast to shrimp breed? Would my tank setup be okay?
  173. My shrimp tank, first residents!
  174. How much Purigen
  175. Is there such a thing as...
  176. Net tricks/Tips for catching shrimp...
  177. Whos Your Favorite Shrimp
  178. The Math for Tanks Thread
  179. Breeding Amano / Yamato shrimp
  180. Shrimp, hatching eggs and pH...
  181. please help me to ID this Snail
  182. Shrimp breeders near Guelph, ON
  183. Water change regimen for neos?
  184. Odd shrimp behavior
  185. How often do you do your water changes for OEBTs?
  186. Can someone ID this plant for me??
  187. API Tap Water Conditioner
  188. my berried ladies in their new home
  189. Shrimpy food response
  190. Selfish Amano!
  191. Anyone keeping Least Killifish with shrimp?
  192. Those with red tiger lotus in their shrimp tanks, a ?
  193. Orange eye blue tigers
  194. Chili Rasboro and RCS?
  195. Water change in a Fluval Spec 2g
  196. shrimp advice + good news
  197. Ammonia 8ppm
  198. Amano Help
  199. What shrimp food and minerals?
  200. small tank or half full larger tank?
  201. Weird Creature....
  202. Daphnia + Worms
  203. green hulks, what causes this color mutation?
  204. Questions about Crossbreeding
  205. Marmorkreb colors?
  206. unusual marked wine red, what would you call it?
  207. Identify this nerite please
  208. Musing About Shrimpies
  209. Seachem Flourish and my OEBT shrimps?
  210. Do small shrimp contribute to the bioload much?
  211. Sieryu, GH, and Dropped Eggs
  212. Ramshorn Snail overload
  213. Water smells like rubber
  214. oops Might be time for a trim
  215. Which product is better
  216. Leopard Ramshorn
  217. Anyone have these bad boys in their tank
  218. What shrimp to get?
  219. Ugly Rili
  220. Is it ok to have a no male shrimp tank?
  221. Is something wrong with my RCS
  223. Orange Neos~is there a high grade?
  224. Gush catch pen
  225. advice please!!
  226. Best way to keep Amano's from escaping?
  227. Eugenics Issues
  228. Mutt Shrimp
  229. Hello from Bulgaria far
  230. Newly added shrimp more interested in exploring than food :)
  231. Akadama double red line life span ??
  232. Assassin snails, not assassinating anything
  233. Shrimp; Bad molt? Dying, help!!
  234. so... where the snails go?!
  235. Who's keeping shrimp in a high tech tank?
  236. CRS going crazy
  237. SS Prefilters stuggles
  238. ghost shrimp eggs
  239. No berried RCS???
  240. Planaria treatment- Two cents???
  241. 12 liter daphnia and shrimp tank
  242. Air pump airline plans?
  243. Red Tiger X CRS/CBS
  244. sponge filters
  245. CRS and old ADA amazonia soil
  246. API Water Softener Pillow
  247. Sick of nerite eggs.
  248. New Shrimp Tank
  249. Princess Bees - Where Are They?
  250. Could i do bee shrimp?