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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Viper Shrimp?
  2. New SSS PRL from Speedie!
  3. Berried moms now babies
  4. Shrimp with sump/overflow
  5. berried shrimp
  6. Shrimp attacking Planaria
  7. Divided tank-What do you think?
  8. Shrimp Id
  9. Genetics of PFR/Sakura/Ultimate Red etc...
  10. Crystal Red Shrimps in Socal?
  11. Maylasian trumpet snails
  12. Amano's
  13. Nerites in acidic pH
  14. where to buy quality OEBT's?
  15. Most Profitable Shrimp to Breed?
  16. first berried mama evar!
  17. Could I put pumpkins and Fire Reds in the same tank?
  18. Indian Almond Leaves & Nitrates
  19. white sand with Cherry shrimp ?
  20. Feeding questions
  21. Adding other shrimp with cherries
  22. Sponge filter questions
  23. Shrimp tank pH issue.... help?
  24. Easiest way to tear down tank (after bacterial infection)
  25. When to feed?
  26. Questions About Red Cherry Shrimp
  27. Breaking down my crs tank
  28. 46 Bowfront - Good Shrimp tanks?
  29. Apple snails
  30. Anyone have a Golden and Chocolate Shrimp Tank?
  31. BKK and CWB long for eggs to hatch?
  32. Best way to catch shrimp? Sugestions for lighting
  33. Should I be Concerned? (CRS death)
  34. Testers
  35. Fire Red Shrimp turning dark red, purple or even partly black?
  36. Ich treatment in tank with CRS?
  37. Take the driver's seat and tell me what to buy
  38. alternative to crs?
  39. Shrimp feeding schedule?
  40. New Shrimp Keeper-Water parameters
  41. cleaning a shrimp tank
  42. ADA New Amazonia??
  43. New OEBTs
  44. Rabbit snail surprise
  45. Next Shrimps after neocaridina species?
  46. How many isolate their PRL females when berried?
  47. Heaters and Lighting Question
  48. Rearranging Established Tank
  49. RCS in 56 gallon
  50. Blue Velvet X Blue Rili = ???
  51. Akadama, no thanks
  52. What kind of shrimp...
  53. Selective Snail Killer?
  54. Post your snail & shrimp antics here
  55. what kind is this?
  56. Will these PFR and XXX shrimp interbreed
  57. mixing FSS with UP AQUA SHRIMP SAND?
  58. Ramshorns in a vase/bowl
  59. interbreed?
  60. best substrate to drop 8.3ph?
  61. Would this cannister work?
  62. Baby Shrimp Foods
  63. Where'd they go...
  64. Assassin snails in a high CO2 environment
  65. Choosing Snails
  66. my funny snail
  67. Breeding pond snails
  68. Filter questions
  69. places for shrimp to hide
  70. BKK Tank (advice anyone?)
  71. My Shrimp: Malawa, Babaulti, Rili
  72. Ramshorn snails
  73. What is this snail?
  74. Filter idea for shrimp tank - high capacity, low flow.
  75. Shrimp & Cory fry
  76. Planaria in the shrimp tank
  77. Shrimp ID
  78. Orange CPO cray and cherries?
  79. Odd man out! CPO eggs question
  80. Any tips on Red Claw Macro shrimp?
  81. Feeding time pics
  82. What type of shrimp is this?
  83. Rcs???
  84. Pumpkins or Yellow Fires?
  85. Nerite snail parasites?
  86. blue velvet shrimp
  87. breeding brachish macros
  88. breeding amano shrimp
  89. Apple Snail Aestivation..Whats up with that?
  90. What PVC sinks
  91. PVC pipes
  92. Identification of aquarium worms
  93. Confused about pH in new tank, Up Aqua Shrimp Sand
  94. Could this just be a low grade golden?
  95. Blue bolt question and other dumb questions:)
  96. Good resources on breeding nerites?
  97. Two questions
  98. How to ship snails
  99. Kh and gh
  100. CRS Rili?
  101. Cuprisorb for a 10 gallon?
  102. First baby!
  103. Sakura and fire shrimps
  104. can anyone ID this snail? picture included
  105. I feel really dumb...
  106. New type of super blue rili from Taiwan
  107. Tiger shrimps and high temps
  108. new shrimp cross?
  109. 4.2 pH
  110. a couple crs questions
  111. Sneaky shrimp!
  112. Directions for Benibachi Growth Enzyme?
  113. Pumpkin neos and Seiyu stones?
  114. Does buffering substrate only buffer down?
  115. Berried RCS - Can I move it?
  116. CBS and CRS in same tank?
  117. Shrimp hatching
  118. Berried CPO!
  119. 2 CRS deaths (Cause for panic or no?)
  120. Temp fluctuation how much is acceptable for CRS?
  121. Losing my mind (SSS- SS CRS Dying ) NEED HELP
  122. Berried PFR and Tangerine Tigers
  123. How to get rid of snails in shrimp tank?
  124. How to reconstitute RO/DI water for CRS SS
  125. what causes molting problems
  126. Best practices for introducing to a CO2 tank
  127. Wanted: Ss crs
  128. Mystery LFS Shrimp, trying to ID!
  129. i killed them...
  130. Lowering PH for WC
  131. If you keep shrimp, read this!!!!!
  132. My Hitchhiker Thai Micro Crabs!
  133. Apple snails/ mystery snail baby questions..
  134. Making FX5 intake shrimp friendly???
  135. Tiger or Superish Tiger???
  136. CPO's information and compatablity?
  137. snails in 10 gal
  138. sponge filter vs hob
  139. Geosesarma crabs
  140. New Freshwater Shrimps.
  141. Opae Ula sexual dimorphism?
  142. Free shrimpy eye candy here
  143. Deadly CPO disease
  144. Blind Cherry Shrimp ..**RARE**??
  145. worms in shrimp tank
  146. how do I get rid of scuds?
  147. Carbon Rili update and question
  148. help losing shimp
  149. Why do people keep tanks with mixed breeds of Taiwan Bees?
  150. Fish eating shrimp?
  151. Finally the right “bugs” in the tank
  152. Coloring up
  153. Red tiger shrimps mutation or.....?
  154. Shrimp Food
  155. Shrimp Story + A Mystery
  156. will shrimp eat killifish eggs
  157. Ebiten Nagomi
  158. Nerite quarantining...
  159. CPO experiences
  160. Crayfish, Crawfish, or Crawdads?
  161. Anyone want to sell me amanos?
  162. The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
  163. unfinished molting
  164. Quick moss wall question for shrimp
  165. The Tale of the Traveling Cray
  166. Help ASAP.. No clue what this is
  167. Timing of blackout vs. acclimating to CO2 tank
  168. Red rili with black stripes?
  169. Transferring shrimp into new tank/water params.
  170. Gh and kh too high
  171. Whats a good survival rate for CRS Babies?
  172. Finally got some shrimp!
  173. Babies!!!
  174. CRS Bowl
  175. Another RCS dying thread
  176. Happy B-day to me!!! :):)
  177. Moving branch with fissidens to a new tank...any chemicals to kill snails?
  178. why are cherries being so still
  179. It is a sad day for Shrimp hobbyist!!
  180. Fire Reds with Blue Eggs
  181. My experience with shrimp and my particular style of tank
  182. Simple, affordable RO units??
  183. Anybody know what's actually in EBIKEN EI?
  184. Food options
  185. blonde chocolate question
  186. Assassin snail reproduction
  187. Key to Amanos in high CO2?
  188. insides of aquarium heaters?
  189. how should i sell my shrimps!?
  190. Well THAT sure was stressful...assisted molting
  191. Another Betta and Shrimp quest
  192. Bunch of little snails in 2gallon tank?
  193. Shrimp Boxing?
  194. After 12 months Its about time!
  195. New CRS
  196. Amanos with AquaSoil
  197. Dumb mistake I think
  198. why is my amano orange?
  199. no-planaria
  200. Amano attacking corys
  201. Mulberry Leaves
  202. Hardiest Caridina?
  203. Redoing the tank, help with snails...
  204. Aquavitro Mineralize and shrimp tank
  205. genchem no planaria instruction
  206. Apples vs Assassins
  207. Help with Snail I.D
  208. Gh keeps dropping
  209. daed shrimps
  210. What is this gross worm?
  211. What's the difference between German K14 CRS and PRLs like Benibachi?
  212. minimum shrimp size for breeding group
  213. What to put with Shrimp?
  214. TFG for a TDS meter, could have just killed $500 in CRS
  215. gH has crept up.
  216. mts and algae on glass?
  217. 2.5 nano RCS tank, and a few questions
  218. Frosted cherries?
  219. CRS death after shipment
  220. MTS and shrimp tanks with buffering substrate
  221. Mischlings and their hardiness
  222. Check out how hardy my CRS are...
  223. Apple Snail eggs and young..
  224. wormy things
  225. Shipping shrimp in the cold weather
  226. Ghost shrimp as feeders?
  227. INFO PLEASE! Flubendazole dosage and hydras?
  228. moltings
  229. Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster
  230. Dead Ramshorn
  231. RCS won't breed?
  232. RCS sex ratio?
  233. Massive red rili die off
  234. largest hiform freshwater aquarium shrimp?
  235. My shrimp not eating spinach?
  236. Stupid accident but very concerned!
  237. Which Bee Pollen?
  238. Freshwater cleaner shrimp (Neos)
  239. PFR help
  240. somebody molted! :)
  241. Rapid sucession normal?
  242. Water changes.
  243. Red Devil Fiddler Crab
  244. Anyone Have Extra Malaysian Trumpet Snails?
  245. How should Amano shrimp be shipped?
  246. Is my GH & KH ok?
  247. Our CPOs, just wanted to share pics
  248. Dry Ferts as GH booster?
  249. When is too expensive???
  250. Shrimp deaths