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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Help identifying Snail
  2. gh drooping?
  3. switching to RO water
  4. New Product Bio Culture SMW
  5. ? For CRS keepers
  6. Amano + Cherry?
  7. Seeding Sponge filter
  8. Cardinals with Yellows or Pumpkins?
  9. can pinocchio shrimp breed with other caridina?
  10. Shrimp attacking hermits?
  11. What can I drop inside a tank to kill all invertebrates?
  12. Ghost Shrimp Turning Red?
  13. New Tiger Shrimp Morph - White/Ghost Tiger Orange Eyes
  14. Identify a Tylomelania (Sulawesi) Snail based on Description
  15. What do you do when the LFS has mislabled shrimp?
  16. CO2 - dude this rocks - as per one juvie!
  17. Feeding RCS
  18. Bugs? Pests? Help
  19. Nerites in Sacramento?
  20. crs egg color?
  21. Is this ok?
  22. RCS tank mates
  23. Comprehensive Water Parameters for Most Shrimps
  24. Stupid questions from others?
  25. regular tiger with orange eyes?
  26. Anyone have a 40G breeder shrimp tank?
  27. At how many weeks will the eyes start to appear?
  28. copepods
  29. Population density and breeding
  30. Experiences with different shrimp in same tank?
  31. My RCS stopped breeding
  32. N202?
  33. How long do Amano Shrimp live?
  34. Do you need to get a new "blood" of shrimp for breeding?
  35. Updated: RCS dying
  36. Got a box of PRL
  37. Downgrading filters
  38. One year of Taiwan Bee shrimp
  39. my snow white and bb pics
  40. My small tank experience
  41. Assassin snails eating habit
  42. My Cardinals Shrimps Turned a Blue Color
  43. Ebiken ei and baby survival rate?
  44. Got what I wished for!!
  45. Suicidal Shrimp
  46. Easy way to collect culls?
  47. CO2 Booster or Excel in a planted Shrimp Tank
  48. Sometimes I think my shrimp are trying to get drunk
  49. Babies!!
  50. starting a prl line of your own?
  51. shrimp size and tank size
  52. shrimp breeding time?
  53. Who is using the söchting oxydator in there shrimp tank
  54. Shrimp Tanks
  55. Shrimp molt
  56. Wow! Amanos work fast!
  57. Christmas Miracle!
  58. Nano shrimp aquarium questions
  59. Are your Shrimp not Breeding Anymore? A Checklist
  60. Red bolts or something else?
  61. Registration for the 5th International Shrimp Championship from January 25 until 27
  62. Need Shrimp Identified [Pic Heavy]
  63. RIP Vampire Shrimp
  64. What shrimp are "you" looking to get for 2013?
  65. Unusually colored Rili Shrimp?
  66. Do fire red shrimp need a lot of hiding spots?
  67. CRS with RCS?
  68. Good breeding temperature for Fire red shrimp?
  69. Hamburg matten filter for back wall?
  70. Temperature-dependent sex determination?
  71. Cories in with Cherry Shrimp
  72. Ridding pond snails with other snails in the same tank.
  73. best shrimp for SOFT (rain) water
  74. Glass cleaning vs disturbing substrate
  75. Post your favorite shrimp blogs....
  76. shrimp and marimo
  77. Tips for cherry shrimp beginner
  78. cherry shrimp with white clouds?
  79. trying out the camera
  80. Are these snails dead?
  81. Calcium Montmorillonite clay??
  82. Bringing back shrimp from Taiwan in suitcase
  83. seed shrimp or water mites?
  84. IM new and lookin to stock shrimp, online suggestions?
  85. snails and shrimp not getting enough calcium...I think.
  86. where to buy snails
  87. Color change over time?
  88. Strange Organism in Planted Shrimp Tank
  89. My first Taiwan bees
  90. Culling for Color?
  91. Losing white...
  92. Turface and CRS,CBS.
  93. Half Shrimp's found in tank...molting issue?
  94. either a great idea or big mistake - ok to feed shrimp crushed snails?
  95. Would you use Fluval Shrimp Stratum with Cardinias? why?
  96. Malaysian Trumpet Snails?
  97. Pics of my shrimp tanks
  98. Fire Red Cherry Shrimp Laying eggs on Video
  99. Shrimp and regular gravel
  100. White fuzz
  101. assassin snail
  102. I have done something dumb. (Scuds)
  103. How useful are shrimp for a community tank
  104. How to sex fire red shrimp?
  105. Need help...
  106. amano shrimp pics
  107. A few pics of one of my prego shrimp
  108. Berried shrimp!
  109. Unknown Snail Identification
  110. Horned Nerite Snails
  111. Power Outage- help
  112. Pods in a rift lake setup
  113. CPO Diets and will they eat my MTS?
  114. nerite snails
  115. Baby shrimp
  116. Anybody successfully keep Neos in low PH tanks?
  117. Are cappa leaves ok for shrimp
  118. Dead berried female - can I hatch the eggs?
  119. Do females always release pheromones when molting?
  120. Pfr
  121. Snowball Shrimp Berried :D
  122. Help me make a decision
  123. How do you get cherries to breed?
  124. Found a snail in my aquarium....
  125. Adding shrimps
  126. Shrimp for beginners???
  127. how would you describe ideal shrimp behavior
  128. Did I just breed Amanos by accident ? No I did not..
  129. Who's the Culprit?
  130. cherry shrimp and UV
  131. Opinions on breeding
  132. remineralizing
  133. Questions about Caridina shrimp?
  134. thinking of starting a shrimp tank and like to hear some thoughts :)
  135. Im A Noob with shrimp, i need help
  136. lily pipe always breaking surface?
  137. Seed shrimp?
  138. Do female CRS save sperm from previous mates?
  139. lazy assassin snail
  140. My BB has some red eggs...could it be WR?
  141. Berried females but no babies.Why?
  142. Best substrate color for contrast
  143. Dumped some ADA Africana on top of my Akadama
  144. My Shrimps!
  145. Yellow shrimps how to take care?
  146. filtration and shrimps
  147. pond snails and bladder snails
  148. Active substrate end of life, time for a new tank and idea
  149. Shrimps not actively going after food
  150. what happens if female shrimps dont have a male?
  151. breeder box vs 3 gallon betta tank for baby srhimp - need ASAP!
  152. One of my berried shrimp gave birth!
  153. Can the Orange Sakura and Blue Tiger Shrimp coexist
  154. Is there such a thing as
  155. I am new to shrimp and nano's. Any suggestions?
  156. Shrimps!
  157. Methods of supplementing biofilm.
  158. Activ-Flora Substrate Copper nutrients and PFR Shrimp??
  159. Missing Berried Shrimp, should I be concerned?
  160. Any input on snails?
  161. Do RCS eat algae off of the glass?
  162. molting question
  163. some shrimp i currently breed
  164. Another breeder box question...
  165. Snails eating plants
  166. Looks like some one wanted some attention
  167. What Stage or Age Do shripmlets....
  168. the FINAL thread
  169. Lethargic Oebt's
  170. CBS issues
  171. Self sustaining shrimp tank?
  172. One aggressive male.
  173. Prime and Shield?
  174. ADA Seiryu Stone and Driftwood with CRS Questions
  175. Need feedback on a tank routine (going to be in a different city for 5 months)
  176. ...
  177. Hitchikers Guide to Gastropods
  178. Holoholo on Ebay??
  179. Cold water shrimp??
  180. what do baby BKK look like?
  181. What's the best inline heater for a shrimp tank?
  182. Malaysian Trumpet Snails Dying?
  183. Snail & Egg ID help
  184. Dang it...dead berried shrimp
  185. Caviar Girls
  186. umm... they are ALL pregnant
  187. Merry Shrimpmas to me, Merry Shrimpmas to me...
  188. crazed hormonal shrimp?
  189. Strange eggs found in the substrate?
  190. Planaria Problem
  191. Oeot...?
  192. weird jumping bug?
  193. shrimp scampi & cocktail
  194. Mud Crabs on EBay?
  195. Sexing cherry shrimp
  196. deep fried
  197. mislabeled shrimp
  198. Eggs again so fast
  199. Crystal Red Shirmp questions
  200. How to quarantine from scuds
  201. My assassin snails inch long tongue.
  202. shrimp sand suggestions?
  203. Feeding time, here come the kids!
  204. Most humane way to put a CPO down??
  205. CPO with fish in 40B?
  206. Parameters to give baby OEBTs the best chance??
  207. Wil an Amano shrimp eat Cherry babies?
  208. Crafted Shrimp
  209. Crystals, Bees and RO water
  210. prop shots
  211. candid didn't know shots
  212. swimming shots
  213. amatuer action shots
  214. Amano shrimp turning red?
  215. How small are CPO babies??
  216. Assassin snails laying TONS of eggs!
  217. Blue crayfish question
  218. Borneo Wild Shield Dosage for a 3 gal nano tank
  219. Check out this crazy golden I found today...
  220. Anyone have red claw shrimp?
  221. Copper sulfate and shrimp?
  222. I'm an idiot. Damage control help?
  223. In my Fluval Ebi
  224. Finally some pics!
  225. wanting to switch shrimp/fish tanks
  226. Always gotta love feeding time.
  227. Malaysian Trumpet snail questions
  228. Are all check valves created equal, low air pressure problem
  229. First berried shrimp!
  230. My Olive Nerite Snail Eggs Hatched
  231. Some of my shrimp breeding projects
  232. My PRL Colony Adventure
  233. :D my first berried OEBT!
  234. How to lower high nitrates w/o stressing shrimp?
  235. Is this OK for CRS shrimp
  236. Will the red cherry shrimp survive?
  237. newly hatched
  238. newly hatched
  239. what would you call a TT x CBS/CRS cross?
  240. Should I rescaped my PRL tank???
  241. so I have a weird red eyed one spot CRS
  242. What Is This Sulawesi Snail?
  243. cherry shrimp reproducing
  244. what to house with cherry shrimp
  245. Rcs feeding question
  246. BKK gave birth and NO babies anywhere.
  247. Pond snail?
  248. World record for shipping live invertebrates!
  249. First New Baby Shrimp
  250. What would cause a berried female to molt!?!?!?!?