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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. my tiny mystery baby!
  2. Copper Sulfate in Algae Tabs
  3. Painted red shrimps with white eggs
  4. Pond/bladder snail question...
  5. Golden Bee parents but Red Offspring
  6. We eat our veggies
  7. Mandarin shrimp
  8. Hara jerdoni & Pests
  9. My first shrimp tank!
  10. I've not yet seen anyone here talk about freshwater clams.
  11. tetras attacking my new crs
  12. Shrimp and Maximum Safe Excel Overdose?
  13. OEBT stripes
  14. The amazing “flying” pond snail
  15. Wild scuds = good?
  16. What shrimp to buy
  17. How many amano shrimp for a 125litre?
  18. New tank for Chocolate Shrimp
  19. Where to buy (Sera Tremazol) in the US
  20. How do you catch your shrimp?
  21. Scored some nice crystal reds
  22. NEw shrimp
  23. Breeder boxes and selective breeding a ?
  24. Got a real mystery here...
  25. How do I ship shrimp!!
  26. rili/cherry breeding
  27. Excell poisoned...cannibal...
  28. Help! Massive Shrimp Dieoff! Ferts? Why?
  29. Normal if not swarming during dinnertime?
  30. Do shrimplets look like their mother or father?
  31. sulawesi shrimp
  32. Macro+ oebt = awesome!
  33. Impulse Buy!
  34. Can Blue Rilis look like RCS before turning blue?
  35. Would 5 Amano shrimp be too many for this setup?
  36. Auction site warning
  37. My Ebiten PRL
  38. Tiny clear dots wiggling in shrimp tank?
  39. Bodies or molts?
  40. PFR colony pics
  41. added this one to my Taiwan tank today!
  42. Tools for the brackish tank.
  43. Oebt just thought I'd share a pic
  44. Shrimp identifying
  45. CRS Adult size and Sexing?
  46. Crs tank ph
  47. Cherry Shrimp
  48. Berried Blue Velvet juvie!
  49. rabbit snail
  50. Tank Parameters
  51. Caught them, ate breakfast, berried shrimp.
  52. shrimp eating snails?
  53. Baby shrimp survival rate...
  54. Blue Malawa -- Bad Picture Heavy
  55. Berried cardinal
  56. How to keep nerite snails alive while I clean out a tank?
  57. Buying shrimp from foreign countries?
  58. hikari shrimp cuisine
  59. what shrimp is this
  60. My new taiwan bees, from taiwan!
  61. Shimp net, love it or hate it?
  62. Zebra nerite snails look sick. Any suggestions?
  63. getting back into shrimp, whats new?
  64. another crs param question...
  65. Growth rate of CRS, Tigers, etc
  66. This is one cool Tibee!
  67. Hayashidonus japonicus - Japanese Night Shrimp
  68. Just hand fed a couple amano shrimp!
  69. Baby shrimp or parasite?
  70. Any micro ferts that don't have copper?
  71. BorneoWild or Mosura?
  72. Need help to identify these shrimps!!!
  73. Tank Crash
  74. First incomplete molt - do I need to do something?
  75. My first shrimp bowl
  76. OEBT x with CRS
  77. A picture of America
  78. shrimp in my HOB, you too?
  79. Got a new toy!
  80. Mutant offspring? New photos 3/25/13
  81. New Black tigers and yellow neos!
  82. cool shrimp bowl?
  83. Help: babies in pumpkin tank look like rilis
  84. HELP PLEASE! Strangest occurrences of events
  85. Neocardina TDS
  86. ugh, I thought they were dead. Opinions needed
  87. Pre-filter
  88. Keeping Sulawesi shrimp together?
  89. Best OEBT food?
  90. PLantex and Shrimp help
  91. Help! Orange neo shrimp spazzing out then dead
  92. Da bomb
  93. Caridina sulawesi?
  94. I can't kill rcs
  95. No eggs, no fun.
  96. Please, FAST, IDentidy if these are Red cherry or not?
  97. Crs Cruising
  98. Week 6 with Ada new Amzonia.
  99. Switching substrates?
  100. Testing Rock Safety for Shrimp
  101. spider web slime coat after water change?
  102. Nerite snail - white sheel/pitted -calcium?
  103. Best food forTigers?
  104. Cyanobacteria in the brackish shrimp tank
  105. Supreme Reds vs. Fire Reds
  106. Do your shrimp only come out at night?
  107. Do you need a permit to sell Apple snails 'diffusa'
  108. crs whiteness
  109. Check out my new shrimp food that came from Germany
  110. Indications shrimp are being underfed?
  111. 10 gallon painted red shrimps
  112. how to kill snails....not fish??
  113. Sponge filters
  114. Question about Red Cherry Shrimp
  115. Question about Water and CRS
  116. Interesting article about blue bolts
  117. Using Plantex CSM+B in shrimp tank
  118. planaria and tank cycling
  119. red ramshorn or pond snail eat plants?
  120. I had my first molt today!
  121. Tank-specific questions
  122. Ramshorns: My New Favorite Old Snail
  123. CRS & Tiger in same tank?
  124. unprepared for berried shrimp
  125. Ramshorns and Bettas
  126. Raising pH a tiny amount?
  127. CRS died overnight... :(
  128. Did someone shrink my crayfish???
  129. Visiting Glendale, Arizona, any recommended places to go? ;)
  130. Fire Reds Different Colors, Weird Pattern
  131. what wild type to get?
  132. Beware Shrimp Owners
  133. Does ANY female shrimp molting cause chasing? (different species)
  134. do nearite snails burrow in gravel?
  135. OEBT ok in these parameters?
  136. Snail Id
  137. Malawa :)
  138. Amano with white tail?
  139. look who came to breakfast LOL
  140. Shrimp ghetto food
  141. Which is a better pre-filter for shrimp breeding tank?
  142. A pic
  143. Gruesome Planaria
  144. Finished setting up my first shrimp breeding tank, Now shrimp selection- Advice me?
  145. Maintaining Nitrifying Bacteria in a planted shrimp tank
  146. My 12 gallon tibee tank! A journal of pics 11/6/13!
  147. Red Claw Crab adventures
  148. Who Can Solve The Mystery?
  149. Advice for 20 gal long shrimp tank
  150. Assassin vs Yellow Rabbit Snails
  151. Please explain the differnet behaviors of the species?
  152. Thinking about shrimp - a few beginner questions.
  153. Some pics of my shrimp
  154. shrimp and co2
  155. Shrimp genetics
  156. Problem with Mini-Ramshorn Snails
  157. Pleco with Shrimp?
  158. My Bengal Tiger shrimps...aka TT x Red Tiger cross.
  159. Some what new to the hobby and want to set up a shrimp tank.
  160. 100 +/- Massive die off
  161. amano shrimp pics
  162. RCS trouble, what to do?
  163. Anyone have Albino shrimp?
  164. Questions on DIY shrimp foods...
  165. what should I be feeding my shrimp?
  166. Iwagumi + CRS = fail???
  167. should I be as supplementing?
  168. PFR not eating
  169. Is there anywhere in Canada that ships snails?
  170. Oebt just came :-)
  171. BFF's
  172. ADA Bacterball, Benibachi Ball, Ebiken Shou/Nagomi = Same thing different brand?
  173. What to breed next
  174. red tiger with orange eyes? and white stripes on a blue tiger?
  175. How much do Bee shrimp cost?
  176. RO water long term
  177. Nerite Shell Eroding?
  178. Fire Reds Trouble
  179. Mud Crabs Have Arrived ,Rropanopeus harrisii, Now with Eggs
  180. Explosion of ramshorn snails
  181. Lowering TDS from 333ppm
  182. finicky OEBTs
  183. New shrimp HELP!!!
  184. CBS, Fire red shrimp, and CRS in a 30 gallon?
  185. Questions on red tiger and tangerine tiger shrimp
  186. Help! Berried CRS.
  187. shrimp not breeding
  188. mini ramshorn
  189. Malaysian Murder Mystery!
  190. WTB/Breeding - Macrobrachium rosenbergii aka Freshwater/Malaysian prawns or cherabin
  191. reticulated hillatream loach with shrimp
  192. Anyone using the HOBs with built in UV sterilization?
  193. What kind of snail do you suggest for a 1.5g?
  194. What is this?
  195. Stressing...
  196. are these S grade CRS? and is that a saddle on the neo?
  197. Are my water parameters good for CRS?
  198. Saddled and berried @ the same time?
  199. Malawa shrimp thoughts?!?!?!?
  200. How to keep shrimp tank warm?
  201. First BKK Berry (pic added)
  202. Can you guys help me sex these shrimp?
  203. peacock gudgeon with shrimp?
  204. Shrimp ailment?
  205. My 5 gallon pre-shrimp aquarium
  206. rili question
  207. Good way to test for low PH
  208. Unbelievable shrimpment!!!
  209. Do shrimp eat mosquito larve in the tank?
  210. My fabulous Birthday present!!! Check this out!
  211. tap water shrimps
  212. I think my ruby extreme dropped her eggs at like 28 days
  213. shrimp recommendations needed
  214. Interesting thought.. Please comment!
  215. Does anyone have any historical info on the shrimp grading?
  216. Blueberry Shrimp or Caridina Babaulti Blue?
  217. berried CRS/CBS losing color?
  218. pics of my new born Taiwans.
  219. My Nessie project
  220. has anyone needed to clean a shrimp tank?
  221. shrimp sick?
  222. Shrimp without airstone or sponge filter
  223. So I got a Fancy Macro Filter (TB Pics Galore)
  224. Shrimp tank setups?
  225. Shrimp Lighting Schedule???
  226. Blank Canvas!
  227. How to add new substrate without crushing baby shrimp?
  228. Golden Bee Shrimp Releasing Babies - Video
  229. Moving Red Cherry Shrimp
  230. opinions on worms
  231. What are you guys looking for??
  232. So do you think baby Killifish would eat baby shrimps?
  233. Another experiment to expand the hobby: mixing shrimp
  234. Keeping PFRs and Red rili?
  235. "Dragon" pattern turning up in CRS hybrids
  236. Happy new year indeed!
  237. Amanos have started making a break for it
  238. Can I add local leaves to my tank?
  239. Shrimp has been berried for almost 4 weeks...
  240. Am I wrong for this?
  241. shrimp coloration and breeding
  242. Red rilis became blue rilis?
  243. Malawa Shrimp Turn blue
  244. after mating
  245. NH4, N03, and NO2 0 PPM, is this true?
  246. Substrate for Chocolate Neos
  247. where to buy aquasoil?
  248. My new CPO setup.
  249. Rili Shrimp/Neos
  250. List of hobby inverts