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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. jumping neocardina shrimp??
  2. CRS/CBS and parameters
  3. Water change matching PH for CRS
  4. Nerite thinks it is a land snail (suggestions?)
  5. am i ready to have CBS?
  6. Keeping ramshorns
  7. Does cherry shrimps need spl food?
  8. Questions about certain shrimp
  9. Juvenile Shrimp?
  10. Macro iPod pics!
  11. Amano shrimp and fish
  12. tds question
  13. is this leeching?
  14. Shrimp substrate & grasses
  15. Freshwater marine invert tank
  16. Betta vs. Shrimp
  17. Can you ID these baby shrimp?
  18. RCS with hillstream Loaches?
  19. Which type of Snails is most beneficial for a shrimp tank?
  20. What's the best temperature?
  21. Do shrimp eat their molts?
  22. Unidentified shrimp in my tank! ID help
  23. Cool pic
  24. Setting up TB tank
  25. Water test results
  26. CRS grading
  27. New breed! Houdini Shrimp
  28. Look at these legs! And more
  29. Cray babes, just a pic
  30. Galvanized steel in shrimp tank?
  31. Heater or Filter? Which is more important?
  32. Losing a shrimp about every week and half...update post #42
  33. Water parameters before or after water change.
  34. Are CPO sensitive to Excel?
  35. Just for fun... 4.5 minutes in the life of my shrimp tank :)
  36. Bad Molts? Death...?
  37. Worth It?
  38. Is this a damselfly nymph nd its egg??
  39. Keeping multiple shrimp species
  40. Know your shrimp's emotions...
  41. is it safe to keep the plant iron band on in a shrimp tank?
  42. best water parameters for RCS
  43. Plamskiís HD-Macro Shrimps Video Album.
  44. what to use to measure TDS
  45. are my shrimp constipated?
  46. PFR vs Supreme Red breeding
  47. females running away
  48. New Discovery about Turface MVP soil
  49. Dwarf Shrimp Tankmates
  50. Weird water readings
  51. snail only tank
  52. CRS RO water
  53. Ada aqua soil ph movement
  54. Does your Taiwan bee tank have a UGF?
  55. I'd these shrimp please
  56. Copper in water.. WHAT TO DO!?!
  57. Tiger Nerite Snail?
  58. Killing snails
  59. Disappearing Ghost Shrimp?
  60. Mixing RO water with tap
  61. new born shrimp to juvies
  62. Has anyone tried a simple saltwater shrimp tank?
  63. Calcium Supplement for snails
  64. Molts galore
  65. Best RO unit?
  66. Ghost Shrimp turned white
  67. Other Thiaridae?
  68. Some helpful shrimping tips... Enjoy.
  69. Ghost shrimp is now completely white....
  70. Loache and Amanos
  71. Amano shrimp - tasty snacks for a gold barb?!?
  72. Question About Molting
  73. can some one ID these for me
  74. Need Scape Ideas Setting up 60H ADA for CBS tank
  75. Sulawesi Cardnial Shrimp, where to get?
  76. PH for yellow shrimp
  77. in the beginning
  78. Water Chemistry
  79. How long does FSS buffer pH?
  80. Blue striped tiger?
  81. Gonna Start a nano!
  82. Spirulina for ghost shrimps?
  83. Ammonia spike after disturbing substrate
  84. What snails hide during the day?
  85. Supreme red out if water
  86. Red Claw Crabs Anyone ?
  87. Best place to buy nutrafin African cichlid conditioner??
  88. changing shrimp water with diff ph
  89. Snail ID please
  90. is sunkist shrimp compatible with RCS
  91. Do rilis like "yucky" when still babies?
  92. undergravel filter ?
  93. Ficus repens in shrimp tank?
  94. This is a reason not to clean your glass...
  95. What grade is this RCS?
  96. Transferring Shrimp
  97. Anybody mix Crystal Whites with CRS/CBS/GOLDENS?
  98. Bamboo Shrimp
  99. Food/supplements questions
  100. New 5G Suprise Inhabitant
  101. Came back home to dead shrimp...
  102. White worm??
  103. Taiwan breeding question
  104. Amanos: I Wasn't Prepared for Breeding
  105. Is this a Fire Red??
  106. New guy looking for more advise.
  107. Score! Two free used fluval edge 6gal! Thoughts on cycling.
  108. When do I start feeding the shrimps?
  109. Worm in Cherry Shrimp tank?
  110. Ghost shrimp coloration
  111. Rili/Cherry + Chocolate
  112. Little video of my RCS fighting over food
  113. What kind of snail is this?
  114. Get snails out of one tank and into another
  115. TDS off the chart in a booming breeding tank?
  116. How to Nuke a shrimp tank of unwanted shrimp?
  117. awesome pic multiple crs eating blackworms
  118. Why did she die?
  119. Fiddler crabs - INFORMATIONAL & QUESTIONS
  120. Sexing fire red shrimp
  121. Using coral sand?
  122. Shrimp Advice - will they survive?
  123. What happens when tigers interbreed?
  124. List of Taiwan Bees
  125. Tank with TBs and CBS
  126. Blackworms and CRS
  127. Just a test for pics sorry
  128. Molting
  129. Do shrimp have "umbilical cords"?
  130. Clown pleco with shrimp?
  131. buffering sub with ro?
  132. My TB Tank Project
  133. Yeah! My LFS is ordering me AMANO'S!
  134. RCS die after week or two
  135. Tds & rcs
  136. strange 1 cherry and 1 crs died
  137. CRS and Golden shimplet question...
  138. Itchy egg mama
  139. sex my CBS for me?
  140. baby shrimp question
  141. What PH are you keeping your PRL and Taiwan Bees at??
  142. Red Cherry Shrimp Dying, New Member
  143. how many fluval shrimp granules to feed 25 cherries and 10 tiger shrimp?
  144. crs grade question
  145. Cool crs mutant
  146. What happened to my shrimp???
  147. Nerite eggs on Rabbit snail
  148. RCS and Planaria
  149. CRS for Fluval Spec
  150. CRS with Eggs !
  151. crystal red S grade breeding
  152. Malawa Shrimp!!!!
  153. Pregnant Amano
  154. Question about Amazonia Soil (ADA)
  155. Apple snails good or bad?
  156. Placement of HOB and sponge filter
  157. Help Me Sex My RCS Please?
  158. Q for green lace shrimp owners
  159. Cherry shrimp seems to be getting smaller.
  160. spinach
  161. zucchini in shrimp tank
  162. losing eggs
  163. What do you feed your shrimp?
  164. Indian Almond Leaves and Purigen
  165. CRS tank parameters help please babies not surviving
  166. Breeding Yellows
  167. How to package crayfish-- Help Please
  168. Look what I found in my BTOE tank
  169. how do you purchase your shrimp
  170. Some shrimp eating, some shrimp going crazy?
  171. Sponge Filter?
  172. Shrimps & Malnutrition?
  173. Wow, good job momma!
  174. Did I get a ramshorn?
  175. PH difference from Tank and Tap
  176. Assassin Snails Harmful to Shrimp?
  177. cheap portable RO units?
  178. Interesting observation in mating behavior
  179. best price for up aqua?
  180. How long before molts
  181. Dropping shrimp prices
  182. Supreme red w/ lite eyes
  183. Ferts and shrimp
  184. Shrimp Videos!! Post em up HERE!
  185. new to breeding.
  186. Post your shrimp tanks!
  187. Watched rcs berry
  188. Experiences with UP Shrimp sand?
  189. Nuvo tanks w/ shrimp
  190. Cherry Red Shrimp
  191. First hard water berried CRS!!!
  192. Canister or HOB?
  193. Zebra Otos
  194. Do snails help cycle?
  195. Strange - Did Amanos Kill my CRS
  196. Got your back....
  197. Water change frequency for shrimp
  198. Fertilizers safe?
  199. Organic Nettle Leaf
  200. RCS in 56 gallon?
  201. My Nerite is buried under Fluval Stratum... will he be ok?
  202. Callamanus Worms!
  203. Blue velvets?
  204. Shrimp sexing
  205. Worm Garden
  206. SSS vs TB
  207. Any one breeding COP Dwarf Mexican Crayfish?
  208. almond leaves - best way to keep it from getting messy while using it as a food sourc
  209. Just got me an olloclip. Macro testing on shrimp
  210. Nano fish + rcs
  211. Feeding Fluval Shrimp food?
  212. caring for shrimp
  213. Shrimp substrate
  214. Male or Female CRS?
  215. Anybody feed Golden Pearls?
  216. What is the logical next step? --RESOLVED
  217. RCS breeding question
  218. Shrimp Newbie: Please Help with Tangerine Tigers, etc.!
  219. oh well
  220. Which type of moss???
  221. I know everyone loves cameraphone macros
  222. Red Claw Shrimp berried!
  223. ADA Substrate for Crystals/TBs
  224. 6.6 gallon for CRS
  225. Mosura Mineral Plus ?s
  226. Shrimplock Holmes: A mystery needs to be solved...
  227. low grad crs getting better over time?
  228. Snails got in my tank - help
  229. Suggestions on a RCS tank
  230. S+/ SS CRS not breeding??
  231. Does low light really make CRS color pale?
  232. 'Carbon' Shrimp
  233. crs shrimp api test kh and gh
  234. What do nerite snail hatchlings look like?
  235. Snail ID?
  236. Old Tank Causing Infertility?
  237. Shrimp parameters
  238. Adding peat moss
  239. Preparing for Sulawesi Cardinal Tank
  240. Red Cherry Shrimp and assassin snails taking over
  241. panacure and snails
  242. Soft Water shrimp?
  243. Baby Probability Chances with CRS+CBS
  244. RCS won't breed!
  245. Crimson's Carbon Rili
  246. A mysterious infestation of snails...
  247. all white shrimplet in my CRS/CBS tank
  248. Rili shrimp
  249. tannins plus acidic
  250. Ghost shrimp? Does this look normal?