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  2. Amano molting, video
  3. Zebra Nerite died...
  4. Berried pumpkin in a communial tank
  5. Where to order
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  10. Do we have these in the US yet?
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  13. I have crabs
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  15. My Red Cherry Shrimp Tank - Video
  16. Aqua soil or shrimp stratum?
  17. japanese trapdoor snail
  18. Hatching baby brine shrimp for single nano fish?
  19. Acrylic Shrimp Tank.
  20. Spixi Snails
  21. Macro Lens - Take 1 Please be gentle...
  22. Green Tiger my new project
  23. Just bought 100 bee shrimp, Help prepping tank
  24. indian almond leaves
  25. Breeding Shrimp - Substrate or bare bottom
  26. Blue and Red Shrimp? Together in Harmony?
  27. tangerine tiger shrimp and blue bee shrimp (will they cross-breed?)
  28. Take a look and my parameters, why are PFR's dying?
  29. Holy Crap! - shrimp molting
  30. Help ID'ing this
  31. PFRs dying!
  32. Ugliest 55g Shrimp tank of all time !
  33. If shrimp poop in a picture means good health....
  34. Denison Barbs/Shrimp.... possible?
  35. Shrimp tank substrate
  36. Id this snail please
  37. New Tank - Snail Questions
  38. How many shrimp? And can I mix?
  39. Black Berry's!
  40. Filter-less Shrimp Tank
  41. PINK Ramshorn snails!
  42. Bladder snail's shell turned white than died.
  43. NYC Tap Water Question/CRS
  44. Help build a CRS tank
  45. CRS vs RCS eggs hatching
  46. Ideal substrate for shrimp?
  47. Surprised owner rescues baby shrimp from certain death
  48. Rcs breeding tank help
  49. Tea Leaves
  50. Cheapest rcs breeding set-up
  51. What shrimp do YOU keep in the same tank?
  52. Shrimp dying
  53. Shrimp and Microdevario kubotai
  54. UP aquasoil
  55. Red Spot Shrimp
  56. all of my TT shrimplets died in same time frame
  57. Gone for 1yr, crs still alive!
  58. Trumpet Snails
  59. New babies!!!!!
  60. Which Nano shrimp tank?
  61. Salty shrimp bee shrimp mineral gh
  62. Nerite snails overpopulation?
  63. Heater Suggestions?
  64. Has Anyone seen this ?? Green Neo
  65. CRS/CBS stones?
  66. Smallest breeding tank for ghost shrimp
  67. New to shrimp!
  68. Bamboo shrimp, anyone have experience?
  69. Expired fenbendazole
  70. Co2 and shrimp breeding
  71. what all can be used for planaria
  72. Really Screwed Up
  73. Do scuds eat plant roots?
  74. keeping CRS in unheated tank
  75. Green Shrimp- Whats the problem?
  76. CRS experts needed
  77. Fenbendazole
  78. Is This Seed Shrimp?
  79. smallest of the freshwater shrimp?
  80. Shrimp safe fertilizers
  81. Oebts and btoes together?
  82. question about tangerine tiger shrimp: susceptible to bacterial infection
  83. Help, please!! What are these awful things?????
  84. Mineral Rock
  85. RCS disappearing/dying
  86. My best Tibee, thought Id lost her...
  87. Super red vs Extreme red
  88. My obsession with green shrimp.....that will disappear in anyone's tanks.....
  89. AHHH!!! Can't believe I miss this deal!!!
  90. Blue pearl shrimp .. now yellow?
  91. Indian Almond Leaf Overdose?
  92. CRS/CBS babies question
  93. Ramshorn reproduction rate?
  94. berried shrimp help
  95. Amano shrimp acting weird and laying on their backs
  96. Shrimp keep popping their heads out of the water?
  97. Using RO Waste water for Neocaridina Species?
  98. Question...How to raise ph in oebt tank?
  99. Do I need to feed Amano shrimp?
  100. Assassin snails at top of tank.
  101. My YouTube Videos
  102. Anybody ever set up a Chiller? Plz walk me through it
  103. Happy shrimp
  104. Question about BB and BKK
  105. Blue red cherrys?
  106. My very first CRS
  107. Starter Shrimp Question
  108. Some Bad shrimp Pics.
  109. Cooling in the summer
  110. Shrimps "hanging" near the surface, something to be alarmed?
  111. Crs sss
  112. Alita 60 air pump
  113. Rkl and fan for tigers
  114. Leech infestation in my shrimp tank
  115. Blue dream Rili?
  116. Naming Shrimp: Bee or Bumble Bee?
  117. FASCINATING egg development:) Update 3/3 Post #79!!!!
  118. unknown Blue shrimp with cherry shrimp???
  119. BorneoWild Dance - When to use?
  120. Hydra
  121. New Blackberry and Yellow Fire Shrimps Not Very Colorful...
  122. Plants, Shrimp and Flourish Excel ?
  123. Question about my water for CRS/CBS
  124. My new shrimp
  125. 5.5 gallon or 10 gallon? Planting?
  126. Using Glu Gun on Plants and Driftwood
  127. Thinking about a Blue Crayfish setup
  128. Rocks that don't affect kh/gh/tds
  129. Bought some "Driftstone"......fails 3M HCL test but passes Vinegar Test.....
  130. Are CRS\CBS "shy" compared to neos?
  131. Indian Whiskered Shrimps Info???
  132. ID my shrimps!! also berried rcs (or orange sunkist) dropped an egg? (VIDEO)
  133. Better lights and New pics!!!
  134. what kind of snail?
  135. TB molts
  136. Fish, Plants, and Shrimp?
  137. ramshorn snail babies
  138. Shrimp only 12g long filtration
  139. Are these TB shrimplets or just F1s?
  140. Shrimp breeding doubling as fry tanks
  141. "Is ADA substrate the Magic ingredient for breeding SHRIMP ? ? ?"
  142. First Berried RCS hatching!
  143. What to feed CRS...
  144. Cherry Shrimp Being Eaten?
  145. Help understanding cross breeding
  146. American Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor questions
  147. Powdered diet vs Whole food diet
  148. Can anyone identify these snails?
  149. So, how small are baby pond snails?
  150. cpo help?
  151. opinions on fish for shrimp
  152. easy to read ph test kit?
  153. need ph testing advice
  154. Pregnant - can i confine her to her room?
  155. Planted aquarium shrimps
  156. Shrimp per gallon?
  157. Fluval Spec 5 as a shrimp tank
  158. Greedy shrimp.
  159. what ph do you keep your breeding tigers at?
  160. Cherry colony help
  161. Two Questions: Cholla & Neo Interbreeding
  162. Bamboo Fan Shrimp - Not Eating at All
  163. Akadama?
  164. New to CPOs
  165. Changing Substrate
  166. What should I do with mischling shrimps?
  167. What would cause a female to drop her eggs?
  168. Selective breeding
  169. Which tiger
  170. Malawa Shrimp
  171. How many shrimp?
  172. Sulawesi yellow elephant snails?
  173. Weird bugs on the surface
  174. good place to buy Amano shrimp
  175. Black Shrimp ID please :)
  176. supps/foods for caridinas
  177. Nerite Injury
  178. carbon shrimp- high/low grades?
  179. Who sells the best snow white goldens?
  180. CRS Low PH
  181. What do you feed your cherries?
  182. Keeping Super Tiger Shrimp
  183. How to store Netlea
  184. Drip acclimation?
  185. Yellows don't eat solid food
  186. low-tech planted shrimp tank?
  187. The shrimp championship in Hannover Germany
  188. Question! My CRS/CBS got babies
  189. Purigen vs. Carbon for shrimp only tank
  190. How to Restart A Tank and Make it Safe for RCS?
  191. shrimp post pardom depression?
  192. Red Cherry Shrimp -I am an Idiot *_*
  193. I've got berries!
  194. ID this mysterious creature
  195. Those using a Toms Rapid Mini Canister filter
  196. Blue Dream Rilis
  197. shrimp eggs?
  198. New to Blue Velvets
  199. Anyone Dosing Dry Ferts (EI) with CPO's?
  200. Cherry Red Shrimp Video
  201. So a lesson learned, buy from those you trust
  202. Ghost shrimp breeding....
  203. RCS Dying
  204. need some help with substrate
  205. Powdered spirulina for shrimplets?
  206. Looking for HELP on which air pump to get
  207. Best place to buy Amano shrimp
  208. Otos
  209. Getting Taiwan Bees
  210. got some shrimps in!
  211. Babies!!!!!
  212. Are Seiryu Stones suitable with Red Cherry Shrimps?
  213. 5th international shrimp
  214. What kind of worms are these?
  215. Thoughts on this EcoSphere (Groupon)
  216. Snail Killer
  217. Ghost shrimp with crs
  218. Is this normal for a snail?
  219. White lines on RCS
  220. Black cherry shrimp
  221. How long does Amazonia buffer the pH?
  222. Blue velvet shrimp
  223. Meet in Downtown Boston this Sunday
  224. Please ID this weird shrimp in RCS only tank
  225. bursting and berried
  226. K1 Media - Removes Nitrite and Ammonia?
  227. Soothing Shrimp's Mad Shrimp Gene Factory
  228. Shrimp in sponge uptake tube
  229. Babies patterns?
  230. Theoretical Question about strains
  231. crs ph 6.4 kh 2 gh 4 breeding question
  232. First Saddle!
  233. Shrimp ID?
  234. First ever berried shrimp!
  235. Transporting shrimp
  236. Crs/ yellow neos and oebt
  237. big do mystery snails get?
  238. Large Tiger shrimp holding down and killing small cherry shrimp.
  239. What ferts do u you use in yr shrimp tank?
  240. Ghost Shrimp?
  241. Macro Shrimp
  242. what type of snail is this
  243. Is this normal?
  244. Shrimp lumberjacks!
  245. RCS coloring
  246. Do I need a heater?
  247. Ramshorns presumed lost in the mail.
  248. Clam advice
  249. Snail id
  250. Fire Red Shrimp - will they breed in my tank?