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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. <24 hour old oebt now with dancing shrimp video
  2. Question about use sand for CRS/CBS
  3. Strange Larvae in my tank
  4. Best bang for the buck Shrimp Remineralizer
  5. Snails with water softener?
  6. Red Claw Crab
  7. Do I need cover for tank?
  8. Mineral Plus Supplement
  9. Crystal Red Shrimps becoming translucent. Causes?
  10. game time:guess it
  11. what kind of in tank breeder box do you guys use?
  12. When do you start culling?
  13. Do shrimp jump/crawl out of the tank?
  14. Amano colors and sexing
  15. feeding dish
  16. Which form of Fenbendazole do you use in CRS tank?
  17. Shrimp and white worms
  18. At last i got my test kit, help with water parameters
  19. Why won't my cherry shrimp breed?
  20. Is this what baby shrimp are fed?
  21. otos stealing shrimp food
  22. Lots of snails
  23. No Planaria is not working
  24. Cheeto CRS
  25. Unidentified Worm
  26. TT & PFR clutches lost
  27. Essential tools for the average shrimper
  28. fairy shrimps?
  29. 5 X 10 Shrimp Rack Concept
  30. Smallest tank for shrimp
  31. Feeding BW products to Crayfish?
  32. N. Heterop Shrimp
  33. DIY food for shrimp&food they like?
  34. Blue Cardinal Shrimp ???
  35. RCS population with Rams
  36. Suitable carpet plant in CRS tank
  37. Best Sponge Filter for Ghost Shrimps?
  38. Alder cones or toys? Hmmmm
  39. Choosing substrate
  40. Fine tuning my TB tank before putting them in
  41. CBS newbie
  42. Shrimp newbie. Cloudy water, dying shrimp
  43. Walmart Aqua Culture Betta Pro Water
  44. Found Snail. Help with ID?
  45. Best was to adjust TDS
  46. Extinct or endangered?
  47. Weird creature inside my tank. Need Id.
  48. Can shrimp get knocked out?
  49. higher demand plant with red cherry shrimp?
  50. Looking into getting a 20L...need help
  51. CRS and Danio?
  52. harlequin sulawesi shrimps anyone still have these?
  53. Snail ID How to get of it?
  54. CRS die off after adding new plants
  55. Black Water Conditioner
  56. Co2 n Shrimp
  57. Sexing of crayfish&compatible with shrimp?
  58. Opae ula. Where to get them in Europe. Help!
  59. Help me identify the sex of these shrimps
  60. holy giant shrimp batman!
  61. Shrimp Water Parameters
  62. Can't keep shrimp alive - help!
  63. KH Low Problem
  64. TDS and top offs
  65. Biocube 8 - for shrimp?
  66. How to prevent bacteria infection
  67. How Do You Catch Your Shrimp?
  68. Thinking of trying shrimp
  69. Is chiller needed?
  70. Help me read my pH test and choose a tankmate 56k warning
  71. Strongest survival miracle: Zebra Nerite Snail
  72. Plexiglass 40g tank 200$
  73. Planaria/nematode question
  74. New to shrimp
  75. Shrimp and dosing with API CO2 Booster
  76. vampire shrimp
  77. oebt ph
  78. Grade of Cherry Shrimp
  79. The Snailery is Now Open
  80. how do you keep your tank cool
  81. $200 for a CRS rimless tank
  82. How long do rocks raise TDS?
  83. PFR/Tiger nano
  84. Molting crs but no berried
  85. Red cherry shrimp breeding
  86. No fav. Substrate for Neo's?
  87. powdered foods, first time
  88. Montmorolite Clay?
  89. it must be spring!
  90. CRS/CBS Dianosis needed - Berried shrimp are M.I.A
  91. CBS loosing white
  92. Shrimp breeding advice
  93. Can I add shrimp to my tank?
  94. Water change schedules for cardinas
  95. Which Neos do well in ph 6.0 or lower?
  96. Most babies you have seen from one female?
  97. baby snail
  98. Prepping an Evolve4 for shrimp
  99. MAX BREED does it really work?
  100. One Shrimp keep changing colors
  101. How much are you willing to pay per shrimp?
  102. Snail Breeding
  103. Will calcium harm my shrimp?
  104. Mixing Dark Greens with Babaulti Greens (good idea or bad?)
  105. Do CRS need constant culling to maintain quality?
  106. Taiwan Bee, the gift that keeps on giving
  107. Tibee x regular CRS/CBS
  108. whats the most favorite shrimps???
  109. Green shrimp id?
  110. TiBee Advice
  111. Blue shrimp ID?
  112. Spider Web looking thing in CRS Tank
  113. Shrimp died after getting berried... why?
  114. Flower/bamboo shrimp feed
  115. Nitrates and Neo/Malawa Shrimp
  116. Shrimp Popularity - Please chime in
  117. Blue Dream-Blue Rili Shrimp
  118. What kind of Snail is this??
  119. Do shrimp ever stop breeding?
  120. Most reliable biomedia for UGF?
  121. Guppies with RCS
  122. saddle to berried
  123. Amano Shrimp gathering Video
  124. Do you really need to deionize your RO water?
  125. any differences between dead vs. molted shrimp?
  126. Do OEBTs ALWAYS have orange eyed offspring? new photos 3/11, need ID
  127. Feeding ghost shrimp
  128. Artificial hatching for Sakura
  129. Seachem Prime used in water changes
  130. Benibachi Crimson Bee Ball
  131. New To The Site
  132. 4 dead RCS w/purple gills
  133. Snail Population Dying
  134. Shrimp and Snail feeding issues
  135. Shrimp eating crypt leaf
  136. Can you buffer RO water without expensive substrates?
  137. Feeding vegies dilemma
  138. Keeping blue rili with sakura?
  139. Difficulty of CRS grades
  140. red wine taiwan shrimp thief
  141. Nerite Eggs
  142. Snails in a shrimp tank?
  143. Oebt pic
  144. how many nerites for a 10g?
  145. Video: time bomb feeding ground
  146. What canister filter for 10 gallon?
  147. Crayfish care
  148. Tiny white worms on aquarium glass!
  149. Could I feed my adult platys/tetras brine shrimp forever??
  150. What's best for HQ shrimp??
  151. bamboo shrimp
  152. Time to pull the heaters
  153. Painted yellows?
  154. Shrimp Swap
  155. Nutrafin is a Hagen brand, right?
  156. Iwagami with CRS
  157. Yellow/Cherry Shrimp interbreeding
  158. really dumb question - testing KH/GH
  159. No luck with rcs :(
  160. Yellow / Blue / Chocolate Cherry Care ?
  161. Shrimp dance!
  162. Mosura Eros
  163. What's best for HQ shrimp??
  164. CBS mutation or just bad genes?
  165. Neo's in a tank full of Cardinal shrimp
  166. Whisker shrimp keep crawling/jumping out
  167. How to get rid of Ramshorn snails?
  168. Amano shrimp breeding question
  169. Clear oebt
  170. who all keeps tangerine tigers
  171. Would a corner filter be safe for shrimplets?
  172. Aura blue shrimp??
  173. air stones to cool a tank
  174. Food and Supplements for Color, do they work?
  175. Mischling question
  176. what sub species of rcs do i have??????
  177. How much Purigen to add to my canister?
  178. How to low KH
  179. Shell deterioration, snails and shrimp
  180. Shrimp-Human interaction
  181. How to prep Cholla wood for shrimp tank?
  182. Orange molt
  183. keeping wild bees with CRS
  184. Question about shrimp tanks
  185. In your opinion...
  186. My TDS is 650 good or too much for RCS to breed ?
  187. DNA testing for Mystery Shrimp
  188. Blueberry or Blue pearl?? Need help identifying!!
  189. Sunkist Shrimp
  190. ID these tiny inverts?
  191. Berried OEBT!
  192. How to transfer PFR shrimps to a new tank.
  193. How did you get a blue shrimp?
  194. *closed post*
  195. Snails in Saltwater
  196. Clear-shelled Pond Snail
  197. RCS Breeding Help
  198. How to take care of momma ghost shrimp?
  199. Incredibly durable shrimp
  200. Project C
  201. How much nutrients do shrimps get from algae?
  202. "ACE brand" ammonia for cycling shrimp tank?
  203. Do amano's eat snails?
  204. Ghost shrimp eating plants
  205. Mischling Hybrids
  206. How long is to long?
  207. Scuds help!
  208. tough shrimp!
  209. Interesting possible new cross
  210. 2 CRS Dead
  211. Least Killifish
  212. Setting up a Taiwan bee tank
  213. Help! suddenly tank is killing everything.
  214. Looking for a cleanup crew
  215. Must haves for shrimp tank
  216. Cheapest source?
  217. Prohibited lists by State
  218. What shrimp wont crossbreed with cherries?
  219. some of my shremps!
  220. Here's an idea
  221. seachem flourish
  222. What do you feed your shrimp ??
  223. Panda garra with my shrimp?
  224. jump starting a cycle?
  225. The cool water shrimps are?
  226. Veggie time again
  227. Pale stripe on RCS-to be, or not to be?
  228. Berried Females
  229. greedy... pulled the wafers right out of the feeding tray
  230. Cannibals!
  231. Self sustaining snail tank
  232. Has anyone crossed Cystal White Shrimp with TBs?
  233. Thoughts on mixing PRL line into Taiwan bees??
  234. How many ml/drops do i need for this?
  235. How much does a cherry shrimp weigh?
  236. Funny and sad amano shrimp story
  237. My Ebi crashed.
  238. help, need plant suggestions...
  239. Red Cherry Shrimp Tank - Help!!!
  240. Neo Questions - Breeding & Feeding
  241. Borneowild Shrimp Substrate
  242. Fat or berried shrimo
  243. Fluval canisters - how is yours set up?
  244. Berried OEBT?
  245. 2.5g Chocolate shrimp/ Update!
  246. Crossbreeding by hand?
  247. Shrimp & Betta?
  248. Raising PH in shrimp tank
  249. ghost shrimp - appear to be milky?
  250. Breeding like crazy