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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Shipping RCS?
  2. What temp is everyone breeding their rilis at?
  3. White Worm on Blue Velvet Shirmp
  4. White strip tiger?
  5. Shrimp Dilemma!
  6. Pregnant Shrimp
  7. tums calcium supplement for shrimp
  8. Low GH but High TDS?
  9. Blue bolt quastion
  10. Could a temp swing between 70-75 be bad?
  11. lots of berries, not many babies
  12. CPO crayfish eggs?
  13. Am I a good candidate for Yellow Neon Shrimp
  14. Mystery Snails and Shrimp
  15. CRS/CBS and RIllis not breeding
  16. vegie food
  17. loaches
  18. Expensive shrimp food make a difference?
  19. How often replace cones and leaves?
  20. Bubble in Red Cherry Shrimps belly
  21. Help!!!
  22. Please ID this creature in my shrimp tank
  23. daphnia
  24. Too much cholla woods?
  25. How to get rid of unwanted mates?
  26. also at petco.
  27. Orange bee shrimp at petco? Pics added
  28. Could I...
  29. Sakura x yellow/greenish
  30. New BW Product - Bee Balls
  31. low grade cherry shrimp breeding
  32. Shrimp Substrate (and a few other questions :) )
  33. Soothingshrimp
  34. ADA Lily Pipe Mini V-1 and RCS
  35. massive baby dieing help please
  36. New shrimp won't come out play
  37. Shy Amanos?
  38. Amano aggression?
  39. kk x golden?
  40. Giant Water Bugs might have fungus
  41. Shrimp Family Tree Project (pt. 1 - Caridina cantonensis)
  42. Periods and exclamation points
  43. Wall Mount Shrimp Painting Ideas
  44. hillstream loach compatible with shrimp
  45. strange crustacean in my shrimp tank (not seed shrimp)
  46. electric blue crayfish question
  47. Substrate question about Cherry Shrimp
  48. CRS Grading
  49. Best shrimp food?
  50. Need Triops cancriformis info
  51. Odd Shrimp Death...
  52. New form of entertainment for shrimp fry
  53. 14 Gallon Biocube Noob Tank
  54. Hydra
  55. Mysterious Shrimp Death
  56. Cholla wood growing mold
  57. Assassin snail tank
  58. New shrimps in my tank
  59. Saddling Taiwans
  60. Few shots of my Blue Diamonds...
  61. Name that invertebrate!
  62. Shrimp ID
  63. Extremely Shy CRS???
  64. Help My Shrimp
  65. A DEAD SHRIMP!??!?!?! oh wait.. its just molting..
  66. CPO anyone?
  67. Assassin Snails and Pond Snails
  68. Ramshorn snail infestation
  69. TB's have arrived
  70. Sad day in CRS land
  71. Advice on DOA
  72. 40g breeder shrimp tank
  73. Full Body Molts vs Partial Molts
  74. Shrimp Virgin
  75. If
  76. Feedback for Maxbear
  77. Those of you that have imported shrimps...
  78. Randy's Random Record
  79. 10 Gallon Crystal Bee Shrimp Breeding Project
  80. How does one know if 'PRL' are actually legit PRL?
  81. CRS saddle
  82. Invert Safe Medications
  83. Looking for a neutral substrate choice
  84. Ponder pond snails! Expert needed
  85. Sunkist
  86. Amanos dying, help!
  87. Sulawesi Granite Shrimp
  88. How to use purigen?
  89. Shrimp treatment recommendations?
  90. Family resemblance: Panda Hino No Entry
  91. Moving PFR's
  92. Pic of light blue baby shrimp from Shadow Panda mother
  93. Shrimp Tanks
  94. Small white specks/critters infesting tank?
  95. 20L replacing 29High
  96. How much light do I want for a shrimp tank?
  97. Necessary for Neos?
  98. Window sill shrimp tank idea
  99. Rcs coloring patterns
  100. rcs not eating
  101. Rcs excessive molting?
  102. Good snail? Bad snail?
  103. Fluval Ebi Shrimp Aquarium vs Arcadia 35l Arc Tank?
  104. I have done fish, but plants and shrimp I am in the woods!!
  105. how would you build it???
  106. Snails... Hmm...
  107. Taiwan Bee Nitrate removal
  108. Strange little spikes/fuzz on the head of the shrimps.. Fungus/Parasite/Protozoan?
  109. Starting a shrimp tank
  110. Importance of biofilm
  111. Assassin snail eggs :-)
  112. PFR keeps dropping eggs
  113. Shrimp standing still - maxillipeds moving rapidly
  114. Noob Questions
  115. Baby CBS
  116. What are these ( UPDATE ! )
  117. Talk to me about crushed coral
  118. Setting water parameters (GH/KH) from HMA filtered water.
  119. Popularity: Micro crab vs Mud crab
  120. Best number of shrimp to start with?
  121. gh Kh API test kit
  122. New shrimp tank...advice
  123. artificially hatching CBS eggs
  124. Could it be?? a BB?
  125. Lighting upgrade
  126. PBL info please
  127. crs and ph how high?
  128. Found some reddish worms in my dirted tank.. ID?
  129. OMG! I'm so freaking excited!
  130. Amano Shrimp
  131. Using epsom salt to raise gh?
  132. Calling all OEBT breeders!!!
  133. crs turning cbs?
  134. Eggshells in the tank
  135. Neocaridina shrimp reclassified
  136. CBS gave birth to diff colors.
  137. shipping cherrry shrimp
  138. marmorkrebs?
  139. can someone id this snail?
  140. Is a 1 gallon safe for cherry shrimp
  141. What shrimp is this?
  142. Brackish shrimp
  143. Is this tank ready for CRS/CBS?
  144. Red cherry shrimp coloration
  145. Shrimpeeback riding
  146. Flourish tabs , safe with cherry shrimp?
  147. Advice on Salty Shrimp’s “Bee Shrimp Gh+”
  148. expensive shrimp insurance
  149. shrimp genetics project
  150. ? Worms in LFS shrimp tanks?
  151. What are peoples experiences with Mischlings?
  152. Might be a stupid question....
  153. wild neo maybe?
  154. building a breeder rack on a ten gallon...
  155. Dwarf crayfish Poll
  156. What type of Prefilter do you like to use in your shrimp tanks?
  157. Whats your favorite crayfish type?
  158. For the first time ever
  159. Can't trust many people these days
  160. CRS is pregnant...should algae eaters be separated?
  161. Scared me silly
  162. New Diet for Crystal Shrimp - suggestion
  163. Micro crab
  164. Post your crabs!
  165. CPO vs Cajun dwarf cray?
  166. Oebt x crs
  167. Snail infestation
  168. stainless steel hose clamp in a shrimp tank
  169. What to do with my Micro Crab
  170. Please id the type and quality of this shrimp.
  171. My PH so high for Red Fire Shrimp
  172. Shrimp and my filter intake
  173. Shrimp tank rock
  174. how many are to many
  175. Best Shrimp for small tank?
  176. Tap water and RCS
  177. Which one should I use?
  178. One shrimp, two shrimp
  179. more thoughts(and pics) on breeding shrimp
  180. HOB filter good enough for crs?
  181. Blue Lobster questions
  182. Benibachi Food, Additives & Water Conditioner
  183. How Can you not like these?
  184. RCS in HOB Breeder acting weird
  185. CRS eating anacharis leaves
  186. Just some questions...
  187. Question regarding Red Rilis
  188. Crystal Reds NEEDS Soft Water - Apple Snail NEEDS Harder Water - NOW WHAT?
  189. The best feeling in the world.
  190. How to move shrimp to another tank?
  191. No planaria and leeches
  192. Red Cherry Shrimp
  193. Shrimp id help
  194. Check my Bamboo Shrimp
  195. Bad molt or mutation?
  196. Disappearing shrimp
  197. getting rid of mts - overrun!!!!
  198. Barrs gh booster, 4dgh and tds
  199. Optimal substrate
  200. they are still dying
  201. Using snails to test for copper contamination is a used fish tank?
  202. New Dark Blue Velvets!
  203. Rili Shrimp in unstable temp
  204. What the heck is wrong with these hunch tail shrimp!?
  205. Am I ready for Taiwan Bees?
  206. Snail Died Today :( why? ++ WEIRD STUFF ON PLANT HELP
  207. Raising PH
  208. Wondering if canister vacuum that was used for a band of turtles.....
  209. Quick question about Salty Shrimp mineral
  210. Blue Velvet mix with Painted fire red
  211. Nerite snails going on adventures
  212. Cherry Shrimp Grade Please :)
  213. ***Blue Diamond Neocaridina heteropoda***
  214. crs egg color
  215. We love Repashy Food and other random pics
  216. birth of a shrimplet (cloverfield)
  217. What do I need for crs?
  218. CBS 20 gallon long
  219. Help me sex and grade them(With pics)?
  220. What kind of snail is this?
  221. Oebt babies and orange eyes
  222. Parameters for OEBT? How to raise pH with 100% RO?
  223. Why put lava rock beneath ADA Aquasoil?
  224. what the heck shrimp is this?
  225. Barley question
  226. why why !!! arrrg
  227. cloudy shrimp- causes?
  228. Cloudy Amanos - then not?
  229. After easter MIRACLE
  230. The best water perimeter for shrimps?
  231. Substrate change for my shrimp
  232. neocaridina green hulks + more morphs
  233. food issues
  234. Shrimp breeding
  235. Worm like like creature ID
  236. 20 l bba
  237. Plants for 20 gallon breeding tank
  238. 2 - 12X12 Rimless Tanks for PRL & PBL Ideas for scapes
  239. Red rili dead after molts?
  240. so why do shrimp fly around the tank?
  241. Black King Kong shrimp
  242. help setting up a ADA 30C for CBS/CRS
  243. Cloudy Water?
  244. repashy superfoods
  245. Are my parameters OK for OEBT?
  246. RO water help for CRS
  247. Black pest snails?
  248. BorneoWild - Bee Ball / Red Ruby
  249. How are my water parameters for CRS?
  250. Question about the shrimp id