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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs as Food for OEBT, CBS, RCS, Blue Velvets.
  2. Baby Shrimp Question!
  3. api quick start with CRS, OEBT, RCS, blue velvet
  4. How often do you guys clean out your canisters?
  5. Almond leaves?
  6. Soon to be Shrimp setup
  7. Help! My RCS keep dying-
  8. Help with liters and mls - want to confirm I am doing this right
  9. shrimp mix?
  10. New to CRS
  11. dandelions
  12. Well how do I move them all
  13. Do you add a 2nd mineralizer for plants in your shrimp tank?
  14. RCS Becoming Clear?
  15. Identify this little shrimp like critter
  16. Malaysian Trumpet Snails not breeding?
  17. Rainbow Neocaridina?
  18. Bamboo shrimp
  19. Hawaiian Red Shrimp always hiding
  20. Help With Daphnia Culture
  21. Garden snails
  22. Can I keep cardinal shrimp in my water?
  23. inexpensive chillers?
  24. tank size for breeding TB
  25. fenbendazole and nerites
  26. need to know what pest is in my shrimp tank
  27. N. brichardi with RCS?
  28. Fluval Ebi - Will my shrimp die?
  29. Shipping shrimp: Common to lose a few or not?
  30. Looking for black impact pbl, who bought some and has some left
  31. Low Tap TDS
  32. shrimp injury
  33. better source than Petco for Bamboo shrimp?
  34. Berried Blue Diamond
  35. Portrait of a yellow rabbit snail (Tylomelania zemis)
  36. HOB filter with very small snails?
  37. need ideas on games to play at shrimp BBQ for prizes!
  38. I thought RCS were supposed to be little tanks
  39. Chemi Pure Elite in a shrimp tank?
  40. How long does it take to get a thriving colony?
  41. Disappearing amanos
  42. Question on compatibility
  43. Neat looking supreme red babie.
  44. Unusual Amano Shrimp Behavior
  45. bigger shrimp breeds?
  46. Amano shrimp belly contractions
  47. My lovely little RCS
  48. blue diamond water parameter
  49. feeding time
  50. What in the world is this?
  51. Would the real OEBT please stand up!
  52. Planning for my CRS tank
  53. Crs accidently in Ph 7.6?
  54. mystery snail laying eggs under water?!
  55. Just Antics?
  56. I've got all my equipment, now I have lots of questions.
  57. Amano Shrimp
  58. Nerites in Low Salinty SW versus FW
  59. Need a shrimp keeper to help in Huston area
  60. TDS goes UP after WC?
  61. TDS Reading
  62. Orange Eyed Blue Scuds
  63. API Fungus Cure safe for shrimp
  64. Investigations in CRS egg development
  65. Cherry shrimp left tank.
  66. 'Ghost' shrimp tries to eat its own fry
  67. Is it bad to have too many kinds of shrimp in one tank?
  68. Pond snails while cycling
  69. Blue Bee shrimp Dying
  70. Using Morton white crystal water softener?
  71. omg, someone mounted their shrimp's molt!
  72. my favorite malawa...
  73. Berried molt full of eggs
  74. Substrates: too many choices, which one is practical?
  75. red wine/black panda shrimp?
  76. Purple striped tiger
  77. Are these alder cones?
  78. Water crittter.. Should i be worried?
  79. Can babaulti be bred in FW?
  80. Why do i find so many little shells?
  81. odd creature
  82. What is this product????
  83. Shrimp
  84. Mulberry leaves, anybody feed white?
  85. my fissidens tree!
  86. mangrove crab..
  87. nerite snails
  88. How many shrimp can I add at once?
  89. shrimp running laps?
  90. Red color variations of RCS, which is reddest?
  91. Which shrimp to put in new tanks
  92. Be careful with your little TDS meter!
  93. Marbled cray compatability.
  94. Carbon Rili Shrimps
  95. Got My Caves and Half Tubes
  96. Who Wants a Berried Amano?
  97. My new order of RCS is a massacre in a box, I need some cheering up
  98. Shrimp breeders in Vancouver Washington area?
  99. ID cause of death?
  100. CRS and ADA products
  101. Blue Velvet?
  102. Ramshorn eating another ramshorn?
  103. One very efficient shrimp predator...
  104. Oh yeahhhh!!!
  105. cherry shrimp and breeding tubes
  106. Darwin Algae Shrimp in the USA?
  107. Holy Crud! Are these shrimplets ever tiny!
  108. First stinging nettle of the year
  109. Slimy Film
  110. How often do you feed your shrimp?
  111. What is this shrimp?
  112. RCS coloring
  113. Seeking a gentle introduction to snails
  114. Keeping GH Lower
  115. Connected or separate filtration best for multiple shrimp breeding tanks?
  116. Cherry Shrimp Water Parameters
  117. Fairyshrimp food
  118. Roach looking l bugs in shrimp tank
  119. Panda loach
  120. Black eye blue tigers
  121. no saddles
  122. crystal red shrimps questions.
  123. Macro Cherry Shrimp Pics!
  124. shrimp only tank - CRS + RCS
  125. my amano is carrying eggs
  126. Quanrantine shrimp before adding to a fish tank?
  127. What do you feed ghost shrimp?
  128. Tangerine Tiger X Snow White
  129. cherry shrimp dieing?
  130. Akadama Double Red Line.. now what?!
  131. do TB breed true?
  132. CRS/CBS stopped breeding
  133. Need Help: Mini Heater for Hatching Brine Shrimp?
  134. Hitchhiker snail ID?
  135. Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 or 8.5??
  136. Snails in tank help
  137. question from the scientifically challenged
  138. Thought I would share
  139. Lol
  140. Temp home for Horned Nerites?
  141. Fairyshrimp space
  142. Baby shrimp id
  143. Best cooling Fans
  144. Just found a RCS outside of my tank...still alive.
  145. Feeding Time for my shrimp & snails!
  146. Flower Shrimp
  147. $30 drip acclimation
  148. need a question answered... Breeding Nerite snails...
  149. Which shrimps would breed in very soft and acidic water?
  150. Cory's and Baby Shrimp
  151. Nothing is breeding in my tank!
  152. Terra Cotta Shrimp Feeding Dishes
  153. Do CPOs claws grow back?
  154. dwarf cajun crayfish - ID help needed
  155. Questions about cooling fans
  156. Blue Jelly, Velvets, and Pearls differences?
  157. still looking for positive ID
  158. hole in my mystery snail shell
  159. Jumped in with both feet! TDS meter
  160. Halloween crab!
  161. White fungus?
  162. All Tiger Shrimp Died
  163. Clear shelled ramshorn snails?
  164. Using R.O water
  165. Cherry Shrimp PH 8.0
  166. protein in shrimp diet
  167. hair algae cherry shrimp
  168. Q's from a shrimp newb
  169. Thinking of switching to RO water
  170. heater suction cup?
  171. Wild freshwater shrimp for aquarium?
  172. kh stability
  173. Noticed Hydras in my tank
  174. Purigen removes anti-bacteria?
  175. Walstad tank and shrimps?
  176. Shipping RCS?
  177. What temp is everyone breeding their rilis at?
  178. White Worm on Blue Velvet Shirmp
  179. White strip tiger?
  180. Shrimp Dilemma!
  181. Pregnant Shrimp
  182. tums calcium supplement for shrimp
  183. Low GH but High TDS?
  184. Blue bolt quastion
  185. Could a temp swing between 70-75 be bad?
  186. lots of berries, not many babies
  187. CPO crayfish eggs?
  188. Am I a good candidate for Yellow Neon Shrimp
  189. Mystery Snails and Shrimp
  190. CRS/CBS and RIllis not breeding
  191. vegie food
  192. loaches
  193. Expensive shrimp food make a difference?
  194. How often replace cones and leaves?
  195. Bubble in Red Cherry Shrimps belly
  196. Help!!!
  197. Please ID this creature in my shrimp tank
  198. daphnia
  199. Too much cholla woods?
  200. How to get rid of unwanted mates?
  201. also at petco.
  202. Orange bee shrimp at petco? Pics added
  203. Could I...
  204. Sakura x yellow/greenish
  205. New BW Product - Bee Balls
  206. low grade cherry shrimp breeding
  207. Shrimp Substrate (and a few other questions :) )
  208. Soothingshrimp
  209. ADA Lily Pipe Mini V-1 and RCS
  210. massive baby dieing help please
  211. New shrimp won't come out play
  212. Shy Amanos?
  213. Amano aggression?
  214. kk x golden?
  215. Giant Water Bugs might have fungus
  216. Shrimp Family Tree Project (pt. 1 - Caridina cantonensis)
  217. Periods and exclamation points
  218. Wall Mount Shrimp Painting Ideas
  219. hillstream loach compatible with shrimp
  220. strange crustacean in my shrimp tank (not seed shrimp)
  221. electric blue crayfish question
  222. Substrate question about Cherry Shrimp
  223. CRS Grading
  224. Best shrimp food?
  225. Need Triops cancriformis info
  226. Odd Shrimp Death...
  227. New form of entertainment for shrimp fry
  228. 14 Gallon Biocube Noob Tank
  229. Hydra
  230. Mysterious Shrimp Death
  231. Cholla wood growing mold
  232. Assassin snail tank
  233. New shrimps in my tank
  234. Saddling Taiwans
  235. Few shots of my Blue Diamonds...
  236. Name that invertebrate!
  237. Shrimp ID
  238. Extremely Shy CRS???
  239. Help My Shrimp
  240. A DEAD SHRIMP!??!?!?! oh wait.. its just molting..
  241. CPO anyone?
  242. Assassin Snails and Pond Snails
  243. Ramshorn snail infestation
  244. TB's have arrived
  245. Sad day in CRS land
  246. Advice on DOA
  247. 40g breeder shrimp tank
  248. Full Body Molts vs Partial Molts
  249. Shrimp Virgin
  250. If