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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. what's wrong with my shrimp?
  2. blue bee tiger shrimp
  3. question about rcs and relocation.
  4. please =/
  5. How many Indian Almond leaves do I need?
  6. ow to get blackworms out of shrimp tank?
  7. Its the cycle that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends
  8. Malawa Shrimp Question...
  9. Crs love to snatch food?
  10. Do they always have this many eggs? lol
  11. My very berried Amanos
  12. 7.5g Yellow Neo troubles (Part Two)
  13. Pictures of My tanks as I shuffle them around
  14. Rough looking snail
  15. sexing shrimp
  16. How many species of shrimp?
  17. Tiger shrimp eating my Crypts!?!?
  18. blue pearl berried
  19. What water parameters do I need?
  20. Ghost shrimp - Good practice before moving on to RCS?
  21. Bkk cost
  22. Snails in a shrimp tank or shrimp in a snail tank.....
  23. Marbled self clonong crays ONLY community cray?
  24. Will CRS and Ghost shrimp interbreed?
  25. Catappa Leaf questions? (Indian Almond)
  26. Hydra or Bryzoa?
  27. Assassin snails breeding!!
  28. Couple questions from an aspiring shrimp keeper!
  29. Recommended shrimp food?
  30. Can Hydras kill adult shrimp?
  31. ID This Shrimp!
  32. CRS newborn coloration?
  33. shrimp going wild
  34. Keep your crustaceans locked up!
  35. couple of new pics of my week old babies
  36. Tank Size vs Breeding (CRS/TB)
  37. Shrimp Supplies
  38. Why do some people hate Malaysian Trumpet Snails?
  39. Ramshorn vs Mystery snails for planted tank?
  40. How much time should I give them?
  41. Corbicula fluminea
  42. My New Miracle Mystery Snails!~
  43. Shrimp and Moss
  44. Do you keep any fish in your shrimp tanks?
  45. Thai Devil Crab
  46. ANSWER Blue Velvet & Blue Pearl Cross
  47. One of my shrimp cooked
  48. Excel curiosity
  49. Adding salt with shrimp?
  50. Bamboo shrimp + amano shrimp breeding??
  51. MTS and Assassin Snail Shell Issue
  52. Can i keep BKK with blue bolts or ruby reds??
  53. About vinegar test
  54. Shrimp question!
  55. Shipping Tips
  56. some pics of my new TBs.
  57. Rhabdocoela or Planaria, I have no idea
  58. shrimp molting question..
  59. Shrimp Tank Substrate
  60. my rabbit snail
  61. News: The Good, The Awesome, and The Shocking
  62. Snail ID
  63. Active Substrate Replacement Idea
  64. Sachem flourish vs snails
  65. Copper @ 1ppm
  66. TDS and GH question
  67. Shrimp deaths
  68. White worms in my shrimp bowl
  69. Is this good way for set up shrimp tank ?
  70. What kind of snail is this?
  71. A book about shrimp breeder
  72. Question about stone or rock in shrimp tank
  73. Need some advice quick!
  74. My RCS!
  75. Do I need an airstone in this case?
  76. Curious, can Micro Crabs Live With...
  77. What is this shrimp keeping about ?
  78. Atya Gabonensis-Armoured shrimp
  79. Yay Snail Babies!
  80. Are there other kinds of snails with shells like MTS?
  81. CRS age and size
  82. Question About Shrimp
  83. holy babies!
  84. whaaat? dropped eggs
  85. shrimp and leaves
  86. Shrimp Friendly corner of tank
  87. All my shrimp died
  88. eaten shrimp or discarded shell?
  89. Hmm clarification on gH
  90. Counterfeit PBL
  91. OMG, Are these white round worms in my white shrimp head? Pic
  92. Finally my babies are getting babies
  93. Little Moving White Specs
  94. Hints on how to avoid prawn?
  95. Its official
  96. Finding your GH
  97. Is aquafina good water for shrimp tank?
  98. Any shrimp for really high pH, hardness, etc?
  99. blue pearl mixed with red rilis
  100. Amano's with TBs?
  101. Can I already add shrimp?
  102. nessecities for rcs
  103. How do I get my shrimp out of the driftwood?
  104. Snail Killer On Plants? Help!
  105. Problems with 10 gallon RCS tank
  106. what would you ask?
  107. I.D this shrimp please!
  108. 30 breeder what should i do?
  109. My First Berried Blue Velvet!
  110. Will MTS uproot new HC?
  111. Are those dragonfly nymph
  112. Snail ID
  113. New 20gl long shrimp tank
  114. Success with Artificially hatching CRS eggs!
  115. Just some pics I shot for some one
  116. What do YOU feed your cardinal shrimp?
  117. RCS + Rilis?
  118. Just due to curiosity, what would happen (cross breeding)
  119. submersable filters
  120. Sulawesi Substrate
  121. A Little Shrimp Help
  122. Check this out!
  123. RCS and Corydoras
  124. CBS dying from adding Anubias Nana?
  125. Is my shrimp tank dirty?
  126. Shrimp sale Petco. Score
  127. Best food for yellow shrimp?
  128. Shrimp changed color after eating chlorella
  129. Relocating CRS, CBS shrimp
  130. How many shrimp to start?
  131. Water params.
  132. need help breeding my RCS
  133. new too shrimp
  134. Eheim 2213 and Shrimp...
  135. Nitrates still high
  136. Deaths, Paraguard, and baby shrimp
  137. How Long Till Shrimplets Mature?
  138. Confusion about Seachem Flourish variety
  139. Tiger shrimp vs Taiwan bee shrimp
  140. Shout out
  141. My first shrimp babies!
  142. gluing moss and shrimp tanks
  143. oh my GOD - Leech
  144. Salty Shrimp 7.5 cloudy after day 4 of aging
  145. Orange Eye Orange Tiger?
  146. how to breed assassin snails?????
  147. Lost a nerite..
  148. Seeing stuff like this makes me itch for a salty tank too
  149. Just for fun - here is why it is cool to have a shrimp tank at work! (video)
  150. Will a colony of random shrimps survive in here?
  151. RCS and.....
  152. Need help with Sulawesi Mineral 8.5
  153. Warning, Becareful Who You Buy Shrimp From
  154. Blue velvet the same as Pearl?
  155. Are Tiger Shrimp the best fit?
  156. Help me identify this shrimp? Neo or Caridina?
  157. Treating algae in a shrimp tank
  158. Capturing Shrimp?
  159. Nerite Snail Deaths
  160. Do I need to supplement? Advice needed
  161. Shrimp Babies!
  162. Water change schedule
  163. Safe dosage for shrimp
  164. Need advice on CRS baby survival - 100 gal tank.
  165. CRS and ferts
  166. Is store "purified water" shrimp safe temp solution?
  167. What the heck are these?
  168. Fugeray 10 or Fugeray-R works for 10g tank?
  169. Shrimps and Nitrates
  170. Best way to move shrimp?
  171. Jake's Veggie Sticks/Complete???
  172. Lfs not so much type visit
  173. HELP me pick out my new shrimp :)
  174. tadpoles vs ramshorns?
  175. Has anyone ever done this? Ikea Expedit + Nano Tank
  176. Aqueon Evolve 2
  177. Snails?
  178. Are snail populations self-limiting
  179. Max number of shrimp?
  180. 1st shrimp tank Q's
  181. Mosura old sea mud powder
  182. Other test parameters for Shrimp?
  183. Filter media for hob?
  184. First timer
  185. Yellow & Orange Neos need culling?
  186. Quick BB Question
  187. Safe filter for cherry shrimp
  188. assassin snails
  189. Carbon filter and salty shrimp
  190. Safe Snail, right?
  191. CRS macros in a high tech planted aquarium
  192. Rescape, any ideas?
  193. Nerite snail???
  194. Feeding shrimp milkweed
  195. What is this worm?
  196. Shrimp zombie
  197. Sponge Filter Question
  198. Did stress kill my shrimp?
  199. My PFR selective breeding
  200. White Crayfish Molting Issues
  201. Why do Shrimps hide?
  202. My wine-red dragon obsession!
  203. Mysterious deaths
  204. Preferred Gravel/Sand to breed Yellow Neo and Sulawesi Shrimp
  205. They hungry!!!
  206. compatability
  207. Mysterious death of my shrimp!
  208. lava rock
  209. Neo's aggressive towards CBS?
  210. Are my yellow shrimp male / female - pics included - there not breeding...
  211. most common TB vs least common
  212. 20 gal long vs 2-3 small nano cubes
  213. Purple rcs
  214. TiBee or what?
  215. Shipping shrimpies?
  216. Moving to New Tank Question
  217. Starting from scratch...
  218. CBS's death after molting
  219. So I thought I had a dead Cherry
  220. My favorite crs
  221. 2.5g snail tank
  222. shrimp 40 gallon set up
  223. Anyone Keeping Dwarf CPOs On Safe T Sorb?
  224. Shrimp with Betta?
  225. Stepped on my 3 yr old Amano Shrimp
  226. Inverts Can Tell Time
  227. Dual Canister
  228. Best tanks to start shrimp in?
  229. Cheers!
  230. Will crays eat my fish?
  231. Remineralizing Question
  232. What is this thing?
  233. Mysterious shrimp death
  234. Amazing!!
  235. Breeding CRS in less than 20G impossible?
  236. Cherry in 40 Gallon
  237. Breeding Assassin Snails w/out feeding snails
  238. Cleanup Crew + Angels,Rams
  239. Some interesting Cherries
  240. Questions about sulawesi tanks
  241. lead (from plant weights) dangerous to shrimp?
  242. Local invert rescue...
  243. shrimp and mulbeery leaves
  244. shrimp food....
  245. My first berried German k14
  246. Rcs/sakura's are night dwellers?
  247. baby crs
  248. Anyone use Genchem Beta-G?
  249. Isn't she beautiful?
  250. Cool low grade CRS in my betta/cull tank