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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. tigers and CRS
  2. Ghost SHrimp & Algea
  3. Pictures of the Rilli's I picked up yesterday
  4. Keeping snails together
  5. rili shrimp breeding
  6. Anyone had good luck with inert substrates and CRS?
  7. a better looking clean up crew
  8. Back from vacation
  9. What eats seed shrimp but not shrimplets
  10. New bee shrimp baby
  11. My Golden mamma gave me this one!
  12. Whats going on here? (RCS) *videos*
  13. Breeding diiferent rilis
  14. Edge or chi
  15. Taiwan Bee Shrimps enjoy~~SHIRAKURA
  16. Fluval Shrimp Stratum Questions
  17. Poly Pile
  18. Free crayfish book!!
  19. Tank Breakdown (PFR)'s & TT's
  20. Food options for my new shrimp?
  21. Royal blue tiger breeding
  22. Question about Snow White shrimp
  23. A few thoughts here and there :/
  24. Copper based meds used... Can I add Amanos?
  25. Cpo ?s
  26. Do you trust digital thermometer accuracy?
  27. Suicidial CRS?
  28. warrning about mini blinds
  29. Sponge filters
  30. Lucky bamboo
  31. Shrimp pictures!
  32. Distilled water for CRS?
  33. My TBs and PRL
  34. plants for opae ula tank (brackish water)
  35. Shrimplet numbers per berried shrimp
  36. TB breeding
  37. Hydra & other critters
  38. Vampire crab
  39. Planaria in our shrimp tank? ID please...
  40. What snails eat moss?
  41. Sudden cherry shrimp deaths - help please
  42. Snail ratio?
  43. Agate stone and shrimp
  44. Parameters should be right but shrimp still dying!
  45. Assassin snails
  46. getting it right with dechlorinator fluval shrimp safe
  47. Cherry Shrimp Breeding
  48. Just wanted to share
  49. Amano shrimp deaths - Investigation
  50. Neos in CRS parameters
  51. Is this a fungus on my shrimp?
  52. Blue bolt x OEBT - What will I get?
  53. New to Shrimp Questions
  54. Blue Bolt Sexing !!
  55. RCS for algae control?
  56. Raise TDS?
  57. Vermex?
  58. Submersible heater exploded -- what killed my shrimp?
  59. TDS tap water question
  60. Need some advice with quarantined crs
  61. Shrimp breeding question
  62. Nerite snail gone?
  63. RCS giving birth to what looks like a Crs
  64. Mosura mineral plus
  65. ID these worms ... in my shrimp tank, please.
  66. baby ghost shrimp In freshwater
  67. Green things probing out of my fire red
  68. How many new RCS to add for diversity?
  69. Dying shrimp! Help!
  70. Dusty water
  71. shrimp safety with aquatic plant fertilizer
  72. Manzanita leaves
  73. How many Mystery Snails recommended for 55 gallon?
  74. Berried carbon rilis
  75. Elm leaves in shrimp tank?
  76. Cajun Dwarf Crayfish
  77. What shrimp for my tank.
  78. Woohoo!!!
  79. Bamboo Shrimp
  80. Setting up a shrimp only tank, need advice
  81. Nerite Growth Rate?
  82. Optimum shrimp for my water?
  83. Beginner Red Cherry shrimp and water questions
  84. Replacing Aquasoil
  85. Sources of calcium for a mystery snail shell.
  86. Dwarf shrimp and fish eggs
  87. bioload of shrimp
  88. White Cloud Minnows and Shrimp
  89. Added 30+ RCS today
  90. Survivor shrimp
  91. Aquaponics with shrimp
  92. Mexican Dwarf Crayfish
  93. Amano die off
  94. OEBT and white clouds
  95. My Shrimp room
  96. My newest additions
  97. It seems like some ladies have been sneaking out at night
  98. Keta-peat, instant amazon and keta peng vital
  99. ID mystery invert hitchhiker
  100. Taiwan Breeders Trip
  101. After 2 years ...
  102. Snail I.d.
  103. Red Claw Shrimp Params?
  104. Red Eye cherry shrimp?
  105. Assassin Snail Questions
  106. Need help ID'ing a shrimp
  107. New way for cool down shrimp tank
  108. "white" ramshorn question
  109. Big Die off on my neo's today, tiger looks sick, grim situation....
  110. Good Cleanup Crew Shrimp?
  111. Anything look familiar?
  112. Betta and amaons combo-Temperature
  113. golden mystery snails
  114. Your thoughts on feeding dishes
  115. Fluval biomax ok on top of substrate?
  116. netrite question.
  117. Normal for a carbon rili?
  118. a single shrimp in a vase?
  119. Rili shrimp gender
  120. crs and cbs in same tank?
  121. Thinking about adding some MTS to my tank
  122. For the shrimp lovers:
  123. Enthromaracyn effects shrimp?
  124. ANy bad experiences from keeping amanos with betta?
  125. your recommendation for a shrimp tank?
  126. sponge filter and H2O2
  127. Shrimplet infestation ! :)
  128. The big day has come, deciding what tank for the shrimp
  129. amazing color of my berried blue pearl
  130. Newly setup tank -RCS soon
  131. RCS? ID please!
  132. My Cherry!
  133. Shrimp setup questions?
  134. Way better pic of my mystery shrimp
  135. Switching tank from community to shrimp
  136. anyone have photos of
  137. amano shrimp and celestial danios?
  138. Thai micro crab (pic)
  139. Time to transfer some RCS!
  140. Nerite snails
  141. Fluval stratum or flourite black sand?
  142. Amano temperature tolerance
  143. Shrimp do not move?
  144. BB mamma is in the breeder box!
  145. How to cool water in my 10g Amano tank?
  146. Halocaridina rubra help
  147. $0.70 per CBS in Vietnam
  148. White/clear band on RCS?
  149. there go my hopes of breeding rcs
  150. peewee's and juvies molting?
  151. So upset... Lost so many shrimp.
  152. Sponge filter enough?
  153. Cherry shrimp question
  154. Will assassin snails eat hydra?
  155. Blue Bee shrimp compatible tangerine tiger?
  156. First batch of babies
  157. shrimp and bayleaf?
  158. random green shrimp
  159. Blue Bolt Goodness
  160. I have Larvae! Or is it Larva? Opae Ula's
  161. Substrate problems ...
  162. selectively breeding TTs
  163. Caring for apple snail eggs?
  164. African Filter Shrimp feeding (Atya Gabonensis)
  165. My PRL ShrimpTopia
  166. Filter option for shrimp tank -help-
  167. Scaredy Nerites
  168. my shrimp
  169. Should I be concerned?
  170. It's like they know...
  171. Shrimp tank size matter?
  172. SS mesh
  173. Bloodfin Tetra and Cherry Shrimp?
  174. Amano Shrimp
  175. Why does this keep happening to meee!!! :(
  176. Nitrates...
  177. bugs in my shrimp tank plz ID
  178. pond snail?
  179. Hitchhiker
  180. Big Shrimp?
  181. Recycle Bacteria Infected Tank?
  182. neocaridina heteromorpha in community tank
  183. Blue Dream Rili=Carbon Rili?
  184. Media for a hagen HOB?
  185. Remineralizer questions
  186. Breeding Blue Ramshorns
  187. Yellow antenna / White spotted snail care
  188. Killing Seed Shrimp
  189. It's been a good run...
  190. One of my tanks
  191. Advise
  192. Salty Shrimp 8.5 or something else? Cardinal shrimp
  193. My 1st Berried Shrimp w/Pics!!!
  194. Cattappa leaves
  195. orange rilis
  196. New pest?
  197. More water movement for shrimp tank?
  198. Sad day today
  199. Autofeed blocks and shrimp
  200. 10g Sulawesi tank- sand sifter?
  201. How Long do Mystery Snails Mate For?
  202. Give me your best method
  203. Can you help me find.....
  204. I propose a toast!
  205. Are Shrimps compatible with Cories and Otos?
  206. snail
  207. Which food turns water bad faster?
  208. Switching a freshwater tank to a shrimp tank
  209. Mystery Snail Sick?
  210. Shrimpzoo’s Crystal bee shrimp breeding guide - Making it easy
  211. Can anyone explain how shrimp generations work? (F0,F1,F2,ect)
  212. CRS and RODI
  213. CRS very hyper this morning, are they alright??
  214. CRS molting help, GH 4-5.?
  215. do you run air stones on your shrimp tanks?
  216. shrimp+zucchini=awesome
  217. How do you cull?
  218. OEBT/tiger questions
  219. how long will shrimp resist without food in a planted tank?
  220. Some new pictures
  221. hard water help
  222. Practical to capitalize from CRS?
  223. Freshwater Clam (Corbicual sp.)
  224. Cherry Shrimp dropped eggs that were about to hatch
  225. Bristlenose or Clown Pleco with Cherries/ Shrimp
  226. Shrimp and snail fight club
  227. I think I made a mistake. Need advice.
  228. is this an assassin snail egg?
  229. my newest additions
  230. Nerite + H202=Death
  231. CPO with thai micro crab
  232. Sulawesi interbreed?
  233. CRS bad molting and missing claws
  234. a question about top offs
  235. all that waiting, finally paid off.
  236. Snail eating my plant
  237. New Tank Questions.
  238. Setting up a Taiwan Bee tank checklist
  239. green neo?
  240. Me and my big mouth got me stuck with Shrimp!!!
  241. shrimp look milky
  242. Ammano shrimp
  243. Totally newb question
  244. Fertilizers safe for shrimp?
  245. Wanting to take a step further that RCS.
  246. rams horn snails dying and no babies hatching =[
  247. ADA amazonia. Is it worth it?
  248. Question about genes or such !
  249. Weird white growth on cherry shrimp head
  250. pure line