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  1. Best snail for algea
  2. Blue Shrimp Information Thread
  3. How long can I leave my tanks alone?
  4. Anyone used these rocks from ADA?
  5. Losing shrimp weekly
  6. In cases of extreme evaporation, RO or remineralized top off?
  7. Is it me or is it HARDER to breed blue velvet
  8. Atya scabra
  9. Atyidae sp.
  10. How to deal with "fleas" in shrimp tank?
  11. TB and a planted tank...
  12. Caridina japonica ( multidentata ) breeding video
  13. Atya gabonensis breeding report
  14. Hello to all shrimpfans
  15. How hard are green shrimp to care for?
  16. Crossbreeding Probability Question
  17. Blueberry Shrimp
  18. Can you identify these shrimp?
  19. Transparent RCS shrimp at night = normal?
  20. Freshwater Reef
  21. Shrimp population die offs?
  22. I want to breed ghost shrimp
  23. Snail ID please
  24. The start of a tiger sanctuary...
  25. Egg Shells
  26. White Cloud Minnows and Cherry Shrimp?
  27. Shrimp dying only when lights out?
  28. Microrasboras Maculata and Shrimp
  29. not for the faint of heart: shrimp food
  30. Will adult rabbit snails be killed by Assassin snails?
  31. Ironwood pine Pine cones shrimp safe
  32. Mystery Deaths (Shrimp) Updated with more test numbers!
  33. Keeping Downoi with Shrimp?
  34. Anyone familiar with Mosura SoftWater?
  35. Can 2x Excel over dose kill amanos?
  36. Live food
  37. Choosing Blue Rili breeding stock
  38. Considering adding MTS
  39. Anyone here tried Eriocaulon in your shrimp tanks?
  40. Designing a 210 gallon planted shrimp tank...
  41. this bug here...
  42. Feeding shrimp
  43. Otto's are the bullies of the shrimp world
  44. Snail ID
  45. The Malawa Club
  46. Darker Rili in My Reds?
  47. pics of my cherries pic heavy
  48. Two Shrimp Videos
  49. How Long?
  50. Rili/RCS shrimp fry
  51. Inverts source in Canada
  52. Are my shrimp okay?
  53. Wine red turning dark?
  54. What shrimp should I keep/breed?
  55. Shrimp stocking density
  56. Zoo med 501 Filter for shrimp tank
  57. Olive Nerite eggs??
  58. Assassin snail eggs
  59. Things I have learned about crayfish
  60. Dislodging Baby Mystery Snails Safely?
  61. Koralia style powerhead bad for shrimp?
  62. Question about a fish in with shrimp
  63. Ph swings - resolved
  64. 55 gallon not carried anymore?
  65. Shrimp suggestions
  66. What TDS should I be shooting for?
  67. Who is using MicrobeLift Calcium Montmorillonite Clay for shrimp and snails
  68. Can you feed veggies too often?
  69. What do you Think? Shrimp Genetics with Pics???
  70. Assassin snail eating MTS!
  71. Using Nori as veggie food
  72. RCS dieing, why?
  73. carbon and cuprisorb at the same time?
  74. Odd malawa shrimp
  75. BLue Pearls turned orange
  76. Treating planaria.
  77. What shrimp species will work best?
  78. Plop and drop with shrimp?
  79. New aquarium, a few questions?
  80. oebt or crs/cbs or Both!
  81. ban snail info please!!
  82. Shrimp eyes
  83. Warning of snail that can destroy your planted tank
  84. Mineral Stones?
  85. pond/bladder snails, who loves them and why
  86. How many of you use Seachem Purigen and/or Matrix
  87. Co2 In Shrimp Tank
  88. Help with new Blue Neo selection
  89. Does dosing dry ferts raise GH?
  90. Water change & shrimplets
  91. Shrimp ID help
  92. Neo shrimp H2O temperature.
  93. Can condensation tray affect water parameters?
  94. Red cherry shrimp with black crowns (pics)
  95. She's carrying eggs... Now what?
  96. Where did all the asolene spixi snails go to?
  97. & other invertebrates
  98. "NEW" Mosura Excel shrimp food
  99. Fish fry in my shrimp tank.
  100. My tap water for crs
  101. RCS in cool water
  102. Snails
  103. Snail keepers roll call!
  104. What should not be keep mystery snails?
  105. Shrimplets stopped growing?
  106. Filter problem w shrimp
  107. Can someone point me
  108. Why do I need to know about CRS?
  109. Tank crash... Should i remove the shrimps?
  110. Another project
  111. Algae/moss ID?
  112. CRS die, but Cherries breed,.. What gives?
  113. How to successfully breed shrimps in nano tanks?
  114. Importing
  115. What shrimp next
  116. Questions About Red Cherry Shrimp
  117. Shrimp dining on dead tetra
  118. Planaria and fenbendazole
  119. Low Maintenance
  120. Giving up on shrimps
  121. Tontora catappa bark
  122. Innovative marine's Nano 8 for shrimp?
  123. TDS and water changes
  124. Nerite snails don't breed in freshwater?
  125. Tds help!
  126. Dead Corals Okay for Nerite Snails?
  127. ******AFI_Shrimp Project*******
  128. My Pumpkin Shrimp are dying, HELP PLEASE!
  129. Are these planaria?
  130. Reaching target TDS for shrimp.
  131. need help water issue
  132. Where did my RCS go?
  133. What happened to...?
  134. Fire red pulling eggs out
  135. Planaria problem
  136. I HATE you planaria!!
  137. Golden Sunset Shrimp?
  138. Something up with this shrimp
  139. Do I Need Baby Food?
  140. Opae Ula Freshwater Life Span
  141. Royal Blue Tiger 12 long redo
  142. Minimum gH for Neos
  143. Ada Amazonia
  144. Anyway to get shrimp to come out?
  145. Nitrates and Shrimp
  146. HELP!!! Cherry Shrimp Apocalypse!!!
  147. Apple Snails in planted tanks?
  148. Shrimp Workshops
  149. Fungus treatment???
  150. Malaysian Trumpet Snails & Mutations
  151. Why shrimp are not for betta.
  152. 2 Red fires not holding into their eggs
  153. What is the best type for a new Shrimp Keeper?
  154. Shrimplet molting problem
  155. Bacterial bloom?
  156. ID these "bugs"
  157. Water changes
  158. TDS and de chlorinators
  159. What else can I expect with starting a new aquarium >.>"
  160. Do shrrimp molt with every water change?
  161. fish for shrimp aquarium
  162. Getting cherries, but already have ghosts!
  163. Fish for shrimp tank?
  164. Eggs!
  165. Do shrimp eat fish eggs?
  166. snail control!!!!
  167. For the Love of Red
  168. Anyone done shrimp in a riparium?
  169. Shrimps dying ph range
  170. Mystery snails color thoughts.
  171. Cherry Shrimp vs. Algae
  172. When you order shrimp...
  173. Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp
  174. What causes the small white worms to apperar on shrimp head and nostrum?
  175. Do snails need to be fed?
  176. SS Wire Mesh? Which type to use?
  177. recommended heaters
  178. Shrimp changing colors over night?
  179. Who's pooping? Shrimp or Nerite?
  180. moving and need some advice
  181. No Babies in PFR tank and give or take 1 death a week
  182. Free swimming shrimplets?
  183. Holy Cherry shrimp in stocked tank!? they had babies!
  184. Benibachi Planaria Zero
  185. When is Chris' new mag out?
  186. Unusual RCS deaths...Need Help!
  187. Fluval underwater filter for shrimp
  188. Is it possible to keep CRS and Neos in the same tank?
  189. Before and After shrimp tank
  190. Kanoko or no ko?
  191. Shrimp trying to climb out of water?
  192. Juicing pulp for food?
  193. Need help raising TDS!!
  194. Crs substrate
  195. Best way to raise TDS in RCS tank
  196. Good husbandry
  197. Mystery Snail Eggs
  198. Bought some seaweed for the Shrimp hope they like it
  199. snail ID
  200. gravity for nerite breeding
  201. Blue Bolt Shrimp
  202. marineland system 12 as shrimp colony tank?
  203. Red Claw Shrimp eating algae?
  204. What kind of snails with RCS?
  205. 40 gal. RCS breeder tank
  206. Newest additions
  207. PETSMART Snails
  208. Shrimp stratum
  209. 20 high or long?
  210. Assassin Snail Progress
  211. Quarantine for shrimp?
  212. Does 3d background ok in tank?
  213. MTS not burrowing
  214. When will we see color morphs of Malawa shrimp?
  215. Getting parameters right for CRS
  216. Red Cherry Shrimp Newbie
  217. GH Booster instead of Mosura Products
  218. Advice needed
  219. For the Love of Flower Head
  220. Blue Diamond Info
  221. Video Update: Pearling Java Moss & Pregnant/Berried Red Cherry Shrimp
  222. Red Cherry Shrimp Breeding Tank
  223. Molting with eggs.
  224. White spot snails
  225. Red Cherry Shrimp in community tank
  226. Where can I find assassin snails?
  227. CPO Question
  228. Assassin love or deception lol
  229. Just some random pics of my shrimps :)
  230. Orange rili with orange neos
  231. Two-toned Neos
  232. Why are my rilis dying?
  233. shrimp substrate
  234. good size shrimps for tank with fish?
  235. RCS and rili together at LFS
  236. Shrimp Substrate
  237. I want to breed ghost shrimp!
  238. It started again
  239. blackberry shrimp
  240. CRS help
  241. Guppies with amanos?
  242. Ebi Ken Studio?
  243. Indian Almond Leaves and BGA
  244. Culling Shrimp
  245. Hydor bubble maker
  246. pH, Kh, and Gh for CRS
  247. Indian almond leaf, to use or not to use?
  248. mysterious bamboo shrimp.death
  249. Decreasing ammonia
  250. Tank Size