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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Where to get seed shrimp?
  2. red sakura mostly male , bloodymerry mostly female ?
  3. Identification needed for wild shrimp
  4. Pond snails... keep or kill?
  5. how much algae wafer for shrimp
  6. Amano shrimp safe with cherry shrimp?
  7. shrimp id needed
  8. I'm interested in keeping invertabrates... but can I?
  9. CRS Grading Clarification
  10. Stainless mesh for shrimp. 304 vs 316
  11. Red Cherry Shrimp shipping questions.
  12. False amano vs amano size
  13. I think that I need an assasin snail
  14. Cherry shrimp grade?
  15. Who knows what animal this is?
  16. Assassin snail breeding
  17. Sudden Death
  18. what is this strange invertebrate?
  19. Freshwater Bristle Worms
  20. Cherry Shrimp False Pregnancy?
  21. Temporary Container for Amanos?
  22. Mass exodus of snails after each water change
  23. Cleaning lava rock
  24. Cloudy Water After Adding Wood
  25. Backyard shrimp breeding.
  26. Getting some weird Neo culls, orange eyes
  27. Life cycle of snails and worms? How long to quarantine a plant?
  28. Has anyone had an experience with Petco RCS?
  29. how long will it take for cherry shrimp to start breeding
  30. Help with pond snails
  31. Shrimping Questions
  32. The case of the vanishing shrimp is solved
  33. Red Cherry Shrimp Water Parameters , Help!
  34. rcs molting issues
  35. Looks angry inside - Short nose Algae eater
  36. Worms in shrimp tank
  37. Guys help me id amano or ghost
  38. Which pump for flow for shrimp tank?
  39. Cherry Shrimp... Male or Female?
  40. Newbie looking for advice regarding little critters...
  41. which microscopic critters are necessary for a shrimp tank?
  42. What kind of snail do I have?
  43. Snails vs nematodes
  44. Color of shrimp at birth
  45. New shrimp tank size
  46. My Shrimp
  47. siphon shrimp tank
  48. Shrimp tank water
  49. Shrimp crossbreed
  50. How True Do Different Neo Types Breed?
  51. can i add shrimp yet ?
  52. feeding fish and shrimp at the same time
  53. Mixing Salty Shrimp for RCS
  54. Identifying snails
  55. Suggestions for non heated aquarium snails??
  56. new shrimp tank with hair algae
  57. First shrimp tank
  58. First berries female!!
  59. Setting up new tanks
  60. Assassin Snails - Breeding
  61. Shrimp accidental death
  62. Compatibility question..
  63. Shrimp and Korelia Nano Circ Pump
  64. new to this hobby - shrimp
  65. Death or Molt?
  66. How to trap assassin snails?
  67. grade of shrimp and breeding
  68. Tank of Death - Shrimp
  69. What is this on my bloody mary, and what to do?
  70. ID Insect Nymph
  71. Nerite snails and preventing eggs
  72. Crayfish missing??
  73. Will dwarf gouramis eat ghost shrimp?
  74. ID - Amano, probably not
  75. GH for Shrimp - Ca or Mg or both?
  76. Is this a parasite?
  77. Failed to keep tank cycled
  78. RCS Discoloration
  79. filter for shrimp tank
  80. Leeches in Planted Shrimp Tank
  81. Hardiest shrimp of all?
  82. Can I keep Caridina Shrimp?
  83. temparature for shrimp
  84. Plenaria Zero as Snail Plant Dip
  85. shrimp food
  86. Trouble Finding Shrimp and Snails
  87. Shrimpin' problems (again)
  88. What is this red worm in my tank
  89. Do you keep ramshorns in your tank?
  90. Segregation
  91. Just wanted to share a pretty blue bolt
  92. A cherry shrimp seems to be doing well, but looking a bit haggard
  93. Random caridina deaths
  94. Never kept freshwater shrimp before!
  95. Shrimp Food Mishap
  96. Shrimp suggestions for hard water tank
  97. How to clean up, and prevent, water pollution?
  98. Shrimp fry care.
  99. Need suggestions on starting a shrimp tank!
  100. Help! Sickness?
  101. Red Cherry Shrimp and Dwarf Gourami
  102. sick mystery snail?
  103. High nitrates
  104. Opae Uia,Amano
  105. What is this critter
  106. RCS Dying off In Planted Tank, Unable to Find Cause
  107. Female CRS keep dying
  108. Vinegar Eels Compatibility with Caridina Shrimp?
  109. Shrimping Struggles
  110. "Freshwater" Bumble Bee Nerite--7 years old and counting!
  111. Bug ID?
  112. Need help identifying snail
  113. What do you feed fry??
  114. Shrimp question
  115. Wild Shrimp?
  116. Feeding frozen shrimp to assassin snails?
  117. DIY UV filter?
  118. Shrimp Fever
  119. Shrimp-proof Eheim Ecco Pro 300
  120. Nerite Eggs
  121. Lost a colony of Caridina today
  122. How true do these shrimp breed?
  123. Shrimp not juggling eggs
  124. Fact or Myth - Anubias releases Toxins
  125. What is this?
  126. Daphnia culture question
  127. Do My Cherry Shrimp Look Healthy?
  128. Please help diagnose- red wriggling worm in turtle tank- possible parasite? GIF included
  129. Snail ID?
  130. New 40g Shrimp Tank - Advice Wanted
  131. finally had Crystal Red Shrimp babies in a high tech tank:D
  132. How Many Amano Shrimp For A 40 Gallon Breeder?
  133. Filter for shrimp tank
  134. Inactive MTS? Help
  135. He's back... Now what?
  136. Amano shrimp valur
  137. Tropica Soil with Neocaridina
  138. Cherry shrimp vs. stream pumps
  139. Selling red cherry shrimp?
  140. Need help to improve shrimp baby survival rate
  141. African dwarf frog eggs/tadpoles?
  142. MTS out during the day?
  143. Shrimp death, did I cause this?
  144. 22? Babies
  145. RCS (Neocaridina davidi) Paramter Check
  146. How many cleaners in a heavily planted tank?
  147. Neocaridina changing colour
  148. Lightly planted shrimp nano?
  149. Scattershot shrimp questions
  150. Buried Amano
  151. Dead mystery snail is a mystery?
  152. Fish dieoff after introducing snails? Ammonia levels fine?
  153. shrimp population decimation
  154. High TDS & Nitrates
  155. Ramshorn snails dying
  156. Flatworms in shrimp tank
  157. Are Assassin Snail just picky?
  158. Does Anyone Have an Issue with Snails Destroying Plants?
  159. Keeping different species of shrimp
  160. Shrimp Planted Tank Advice !
  161. ID my aquarium thing
  162. Breeder box for berried shrimp?
  163. Hydra and pond/bladder snails
  164. Spot on Amano shrimp
  165. RCS vs. Corys
  166. Neocaridina tankmates
  167. Shrimp changing color to match environment
  168. Optimum cherry red tank size?
  169. Advice for hard water?
  170. Microworm culture additives
  171. cleaning tank with shrimp fry
  172. Is it safe to add amanos?
  173. A Kentucky "keeper" (crayfish)
  174. No saddle after molt, eggs gone?
  175. What kind of shrimp are these
  176. Shrimp and HARD water
  177. picking the right shrimp
  178. Nerite zebra snail dead or just inactive? what to do??
  179. Did My Rainbows or my Yoyos Spawn?
  180. Apple snail shell
  181. Shrimp attacking/eating fish
  182. 40 Gallon vs 5 Gallon Breeding
  183. Gold Inca snail behaving strangely
  184. Nano Shrimp..
  185. Salty shrimp
  186. Fungal infection?
  187. Shrimp Vase
  188. Blue Velvets and Sky Blue Velvets
  189. Calcium supplement for snails/ shrimp
  190. Is it fine to keep Blue Pearls and Blue Dreams together?
  191. looking for oe blond/oebt culls or regular tigers
  192. Yellow shrimp id
  193. Intersted in mulberry leaves?
  194. Prevent or delay derried shrimp from molting?
  195. CRS Water help
  196. What color morph is this?
  197. That feeling when..
  198. I'm going to be a Grampa!!
  199. What is this??
  200. Shrimp gathering in plant
  201. Disappearing azolla and duckweed
  202. TDS and GH seem off?
  203. Their Gone... Their all gone!
  204. Berried shrimp all die
  205. Tank Filtration - Shrimp
  206. Indian almond leaves
  207. Identifying mysterious white cloud (fungus? Eggs?)
  208. Breeding Amano Shrimp
  209. Pure Black Line and Crystal Black breeding?
  210. Vorticella & scutariella
  211. worms in gravel
  212. Cory fry ok in a shrimp tank?
  213. Baby black diamond help
  214. Got my dream blue velvets today
  215. Lost one of my shrimp last night
  216. TDS Meter
  217. Can you Identify Me?
  218. My neo shrimp have become inert
  219. RCS Keep disappearing
  220. Red cherry shrimp stripe/coloring
  221. Blue Amano- Not slight, Bold.
  222. What's this wriggling white worm?
  223. TDS at 108 but kh at 2 and gh at 6. Is that ok?
  224. Do you Quarantine New Shrimp?
  225. what the heck is going on with my nerite snail?
  226. Just got my first Freshwater Shrimp
  227. Actual recommended temp for RCS or maybe Blues?
  228. Shrimp clarification
  229. Shrimp clarification
  230. Rams horn, planaeria, and detritus worms
  231. Snails thriving without food
  232. Nitrate management with shrimps
  233. Can't seem to get it right
  234. amano shrimp help
  235. Freeloader!
  236. Juvenile Cherry Shrimp missing legs :(
  237. Shrimp Feeding
  238. Snail Question
  239. To RO or not to RO..
  240. Red + Blue = brown/black with yellow stripe apparently.
  241. Red Cherry Babies!
  242. Long term shrimp deaths
  243. How would I Adjust distilled water
  244. Shrimp stocking
  245. Bluebolts turning into orange bolts. 😞
  246. Confirm bacterial infection?
  247. blackworms disinegrating
  248. Too much flourish
  249. Nerites
  250. Nerite snails