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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Keeping shrimp while on the move
  2. HOB breed box tips?
  3. is 1" fuval stratum enough
  4. 4 Crystal shrimps died in a week
  5. Cross breeding shrimp
  6. TB shrimp are all dead :(
  7. Tell me your Taiwan bee secrets!
  8. Cherry and Malawa Breeding
  9. Does a breeder box increase chances of berries?
  10. Bamboo Shrimp Discovery!
  11. Is this a Golden bee shrimplet?
  12. shrimp id please? Neo or Card.?
  13. Anyone keep M/F of White alleni together?
  14. Help with a scud infestation!
  15. RCS turned yellow? Is that possible? Might just be my imagination.
  16. cycling fast?
  17. 15 gallon shrimp tank?
  18. Does flake food raise TDS?
  19. Love must be in the air: Advice on baby care (BB, TB, Mischilings)
  20. Shrimp ID
  21. anyone keeping crs ss-sss in dirted tank?
  22. Best substrate for RCS?
  23. Amazonia question...
  24. Cherry snuck in with Red Rilis- will it mess up the line?
  25. Who has it?
  26. The new start to a Mr Aqua 17.1 prl tank
  27. Mystery Berries
  28. Another Substrate Thread
  29. Mineralized Topsoil + Shrimp?
  30. Best place to buy low grade crs and cbs
  31. Is this a rcs?
  32. hmm
  33. Finding dead RCS?
  34. Can Kordon bag 5.5x8 ship shrimp?
  35. Tank too small, shrimp can't breeds?
  36. I've got snails!
  37. Houston we have a BIG problem
  38. Mini ramshorn breeding/eggs?
  39. crs baby shrimp update
  40. armageddon?? Shrimp gone crazy looking for hiding place!!
  41. Tiger Shrimp Care
  42. Carbon rili Pictura
  43. Trouble with RCS
  44. Guava leaves
  45. Breeding Whisker Shrimp
  46. Raise Ph slightly for OEBT
  47. can water be too hard for RCS? & other ?'s
  48. Shipping Shrimps Below Freezing
  49. Can I do tank without substrate?
  50. shrimp help
  51. fenbendazole in tank--when safe to return nerites?
  52. Nerite snails ship priority?
  53. hey guys XD
  54. Assassin snail breeding and stocking?
  55. do i need an airstone??????
  56. What kind? Is this berried? Hard to tell
  57. RCS & Fire RCS Interbreeding?
  58. Few Shrimp Dieing Off
  59. I want to change substrate but afraid fry will die
  60. 5 Gallon shrimp tank
  61. Noob has done the research, still has a few Qs
  62. is it still a pure line?
  63. Whats going on - dead shrimp
  64. Snail ID Plz
  65. Purple dots on new IAL, should I worry?
  66. If not Amano, nor Cherry, then what?
  67. cloudy water
  68. Other Organisms (Copepods, etc.)
  69. Ghost Shrimp (Mississippi Grass Shrimp)
  70. Shrimps on a log
  71. What species is this?
  72. More proper introduction to my shrimp tank.
  73. Assassin and pond snails?
  74. My Speedie Yellow neo's seem to be happy!
  75. Shrimp Tank Rescaping?
  76. How to catch shrimp and how to feed barley straw pellet
  77. Catch 'em All
  78. New here but here is one of my Pregnant Cherries. :)
  79. will these shrimp mix well?
  80. Oh no -- worm in the tank
  81. Shrimp behavior
  82. Confused about eggs
  83. amazonia and water changes?
  84. Salty Shrimp GH/KH+.....I was wrong!
  85. OEBT tank partner?
  86. Marina Breeder box
  87. Found some shrimp in my tank
  88. Alder Cones
  89. Where to find Blue Ramshorn's?
  90. please help me with my tank..
  91. sponge filter to low?
  92. How to sex CRS?
  93. Split light cycle on your shrimp tank?
  94. Sideways ramshorns
  95. Algae growth(?) on a bamboo shrimp.
  96. Cherries dying off one by one
  97. What is this cherry doing?
  98. Indian Almond Leaves VS Alder Cones
  99. Successful Opae Ula breeding set-ups?
  100. Sulawesi shrimps
  101. Will dif colored Rams horn snails mix ?
  102. Price check on: CRS German k14
  103. api co2 booster
  104. New addition to the family
  105. Any way to increase microfauna in tank?
  106. grrr ada soil and ro?
  107. Help me find out why my snails/shrimps are dying
  108. First berried yellow neo
  109. Best Shrimp Food for Coloration?
  110. best way to vac a shrimp tank...
  111. Frequancy of waterchanges with Cherry shrimp
  112. How may tanks do you have?
  113. shrimp problems
  114. Unknown shrimp food
  115. Shrimps (new video added in reply #76, Feb 5th, 2014)
  116. how many keep dafnia?
  117. Breeder box
  118. Another neon tetra and cherry?
  119. sponge or hob?
  120. Pumpkin Shrimp and Tombstone Tank-Update 3/28/2014
  121. Where can I find Orange Poso Rabbit Snails
  122. Some of my shrimp are growing faster then others
  123. Shrimp babies!
  124. Huge Berried Anamo Eating Cucumber
  125. lava rock to reduce nitrate?
  126. Successful TT params?
  127. Juvie Marmorkrebs tank
  128. Snails?
  129. Anyone using Frenzy Multipara or Shield
  130. co2 bad for shrimp?
  131. Average go price for orange tigers
  132. what are your MUST haves for TB's?
  133. Berried Wine Red Shrimp
  134. Cherrys GH/KH?
  135. Tigers not breeding
  136. Some pics of my shrimps
  137. Borneo Stout Dosing
  138. Catappa Leaves
  139. just got blue rili's
  140. What part of the anatomy are these darker masses inside of these shrimp?
  141. Co2 and shrimp breeding
  142. How long does it take for biofilm to build up?
  143. Aquarium safe spray paint
  144. What would you grade this crs?
  145. BorneoWild Dance Questions
  146. Golden bee brood, is it normal for shrimplets to change color?
  147. importing CRS from Taiwan/?
  148. Interesting looking shrimplet
  149. What Snails Can I get for my Tank?
  150. Going topless
  151. Fumbled Entire Clutch??
  152. when to cull>?
  153. how true do rilis breed?
  154. blue rili shrimp breeding
  155. Help me scape my new mr aqua 48.8 tb haven
  156. 3 gallon Aquatop shrimp tank
  157. painted back or not painted back that is the question
  158. Cherry shrimp?
  159. Humane way to selectively breed?
  160. Establishing new shrimp tank
  161. Nerite snails and hair algae?
  162. Nerite snails?
  163. Worms. Bleh
  164. Newbie 2.5g set up
  165. CPO Temp and Questions
  166. Cucumber for shrimp
  167. Shrimp suitable tank?
  168. More males than females?
  169. shrimp question
  170. fenbendazole dosing
  171. Does anyone feed their shrimp "meaty" foods?
  172. Is it okay to use straight Distilled water for CRS?
  173. Cherries behavior?
  174. My Berried Shrimps (Pixs)
  175. Zoomed Mopani wood oozing sap?!
  176. Red Claw crab questions
  177. nerite snails a petsmart
  178. Does this look PRF to you?
  179. My new ADA Amaronia tank for Crystal Red Shrimps
  180. Cherry Shrimp - parasites on body?
  181. Do shrimp hatch all their eggs at once or over time?
  182. weird looking shrimps from red rili tank
  183. Shrimp Sacrifice?
  184. Cherry reds- are they really that easy?
  185. PRL & TB's Breeding
  186. Moving Amano shrimp from QT to display tank with different pH levels
  187. What should I do with my new shrimp tank?
  188. Dead berried mama, now trying to save the egg...
  189. CPO Tank mates in a DBP 3gal long?
  190. How do i create RCS breeding parameters with high pH, kH and GH source water?
  191. Fixing Shrimp Molts?
  192. Best inert substrate for neos?
  193. Shrimp (OEBT) and Co2
  194. Shrimp in a new tank
  195. A frozen shrimp??!
  196. RCS in 40 gallon breeder
  197. RCS and water change?
  198. Is this an Amano Shrimp
  199. ada soil and remineralizer
  200. Best water parameters for red cherry shrimp?
  201. Why have my fish eaten my shrimp,?
  202. Cherries and spinach?
  203. Is pH 5.5 too low?
  204. Upgrade tank size for shrimp breeding?
  205. Is this substrate shrimp safe?
  206. crs in a 5 gallon
  207. Anybody using SaltyShrimp - Shrimp mineral GH/KH+ ???
  208. Occasional RCS deaths
  209. Hardy Shrimp
  210. Dolomite in a shrimp tank?
  211. Kind of embarrassing... how to cull?
  212. CRS lived for a month then died?
  213. feeding dish ?
  214. Should I clean my Shrimp Tanks?
  215. Super Tigers vs Tigers
  216. I'm not trying to pull you out little shrimp.
  217. Super tiger cost?
  218. Amano Shrimp Aggressive feeding
  219. newbie
  220. What is a safe nitrate level for RCS? How about crs ?
  221. Best ph meter?
  222. ro every day or big changes?
  223. Can I use bonsai red lava rock?
  224. Another feeding?
  225. Snails...why can't I keep them?
  226. Dwarf Mud Crabs
  227. What are these
  228. Gh extremely high!!!!
  229. Really small ramshorn-like snail?
  230. Tiny wiggly worms in shrimp tank: help!
  231. squashing pond snails in the shrimp tank
  232. Shipping question: Heat pack or not heat pack?
  233. Sponge filter and pump?
  234. Office tank water
  235. water conditions ?
  236. What happens if you interbreed?
  237. What is the white line on my RCS back
  238. tested tap do I read for shrimp
  239. Tds help
  240. Anyone else seen this
  241. Neos Color Intensity
  242. root tabs/osmocote safe?
  243. Can vampire shrimp eat fish
  244. RCS and CRS?
  245. P diffusa eggs?
  246. Wild Neo or Amano shrimp?
  247. CRS and black diamond sand
  248. Assassin snail mating
  249. Dwarf crays
  250. Will these rocks work fine in my aquarium?