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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Cross breeding neocaridina
  2. how to move shrimp?
  3. What is this orange thing?
  4. Moving shrimp to a bigger tank
  5. What puerto rico?
  6. Pfr at my lfs
  7. frozen snails LIVE
  8. Saddled?
  9. Mysterious Shrimp Deaths, Please Help!!
  10. Has anyone tried...
  11. I do not suggest keeping Assassin Snails and Shrimp together
  12. moss
  13. Shrimp deaths every day
  14. Cherry shrimp dropping eggs/ not breading
  15. Heater advice for CRS
  16. cucumber seeds
  17. Larch Cones in Shrimp Tank?
  18. 5 gallon shrimp Aquascape done right
  19. How long can I keep CRS in a bucket with an air stone?
  20. 5 gallon CRS tank??
  21. Dead or Hiding ?
  22. o2 threw co2 defuser?
  23. Found some new friends in my tank
  24. So my kids want....
  25. Question about the size
  26. Shrimpin rookie
  27. will these shrimp breed together?
  28. ADA Soil
  29. What determines the sex?
  30. RCS Aggression
  31. pre filter help
  32. Would you try and adjust this PH? Or leave it be? CRS
  33. killing hydra with flourish excel?
  34. My fire red and cherry shrimp
  35. Mystery Snails and Fish
  36. RO Water Poll
  37. Heading over to Tokyo, any good deals to pick up there?
  38. pH rising up very quickly... (edited, my bad!)
  39. Ro + di?
  40. Are Bloody Mary eggs yellow?
  41. Best Calcium Suppliment for RCS molting?
  42. Chiller thoughts! !!
  43. salty shrimp gh plus
  44. Why did one leg change color?
  45. RO filter help!
  46. tp water help please and thank you
  47. The benefits of... planaria.
  48. Does the shrimp food really has expiring date?
  49. Water Softener and RO water.
  50. What is this?
  51. Neo's and card's
  52. OEBT coloring up
  53. Anubius poison to CRS?
  54. Are your shrimp tanks "messy"?
  55. Love the information!
  56. PH fluctuations in CRS/CBS 20L
  57. 20 Gallon Red Cherry Shrimp tank
  58. Weather Does Matter
  59. Shrimp and food Help
  60. Does anybody know what type of crayfish that could be?
  61. how did you get rid of snail infestation?
  62. well im not sure i should keep with the hobby...
  63. 20 Gallon RCS/PFRCS/Endler tank
  64. New shrimp killing off old.?
  65. Red Clarkii giving birth
  66. Neat shrimp infographic
  67. Cover on your CPO tank?
  68. bostoneric.. red shadow
  69. Planaria Worms dangerous to shrimps?
  70. What do you add to community Tank to save shrimplets?
  71. Sponge Filter
  72. Shrimp trap of some kind?
  73. Gonna get a bit of an experiment going...
  74. Hot glue for shrimp net (safe?)
  75. Newbie Question - what shrimp cross with each other?
  76. Shrimp Sketetons
  77. Starve out planaria?
  78. cherry shrimp
  79. Black cherry / Painted Black Shrimp?
  80. OEBT Go crazy with lights off
  81. TB mischling
  82. Summit MicroFarm - Some of my shrimp
  83. Shrimp Murderer?? Is this Planaria???
  84. What de-chlorinator does everyone here like?
  85. Cherry berries!
  86. Blue Amanos
  87. Oscomote Plus and Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  88. Safe guard !! ;(
  89. Safest way to lower GH
  90. Snail Eggs or something else?
  91. have cherry shrimp - don't really know what I'm doing.
  92. tiny opaque whiteish speck?
  93. getting rid of snails?
  94. driftwood question
  95. LAVENDER King Crab found
  96. Where are people buying Sulawesi shrimp
  97. Berried shrimp molting?
  98. Has anyone successfully used...
  99. PH questions
  100. Best shrimp food?
  101. Had a death, opinions welcome
  102. RO, RO/DI or DI only for shrimp????
  103. For Nerite snail owners...
  104. well crude..
  105. Selective breeding with rili
  106. Idea wat these shrimp equipment is????
  107. Best carpet plant for CRS?
  108. Best fish to eradicate snails
  109. Shrimp and Planaria
  110. First berries
  111. BB or ???
  112. Mineral additive for Neos?
  113. BorneoWild Shield question
  114. Shrimp stocking density per gallon?
  115. what shrimp or other invertebrate can I put with bolivian rams
  116. Going to try CRS shrimp
  117. USPS, Don't trust them
  118. parameter differences for oebt and crs
  119. Snail hitchhiker I.D. Help
  120. new arrival
  121. Scuds-ville! No, not a new Facebook game
  122. Presents under Anubias Leaves
  123. Cherry shrimp
  124. My shrimps are not breeding
  125. Current USA Plus..
  126. The Kind of Post Everyone Hates
  127. help starting shrimp tank
  128. Assassins eventually disappeared...
  129. my tank :)
  130. OEBT and Light sensativity?
  131. question about PBL
  132. Aegla sp. argentina 'not-crab' care?
  133. What type of shrimp is this?
  134. anyone try planaria zero?
  135. Hydra
  136. my TB tank and new arrivals (new pic 4/2/14)
  137. How is this person able to breed CRS with "high" parameters?
  138. $8 Detachable Macro Lens for Camera Phone Pics: TB/BB/Mischilings
  139. Hi, im new
  140. My Neocaridina shrimps
  141. Weird Shrimp Mutation?
  142. Look what I found!!!
  143. too many shrimp what to do
  144. Random shrimps and moss
  145. bad, bad day
  146. More shrimp art to share :)
  147. "Wired" 10 gallon shrimpscape
  148. Id these shrimp
  149. Help! Amano shrimp escaping from sauna
  150. Yay!!!
  151. worried
  152. pool filter sand for shrimp?
  153. which species of freshwater snail can eat hard algae/ hair algae?
  154. cycling amazonia question
  155. Ghost shrimp information?
  156. Best method for flatworms?
  157. Frlire Red Shrimp
  158. bacterial infection symptoms???
  159. are these snail eggs?
  160. Fiddler Crabs, Myth or Meh?
  161. Help with cherry shrimp parasite
  162. sources
  163. Keeping shrimp while on the move
  164. HOB breed box tips?
  165. is 1" fuval stratum enough
  166. 4 Crystal shrimps died in a week
  167. Cross breeding shrimp
  168. TB shrimp are all dead :(
  169. Tell me your Taiwan bee secrets!
  170. Cherry and Malawa Breeding
  171. Does a breeder box increase chances of berries?
  172. Bamboo Shrimp Discovery!
  173. Is this a Golden bee shrimplet?
  174. shrimp id please? Neo or Card.?
  175. Anyone keep M/F of White alleni together?
  176. Help with a scud infestation!
  177. RCS turned yellow? Is that possible? Might just be my imagination.
  178. cycling fast?
  179. 15 gallon shrimp tank?
  180. Does flake food raise TDS?
  181. Love must be in the air: Advice on baby care (BB, TB, Mischilings)
  182. Shrimp ID
  183. anyone keeping crs ss-sss in dirted tank?
  184. Best substrate for RCS?
  185. Amazonia question...
  186. Cherry snuck in with Red Rilis- will it mess up the line?
  187. Who has it?
  188. The new start to a Mr Aqua 17.1 prl tank
  189. Mystery Berries
  190. Another Substrate Thread
  191. Mineralized Topsoil + Shrimp?
  192. Best place to buy low grade crs and cbs
  193. Is this a rcs?
  194. hmm
  195. Finding dead RCS?
  196. Can Kordon bag 5.5x8 ship shrimp?
  197. Tank too small, shrimp can't breeds?
  198. I've got snails!
  199. Houston we have a BIG problem
  200. Mini ramshorn breeding/eggs?
  201. crs baby shrimp update
  202. armageddon?? Shrimp gone crazy looking for hiding place!!
  203. Tiger Shrimp Care
  204. Carbon rili Pictura
  205. Trouble with RCS
  206. Guava leaves
  207. Breeding Whisker Shrimp
  208. Raise Ph slightly for OEBT
  209. can water be too hard for RCS? & other ?'s
  210. Shipping Shrimps Below Freezing
  211. Can I do tank without substrate?
  212. shrimp help
  213. fenbendazole in tank--when safe to return nerites?
  214. Nerite snails ship priority?
  215. hey guys XD
  216. Assassin snail breeding and stocking?
  217. do i need an airstone??????
  218. What kind? Is this berried? Hard to tell
  219. RCS & Fire RCS Interbreeding?
  220. Few Shrimp Dieing Off
  221. I want to change substrate but afraid fry will die
  222. 5 Gallon shrimp tank
  223. Noob has done the research, still has a few Qs
  224. is it still a pure line?
  225. Whats going on - dead shrimp
  226. Snail ID Plz
  227. Purple dots on new IAL, should I worry?
  228. If not Amano, nor Cherry, then what?
  229. cloudy water
  230. Other Organisms (Copepods, etc.)
  231. Ghost Shrimp (Mississippi Grass Shrimp)
  232. Shrimps on a log
  233. What species is this?
  234. More proper introduction to my shrimp tank.
  235. Assassin and pond snails?
  236. My Speedie Yellow neo's seem to be happy!
  237. Shrimp Tank Rescaping?
  238. How to catch shrimp and how to feed barley straw pellet
  239. Catch 'em All
  240. New here but here is one of my Pregnant Cherries. :)
  241. will these shrimp mix well?
  242. Oh no -- worm in the tank
  243. Shrimp behavior
  244. Confused about eggs
  245. amazonia and water changes?
  246. Salty Shrimp GH/KH+.....I was wrong!
  247. OEBT tank partner?
  248. Marina Breeder box
  249. Found some shrimp in my tank
  250. Alder Cones