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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. How soon to add genetic diversity?
  2. OEBT microscope images
  3. Feeding Shrimp?
  4. Rcs question
  5. Some of my shrimps
  6. What are some of the fastest breeding shrimp?
  7. Amano Shrimp Turned Black
  8. What are some foods that you swear by for your shrimp?
  9. Learn from my many lessons, as I have to remind my self to slow down
  10. Grade my cherries?
  11. new rams horn snail color?
  12. *UPDATE* 3/3--A few blackberry shrimp deaths, help me fix my parameters plz!
  13. Blue Berry Shrimp... Any success of keeping them blue?
  14. Born into a dangerous place
  15. Questions about the Ghost shrimp
  16. Chocolate?
  17. Help ID this guy in my filter
  18. RCS loosing all color ?
  19. Scuds eating my plants?!
  20. Shrimp Chart!
  21. New Shrimp Tanks, 6 Weeks Fishless Cycle - TDS question
  22. What type of snail are these punks and how can I get rid of them?
  23. How to lower Ph safely for shrimp?
  24. If guppy fry are safe would RCS be safe?
  25. New Shrimp Tank!
  26. Those who have "Shrimp Jars"
  27. Grade help please
  28. New Amanos have stripped my driftwood
  29. Can Anyone Identify This????
  30. History of shrimp?
  31. Red shrimps running around in my blue velvet tank...
  32. Lyric's 20Long shrimp tank:
  33. Whats the value of mutt shrimp?
  34. Seachem Prime Shipping
  35. Clown (rocket) Kili with Shrimp?
  36. White cherry shrimp?
  37. Any idea why my ramshorns stay so small?
  38. are TB offspring still pretty random?
  39. neo shrimp breeding/growth rate and temp?
  40. shrimp in action
  41. Shrimp & Flourish Excel
  42. PRL/CRS observation on TDS
  43. Shrimp Culling questions
  44. 2.5G shrimp tank
  45. What should a shrimp club do?
  46. Ramshorn snails
  47. ADA substrate changing CRS
  48. Orange Dwarf Crayfish in community?
  49. RCS Shrimp tank set to music
  50. Tangerine Tiger and Pumpkin
  51. tds meter
  52. Mischling there a better word?
  53. Generational Mutations in "Neoaridina cantonensis"
  54. Assassins snail breeding
  55. Mischling and such
  56. List of Shrimp Clubs in the USA
  57. Why do my RCS crack open and die?
  58. ADA mekong sand?
  59. Looking for these pictures of a tank from this forum *shrimp related*
  60. worm ID
  61. Safe for Cherry Shrimp?
  62. Breeding Nerite Snails?
  63. Assassin Snails...
  64. is my crs tank parameter safe?
  65. TDS Question and Breeding
  66. Breeding Ammanos
  67. Where does everyone buy cherries these days?
  68. cardinal sulawesi shrimp
  69. Help needed Shrimp death each day
  70. Rasboras and cherry shrimps?
  71. So I have probably eaten red cherry shrimp or a distant cousin
  72. What would you grade this girl as?
  73. Advice for catching/moving shrimp
  74. ID please
  75. Potassium Permangante plant dipping
  76. Mr Aqua 17.1 Shrimp Rack
  77. My RCS herd and Mr. Pinchy!
  78. New rack set up
  79. Dormant/dead
  80. EM1 bokashi micro bacteria
  81. Setting up a shimp rack
  82. Could I keep baby mystery snails in a fish bowl
  83. moving a tank help please.
  84. soothing, your ac probs are over
  85. Why why why?
  86. What is the scientific name for a Harlequin lobster?
  87. 2.5 Gallon with Ghost Shrimp
  88. Help me Identify my snail?
  89. Improving my RCS
  90. bear bottom shrimp tank with only moss?
  91. Triops in a shrimp tank?
  92. Bryozoan colony and Purigen?
  93. Rabbit Snail in a Planted Tank
  94. Minimium tank size for happy shrimp?
  95. INVADER: Please help me ID
  96. I think I want to get serious about shrimp.
  97. "Stormcloud" shrimp - already been done?
  98. OEBT parameters (ph specifically)
  99. Any leeches that don't ever suck blood?
  100. 6 x 6 x 4" Good box size for shipping shrimp?
  101. square tank?
  102. Sulawesi Shrimp keepers. A few questions for.
  103. well now...
  104. Bamboo shrimp in community tank?
  105. Snail hitchhiker
  106. amino shrimp?
  107. GREAT Shrimp day!!! C grades galore, NEW PICS 5/11
  108. Pumpkin shrimp mutation
  109. Neon Tetras and shrimp
  110. Planaria invasion?
  111. Vorticella and CRS
  112. Wild bw BEE breed with Mischlings?
  113. filters and shrimp
  114. jade green neo's?
  115. Frustrated, looking for substrate
  116. Red clawed shrimp
  117. Cauliflower?
  118. Super Algae Tank with new shrimp
  119. Shipping USPS prepaid custom weight priority
  120. Nikishi PRL/PBL Grade A or Ebiten PRL/PBL Grade A or Both
  121. The "Great Yellow Explorer" :)
  122. Cherry babies?
  123. Breeder box setup?
  124. Quality staple food?
  125. Lost 2 berried females in the last week
  126. Sister just walked in spraying Lysol..
  127. What are results if two selectively bred shrimp are combined?
  128. Winter drought is over, spring is near!
  129. Amano shrimp
  130. Birthday CRS Shrimp!
  131. Moss ID please, NEW photo 2/20
  132. Im Looking for Daphnia..
  133. Color eggs indicate what?
  134. "BlackBerry" shrimp help with pos. ID please
  135. Deep blue neocaridina?
  136. help identify, please
  137. What type of plants does everyone keep
  138. Berried Blue Velvet
  139. Red Cherry Shrimp Questions
  140. White things in my shrimp Tank
  141. Snail ID?
  142. Plant suggestions with shrimp:
  143. Is it safe to feed shrimp Omega 1 Flake food?
  144. Caught In The Act
  145. Prodibio and shrimp
  146. Blue, red and orange/yellow rili
  147. berried female rcs died or just molted? *With pics*
  148. Rare plants for shrimp tank?
  149. So my CAT ate all my Hikaru algae wafers....
  150. Mischlings moulting before tb babies hatch?
  151. 2 day old RCS and huge clutch
  152. bioload of Amanos
  153. Berried Ghost Shrimp... on the day of a tank move!
  154. Gammarus
  155. cooling tank & plants
  156. Ada & ss gh+????
  157. Shrimp shop in New York?
  158. Nerite Snails
  159. Avocados and Invertabrates
  160. Nerite cons
  161. "wild" Neo
  162. Assassins ate every last MTS what do I do?
  163. Shrimp Tank Design CHALLENGE!
  164. Shrimps Disappeared & Unknown Issues
  165. Snail Id help
  166. Feeding Time! (Sort of)
  167. I wanna collect snails. Suggestions?
  168. Way to catch assassin snails?
  169. Fantasy Blue Jelly
  170. Is RCS Appropriate in this tank?
  171. Let it snow!!!
  172. Bloody Mary Shrimp! Mother and her babies :)
  173. plants in a crs tank
  174. Artificial hatching!
  175. Is my snail ok?
  176. Neos in a picotype
  177. Have you ever use this breeder box?
  178. Benibachi Growth Enzyme???
  179. RCS Deaths and High PH?
  180. Is it normal for shrimp to do nothing?
  181. Is this a yellow neo?
  182. Other shrimp to keep with RCS
  183. Baby pictures! (photo heavy)
  184. Mr. Aqua Shrimp Soil or UP Aqua Shrimp Soil?
  185. Waiting.........
  186. How to move RCS from one tank to another
  187. opae ula vs cherry shrimp
  188. 20L equipment checklist:
  189. Cross breeding neocaridina
  190. how to move shrimp?
  191. What is this orange thing?
  192. Moving shrimp to a bigger tank
  193. What puerto rico?
  194. Pfr at my lfs
  195. frozen snails LIVE
  196. Saddled?
  197. Mysterious Shrimp Deaths, Please Help!!
  198. Has anyone tried...
  199. I do not suggest keeping Assassin Snails and Shrimp together
  200. moss
  201. Shrimp deaths every day
  202. Cherry shrimp dropping eggs/ not breading
  203. Heater advice for CRS
  204. cucumber seeds
  205. Larch Cones in Shrimp Tank?
  206. 5 gallon shrimp Aquascape done right
  207. How long can I keep CRS in a bucket with an air stone?
  208. 5 gallon CRS tank??
  209. Dead or Hiding ?
  210. o2 threw co2 defuser?
  211. Found some new friends in my tank
  212. So my kids want....
  213. Question about the size
  214. Shrimpin rookie
  215. will these shrimp breed together?
  216. ADA Soil
  217. What determines the sex?
  218. RCS Aggression
  219. pre filter help
  220. Would you try and adjust this PH? Or leave it be? CRS
  221. killing hydra with flourish excel?
  222. My fire red and cherry shrimp
  223. Mystery Snails and Fish
  224. RO Water Poll
  225. Heading over to Tokyo, any good deals to pick up there?
  226. pH rising up very quickly... (edited, my bad!)
  227. Ro + di?
  228. Are Bloody Mary eggs yellow?
  229. Best Calcium Suppliment for RCS molting?
  230. Chiller thoughts! !!
  231. salty shrimp gh plus
  232. Why did one leg change color?
  233. RO filter help!
  234. tp water help please and thank you
  235. The benefits of... planaria.
  236. Does the shrimp food really has expiring date?
  237. Water Softener and RO water.
  238. What is this?
  239. Neo's and card's
  240. OEBT coloring up
  241. Anubius poison to CRS?
  242. Are your shrimp tanks "messy"?
  243. Love the information!
  244. PH fluctuations in CRS/CBS 20L
  245. 20 Gallon Red Cherry Shrimp tank
  246. Weather Does Matter
  247. Shrimp and food Help
  248. Does anybody know what type of crayfish that could be?
  249. how did you get rid of snail infestation?
  250. well im not sure i should keep with the hobby...