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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Baby explosion!
  2. rcs to cycle with colony?!?
  3. OEBT's with blue velvets?
  4. Errr Yellow? (My new shrimpment)
  5. My shrimp are trying to tell me something
  6. Invert community question
  7. Shrimplets survival
  8. Pond snails and eating plants
  9. You ever heard of this?
  10. Cherry shrimp tank need filter/heater
  11. Filter going out
  12. Repurpose Mesh Organizer
  13. What to do?
  14. I think they like the new floaters. :)
  15. What's wrong with recyled WC for WC?
  16. Orange Eyed Shadow Panda?
  17. Feeding time... And some berries...
  18. Help with TDS meter
  19. Snails in a shrimp tank, what do you suggest?
  20. Safe way to raise pH with shrimp
  21. Nerite lifespan?
  22. MTS or ASSASSIN!
  23. can someone help identify this parasite/fungus/algae in my cull tank?
  24. Mineral Rocks
  25. shrimp tank maintenance
  26. Some of our shrimp. Enjoy.
  27. Question about water parameter test
  28. Sudden increase in shrimp deaths
  29. Shrimp Products and TDS
  30. Tubiflex worms ?
  31. Plant combo for shrimp tank?
  32. 55 gallon shrimp tank?
  33. Look what arrived today!!!
  34. My quick guide to Keeping CRS
  35. Looking for info on panther crab
  36. I love berries
  37. Shrimp friendly fish?
  38. Food for your shrimp
  39. Parameter good enough for S. cardinal shrimps?
  40. Blue bolt revisited
  41. CBS and Golden grade?
  42. Berried CRS?
  43. Zebra Nerite Snail issue
  44. ID Help: shrimplet or something else
  45. Feeding time!
  46. Bamboo shrimp not eating, etc?
  47. noob help (parameter check)
  48. dosing fenbendazole and planaria
  49. Tantora Mulberry +
  50. Bee shrimp vs lower grade CRS
  51. Some general questions on starter shrimp keeping
  52. White inside = bacterial infection? How to dose?
  53. Random deaths!
  54. what veggies to plant for my shrimp
  55. Another potato camera shot. (FR and Mr. Pinchy)
  56. To all those who like green shrimp
  57. My new CRS. *grin*
  58. Amethyst shrimp?
  59. Other Neo species
  60. My fire red cull tank
  61. Driftwood in Crystal Shrimp Tank
  62. Online Shrimps/Plants?
  63. Shrimp Tank Cycling
  64. Cool Red Cherry Shrimp Photo
  65. Cuttlebone for shrimp tank?
  66. Dolly weight limit for Brute containers - Solved!
  67. Neos dying off after adding in Crystals
  68. Berried Blue Velvets
  69. Shrimp ID and help please
  70. Can Mr. Pinchy have a friend?
  71. Yellow RCS has turned deep green
  72. Invert die off, mostly
  73. Tiny white worms on glass. danger?
  74. Super Tigers - Ideal parameters for breeding?
  75. HELP!! shrimps dying from not being able to molt
  76. Do you see what I see? :)
  77. Funny shrimp molting video
  78. My Crystal Red color fading
  79. Shoot!
  80. Need help with Cherry shrimp prob.
  81. would this cause natural color shrimp?
  82. wine red vs ruby red ?
  83. PH Help, Very strange!
  84. How many shrimp for non-shrimp tank?
  85. Looking for thread/guide on dry start HC tank
  86. Carbon Rili and Blue Wizards together
  87. Thai Micro Crab Breeding
  88. This is what happens when your LFS knows nothing about shrimp....
  89. Nerite snail egg ???
  90. Update on our crs tank
  91. Blue Bolt questions...
  92. low grade CRS/CBS breeding in tap water?
  93. Tantora Shrimp Products
  94. Unknown shrimplet dilemna
  95. How soon can males mate?
  96. OEBT / Royal Blue WP's
  97. Assassin snails and shrimp
  98. Gassing amanos, which options is better?
  99. How many drips per second?
  100. Orange/Pumpkin Shrimp Breeding True? Yes or No?
  101. Akadama
  102. Questions for shrimp buyers?
  103. How to increase GH?
  104. Shrimp Tank Noobie
  105. SSSS shrimp?
  106. Solid White CBS SSS+
  107. Informative Sources
  108. C grade/super red crs vs tb?
  109. What are these?
  110. $1 per gallon heads up
  111. Just showing off the kids
  112. How do you set up your shrimp tank?
  113. Water Change frequency
  114. diseases?
  115. RCS deaths (I swore I wouldn't do this...)
  116. White worms floating in water column
  117. Taiwan Bee Tank Reborn
  118. Hammer's Cobalt Blue Lobster
  119. Shrimp party
  120. Why are my shrimp swimming around the tank?
  121. Wanna see something disgusting?
  122. Which would you rather keep?
  123. Don't really understand...
  124. Shrimp and Water Chemistry Products
  125. Preggers or just fat?
  126. Water flow
  127. RO Top off
  128. Cpo cray question
  129. Question about mix
  130. Hot weather shipping?
  131. who's that snail?
  132. What shrimp do you house together?
  133. Sulawesi Tank
  134. dechlor and ro water?
  135. Have you used Seachem CupriSorb?
  136. Shrimp Tank Filter
  137. Shrimp id
  138. Comparison of Nerite snails page?
  139. Morph Id plz
  140. Coloration food vs natural
  141. Help with Shrimp issue please
  142. Question
  143. Healthy tank
  144. Shrimp dying
  145. RO storage container?
  146. Happy Shrimp. :)
  147. shrimp/excel/fert questions. noob
  148. Are males more active?
  149. Missing Shrimp
  150. Blue Pearls
  151. Indian Almond Leaf
  152. Anyone use Mopani wood? Did it kill your shrimp?
  153. Has anyone seen speedie?
  154. The food your shrimp go the craziest for
  155. the shrimp farm changes owners
  156. First time RCS owner
  157. Assassin snails: yes they will kill healthy livestock
  158. Red Crystal Shrimp
  159. Using Skeletons to increase the blue in BB
  160. mom and baby crawfish question
  161. It's a beautiful beautiful thing...
  162. Amano shrimp
  163. What am I?
  164. White crawfish
  165. What's on it?
  166. mischling offspring
  167. Ellen wang vs benbachi
  168. Baby Rabbit Snails?
  169. Wild neos
  170. Neos and Caridinas Share Parameters
  171. Gender Attributes for CRS?
  172. Oh my goodness! Look what I got for free from a neighbor!
  173. Where people buy Nerite snails?
  174. Are shrimp happier in numbers?
  175. Shrimp???
  176. Cherry Shrimp saddled but not berried.
  177. Soothing Shrimp's Blue Velvets
  178. bamboo shrimp and feeding
  179. Will Snails Eat Shrimp Eggs?
  180. RCS and PH Swings
  181. Sponge filter suction cups?
  182. What kind of this red shrimp is this?
  183. SS solution?
  184. Shipping to Alaska?
  185. Who has Thia Micro Crabs ?
  186. What is a good 100% invert safe fertilizer to use to help mosses grow better/faster?
  187. Invert food storage idea!
  188. Mexican Dwarf Crawfish
  189. Strange OEBT Deaths
  190. My new painted fires, fresh out of the bag
  191. Would amanos be fine with this stock?
  192. Shrimp On Da Barbie...
  193. My tank is cycling nicely but.. temp problem.
  194. Crawfish Shaming...
  195. Nerite snails and cherry shrimp
  196. Shrimp DNA Sequencing
  197. My SaltyShrimp data points
  198. Show me your shrimp tanks!
  199. What kind of algae Cherry Shrimp eats?
  200. GH upper:
  201. Which is highest grade, Pure Red Line or SSS?
  202. Help identifying shrimp
  203. Cratered landscape: Mystery snail burying itself
  204. Shrimp LOVE sperm!
  205. Carbon Rilis Help!
  206. shrimp starts... (rcs)
  207. Cherry shrimp baby out of no where?
  208. Almost ready for King Kongs, but have a couple questions
  209. Help! Auto Water Change system ammonia problems
  210. gh and TDS ranges for tb
  211. Snail appeared in my tank?
  212. GH / KH Help and API test kit.
  213. Shrimp substrate help..
  214. Mutation from my red rili shrimp
  215. Bioload question
  216. Help w/ ID
  217. The herd checking out their new friends
  218. Mr. Pinchy had a late night snack...
  219. Up Aqua Sand
  220. flat worms in a shrimp tank?
  221. weird bug in my tank
  222. Wanna see some sweet BM's
  223. Use of alder cones in a shrimp tank?
  224. How to feed RCS with pushy and fat Cory cats.
  225. Missing tutorial on which shrimp varieties eat which algae types?
  226. finally...
  227. My cotton candy pink ramshorns and other snail friends
  228. CRS mass die off.
  229. Tired of killing shrimp
  230. CBS SSS+ Line
  231. CRS and API PH Down
  232. Nubi question on shrimp.
  233. Rili Transparency
  234. Maracyn II powder dosage
  235. Cherry Shrimps are slow eaters?
  236. does anyone do central filtration?
  237. New Shrimp Habitat.. would like advise and suggestions please.
  238. My veggie assassin snail
  239. How to get rid of Planaria
  240. TDS? for Crystal Red Shrimp
  241. New shrimp food to try.
  242. Is it the beginning of a green neo quest?
  243. Shrimp recommendations
  244. My plants aren't doing well - lighting and shrimp?
  245. Are Amanos born with their side/top markings?
  246. All my Fire Reds died from molting
  247. Is this red shrimp large enough?
  248. Why did all my Ramshorns die at once??
  249. what kind of tiger shrimp is this?
  250. Is it a golden bee?