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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Raise Crystal shrimps without substrate
  2. Flourish Potassium
  3. Lack of surviving babies. Shrimp safe snails?
  4. Best bottom feeders
  5. What is this in my tank?
  6. CRS Babies!! Pictures
  7. Selecting Shrimp
  8. Water top up?
  9. cheep red shrimp?
  10. Need advice on breeding shrimp!!!
  11. New shrimp tank
  12. I have a couple of questions about type and breeding
  13. Update on "I have little red shrimp and I don't know why" thread
  14. Tiger shrimp feeding frenzy
  15. RCS and CO2 advise & suggestion
  16. Can someone tell me what kind of snail this is?
  17. Hey Shrimpers how do you.....
  18. Seahorse Aquariums Shrimp Event with Chris Lukhaup
  19. what is my shrimp?
  20. Shrimp dying
  21. Shrimp and ferts
  22. Shrimp killing worms ?
  23. ninja marmorkrebs
  24. Expert shrimp keepers, please help
  25. WHere to buy Amanos?
  26. Saltyshrimp remineralizer not dissolving?
  27. Need real advice on a potential substrate toxicity
  28. Nicest substrate to show off darker shrimp?
  29. best way to trigger breeding (RCS)?
  30. The truth about snails.
  31. Mystery snail has been corked up tight for a week- dead?
  32. How do horn nerites work?
  33. I have baby shrimp!
  34. Amano behavior?
  35. How to dosage glas garten bacter powder?
  36. 1st Shrimp Tank
  37. Is it worth doing?
  38. Cherry shall turned "cloudy"
  39. Please help me ID this shrimp
  40. Yellow Rili Shrimp Problem
  41. Random snail infestation!
  42. Cracked Shell
  43. Filter floss in place of moss
  44. GH KH Help please!
  45. New Taiwan Bee Mutation
  46. what is this dragonfly/shrimp/grasshopper looking bug thingy, is it good or bad?
  47. Algae in shrimp tank
  48. I had seen this before, and now I became a victim.
  49. Distinguishing juvie tiger shrimp from male RCS/Rili
  50. Will these breeds interbreed?
  51. zebra snails keep dying
  52. What kind of snail is this in my tank? better than nerites!!
  53. Blue Rili?
  54. Orange CPO breeding startup
  55. Dead nerite snails
  56. My PRL Ellen wang
  57. Shrimps in the filter
  58. what is this?
  59. Can I put Shrimp in with this population?
  60. Plants or no plants in a shrimp tank?
  61. Coloration
  62. Snail Infestation!
  63. Shrimp Love (they like it rough)
  64. Shrimp Losing Color
  65. Thought I lost him but....
  66. I can't believe my eyes ...
  67. Getting rid of amphipods
  68. Flourish Excel
  69. Dwarf Crayfish tank
  70. How much would they be worth?
  71. TB and mischlings?
  72. should i expect shrimplets?
  73. How many shrimp to start off with?
  74. First time crystal shrimp parent!
  75. Starting a Shrimp Tank
  76. Shrimp friendly ferts?
  77. Snail identification?
  78. Best Homemade Food Recipe for Sulawesi Cardinals?
  79. skittles tank
  80. Suicidal Nerites
  81. New Mutay on Blue Jellies?
  82. Are these snail eggs?
  83. new CBS & carbon rili's
  84. Male CPO keeps trying to mate with pregnant female?
  85. Where to buy Caridina japonica?
  86. Carbon Rilis
  87. Dosed flourish comprehensive and amanos went nuts
  88. Snail ID
  89. CBS/CRS babies are more shy?
  90. Quickest I can Introduce Shrimp?
  91. Aquarium Cooling
  92. Taiwan Bee, NYC adventure.
  93. High Tech Shrimp tank?
  94. Need advice on a canister.
  95. What grade are my cherries?
  96. Oyster shells
  97. What's PRL A grade and S grade?
  98. ramshorn snails.
  99. silly question
  100. My Sulawesi Shrimp (Yellow Cheek, Cardinal, and Brown Camo)
  101. I found this in a puddle. What is it?
  102. Ways of Controllin Snails
  103. All shrimp have died, can't work out why.
  104. What size is your shrimp tank?
  105. Just sharing some excitement
  106. How to safely raise the TDS ?
  107. One of my Taiwan Bee breeding tanks
  108. Advise on RO system
  109. What do ya'll think?
  110. Does RCS eat snails??
  111. Red bolt???
  112. My shrimp (Blue bolts, Pintos, CRS)
  113. Marmorkrebs all died over night...
  114. Macrobrachium assamense...questions
  115. Found 13 rcs babies in my eheim filter! :D
  116. What are these things?
  117. Bringing out the reds
  118. GlasGarten Products Reviewed
  119. What happened to make them stop being energetic?
  120. Amano shrimp: Prison break
  121. Mini Ramshorn Snail Scientific Name
  122. my beauties
  123. Reds get a Rescape!
  124. Slice zucchini?
  125. Fenbendazole & Taiwan Bee Shrimp
  126. Almost given up!
  127. Caught my tiger shrimp filter feeding in the current (video).
  128. 5 berried cherry shrimp
  129. Saved a dead rcs eggs!
  130. Parameter math
  131. RCS with Fish
  132. Food killing my shrimp?
  133. White spot on the tank
  134. How to keep blackworms alive
  135. Cholla wood???
  136. CRS: Only 1 female breeding
  137. R/O Units
  138. Random Photos Of Shrimpness (RPOS)
  139. Feeding sweet potato
  140. Lost another cherry/fire red, also need TDS suggestion
  141. 7 of 11 -- Manual Hatch Crystal Shrimps
  142. Move snails or leave them?
  143. Starting a Taiwan bee tank
  144. White spot on OEBT
  145. Planaria
  146. GH/KH test kit and TDS meter came today.
  147. Filter in Fluval View Tank for Shrimps
  148. Cleaning/maintaining shrimp tank w/o harming shrimplets?
  149. Planaria and Hydra
  150. Will shrimp eat live foods?
  151. Best snails for cleaning up shrimp feces?
  152. crystal black/red shrimp
  153. Easiest substrates
  154. New to Shrimps, adding to community tank
  155. Shrimp shrimp and shrimp info
  156. Surprise carbon rili!
  157. Help with cause of deaths Red Rili and Cherry
  158. Mail order plants killing shrimp
  159. Marmorkrebs/Sexy Cloning Crayfish Beasts
  160. Eggs on Marimo Ball... Pond snails?
  161. Assasin Snail killing my shrimp
  162. "Crystal Clear" by Aquarium Products
  163. Random interval cherry shrimp deaths
  164. filtration for a 11.8 gallon aquarium
  165. question about filtering RCS tank
  166. Creating a shrimp strain?!
  167. Daphnia culture?
  168. CPO with 2 legs :(
  169. Whats this worm?
  170. PH, GH, KH and what not
  171. Another NYC Shrimper.
  172. Mixing Shrimp
  173. Anyone keep CRS in 77 degree water?
  174. Royal Blue Tiger
  175. Cursed tank
  176. Types of Aquatic worms
  177. Does this look like a bacterial infection?
  178. Is there any temperature based "electronic timer"
  179. Not sure if my shrimp is dead?
  180. Nitrate test kit doesn't work
  181. finally googled saddled shrimps....
  182. Will thai micro crabs and red cherry shrimp be safe?
  183. Taiwan bee shrimps dying:(
  184. Immaculate Conshrimption?
  185. Cold pack choices, what do you use?
  186. Paedocypris Progenetica (one of world's smallest fish) with shrimps
  187. Full tank bacterial treatment
  188. Tigers are looking good!
  189. Berried females but no babies
  190. Where are all these critters coming from?
  191. How Many Nerites?
  192. Will Amanos and Mysteries Outcompete Pest Snails?
  193. Medicating and Quarantining Snails?
  194. any one use uv in their shrimp tank
  195. Cherry deaths linked to anubias nana?
  196. ghost shrimp
  197. White Worm
  198. Pre-berried RCS?
  199. awesomeness
  200. Petco" rescue"
  201. Happy Mother's Day
  202. any breeding charts for neos?
  203. Hong Kong - MongKok 'Goldfish Street' Adventure
  204. Please ID this snail?!
  205. Blue spots on RCS
  206. Curved backs... Gh too high?
  207. Land snails?
  208. Lobster (Crayfish)
  209. ro water
  210. Is the National Geographic gravel decent for RCS?
  211. Cherry shrimp birth question
  212. Red Ramshorn turning black
  213. Any ideas why my shrimp are dying?
  214. CRS shrimp. Tap at 50PPM - R/O unit worth it?
  215. Could anyone share pic about bacterial infection?
  216. How to raise crayfish?
  217. Shrimp Egg Acclimation?
  218. Blue bees crossed with crs or cbs possible?
  219. Why is this so hard? Finding substate?
  220. best bacterial infection medication
  221. Coral Has HIV-Fighting Protein
  222. Macro of my CRS
  223. another fert question
  224. Blue or Cherry Shrimp?
  225. What is this freshwater bug?
  226. Corner filter VS Sponge filter
  227. Royal Blue Tigers in ADA Amazonia
  228. How much bio-load do shrimp actually have?
  229. Post acclimating wild type neos
  230. Help me Id this local snail
  231. small worms in my crs tank
  232. Shrimp dying
  233. Taiwan bee grading guide?
  234. Any easier way to tell if a nerite is female?
  235. Time to replace RODI media?
  236. its a shrimpocolipse in here
  237. Best Plants for a shrimp tank
  238. New tank planning
  239. Amano Shrimp Breeding in Freshwater?
  240. my mischling tank is collapsing
  241. Sexing my red cherrys
  242. Newbie need advice
  243. Skittish Amanos?
  244. best set up to breed your shrimp? neo? card?
  245. Scuds in my RCS tank
  246. Red Crystal Shrimp - 1 Gallon Hang on Breeder
  247. What did i just see?
  248. Preferred Food Forms for Shrimp?
  249. Grass, glass, or ghost
  250. Dirt and shrimp?