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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Red Cherry Shrimp are dying
  2. Orange spot on crs
  3. My PRLs
  4. Know what happens when your pump hose fails?
  5. Snail ID
  6. Panda
  7. Needed ID (What are these?? "Pic Added")
  8. ferts...
  9. Shrimp/fish Compatibility question
  10. My TB tank
  11. Dividing a tank for shrimp
  12. Nerite snails in panted tank ?
  13. Salty Shrimp GH+
  14. Will FLUbendazole kill shrimp (have hydras)
  15. What is this in my shrimp tank?
  16. Tiny white bugs in shrimp tank!. Picture attached.
  17. Help with snail poo
  18. Osmocote Plus and Shrimp
  19. best soil for shrimps?
  20. berried Niskihi
  21. Assassin Snail
  22. Fertilizers
  23. male/female thoughts please.
  24. Orange Dwarf Crayfish
  25. Adjusting water for orange dwarf crawfish
  26. Shrimp on my mind
  27. Amano Running Laps
  28. trying out macro filters on my canon t3 (new pic 7-25)
  29. water changes and rcs
  30. Shrimp for a fast tank
  31. Why do nerites do this?
  32. Just for fun
  33. Where to buy Shrimp
  34. yellow water...
  35. Newbie trying to start an RCS tank. Help please
  36. CRS tools
  37. What is this not glass shrimp shrimp?
  38. Is this a pregnant amano shrimp?
  39. yellow lemon shrimp?
  40. Alder Cones
  41. Newbie to Shrimps
  42. Red Cherry Shrimp and Co2
  43. Finally a PRL tank with lots of pics
  44. Shrimp tank cycling tips?
  45. Powdered algae warning
  46. Snail ID
  47. Been awhile!
  48. Do all snails eat Water sprite?
  49. shrimp mixing colour strains
  50. Red Cherry Shrimp Dying
  51. crs and amano more active
  52. Best way to catch red cherry shrimp?
  53. Name That Shrimp
  54. Anyone successfully keep shrimp with fish?
  55. BBA in shrimp tank
  56. OEBT Shrimp die after molting
  57. Purigen/Mesh bags
  58. new CRS crystal tattoo
  59. Parasite help!
  60. Filmed my CRS giving birth!
  61. Amano question
  62. For all your lazy shrimp
  63. Some fatalities with No-Planaria
  64. Help IDing snail or parasite?
  65. My Tibees
  66. CBS SSS or PBL
  67. Crystal Blue bee shrimp
  68. Dead Amanos
  69. My 5.5 gallon "Dump Tank"
  70. Will RCS or CRS thrive in my tank?
  71. How long/many water changes after meds ?
  72. Is a 40 gal cube too big for a shrimp tank?
  73. Best season to ship shrimp?
  74. Easy to care for shrimp that don't need RO water
  75. De-worming snails and shrimps of internal parasites.. Can it be done?
  76. Ghost Clarkii Crayfish finally have babies
  77. How old until CRS can breed?
  78. Amazonia and ro water
  79. Bloody Mary Shrimp
  80. Shrimp ID?
  81. Help with Golden Bee
  82. Omg! My PBL is berried again
  83. To Cull or not to Cull
  84. Anyone keep Thai Micro Crabs on here?
  85. Cracking between shell?!?!?!
  86. Dragon taiwan bee
  87. Which source of water to use..?
  88. Marimo Moss Balls Soaked in Club Soda
  89. Rabbit Snails / Amano Shrimp for my tank?
  90. Substrate for OEBT's
  91. Crab species breeding in captivity
  92. trumpet snail or rabbit?
  93. My Red Cherry Shrimp Tank
  94. Selective breeding, what kind of shrimp?
  95. CRS Breeding
  96. Why don't they breed and they randomly die?
  97. Why is my tds so high?
  98. What's your favorite kind of shrimp food?
  99. Oebt RBT breeding
  100. Recommended way to cool shrimp tank
  101. I sucked up berried RCS in gravel vac :(
  102. The amazing shrimp
  103. Free Aquarium Advice
  104. Ultralife blue green algae remover
  105. Amanos and Their Tendency to Jump?
  106. Feeding shrimp
  107. dying shrimp
  108. Unknown Organism?!!
  109. AC-related shrimpmergency
  110. Shrimp tank equipment questions
  111. Long term inbreading leading to population crash?
  112. Nematode I think
  113. Water Turn-over for red cherry shrimps?
  114. BeeBalls
  115. Has anybody tried this out?
  116. CPO in old quarantine tank
  117. Evo's Ebi's-PRL
  118. Advice/tips on full substrate change and rescape
  119. An end to my Journey
  120. Amano Shrimp and Angelfish (can it work?)
  121. Blue Jelly TB???
  122. Blue Velvet Shrimp!
  123. RCS is lethargic and not acting right?
  124. Can I add shrimp now?
  125. Some of my Tibees
  126. Taitibee Project
  127. Foods that Dwarf Gouramis Won't Eat/Get
  128. Tank just finished cycling - what's first?
  129. New to TPT...My shrimp tank...
  130. babies on the way!!!!
  131. RBT culls changed colors on me
  132. WTB Shrimp Tank Set Up--San Francisco Bay Area
  133. no planaria kills snails
  134. hmm... hob to a skimmer...
  135. is Vaseline shrimp safe?
  136. unknown invert
  137. Fire Red Shrimp!
  138. When do I cull
  139. It's a feeding frenzy!
  140. Juvenile PFRs color discrepancy
  141. Snail ID please
  142. Breeding dwarf shrimp for large size?
  143. Strange genetic mutation?
  144. Electric Pink Crayfish
  145. Odds of Cherry shrimp shedding while berried?
  146. Shrimp id
  147. rili vs rcs
  148. Porcelain disease?
  149. My BV'S came out to play
  150. My Tibee+Pinto project starts to get interesting (other shrimps too!)
  151. What's Happening to my Bamboo Shrimp?!
  152. My ( one of ) PRL tank
  153. Random Snail
  154. Injured CPO? Fungus? Crayfish with... feathers?
  155. RCS in poop: bright red?
  156. Why are my TT's dying all at once?
  157. Carbon ?
  158. Biofilm and a new tank?
  159. Broke out the DSLR, i really need a macro lens, just some pics.
  160. Pretty sure I saw one, can you help find where it was?
  161. How to balance a planted tank, fertilizing, and shrimp?
  162. Will these babies survive?
  163. Weeping Mulberry
  164. I've got Cherry Berries :)
  165. Unidentified Snail
  166. Shieldtox Autospray
  167. White Fuzz + Berried OEBT = Normal?
  168. Otto sp may not be shrimp safe
  169. filter question
  170. Breather bag question #2
  171. Neos & Cardinia with Heaters
  172. Ultimate Breather bags?
  173. Red Cherry and Nerite Snail questions
  174. No Planaria dosing begins...
  175. CPO mating for 4 hours?????
  176. Twinstar Shrimp
  177. Best nano shrimp tank?
  178. Caught red handed! Amano eating my Bacopa!
  179. water question for RCS
  180. Cuprisorb
  181. Pop Quiz: Shrimp ID
  182. New here! Couple questions
  183. Night time feeding?
  184. No other place to ask, so here's an important question:
  185. How's this for a shrimp tank?
  186. Anyone have rabbit snails?
  187. moonlight sand for neo or cardinal?
  188. Has anyone done shrimp in pond or pool?
  189. Mini ramshorn population crash.
  190. How to raise TDS with out changing kh/gh
  191. CRS Prices
  192. I had a dream last night..
  193. Pure Red Line
  194. Cardinal Shrimp diet question
  195. RO or tap for top-off ?
  196. H202 and shrimps
  197. Is this okay to feed rcs?
  198. Wanting to start a shrimp tank...
  199. waterflow in 5.5gal tank
  200. First try at shrimp!
  201. troubleshoot rcs tank
  202. So I tried something nuts.....
  203. Bacterial infection?
  204. Fish with shrimp
  205. Shrimp Substrate
  206. Would really like some help on Setting up two shrimp tanks
  207. How to stabilize ph with a KH of 0??
  208. Ch3f's All Things Shrimps
  209. What is this stuff?
  210. New RCS "glass surfing"
  211. calcium issues...
  212. Rcs won't eat expensive food
  213. Gathering Information, and interest? On Blackberry shrimps(Cardina cf. Babaulti!)
  214. Nerita snail mass death.
  215. Best fancy shrimp to breed
  216. Feeding amano shrimp zoeys
  217. will alum & potassium permanganate dips kill shrimp?
  218. Best substrate for OEBT?
  219. Show us your best male PFR!
  220. Do RCS always need to be culled to maintain color morph?
  221. 7-1 update: Why aren't my shrimp thriving?
  222. How to change substrate safely?
  223. Issues
  224. Cloudy tank questions
  225. Certain shrimp colors less likely to be prey?
  226. Inconsistant tds meter
  227. Shrimp tank in low PH
  228. Lesser duckweed vs stem of Water wisteria for small tank?
  229. Why a cloudy tank?
  230. RCS tank cycled, am I ready?
  231. How to clean Hamburg Mattenfilter in an established shrimp tank?
  232. Red Taiwan Bee tank
  233. Berried bkk molted
  234. Geosesarma owners
  235. Mixing shrimp questions
  236. What is this worm thing in my shrimp tank? Picture
  237. Amano behavior
  238. Shrimp Setup
  239. Horseshoe crabs... anyone?
  240. blue bolt parameters?
  241. First try with CBS concerned about my water.
  242. Re-Starting the Cycle/ Fungas?
  243. the undying mts
  244. Shrimp Cross Breeding Guide?
  245. Why do you love pet shrimp?
  246. TDS up ?
  247. Mosura Mineral Plus Ultra For RCS?
  248. We have all been there...
  249. Ramshorn Snails
  250. I think pond snails clean better than nerites