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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Are my parameters ok for cherries/tigers?
  2. Best shrimp for my parameters?
  3. Ghost shrimp aggression, is it founded?
  4. Shrimp tank questions
  5. Need some advice!
  6. Snail ID
  7. Shrimp keep dying
  8. Blue Lobster
  9. What is this weird egg-sac thing?
  10. im looking to make purple shrimp
  11. Is this a baby nerite?
  12. Setting up a 15 Gallon RCS Tank
  13. how important choosing the right bactery starter?
  14. Dorm Room Shrimp
  15. new rack
  16. ID this worm ?
  17. Copepods and shrimp
  18. Shrimp Mineral Supplement Questions
  19. help snail ID?!
  20. more shrimp issues
  21. Nerite snails
  22. do i need to feed my cherry shrimp?
  23. Nerite snail eggs
  24. green fungus on fires??
  25. Which macro are these.
  26. poll: what do YOU keep your crs tds at?!
  27. Malaysian trumpet
  28. Help! Shrimp acting "Stunned"?
  29. worried about crayfish
  30. Amano blue/on his back
  31. Rabbit snail hybrids?
  32. Are cherries tolerant of 0 KH?
  33. What do you think about this shrimp gel food recipe?
  34. CRS water questions
  35. Half CRS Half CBS
  36. Re-starting 5.5 gallon for Cherries, need advice
  37. First berried Cherry
  38. Damaged nerite snail
  39. feeding shrimp
  40. Yaya pregnant at last :)
  41. When to take the risk again?
  42. Yellow KingKong
  43. Sudden Amano deaths?
  44. Snails
  45. Ghost shrimp cloudy in high light?
  46. What should I do?
  47. new tank- opae ula
  48. Tiger problem, not frenzy and not active searching food
  49. what is going on with my red cherry shrimp
  50. tanins and shrimp?
  51. Shrimp death
  52. CRS and KH
  53. Ghost Shrimp milky Whiteness?
  54. Copepod/cyclops (1-3mm size) bad for shrimplet?
  55. New shrimpment from Nick, shadow mosuras
  56. Disappearing Shrimp
  57. Looking for advice on starting a desktop nano tank
  58. TDS for crs
  59. Spinach Food Problem
  60. breeding marbled crays help
  61. OEBT Issues
  62. any ideas on why my CRS/CBS are losing white?!
  63. How to use Sera GH Test Kit?
  64. ID help needed please
  65. why my CRS won't reproduce?
  66. Co2 and Shrimp
  67. super reds?
  68. Frequency of feeding
  69. Little Mystery snail that could not...
  70. Preparing food for shrimp
  71. random snail?
  72. The Benefit of Mixing RO with Tap?
  73. Adding new substrate to existing substrate...what will happen to shrimp?
  74. Shrimp - help!
  75. Mystery snail problems
  76. When to remove uneaten zucchini?
  77. Mesh Breeder Box for Shrimplets?
  78. Assassin snails
  79. Golden bee or low quality Snow White?
  80. cuttle bone for shrimp?
  81. Rid-X as Shrimp Feeding Supplement
  82. where to buy daphnia
  83. New tank advice
  84. hmm sponge is green...
  85. Need help choosing nano tank for rcs
  86. Blue/black discoloration on body/PFRs dropping like flies
  87. Is this a good idea?
  88. 2.5g Fluval spec cherry style
  89. What do you guys know about Shadow Mosura/Crown Taiwan Bees???
  90. Random red tigers eating
  91. Shrimp Molts
  92. Rock Island's 10g red cherry tanks (updated Aug 9, 2014)
  93. What are the best Params for OEBT?
  94. need to find
  95. RO water VS RO/DI for Shrimps
  96. 7.5 gallon CRS breeding tank
  97. Cherry Shrimp Dying but Crystal Red Shrimp living. Need Help.
  98. lets id this little scud or arthropod
  99. Bacterial infection.... Need help
  100. shrimp tank prep
  101. Petco Cherries
  102. Do Japanese Trapdoor snails bury themselves?
  103. Like a scene from a sci fi show
  104. Half/Full-bare-bottom tank setup for Dream Blue neos? Need help deciding (: !
  105. oops to big....
  106. Looking For Good Shrimp/Snails
  107. Panacur for Hydra in a tank with Shrimp and Oto
  108. Water questions
  109. Petsmart sand/substrate for CRS/Tiger Shrimp
  110. black sand
  111. Best Way to Cool a TB or CRS tank
  112. quikrete all purpose sand
  113. My new CRS! I think I have Albino CRS too!!
  114. Params for TBs and CRS
  115. Almost frying size...
  116. Some shrimps I have been breeding
  117. Sulawesi Shrimp
  118. Water Conditioner For TBs?
  119. RCS molting?
  120. Another what is this? Snail ID? MTS?
  121. over grown :/
  122. Bloody Mary ain't worth the money
  123. Suggestions for how to replace my leaking tank
  124. Crystal Shrimp
  125. red blue and yellow patch red cherry shrimp in tiny tank
  126. Sera snail collect
  127. Really fat worm/grub in tank.
  128. Crs slowly dying out
  129. Water Hardness Question
  130. TB females
  131. Question about low grade chocolate shrimp
  132. Loving Rili
  133. What has been you biggest mistake keeping shrimp?
  134. A couple pics from my tank
  135. WTB--Cherry Red Shrimp
  136. Who has had a tank seam break
  137. R/O Ph going up??
  138. Please ID my new shrimp
  139. Cherry shrimp and loaches?
  140. Question about amanos
  141. Do Cherry Shrimp Fry?
  142. gauging interest for a tri-state area shrimp/invertebrate "club"
  143. First attempt to hatch eggs
  144. Shrimp Substrate Questions
  145. Filter babies
  146. Bugs in tank, copepods?
  147. Shrimpzilla & baby cherry shrimp
  148. Do you keep the RCS outdoor?
  149. Shipping shrimp for dummies?
  150. Talk to me about shrimp
  151. Ghost shrimp baby picture
  152. Clam keeping
  153. Adding to the PRL crew
  154. Mystery shrimp
  155. Assassin snail weird discharge.
  156. Mr. Pinchy Feeding! :)
  157. Rabbit Snails?
  158. Whats the best way to breed TBs?
  159. Crayfish XXX
  160. Red Cherry Shrimp are dying
  161. Orange spot on crs
  162. My PRLs
  163. Know what happens when your pump hose fails?
  164. Snail ID
  165. Panda
  166. Needed ID (What are these?? "Pic Added")
  167. ferts...
  168. Shrimp/fish Compatibility question
  169. My TB tank
  170. Dividing a tank for shrimp
  171. Nerite snails in panted tank ?
  172. Salty Shrimp GH+
  173. Will FLUbendazole kill shrimp (have hydras)
  174. What is this in my shrimp tank?
  175. Tiny white bugs in shrimp tank!. Picture attached.
  176. Help with snail poo
  177. Osmocote Plus and Shrimp
  178. best soil for shrimps?
  179. berried Niskihi
  180. Assassin Snail
  181. Fertilizers
  182. male/female thoughts please.
  183. Orange Dwarf Crayfish
  184. Adjusting water for orange dwarf crawfish
  185. Shrimp on my mind
  186. Amano Running Laps
  187. trying out macro filters on my canon t3 (new pic 7-25)
  188. water changes and rcs
  189. Shrimp for a fast tank
  190. Why do nerites do this?
  191. Just for fun
  192. Where to buy Shrimp
  193. yellow water...
  194. Newbie trying to start an RCS tank. Help please
  195. CRS tools
  196. What is this not glass shrimp shrimp?
  197. Is this a pregnant amano shrimp?
  198. yellow lemon shrimp?
  199. Alder Cones
  200. Newbie to Shrimps
  201. Red Cherry Shrimp and Co2
  202. Finally a PRL tank with lots of pics
  203. Shrimp tank cycling tips?
  204. Powdered algae warning
  205. Snail ID
  206. Been awhile!
  207. Do all snails eat Water sprite?
  208. shrimp mixing colour strains
  209. Red Cherry Shrimp Dying
  210. crs and amano more active
  211. Best way to catch red cherry shrimp?
  212. Name That Shrimp
  213. Anyone successfully keep shrimp with fish?
  214. BBA in shrimp tank
  215. OEBT Shrimp die after molting
  216. Purigen/Mesh bags
  217. new CRS crystal tattoo
  218. Parasite help!
  219. Filmed my CRS giving birth!
  220. Amano question
  221. For all your lazy shrimp
  222. Some fatalities with No-Planaria
  223. Help IDing snail or parasite?
  224. My Tibees
  225. CBS SSS or PBL
  226. Crystal Blue bee shrimp
  227. Dead Amanos
  228. My 5.5 gallon "Dump Tank"
  229. Will RCS or CRS thrive in my tank?
  230. How long/many water changes after meds ?
  231. Is a 40 gal cube too big for a shrimp tank?
  232. Best season to ship shrimp?
  233. Easy to care for shrimp that don't need RO water
  234. De-worming snails and shrimps of internal parasites.. Can it be done?
  235. Ghost Clarkii Crayfish finally have babies
  236. How old until CRS can breed?
  237. Amazonia and ro water
  238. Bloody Mary Shrimp
  239. Shrimp ID?
  240. Help with Golden Bee
  241. Omg! My PBL is berried again
  242. To Cull or not to Cull
  243. Anyone keep Thai Micro Crabs on here?
  244. Cracking between shell?!?!?!
  245. Dragon taiwan bee
  246. Which source of water to use..?
  247. Marimo Moss Balls Soaked in Club Soda
  248. Rabbit Snails / Amano Shrimp for my tank?
  249. Substrate for OEBT's
  250. Crab species breeding in captivity