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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. RCS not surviving new tank
  2. Ro vs Distilled
  3. Grading rcs.
  4. Plant Leeches: Good or Bad?
  5. How to feed amano shrimp in a heavily planted tank
  6. Planted Sulawesi Tank?
  7. What RO/DI system?
  8. Shrimp Egg Color
  9. Where to buy RCS?
  10. Fluval FX6 canister with shrimp
  11. Koralia nano and shrimp
  12. empty tanks...
  13. Smallest Snails that Dig?
  14. Scuds & Algaefix
  15. Is this a scud?
  16. erythromycin and CRS
  17. Will it harm my Cherry shrimp fry?
  18. Why the color change on my crs?
  19. Type of Ammonia
  20. Aquaclear or sponge filter for 10 gallon shrimp tank?
  21. Can anyone ID this snail pls
  22. Kalk+2 for freshwater and invert tanks
  23. Smallest Lobster Trap Ever
  24. crazy crayfish. ..
  25. Amano shrimp and panicking
  26. Shrimp pic
  27. Do crayfish slow down with their eating as they age?
  28. care differences
  29. White tail spots on an orange sakura?
  30. Question about Shrimp Breeding
  31. Glass/Ghost Shrimp basics I should know?
  32. Best shrimp plants
  33. Baby Cherry Shrimp?
  34. Snow whites with crs
  35. Bacter AE and RCS appetite
  36. Gh+
  37. Best Snails for Fish Waste & Algae?
  38. Amano Shrimp in Evolve2
  39. Tricks?
  40. Daphnia
  41. Nerite snail question
  42. Shrimp Trap
  43. Fish eating shrimp food
  44. How can I keep both plants and shrimp both happy?!?!
  45. Tiny white spot
  46. green water vs spirulina for daphnia
  47. Just caught my crayfish molting on video, also what kind is he?
  48. seachem comp safe for scuds?
  49. Growth rate and adulthood of CRS
  50. Tetra Sponge Filters
  51. Will these two crossbrees for sure?
  52. Anyone NOT do water changes on there shrimp tank?
  53. Strange Nerite skin color
  54. Old 10 Gallon lying around; starting out, would like advice.
  55. Sponge Filter run by Canister?
  56. ADA Mini M - PRL Tank
  57. A few shrimp tank questions
  58. Undergravel Filter | Airstone, Powerhead, HOB or Canister?
  59. Red Cherry Shrimp In Edinburgh?
  60. Strange white scary centipede inside aquarium!
  61. UGF Recommendations.
  62. shrimp swaming
  63. parasite on my pfr
  64. Mts id?
  65. Q about Assassin snail.
  66. Back and starting over
  67. anyone keep marmorkrebs? ??
  68. How many mystery snails for a 10 gallon tank?
  69. Bluer Red Rili
  70. how many nerites
  71. Snail squad
  72. lethal spore forming bacteria
  73. crayfish question
  74. where to buy species of scuds that dont eat live plants?
  75. best cleaning snails?
  76. video of my tanks (new vid 10-8)
  77. Are you [censor] kidding me?! =.=
  78. Type of shrimp?
  79. Does my Rilis have bacterial infection?
  80. SUPERSHRIMP--Opae ula!
  81. What to cover filter intake with
  82. Planning Low-Tech Shrimp Bowl
  83. Akadama
  84. Chocolate shrimp?
  85. Ramshorne sails & plants
  86. How much breeding sponge should i use for 60cm shrimp tank?
  87. Caridinas in densely planted fish tanks
  88. Rabbit Snail ID
  89. Mystery shrimp thing
  90. What's this green stuff some of my RCS have on their pleopods?!
  91. Bamboo/Fan Shrimp
  92. Berried or Fungus?
  93. Maximizing shrimplet production
  94. Help! Fire/Painted Reds keep dying >,<
  95. Defining the blues
  96. Just curious - Why AREN'T my shrimp dead?
  97. Question about Aquasoil + other buffering substrates
  98. Keeping shrimp parasites at bay
  99. Panther crabs
  100. Rabbit Snail help
  101. new filter question....
  102. Should I add more shrimp to my tank?
  103. Dwarf Crayfish and Bottom Dwelling fish?
  104. Addin RCS to tank
  105. Dead crayfish red inside- bad? Also, fish wouldn't eat it.
  106. Snail ID please
  107. Astaxanthin - Anyone experiment with it?
  108. When to cull newly introduced shrimp
  109. What % protein in shrimp food is good?
  110. Calicum and Shrimp
  111. Praziquantel?
  112. 2 gal shrimp tank project! :D
  113. Help could this be a parasite
  114. Keeping snails in a CO2-rich tank?
  115. Shrimp & Excel
  116. What is this bug?!
  117. Dips for removing snail eggs?
  118. Yet another WHY IS MY SHRIMP DEAD thread
  119. Stack stone affect PH?
  120. lookin for Painted fire reds
  121. what is this blue shrimp? (pic heavy)
  122. Cherry Shrimp tankmates?
  123. KH and GH for Cherry Shrimp
  124. Grade for taiwan bee?
  125. Scutariella Info?
  126. So when will I see baby shrimp if they are there?
  127. AAG Yavapai Tri-Color Stack Stone raising PH?
  128. CPO crayfish question
  129. New tank setup for TBs?
  130. Maracyn 2 coming back to market
  131. Berried Females in refugium?
  132. Water Changes with RO okay?
  133. Identify shrimp disease/parasite.....ASAP!
  134. What kind of shrimp can be kept...
  135. planaria or Detrius worm
  136. Why are my shrimp dying?!
  137. Newly Introduced Shrimp Trouble
  138. New shrimp pictures:)
  139. what is wrong with this Pumpkin shrimp
  140. JBJ or any all-in-one tanks for shrimp?
  141. Which tank?
  142. Where exactly do shrimp tank pests come from?
  143. Cherry Shrimp Question
  144. What is this?
  145. Hydras and planaria drama in cherry shrimp tank (and the use of liquid fenbendazole)
  146. Bug I.D. Seed shrimp?
  147. Using CO2 gas to kill off a snail population, but not the plants!
  148. I am Killing RCS /Ghost shrimp - how?
  149. Please help ID ?? snail
  150. can gammarus shrimp eat plum or cherry leaves
  151. Matching Shrimp to Substrate Color
  152. Tibee Question
  153. Is Aluminum Dangerous for Shrimp?
  154. Mts?
  155. Ghost, RCS, separate tank, food?
  156. Am I killing my shrimp?!
  157. Amano shrimp acting strange
  158. Shrimp food
  159. What is this bug I found in my aquarium?
  160. Anubias and cryptocorn bad for shrimp?
  161. Red cherry shrimp or sakura shrimp?
  162. Microrganisms
  163. How can I keep shrimp out of the filter?
  164. Safe CO2 Levels For Neos
  165. Mystery snail eggs, Tick tock!
  166. Has anyone actually used the No-Planaria stuff to...
  167. Crystal Red Shrimp or Golden Bee Shrimp?
  168. Anyone in the chicago area selling any shrimp?
  169. Wild caught shrimp quarantine? Glass shrimp. Diseases?
  170. Shrimp ID Please MORE PICTURES ADDED
  171. Shrimp in 75 gallon?
  172. About CRS
  173. weeks - months since I've seen a snail (info inside)
  174. Using mineral blocks/almond leaves/ what food
  175. scuds with white stuff on them
  176. Cherries with Malawa shrimp?
  177. shirmps that can live with CRS.
  178. Do people buy scuds?
  179. Tiny, very tiny baby snails -- want to guess what kind?
  180. What can I use to kill of a bladder snail population, but not the plants?
  181. Shrimp with a slower reproduction
  182. Shrimp
  183. New Shrimp
  184. actual water volume...
  185. anyone using amazonia soil + breeding sponge for shrimp tank?
  186. Is my Amano giving birth?
  187. Lot of floaters?
  188. Illinois rules?
  189. red devil crabs
  190. RCS & OEBT: Distilled Water or RO Water?
  191. Warnings About Using USPS Priority
  192. a smelly buy... LITERALLY!!
  193. Shirakura and/or Tantora White Mineral Stone
  194. Shrimp ID
  195. Montmorillonite Clay
  196. Flower shrimp
  197. Shrimp Molting Issues
  198. Black Egg Looking Things
  199. Cherries dying
  200. Cherry shrimp dropping like flies!
  201. How to get rid of apple snails?
  202. Best algae eating snail I've ever seen
  203. What kind of crayfish is this?
  204. How and what do you feed?
  205. Orange-Eye Blue Diamond Neos?
  206. Feeding a Colony of Ghost Shrimp
  207. red cherry shrimp turning black
  208. Assassin Snail Overload.
  209. Baby ghost shrimp and RCS
  210. ACK! Found my shrimp killers
  211. Cleaning my Shrimp Tank
  212. Dwarf Crayfish
  213. Cherry/fire red deaths figured out :(
  214. Nuke a tank
  215. Do all crayfish eat snails?
  216. Best small loach for a big job
  217. Vampire Shrimp
  218. Good Snail or Bad Snail? Help in Snail ID
  219. Shrimp help
  220. snail invasion, help
  221. Driftwood & Shrimp: Good or Bad?
  222. Fungus Clear best solution? Shrimp involved
  223. Fan Suggestion for rimless tank
  224. Golden bee with Crystals?
  225. Finally oebt eggs!
  226. How to tell Orange Sunkist from Sakura?
  227. Wandering Snail - Toxic?
  228. Help! Cloudy Water and Shrimp Deaths
  229. Glow in the dark cherry shrimp vid - Maybe one day right?
  230. moving soon
  231. What type of shrimp to do
  232. Ghost Shrimp bowl multiple females berried
  233. Veggies too big for a smaller colony?
  234. Shrimp in filters
  235. Baby Cherry Explosion
  236. finally my FIRST berried crs!!! (pic heavy)
  237. Auto water change for a shrimp rack?
  238. GH and water change question
  239. New to CRS--Looking for Guidance
  240. My Shrimp Art
  241. Looking for easy to follow breeding diagram for RCS and CRS
  242. Blue dreams
  243. Please help. Think I got RCS sold as Orange Sakura
  244. How to get high tds and low gh?
  245. Raising Ghost Shrimp Babies
  246. First RCS Pregnancy
  247. What is the result of breeding CRS with Tangerine Tigers
  248. CRS with Lava rock and mesh net?
  249. When to Sell Shrimp?
  250. My crs are dying