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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. algae solutions
  2. What sort of shrimp is this?
  3. Black stuff in yellow shrimp head
  4. RCS like strong current?
  5. Algae on my Bamboo Shrimp
  6. "X" poisoning
  7. Cherry Shrimp Turning White
  8. Taiwan Fire Shrimp v. regular Red Cherry Shrimp
  9. Blue shrimp let appeared in red rili tank
  10. Your experiences with shrimp in a dirted aquarium?
  11. How Large can Ramshorn Snails Get?
  12. molting problems
  13. Please help ID protozoa: what are these things growing in my tank?
  14. Wait! Don't dump your "dead" shimp...yet
  15. Malaysian Trumpet Snail Mystery
  16. best website to buy shrimp?
  17. Seachem flourish and crs
  18. red cherry shrimp troubleshoot
  19. What do you do to keep shrimp out of your filter?
  20. Do snail shells disintegrate when they die?
  21. are my GH and kh level okay?
  22. Will Giant Ramshorn Snails eat healthy plants?
  23. Having some issues with my tank and CPO/ shrimp death
  24. What grade rcs would this one be?
  25. Brown spot on blue pearl shrimp
  26. co2 with shrimp tanks
  27. Plain Old Orange Neos
  28. amazonia soil 2 high kh?
  29. Crs and ghost shrimp
  30. Snail ID? Should I worry!?
  31. Help with shrimp deaths please
  32. New camera =New pictures.
  33. I think i might have trace amounts of copper in my tank
  34. Bones and mineralizing water
  35. snail ID! halp
  36. Balancing algae/biofilm with shrimp. Photoperiod.
  37. Is this an Apple Snail?
  38. neon green stuff on shrinps belly
  39. Cherry Shrimp Dying
  40. Shrimps Eating Plants!!
  41. marbled crays are cloning away!!
  42. Do RCS dislike tannins?
  43. What kind of shrimp is this?
  44. Nerite babies moving inside of eggs...
  45. Amano Shrimp acting oddly?
  46. Amano shrimp, assasin snail in Brackish water
  47. RCS Sex ID
  48. RCS Dying New Fluva Flora
  49. Blue Dream troubleshooting
  50. Amazonia AS Powder breaking down?
  51. What kind of snail is this?
  52. Adding worms to the substrate
  53. Camallanus worms treatments not working
  54. Little white worm things
  55. ADA Amazonia lost its buffering
  56. Need help in shrimp tank cycling.
  57. Dying snails in both SW and FW tanks?
  58. What do you feed you shrimp and what fresh veggies
  59. Controsoil and Shrimp Additives
  60. How to seperate snails from substrate
  61. Optimal Neocaridina temperature for breeding.
  62. Is this a shrimp?
  63. Askoll 44L Return To Shrimp Tank!
  64. Snails - Fishless Cycle
  65. Cherry Shrimp!?...Easy??
  66. Just Got Some Great Red Tiger Shrimp
  67. confused on substrate...
  68. More snails?
  69. Jumping Shrimp?
  70. Has anyone kept CPOs with Amano shrimp and/or nerited?
  71. Dead Leaves: Remove or not?
  72. Dead rcs or molt?
  73. Snail control Mulm/Algae vs overfeeding
  74. Inexpensive yet active shrimp?
  75. Blue Velvet Shrimp Dying
  76. Amano shrimp in community tank
  77. RCS grading
  78. Wine Reds found in PRL tank
  79. Snails : Keep it or Murder em ^.^ ??
  80. I haven't seen my Assassin Snail in over 7 days, is it safe to assume it's dead?
  81. fresh water clams/ mussels
  82. Feeding Dish With Tube??
  83. Good place to buy Tylos?
  84. Shrimp ID
  85. Divided Sulawesi/Neo tank plans
  86. Opae Ula
  87. Fresh water shrimp
  88. Ramshorn snail shells turning white
  89. RCS Deaths
  90. Nerite IDs please
  91. Can I have ANY type of invert?
  92. 15Gal substrate
  93. HAIRY trumpet snails
  94. Rescaping
  95. Shrimp death after molting
  96. Filter intake cover...
  97. MTS Snails
  98. Safe planaria treatment for ghost shrimp and mts
  99. RCS died while berried
  100. breeding nerite snails
  101. Nerite snails
  102. Weird Bug/Invertibrate
  103. Armored horned snail vs Assassin snail
  104. My bamboo shrimp is a poop machine
  105. Level up from Opae Ula
  106. Water Parameters for Tigers
  107. Are there any snails that eat algae off of plants?
  108. Any benefits to having Ghost Shrimp?
  109. Rcs, and fish eggs
  110. Solid parents nothing but garbage babies :(
  111. Traveling Ghost Shrimp
  112. All-Purpose Glue
  113. Will fenbendazole kill assassin snails?
  114. Tank critters feasting!!!
  115. The great shrimp death mystery
  116. Plants with crayfish
  117. Strange journey for amano?
  118. Best shrimp for large community tank
  119. Ramshorn Snails Eat Plants?
  120. i think i'm ready for CRS. help with setup
  121. New to shrimp, feeding question
  122. Mystery Snail Laid Eggs
  123. Looking for others who are raising Orange Rili shrimp...
  124. Am I wrong in thinking algae wafers are bad for shrimp?
  125. Source for Macrobrachium ohione?
  126. Snails - seems I've gotten Nerite eggs/babies
  127. Non veneral fs and triops
  128. Chemical for killing all ramshorn snail?
  129. New to shrimp, have a few questions
  130. Mystery (whisker?) shrimp maybe attacking Otos?
  131. fairy shrimp and triops
  132. Lost now found!
  133. Pond snails disappeared?
  134. Dwarf Orange Crayfish
  135. Another cherry shrimp death thread
  136. RCS or glass shrimp
  137. Friendly fish for RCS
  138. Pregnant Ghost Shrimp [Video] - Questions
  139. Help! :(
  140. No-Planaria and types of snails
  141. Removing Crypt from Shrimp Tank
  142. What to do with snail shells left behind by assassins?
  143. Caught Red Handed
  144. Manually Helping a Shrimp Molting?
  145. Are these Amano's?
  146. Are there any preparations needed for berried shrimp?
  147. Shrimp Identification
  148. Nerite Snail care
  149. Purpose of breeding tubes and proper specification for RCS
  150. RO re-mineralization ?'s [seeking advice]
  151. Shell ID
  152. Snail Attack! help?
  153. New shrimp bowl!
  154. Rack
  155. Are they ummmmm?
  156. Quiet cherry shrimp and a dead one
  157. Leaking shrimp tank
  158. How are planaria surviving
  159. Pink Bolt/Pale Pink Caridina
  160. planaria in a fishless tank?
  161. Cherry shrimps hate my tank?
  162. RO water remineralization
  163. Shrimp Farm?
  164. Will Cherry Red shrimp eat fish eggs?
  165. How to make plants safe for snails?
  166. Sick mystery snail?
  167. Help getting rid of pests in a shrimp tank
  168. Warning: Red Cherry Shrimp and Flourish Trace do not mix
  169. New To Shrimp: Atya Gabonensis (Vampire Shrimp) Breeding Project
  170. Shrimps and Banana Leaves
  171. Crystal Red Shrimp Substrate
  172. Snail ID some type of melanoides species I'm guessing
  173. Liquid Flourish Iron shrimp safe?
  174. CPO and Thai Micro Crabs Tips
  175. Welcome Home New Shrimp
  176. Best shrimp tank accessories?
  177. Taiwan Bes and AquaVitro
  178. Water changes
  179. Recommendations for shrimp for 5.5 gallon tank
  180. Shrimp Enemy?
  181. when to add a calcium supplement for RCS
  182. white and brown biofilm? bad for shrimp tank?
  183. Amano shrimp eating Mexican oak leaf plant?
  184. Nerites are TOUGH
  185. Shrimp has eggs :) what now?
  186. Flora Max Substrate for Shrimp?
  187. Slow killer of RCS population?
  188. Replacing Plants in RCS Tank
  189. Unknown Worm- Please Help Identify!
  190. Inverts and metal containing ferts?
  191. Newb with first pond snail invasion, have some questions
  192. cant keep cherry shrimp alive
  193. Shrimp & Seachem Onyx sand
  194. CPO not breeding
  195. 15 gal Open for Shrimp
  196. Nerite snails flipping/dying
  197. Feeding Shrimp Yogurt?
  198. CRS with Amano Shrimp
  199. share here your stapple food(daily food) shrimp food here
  200. Dirty Dirty Crabby
  201. Snail, or Some Kind of Bug Egg?
  202. Amano the killer!!
  203. Ramshorn snail shell problems?
  204. Cherry shrimp
  205. My first berried OEBT!
  206. Cherry shrimp
  207. Red Cherry Shrimp Molting?
  208. RRS Losing Color
  209. Small Shrimp Tank
  210. RO/DI Water
  211. shrimp in nature
  212. Shrimp ID
  213. Help with snail ID
  214. Shrimping and Half filled tanks
  215. Bloody Mary vs PFRs
  216. What Can Go with Blue Bee Shrimp?
  217. SSS grade shrimp juv. colors?
  218. Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  219. Wtb
  220. Does co2 injection stop shrimp from breeding?
  221. Do larger fish ignore shrimp??
  222. Weird
  223. Questions about shrimps
  224. Back in the game with new shrimp keeping method
  225. ebay
  226. Shrimp pr0nz
  227. Blue Rilis?
  228. Shrimp Tanks
  229. Rescaping
  230. Mia Amano - could black rasboras kill them?
  231. Amano ID confirmation?
  232. I Cannot Believe My Eyes
  233. Little shrimp vase
  234. Japonica Amano Shrimp
  235. Shrimp feeding
  236. Can you gas snails with CO2 to kill them?
  237. Dying! Help!
  238. HELP! Can't seem to keep RCS alive.
  239. RCS with Blue Velvet
  240. Pregnant crs
  241. Crossbreeding
  242. vampire shrimp
  243. Show me your cpo tanks!!
  244. Dragonfly Nymph
  245. Aquarium Salt to Kill Snails
  246. Kinda confused
  247. Question on the spawn of dream blue velvets.
  248. New tank cycle
  249. Akadama with ugf?
  250. Watchin' snails!