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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Shrimp on Vacation
  2. Should I euthanize my mystery snail?
  3. Racer Stripe Cherries?
  4. Do paracaridina and Caridina shrimp interbreed?
  5. multiple species shrimp tanks
  6. Do snails and shrimp eat collard greens?
  7. What fish to get with Red Cherry Shrimp?
  8. What is this neocaridina mutation?
  9. Plant-Safe, Semi-Aquatic Crabs?
  10. RCS Age and Size
  11. Need male RCS breeders
  12. anyone here use catappa leaves?
  13. Snails
  14. Baby snail ID please
  15. Amano Shrimp Breeding? Anyone had success?
  16. Sad Day for Tim
  17. 2 gallon CHerry reds? Am I doing ok?
  18. how to balance with assassin snail populations
  19. Parasites Everywhere
  20. Shrimp Rock Help
  21. Shrimp with Neons
  22. Filtration question
  23. Starting First Shrimp Tank
  24. Looking for Septaria porcellana
  25. Baby Assassins! so small
  26. Indian Almond Leaf Q
  27. Shrimp Boom! How to adjust feeding?
  28. Will a petsmart mystery snail eat aquarium plants?
  29. Fish Bendazole
  30. Snail ID Please
  31. hydra
  32. Is this normal?
  33. planaria in shrimp tank
  34. Shrimp dying, one by one?
  35. PFR shrimp feeding, water parameter questions
  36. Snail ID?
  37. How to acclimate shrimp for co2 tank
  38. CPO Compatibility
  39. Preventing Crayfish Eggs From Entering Filter Intake
  40. Ramshorn eating RCS?
  41. keeping, not breeding shrimp
  42. Thai micro crabs
  43. CBS with no legs?
  44. Jumping CRS???
  45. First shrimp/cray questions
  46. CRS Shrimp Conerns!!
  47. Malaya Shrimp?
  48. What is this Bug in mt Tank
  49. Shrimp/Cray tank was successful a year ago, then suddenly things went south
  50. Help Shrimp Tank Infestation of some kind of larvae/insect
  51. CRS and cheap petco black gravel?
  52. Going to make a sponge filter, help plz
  53. Aquarium Design Group's Massive Shrimp Meeting in January
  54. Sexing Yellow Shrimp?
  55. Help me stock my 10g Caridina tank please!
  56. Blue & White Shrimp
  57. Nerite Snail Shell Changing
  58. Amano Shrimp Lifespan?
  59. My Red Cherry Shrimp & Trumpet snails
  60. Strange tiny white shelled creature in my tank
  61. Lil snails or something on my snails
  62. Question for all the assassin snail people.
  63. Is API Leaf Zone safe for Red Cherry Shrimp?
  64. Long white worms
  65. Help: Remineralizing RO/DI and shrimp health
  66. Baby Shrimp Concern...
  67. Blue Dream Shrimp and Peaches?
  68. RCS is it possible?
  69. Rabbit Snail Shout Out
  70. Odd assassin snail?
  71. Mystery snail is looking rough. Dying, or just weird?
  72. Crystal Shrimp in display tank, anyone doing this?
  73. Heater and Shrimp
  74. When do shrimp color up?
  75. To breed taiwan bees is it better to get low grade blue bolts and pandas or mischling
  76. After months of trying...assassins!!!!!
  77. Amano Shrimp Inside HOB Filter Housing
  78. ID white worms in planted tank
  79. shrimp ID
  80. Best set up for a canister filter
  81. Hydra
  82. Snails able to walk on Eco-complete substrate?
  83. RCS being very inactive.
  84. Dwarf Cray: molting or dying...?
  85. Are there any good snails for planted tank?
  86. newbie to red cherry shrimp
  87. Assassin Snail Refuses to eat Snails
  88. Shrimp Identification ?
  89. What's up with my mystery snail?
  90. Feeding Nerite Snails
  91. My new shrimpys
  92. Pill Clams, Pea Clams & Fingernail Clams
  93. Active substrate necessary for caridina?
  94. White colour worm in my tank.
  95. Female cherry?
  96. Water Fleas
  97. Cherry shrimps kH & gH
  98. Changing RO Minerals in Yellow RCS Tank
  99. where to buy Red Goldflake shrimp?
  100. Mineral Balls
  101. Help with 10 Gallon RCS Tank
  102. API General Cure
  103. What type of shrimp are they...
  104. Pond snails
  105. Pregnant amano shrimp?
  106. Can't Keep Amano Shrimp Alive
  107. Best snail and/or shrimp for detritus?
  108. I gotta say
  109. Shrimp with Chili Rasboras?
  110. When will babies be able to be seen
  111. One CRS tank having issues
  112. Cause of OEBT deaths?
  113. New 55 gal shrimp tank, tankmates?
  114. Pumpkin, male or female?
  115. Where to find brightly colored nerites?
  116. Corkscrew worms ...what are they?
  117. Cause of RCS death?
  118. Snail ID?
  119. Comfortable pH for RCS?
  120. Snail ID
  121. just sharing my case of shrimp molting problem
  122. Worm infestation?!?
  123. AlphaProBreeders
  124. Vibrantly colored ramshorn snails.
  125. 2.5g shrimp tank
  126. Snails for a Planted Agressive Cichlid Tank
  127. Community tank
  128. Bladder pond snails vs pump
  129. What is in my tank!
  130. Shrimp compatible.. HELP!!
  131. Snailllllllls!
  132. Water remineralization methods
  133. Keeping Neos in Soft Water
  134. Crossing Bloody Mary with RCS
  135. Question on shrimp molting?
  136. two days with shrimp one dead -_-
  137. Ghost shrimp
  138. Shrimp tank ph help
  139. Shrimp and scarlet badis
  140. RCS problem!
  141. Fluval U3 and Shrimp?
  142. warning about Hydrogen Peroxide
  143. Starting a new shrimp tank.
  144. Prepping for RCS babies?
  145. Deworming shrimp?
  146. dwarf rainbows and shrimp?
  147. CRS dying
  148. RCS with Betta
  149. Still trying to figure this out
  150. My fish and shrimp - who will eat the shrimp?
  151. Shrimp and cray deaths
  152. Short Video of My Amano Shrimp Molting
  153. Crystal Red Shrimp tails turning grayish?
  154. Neo death help.
  155. Keeping Taiwan Bees with regular CRS
  156. Seachem Trace Elements & Shrimps
  157. Attempting the "impossible" ....soon
  158. how many of you have amphipods in your tanks?
  159. CPO Shed
  160. Nerite snail babies
  161. Snail question
  162. CPO with betta- how dumb is this and what's the worst that can happen?
  163. Do Amano Shrimp add to Bioload
  164. Most shrimps are okay, but a few died?
  165. Storing RO water in old pickle buckets?
  166. Finally got my Amanos!
  167. Red Rilis??
  168. Is Salty Shrimp and the like necessary with RO?
  169. Shrimp Breeding In Ponds?
  170. I don't understand shrimp (Red Cherry)
  171. Assasin Question
  172. lets get into the shrimp hobby? why not =)
  173. is it common for different shrimp species to fight?
  174. Breeding RCS: Do I need a pre-filter sponge?
  175. Lets play Guess that bug!
  176. Black Striped Neocardinia
  177. Shrimp safe fish food??
  178. cleaning tanks full of hatched invertebrates
  179. dwarf crayfish in paludarium?
  180. Shrimp slowing Down, leading to Death.
  181. Orange dwarf crayfish breeding
  182. Please help identify
  183. Keep low grade crystal red shrimp
  184. Ada 60p or 60H for Panda and Bluebolt shrimp?
  185. Is this a freshwater limpet?
  186. Ebi King Maxima?
  187. Larger alternatives to RCS/CRS?
  188. Testing Calcium?
  189. Nerite covered in white?
  190. Will Chili Rasboras eat baby RCS?
  191. Undulating Worm ID
  192. Fairy shrimp in dechlorinated tap
  193. planaria in shrimp only tank
  194. African Clawed Frog
  195. Help identifying this
  196. Nerites - Leaving the tank
  197. A few good assassin snails
  198. Help: I Need a Shrimp Feeder
  199. How many shrimp
  200. cherry shrimp; what did i do wrong?
  201. no light shrimp tank?
  202. juvenile assassin snails
  203. Bloody Mary with Painted Fire Red
  204. Do shrimp get lonely?
  205. Knocked-up Crustaceans Everywhere!!
  206. It Appears I have a shrimp tank in my garage.
  207. Shrimp and CSM+B ?
  208. Pretty sure my snails are dissolving - Please help
  209. When a ghost shrimp turns white...and doesn't die
  210. Shrimp - Can I
  211. Is Amano Shrimp the answer to mosquito larvae in cherry shrimp tank?
  212. Advanced shrimp-keeping questions
  213. egg laying menace
  214. MK-Breed Blue Diamond?
  215. CBS or Mischlings
  216. Goldfish Tank
  217. blue shrimp interbreeding question
  218. NERITE Snail dying- HELP!
  219. Rcs thrashing around
  220. what on earth are these things??
  221. Blue Bolt Water Params?
  222. Cholla Wood
  223. If I have a well with the output at 620 TDS,...
  224. Can I use Equilibrium to mineralize my RO water?
  225. Weird thing
  226. Mystery Shrimp
  227. Do you need snails?
  228. RCS molting or dying?
  229. Shrimp Feeding - Diet?
  230. Remineralizing RO water?
  231. Ghost Shrimp Inquiry
  232. Painted Fire Reds with CO2?
  233. Shrimp and Upside Down Catfish
  234. ZoMbiE RCS
  235. Cherry shrimp vs. Current
  236. How important do you think moss is?
  237. Bacterial infection transferable to fish?
  238. Sea slug Jorunna parva (genus) becomes viral in Japan!
  239. Snail Problem!!!!!!!
  240. making sure I'm doing things right
  241. Nerite snails unhappy/dying
  242. new to shrimping
  243. Beginner Inverts
  244. Snail in an uncycled tank
  245. Shrimp vs tds vs diet
  246. Help capturing shrimp in paludarium
  247. Snail death?
  248. URGENT Chipped/Hole in Mystery Snail Shell - Fell 4 feet
  249. Bamboo shrimp funny!
  250. shrimp