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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Is this worm okay to have in my tank?
  2. shrimp and copepods?
  3. Shrimp Help
  4. Nerite snail color and pattern changes?
  5. Assassin snails
  6. Looking for additional information on the reproduction of red cherry shrimp
  7. Losing some RCS after 4 days
  8. Recommended (or not) Amazon suppliers of RCS?
  9. Feeding RCS. And supplementing? 1st RCS experience.
  10. Shrimp Food
  11. Using Twist Ties in my Shrimp Tank?
  12. CUttlebone with RCS
  13. Triops?
  14. Malaysian trumpet snails
  15. Shrimp ID
  16. CPO, baby cannibals?
  17. Red cherry shrimp with eggs, would it be wise to put her into a breeding net?
  18. Are Assassin snails picky eaters?
  19. Clams
  20. Remineralizing Water for CRS
  21. 1st RCS.. thinking about this tank.. Yes or no?
  22. 2 Bee Shrimp Dead this week. Third on his way out?
  23. 5 gal vs 10 gal Shrimp tank
  24. My local zebra
  25. Daphnia as Absorbers
  26. Snail outbreak
  27. what the heck is this thing?...
  28. Yellow shrimps
  29. Cherry shrimp become inactive as soon as i added neon tetras
  30. "Green Fungus" on Sky Blue Velvet Neos (ADDED PICS)
  31. Any shrimp that could be kept with a betta(m) in a 20g long heavily planted?
  32. Seeding biomedia for a CRS tank
  33. What size air pump would I need to power 5 20 gallon tanks
  34. I give them calcium so Why does my snail have white streaks in shell?
  35. Petco listing Amano shrimp under two names...
  36. Help! What type of shrimp is this?
  37. Assuming I have bladder snail eggs?
  38. Ghost Shrimp Eating Frogbit Roots?
  39. Flourish trace OK with snails?
  40. Japanese Trapdoor Snails
  41. Neos okay with Caridina serrata?
  42. rcs carrying some kind of egg
  43. Breeding red cherry shrimp with black cherry shrimp
  44. Inverts for the 3 gallon tank
  45. Name this snail
  46. Shrimp Death and "Red\Green" on Blue shrimps.
  47. Shrimp grading please
  48. Weird translucent sunnyside ups?
  49. Need feeding help!!!
  50. New guy looking for shrimp few questions.
  51. Shrimp Baby Mystery
  52. Any reason not to have shrimp and copepods?
  53. Snail I.D please.
  54. Why are my shrimp dying?
  55. Cherry shrimp tank cleaning.
  56. Darwin Red Nose shrimp enjoying their new home.
  57. dwarf cajun crays
  58. I would like the BEST ADVICE for Nerite care
  59. use sera costapur to kill ramshorns?
  60. "Turtle" calcium for nerites? or what else?
  61. New Planted Tank - Are Snails Bad? Because I got them.
  62. I just got my Golden Bees, but...
  63. Nematode Identification - Curious
  64. Canister Filter Refugium
  65. Random red cherry shrimp deaths!
  66. Is RCS molt always clear/whitish?
  67. Odd new snails out of the blue
  68. 10 amano shrimp dead from KH/GH?
  69. Sudden Shrimp Die Off
  70. CRS Always Hiding While the Lights Are On
  71. Detritus worms in NEW Shrimp Tank
  72. What shrimp is this?
  73. Fenbendazole for Snails?
  74. Let there be snails
  75. Killing hydra
  76. My new cherry shrimp tank
  77. Keeping blackworm and ramshorn together?
  78. Albino Bristlenose Pleco and Nerite snails?
  79. What kind of shrimp is this? Scientific name if possible.
  80. Best way to get rid of tiny snails
  81. need help chooseing a filter
  82. Please Help: Nerite Shells Full of Holes
  83. Eating small snails
  84. He sure seems shrimp friendly
  85. Black neo shrimp
  86. Snails???
  87. Raising Nerite snails in some type of NSW tank? thoughts?
  88. Will assassins kill Nerite snails? And aquaclear snail issues?
  89. Shrimp tank fail
  90. starting a new 5.5 gall nano
  91. SAN check, Please - new shrimp setup
  92. molting issues, white line on back of shrimp
  93. Are these just tiny snails?
  94. Can you mix other types of shrimp with Red cherry shrimp?
  95. Let's play name this snail
  96. Amano eggs?
  97. Can a crayfish tank ever have beautiful plants?
  98. Snails UGH!!! Help
  99. Which snail does not lay eggs?
  100. planted shrimp tank h20 change how often
  101. From Tap Water to Distilled Water
  102. Please help!
  103. Are these Nerite snail eggs?
  104. Very active shrimps
  105. Blue velvet with red headgear
  106. Amano shrimp jumped out/freaks out when lights turn on
  107. Shrimp pictures.
  108. Self Cloning Crayfish - Blue???
  109. Red cherry shrimp laying eggs?
  110. Shimp can fit though gaps...?
  111. Need Shrimp Advice
  112. What happens to assassins snails when no more snails left to assassinate?
  113. Do ALL Shrimps jump?
  114. Should I be concerned??
  115. Shrimp vs. Snails
  116. Help! Is This Planaria?!
  117. Clear-ish ameoba like things?
  118. Got my first Amano shrimps
  119. Are shrimp really intolerant of large water changes?
  120. Are These Amano?
  121. Filtration setup sponge vs top filters
  122. Best shrimp cover for fluval filters?
  123. Snails
  124. I got scuds
  125. Blue Bolts or Shadow Mosura?
  126. CRS guru- where are you?
  127. Buying Nerite Snail!
  128. Starting First RCS 10G!
  129. Borneo Wild Humic
  130. tank change
  131. Ghost, glass, grass shrimp
  132. Shrimp Hunter Needed
  133. What all do Shrimp need to Molt sucessfully?
  134. Clean up crew for 5gal betta tank
  135. Can you help me sex these shrimp
  136. What is growing on my driftwood?
  137. CRS carry eggs or drop/lay them?
  138. Using Phosguard with CRS
  139. Assasin Snails
  140. Plants for RCS
  141. What kind of snail is this?
  142. What else dwells beneath?
  143. CRS tank unstable GH question
  144. Shrimp id
  145. Blue velvet & carbon rili
  146. Assassin VS Nerites
  147. Hitchhiking Lifeforms in Shrimp Only Rig
  148. Ahhh I think I have snails!!!!
  149. brown red cherry shrimp
  150. If you're wondering about adding shrimp with fish
  151. Adding cherries?
  152. berried red cherry shrimp dead
  153. cherry shrimp question
  154. Is my tank suitable for shrimp?
  155. More and more LIMPETS
  156. Newly Planted 75G Stocking Question
  157. red cherry shrimp jumped out of tank?
  158. Thai Micro Crabs, Does anyone have them?
  159. how long can CRS survive in shipping?
  160. Help! How to carry on with raising baby Yamato shrimps?
  161. Best air pump for shrimp
  162. Query regarding red rilli shrimp
  163. pests in shrimp tank
  164. Soft water
  165. Culturing Daphnia
  166. shrimp and flourish
  167. Snails beneficial for planted tank?
  168. Molting issue ?
  169. Repashy Shrimp Souffle
  170. Please Id this snail
  171. Feeding Shrimp
  172. Red Cherry Shrimp babies, some are translucent or striped
  173. Help - shrimp molting problems
  174. Just a start of my tank
  175. Sweet potato feast
  176. assassin snail confusion
  177. excel and caridina shrimp?
  178. CRS, RCS and????
  179. Sea monkeys as food
  180. Baby predation
  181. problems raising scuds
  182. What size can you sex CRS?
  183. best substrate for shrimp?
  184. ph too high
  185. Short nose shrimp
  186. How long does it take shrimp to lay eggs?
  187. Algae???
  188. Indian almond leaves Tannins and PH
  189. Shrimp bowl
  190. Can you identify this snail??
  191. Favorite Shrimp Only Scape?
  192. Cleanup Crew for Plant QT
  193. Mystery snail eating banana plant rhizome?
  194. Maybe someone in here can help me...
  195. Parasitic brown worms?
  196. Are these parameters okay for shrimp?
  197. Dark Brown amano shrimp?
  198. Cherry Red Shrimp, Orlando, FL?
  199. plants yellowing -> fertilizer dose for no-tech 2.5 gallon shrimp tank?
  200. Eggs!
  201. Assassin Snail Breeding and Housing
  202. keeping small fish (tetras) with shrimp?
  203. Would you keep CRS in a 180G tank?
  204. Plant parasite
  205. Identification
  206. Tiny white/clear bubble like living thing
  207. Neon Tetras and Amano Shrimp
  208. Benibachi BeeMax and Benibachi Mineral Powder really needed for a Taiwan Bee Setup?
  209. Help!!!! What are these small worms????
  210. White Slug things
  211. Amphipods
  212. Dream Blue Velvet Neocaridina
  213. Exoskelaton newbie Q
  214. Ramhorn snails bad?
  215. Hydrogen peroxide
  216. Leftover Snail Shells?
  217. Lovely seed shrimp
  218. Snail I.D.
  219. To Snail or Not To Snail?
  220. Help, my tank is being overrun by snails.
  221. Tibee, bit of an odd question
  222. I'm preparing my Miracle Gro Substrate, When is it safe to add MTS?
  223. What type of snail is this?
  224. Buffering RO/DI water for CRS?
  225. Snail Eggs
  226. Neocardina Shrimp - How Sturdy?
  227. A couple RCS Deaths
  228. Question: Snail Food
  229. Shrimp leaves
  230. Help pls! Re 2.5 g RCS no tech- WC's, Filter
  231. Local Fish Store Trumpets
  232. Converting planted tank to Shrimp tank, how to wipe out existing feeder shrimp
  233. Adding Calcium
  234. No Tech RCS tank?
  235. Help: Adding Iron to Shrimp Tank
  236. About Upae Ula
  237. CRS Advice
  238. Shrimp Tank
  239. Little Brown Worms in Tank
  240. Can I sell shrimp from a CO2 injected tank?
  241. Shrimplets - will these fish eat them?
  242. My Bamboo Shrimp is Berried...
  243. Is it safe for shrimp?
  244. Amano Shrimp and Fresh Water
  245. Reactor Flawed
  246. Looking for good shrimp sites
  247. Planning a shrimp tank
  248. Repashy Shrimp Food
  249. Parasite/worm ID?
  250. New Shrimp Tank!!!😁