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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Normal shrimp behavior?
  2. quarantine shrimp?
  3. Amano
  4. Babies!!!
  5. Anyplace selling Pinnochio shrimp?
  6. Crayfish molting
  7. Mulberry LEaves
  8. Sick Amano shrimp. Euthanize???
  9. Dero worms
  10. Best Shrimp Food??
  11. Freshwater Clams
  12. lowest PH for Neocardinia?
  13. Snail ID?
  14. Acclimating CRS to RO Water
  15. Can RCS eat fish eggs?
  16. Temp for neo shrimp
  17. Is this a cherry shrimp?
  18. cycled 20 gal tank water parameters not as expected
  19. whats my lobster (is it a lobster even?)
  20. Slowly dying/disappearing Blue Velvets
  21. Snail ID Please
  22. Snail Infestation??
  23. Breeding Royal Blue Tigers
  24. Vampire Crabs
  25. Water changes causing berried shrimp to try to molt?
  26. RCS and PH, what am i missing?
  27. Invincible Amano shrimp?
  28. Shrimp eating mayaca and hygro
  29. Cherry Shrimp and Raspboras?
  30. Macrobrachium lamarrei larvae
  31. Cherry shrimps, losing colour..
  32. Is this a MTS?
  33. Nerite eggs everywhere!
  34. Looking for Melanoides granifera
  35. Help with snail identification...
  36. Painted Blue Mystery Snail?
  37. pH Swings in Shrimp Tank
  38. tiny white dots
  39. Basically all my 1000 or so mini ramshorn snails died...not that I'm complaining
  40. how to speed up cycling in new tank?
  41. Mystery/Apple snail only have one baby?!?
  42. Just Sharing My Shrimp Tank Journey
  43. GH Booster, cardinal tetras and shrimp
  44. TDS issues and RCS
  45. Shrimp die during acclimation
  46. tips for keeping CRS and Cherry in 1 tank
  47. Temporary Shrimp Tank?
  48. What species of snail is this?
  49. Advice on caring for rescued snails?
  50. KH and GH questions
  51. HOB filter question
  52. Blue rili question
  53. Chiller for a 20L Shrimp Tank?
  54. Assassin or Breakdown Blue Velvet tank?
  55. Can't get tanks under 77 degrees
  56. Question about CRS genetics
  57. Which snails?
  58. crushed algae wafers?
  59. Best algie eaters
  60. Cleaning Ivory Snail Shell?
  61. good stand for 20 gal long?
  62. What's wrong with my snail?
  63. Orange Neo White Patch on "head" - infection?
  64. Breeding Mystery Snails
  65. alkaline CRS
  66. 2nd annual Buypetshrimp Shrimpers bbq June 12 Marysville, Ca. Everyone is welcome
  67. 2 Green Fungal Infections, Parasites, now a Dead shrimp
  68. buffering?
  69. Shrimp safe ich tx?
  70. Are these snail eggs?
  71. Good place to acquire potential cull shrimp?
  72. My 10 gallon Sulawesi
  73. Murderous Dwarf Crayfish
  74. Please help identifying this snail
  75. Please critique shrimp Fluval III tank plans
  76. Flower Shrimp OK?
  77. Shrimp Fungal Infection
  78. What Is This Snail That Showed Up?
  79. Are these hydra?
  80. Shrimp products from Taiwan
  81. culling shrimp
  82. Fenbendazole dosing to rid tank of hydra
  83. TDS meter question
  84. We Have Worms
  85. Help with Amano shrimp, is it sick?
  86. Bladder snails gone??
  87. Blue tigers
  88. Will CRS survive in 220 TDS water
  89. Dwarf cories ok in shrimp tank?
  90. Will adding mineral rocks for shrimp raise GH
  91. Will mineral rocks for shrimp raise GH?
  92. Shrimp turning white
  93. Mysterious Red Cherry Shrimp Death
  94. Ferts and shrimp
  95. I have baby CPO's, YAY!
  96. Anyone have crabs?
  97. RCS: Can you please check this info sheet
  98. Other beginner shrimp
  99. Dwarf crayfish identification help
  100. Reminerlizeing distelled water for RCS
  101. Hikari shrimp cuisine?
  102. Cleaning Gravel with Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  103. no more fish in shrimp tank!
  104. Rainbow Shrimp?
  105. Should I be feeding my Blue Dream Velvet Shrimp?
  106. What is wrong with my carbon rili?
  107. Brine Shrimp
  108. water parameters for red cherry
  109. Tips for breeding red cherry shrimp (actually blue)
  110. Snail explosion
  111. Can anyone ID this species?
  112. Keep finding my nerites upside down
  113. advice for shrimp tank design?
  114. Crazy apple snail
  115. Question about tank dividers
  116. Does Fluval Shrimp Stratum leeches ammonia?
  117. interesting what a shrimp room!
  118. Tips for planaria bait
  119. Neocaridinia or caridinia?
  120. Scuds, or something like them
  121. Shrimp ID / pic
  122. Snail identification
  123. Snail eggs?
  124. what is actually Taiwan Bee Shrimp?
  125. Parasites :/
  126. Red Shrimp + Blue Shrimp =
  127. 20 gal long or 20 gal high for new shrimp tank?
  128. RCS dying during molt
  129. New Breeder Brag
  130. This is what happens when you don't listen to people
  131. Neocaridina - colors that breed true?
  132. Are Red cherry shrimp the best shrimp?
  133. How to safely kill LEECHES in Aquarium/Pond? Anti-parasitic/dewormer work?
  134. Royal Blue Diamond in the water: Royal Blue Tiger Shrimp Orange Eye
  135. Hi-tech shrimp tank: Possible? Tips?
  136. What happen to my Blue bolt?
  137. Holy hardness- h2o like a brick
  138. What is this????
  139. Cardinals with other shrimp?
  140. Best snail type for shrimp tank?
  141. Help I'd this shrimp please
  142. Funny shrimp getting a ride on a snail
  143. Nerite shell problem
  144. Universal Invert. Food Ideas
  145. These worms look safe?
  146. setting new tank, sand or gravel?
  147. Calcium supplement for snails?
  148. Green fungus like growth under mid section/swimmerets
  149. HELP with Fish Bendazole dosing!!!
  150. what kind of shrimp and caring ideas
  151. Red cherry shrimp hardy enough?
  152. Fiddler Crabs?
  153. Fight fire with...snails?
  154. Shrimp Starter, Need Help
  155. Small White Worm??
  156. Royal Blue shrimp breeding help
  157. Bee Shrimp at NY Exotic Fish Store
  158. Flourish Excel killed all my shrimp
  159. Shrimp ID and health question? - with pics
  160. question on neos
  161. Need advise on what Shrimp to sell
  162. Snails are awesome little algae destroying machines!
  163. Mineral flat bottled water for use in tank?
  164. Do shrimp school?
  165. Black Diamond Blast Sand and Inverts?
  166. Which other shrimps to get with Fire Red Shrimp?
  167. Blood Mary Neo Shell Problem
  168. Shrimp Hatchery Tank; Pre-setup (Story Time!)
  169. Using Turface as a Shrimp Tank Substrate + RODI question
  170. Shrimplet Death
  171. Snail unresponsive for 4 days
  172. Shrimp and overflows
  173. Snail ID
  174. Pumpkin Shrimp
  175. Flourish trace and RCS
  176. Freshwater Clams to cleanup after Goldfish?
  177. Reputable source of blue velvet shrimp?
  178. Bamboo shrimp/Flower shrimp question
  179. Does anything other than MTS aerate gravel/sand?
  180. super glue use in the shrimp tank
  181. Proposed Snello recipe
  182. Berried Fire Red
  183. What to bait blackworm trap with.
  184. Crayfish - such thing as too hard?
  185. With 10 days old shrimp babies - what to do with water changes?
  186. With 10 days old shrimp babies - what to do with water changes?
  187. PH question
  188. What are these little creatures?? Help
  189. My have things changed..
  190. Tank Evaporation Problem
  191. snails
  192. Babies Finally Visible
  193. where to buy Bee Shrimp?
  194. RODI + Equilibrium to TDS 160, kH 1, but pH still 7.8, how to lower pH
  195. Planted Shrimp Tank
  196. Molting
  197. Does my water params ready for BKK/Blue bolt?
  198. I turn my filter on and off....
  199. RCS shrimp parameters KH/GH -0
  200. What kind of shrimp?
  201. Miniature Ramshorn Snails?
  202. Looking for shrimp that will produce a variety of colors
  203. how to rid of seed shrimp swarm in shrimp tank
  204. 2 x 10 Gal tank or 1 x 20gal long divided?
  205. Will coffee harm shrimp?
  206. amano shrimp behavior
  207. Salty Shrimp KH/GH Raises PH....
  208. Hikari Algae Wafers contains copper sulfate
  209. Sulawesi Shrimp Experience
  210. We have BABIES!!!!
  211. shrimp in a dry start?
  212. RCS molting problem? Very Confused
  213. This tank viable for shrimp?
  214. Shrimp Safe Internal Filter?
  215. RCS with orange stripe?
  216. amano ready?
  217. Breeding CRS in Hi-Tech Planted Tank
  218. spec III cycling and fert help pls
  219. It worked!!! Artificially Hatching RCS
  220. Breeding Nerite Experiment
  221. Neo/Cardi
  222. How to start a snail only tank With a beta
  223. Do RCS need a heater?
  224. Baby Snail? help
  225. Yellow or Orange Shrimps?
  226. Shrimp keepers, what TDS meter do you recommend?
  227. Internal parasite inside shrimp?
  228. Ellobiopsidae infection?
  229. Do I need to add something to my water for RCS?
  230. Bee ball/mineral ball
  231. Have u guys use Shrimpy Daddy Rrevive Bianco product?
  232. New Driftwood - Foggy White Water & Pests (long post)
  233. Moss growing on shrimp!
  234. Blue neo with some eggs on the outside?
  235. Unknown Invert ID
  236. What is this disgusting worm that I just pulled off my gourami? Leech? Video link!
  237. LFS sold me this as an Amano shrimp, but it doesn't look right - Picture
  238. Looking for help to solve CRS infant mortality problem
  239. Help ID this Invert
  240. dried duckweed as a food for Shrimp?
  241. Ramshorns Removal
  242. Shrimp Care: Ghost Vs. Amano
  243. 1.5 gallon invert tank opinions
  244. Good or bad snails
  245. Birth Complications?
  246. Nerites can't reproduce in freshwater, right...?
  247. RCS Saddle?
  248. What's wrong with my shrimp??
  249. Advice: Starting a Nano Crystal red shrimp tank
  250. Back to the Roots Water Garden