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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. Is RO mineralized water necessary?
  2. Why are my Amano shrimp growing all of a sudden?
  3. Shrimp contest in Chicago
  4. Soft water shrimp?
  5. (Rosy loaches or pygmy corydoras) and shrimp
  6. Help Needed - What Are These?
  7. Shrimp ID / White band of death question
  8. 12 gallon Fluval Edge as a shrimp tank?
  9. What is this snail?
  10. Cleaning Tank
  11. RCS Deaths For Me Too
  12. 3-4 year old RCS colony. Color?
  13. How to keep a RCS colony breeding?
  14. TDS advice
  15. Do I need to modify my 2217 for shrimp?
  16. Snails as indicator
  17. Snail ID please
  18. What to do with unwanted cross-bred hybrids?
  19. CRS tank set up help
  20. shirmp from sick tank
  21. Looking for some clarification on all different varieties of blue neocaridina shrimp
  22. Snails eating plants
  23. Red claw crab tank setup
  24. snail population explosion?
  25. Glass Shrimp Disease?
  26. Are Amanos predators to small fish?
  27. Shrimp IDs please.
  28. Would you use these to remineralize your RODI water?
  29. Shrimp won't use petri dish
  30. Snails hanging out at Surface, but drop checker says Co2 okay?
  31. Was It Solution 1, 2 or 3? Not sure
  32. Help? Slow string of shrimp deaths
  33. Talk Crayfish To Me!
  34. Will a Fishless Cycle kill off my Malaysian Trumpet Snails?
  35. Rabbit Snail Stringy Bubbles
  36. Assassin Snails
  37. Baby Rcs
  38. Cherry Shrimp Attempted Escapees
  39. Help with new nerite
  40. Bugs or Baby Cherry Shrimp?
  41. White worm(ish) thing in ammano
  42. Mystery Pride
  43. Snail I.D. please
  44. Hydor pumps and shrimp
  45. Pond Snails Invading While Cycling
  46. New tank critters
  47. How often do you feed shrimp blood worms?
  48. What kind of snail is this?
  49. My 125 kills snails
  50. Shrimp are sick!!!!!
  51. Hand feeding Ghost Shrimp!!!
  52. Advice about moving shrimp tank
  53. Betta and shrimp...lethal?
  54. Cherry Shrimp Breeding Project
  55. Feeding Shrimps: Frequency & Nitrates
  56. Is there anything wrong with my dream blue shrimp?
  57. Ghost shrimp?
  58. Shrimpy advice
  59. Shrimp doesn't like stack stone
  60. Tigers and substrate...anything new?
  61. How long do Sakuras stay "berried"?
  62. What's the deal w this Amano?
  63. Amano Shrimp White Spots > Death?
  64. Ghost shrimp turning white?
  65. I've got 99 problems, but dead shrimp ain't one!
  66. Old CRS tank not as vibrant as it once was
  67. CRS pH 6.8
  68. shrimp reproduction rate and tank size
  69. Greedy Amano
  70. Cross-breeding CRS + Opae Ula = Super Red King Kong CRS
  71. How long can I leave carrots in the water?
  72. Salty Shrimp GH without RO?
  73. Successfully housing red cherry shrimp with Angelfish
  74. fish and shrimp
  75. Shrimp interbreeding
  76. RCS Death when to worry
  77. Mixing Shrimp
  78. Where are my shrimp?????
  79. Always 'On' Brackish And Freshwater Tanks
  80. How much copper in your water is safe for freshwater inverts?
  81. Anyone Know Where I Can Get Black Trumpet Snails (Melanoides Maculata)?
  82. all in one food for neon tetras, amanos, and cherry shrimp?
  83. Help! Amanos are turning opaque white and dying.
  84. Repashy foods question
  85. Ditching my rcs. What to do with them?
  86. freshwater hermit crab
  87. Color of baby shrimps
  88. Is this amano pregnant?
  89. Something is eating only my AR
  90. Evil Kenevil shrimp?
  91. Help with snails
  92. Adding new shrimp
  93. Scuds, Moss and CO2
  94. Guppies + amano / ghost shrimp?
  95. Preschool shrimp tank success!
  96. Big berried amano
  97. Miraculous Nerite Snail cheats death
  98. Is my nerite dead?
  99. Are Snails good or bad?
  100. Shrimp Reccomendations
  101. houdini bamboo shrimp
  102. Red Cherry Shrimp Dying
  103. How does the assassin snail kill its prey ?
  104. ID on this creature? Never seen it before
  105. Twinstar shrimp 50
  106. Will my shrimp survive?
  107. Bad day.
  108. Apple Snails, Hard water, and EI dosing?
  109. Anyone breeding nerite snails?
  110. Crayfish lying on its side, arms twisted
  111. Assassin snails and big mistery sbails
  112. Assassin snail babies? ??
  113. how to catch shrimplets safely and efficiently
  114. What shrimp can I mix with Red Rill shrimp?
  115. Blue Panda Shrimp
  116. Starting co2 in 10 gallon with rcs
  117. Killing Snails with Chemicals?
  118. What IS This???????
  119. can i ship live shrimps without breathing bags?
  120. Ostracods and shrimplets
  121. Amano vs.!!
  122. Ramshorn shells in poor condition...
  123. New Shrimp dying in one tank only. Apparent great water conditions.
  124. Tadpole/Wandering Snail Population Significantly Reduced
  125. Crayfish Worms
  126. Mystery Snail Population Surge
  127. Rocks for OEBT
  128. My bamboo shrimp is acting weird - or is he?
  129. Aquarium Clam/Mussel Information
  130. Seachem micros and amano shrimp
  131. Blue dreams changing to brown
  132. Feeding Schedule?
  133. Shrimp difference's??
  134. Weekly Shrimp Deaths
  135. Name this shrimp
  136. Copper in API Leafzone or Root Tabs
  137. My berried RCS always die just before they hatch shrimp
  138. Mystery Snails: Eat plants?
  139. shrimp?
  140. Red cherry shrimp lost color, then turned blue.
  141. Am I just lucky that my sae is not eating shrimplets?
  142. Need Guide About RO System For Shrimp Room
  143. Assassin Snails
  144. Black orange eye tiger shrimps
  145. Changing GH*, Potential Issue?
  146. Black Racer Nerite Snail?
  147. Need some help identifying/removing these...
  148. Shrimp In AIO Sump?
  149. lunch and forget shrimp?
  150. Seachem root tabs safe for cherry shrimp?
  151. Rust Colored Royal Blue Tiger?
  152. What types of Algae will a Amano Shrimp / Algae eating Shrimp eat?Marimo Moss safe?
  153. egg?
  154. how to feed shrimp without much mess in a larger tank
  155. Are these Copepods? Green spot algae eating machines?
  156. Normal shrimp behavior?
  157. quarantine shrimp?
  158. Amano
  159. Babies!!!
  160. Anyplace selling Pinnochio shrimp?
  161. Crayfish molting
  162. Mulberry LEaves
  163. Sick Amano shrimp. Euthanize???
  164. Dero worms
  165. Best Shrimp Food??
  166. Freshwater Clams
  167. lowest PH for Neocardinia?
  168. Snail ID?
  169. Acclimating CRS to RO Water
  170. Can RCS eat fish eggs?
  171. Temp for neo shrimp
  172. Is this a cherry shrimp?
  173. cycled 20 gal tank water parameters not as expected
  174. whats my lobster (is it a lobster even?)
  175. Slowly dying/disappearing Blue Velvets
  176. Snail ID Please
  177. Snail Infestation??
  178. Breeding Royal Blue Tigers
  179. Vampire Crabs
  180. Water changes causing berried shrimp to try to molt?
  181. RCS and PH, what am i missing?
  182. Invincible Amano shrimp?
  183. Shrimp eating mayaca and hygro
  184. Cherry Shrimp and Raspboras?
  185. Macrobrachium lamarrei larvae
  186. Cherry shrimps, losing colour..
  187. Is this a MTS?
  188. Nerite eggs everywhere!
  189. Looking for Melanoides granifera
  190. Help with snail identification...
  191. Painted Blue Mystery Snail?
  192. pH Swings in Shrimp Tank
  193. tiny white dots
  194. Basically all my 1000 or so mini ramshorn snails died...not that I'm complaining
  195. how to speed up cycling in new tank?
  196. Mystery/Apple snail only have one baby?!?
  197. Just Sharing My Shrimp Tank Journey
  198. GH Booster, cardinal tetras and shrimp
  199. TDS issues and RCS
  200. Shrimp die during acclimation
  201. tips for keeping CRS and Cherry in 1 tank
  202. Temporary Shrimp Tank?
  203. What species of snail is this?
  204. Advice on caring for rescued snails?
  205. KH and GH questions
  206. HOB filter question
  207. Blue rili question
  208. Chiller for a 20L Shrimp Tank?
  209. Assassin or Breakdown Blue Velvet tank?
  210. Can't get tanks under 77 degrees
  211. Question about CRS genetics
  212. Which snails?
  213. crushed algae wafers?
  214. Best algie eaters
  215. Cleaning Ivory Snail Shell?
  216. good stand for 20 gal long?
  217. What's wrong with my snail?
  218. Orange Neo White Patch on "head" - infection?
  219. Breeding Mystery Snails
  220. alkaline CRS
  221. 2nd annual Buypetshrimp Shrimpers bbq June 12 Marysville, Ca. Everyone is welcome
  222. 2 Green Fungal Infections, Parasites, now a Dead shrimp
  223. buffering?
  224. Shrimp safe ich tx?
  225. Are these snail eggs?
  226. Good place to acquire potential cull shrimp?
  227. My 10 gallon Sulawesi
  228. Murderous Dwarf Crayfish
  229. Please help identifying this snail
  230. Please critique shrimp Fluval III tank plans
  231. Flower Shrimp OK?
  232. Shrimp Fungal Infection
  233. What Is This Snail That Showed Up?
  234. Are these hydra?
  235. Shrimp products from Taiwan
  236. culling shrimp
  237. Fenbendazole dosing to rid tank of hydra
  238. TDS meter question
  239. We Have Worms
  240. Help with Amano shrimp, is it sick?
  241. Bladder snails gone??
  242. Blue tigers
  243. Will CRS survive in 220 TDS water
  244. Dwarf cories ok in shrimp tank?
  245. Will adding mineral rocks for shrimp raise GH
  246. Will mineral rocks for shrimp raise GH?
  247. Shrimp turning white
  248. Mysterious Red Cherry Shrimp Death
  249. Ferts and shrimp
  250. I have baby CPO's, YAY!