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: Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

  1. RCS berried!
  2. SL BlueWizard Shrimp Dosing?
  3. Where do you buy your 'salty shrimp'?
  4. Why would one of my juvenile Red Cherry Shrimp be missing its tail?
  5. Shrimp Hording and dying?
  6. New cherry shrimp dead, possibly molting issues
  7. Rcs eating live fry?
  8. RO water to bring down PH?
  9. New red cherry shrimp, water parameter change
  10. Assassin snail prey preference?
  11. Shrimp Carcasses - Molting or Deceased?
  12. Shrimps can be tough too!
  13. SL aqua food shelf life?
  14. Tank size requirement
  15. Fire Red Shrimp Died
  16. missing cherry shrimp
  17. Does Dosing Make Shrimp High?
  18. A word about collecting North American Freshwater Mussels
  19. 2 RCS deaths in same day.
  20. snail explosion in my tank
  21. Tetra Parasite Guard and Snail Survival??
  22. Test kits/substrate advice please
  23. New RCS tank, 3 gallon, sand bottom with tons of anubias petite
  24. Substrate Opinions
  25. CRS water params?
  26. Where to put new red cherries
  27. Fresh water prawn and Amano keep hiding
  28. Temp for cherry shrimps Neocaridina
  29. Using a Shrimp "Team" for Cycling?
  30. Found planaria in my shrimp tank, what to do?
  31. Inert Substrate for CRS/TB?
  32. Copepods
  33. Shrimp population slowly dying
  34. Chicago Ornamental Shrimp Society
  35. Invertabret ID
  36. Huge Limpets!
  37. Tds / gh / kh
  38. Glowing Yellow eyes. new mutation?
  39. RO/DI and Remineralizer suggestions.
  40. Getting rid of Planaria
  41. I have the coolest shrimp!
  42. Planted Community Tank, Hard Water and Cherry Shrimp
  43. Oily looking film on the layer of water
  44. New to Shrimp, have many questions
  45. Behavior question for Geosesarma keepers
  46. Snails that eat algae?
  47. Baby shrimp and other possible inverts???
  48. what caused this?
  49. Crystal Red shrimp inactive
  50. Hydra are taking over!?
  51. Freshwater clams in community tank
  52. TDS over 700 in Shrimp Tank
  53. Which neocaridina davidi comes can be kept together?
  54. Tank is cycled, am I ready for shrimp?
  55. Ever kept floaters in a tank with snails?
  56. White line on CS
  57. Shrimp food recommendation!
  58. Controlling snail population in tank?
  59. Shrimp Identification
  60. MTS Malaysian Trumpet Snails question
  61. Filter foam as food source for Cherry Shrimp?
  62. Cherry shrimp breeding
  63. All the shrimps!
  65. Need RODI remineralizer for crystal shrimp, cheap, on Amazon.
  66. Do Shrimp carry fish diseases?
  67. Best Substrate for A Planted Shrimp Tank
  68. First time shrimp tank
  69. Mystery Snails
  70. Leave shrimp tank over break? Nd to know today
  71. What eats detritus worms and is safe for shrimp to breed?
  72. crayfish
  73. Water for CRS
  74. do shrimps feel good when they molt?
  75. What grade are my shrimp
  76. Help please- What are these circular white things?
  77. Is this a tiger shrimp in my hard water tank?
  78. African Filter Shrimp (Vampire Shrimp) Atya gabonensis Care
  79. Temperature swings with water changes?
  80. Salty shrimp GH+KH adds no KH
  81. Recommended group size to start with?? (is there one)
  82. How to raise up TDS
  83. Help identify this snail
  84. Worm colony?
  85. Is this the dreaded fungus?
  86. My All Red Cherry Shrimp Died
  87. Worms in shrimp tank
  88. Starting a new tank
  89. Will assassins eat nerites if they have lots of MTS instead?
  90. Neo Questions. (PH and selective breeding)
  91. Cherry Shrimp growth
  92. A WORM??? What the heck is it??
  93. How do you know if shrimp eggs are fertilized?
  94. What is it?
  95. 75 gallon Large snails vs 55 gallon small snails? Both same snails?
  96. Killing planaria, and saving snails.
  97. Snail eggs
  98. Trying to Breed Neo Shrimp
  99. My Taiwan Fire Red Cherry Shrimp Are Dying
  100. Fungus on Egg Clutch
  101. No-Planaria & Nerite Snails?
  102. Foods other than store bought?
  103. Considering crystal red shrimp...checking to see if I understand their requirements
  105. My shrimp (Blue Velvet) are being nocturnal?
  106. 'Pest' Snails in the Planted Aquarium: discussion
  107. My wife killed all my shrimp!
  108. Maple Leaves
  109. Black Friday shrimp sale?
  110. Bacter AE vs. Powdered Foods?
  111. Shrimp Identification
  112. Red Cherry Shrimp Exoskeleton Peeling Off
  113. Snail shell eroding. How can I help it?
  114. Assasin Snails and Aquasoil
  115. Shrimp anyone?
  116. Massive red cherry shrimp.
  117. Blue shrimp not interbreeding with others? Pics
  118. Air stone or not?
  119. Where to buy RCS or other shrimp
  120. Amano or Ghost shrimp?
  121. Opae Ula Attempt
  122. Anyone keep crabs in their freshwater?
  123. Wanted: Ramshorn snails
  124. I (stupidly) mixed shrimp types - opinions?
  125. Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp
  126. Is there such thing as too many shrimp?
  127. Amano fry??????????????????????????
  128. Can I get shrimp if I dose Seachem fertilizers?
  129. Mixing Neocaridina and Caridina Shrimp`
  130. Ahh! Amano Shrimp looks sick, any idea what it is?
  131. Snails. Good or bad?
  132. Shrimp climbing into HOB filter
  133. I want to breed snails?
  134. Tantara Amaranth Leaves
  135. Slug?
  136. Amano shrimp carrying eggs...
  137. 4L Planted Shrimp Tank and Leaves
  138. pfr shrimp
  139. Will cherry shrimp breed with royal blues?
  140. Ughhhh Snail problem
  141. Shipping Red cherry shrimp
  142. Coloring of baby shrimps?
  143. Freshwater slugs
  144. Amano shrimp sick?
  145. Which type of shrimp?
  146. African Fan Shrimp not eating
  147. 2 tiny snails in my tank, safe or pests?
  148. Temperature for Fire Red Shrimp? (neos)
  149. pros/cons of having snails
  150. Weird parasite?
  151. The myth of crystal red shrimps.
  152. Red Worms
  153. Question for snail keepers
  154. EEK! Hydra
  155. Whats wrong with my shrimp?
  156. Daphnia, Copepods, Ostracods, and the like
  157. White things stuck to snail
  158. buying painted fire red shrimp
  159. RCS Powder Food Recommendations?
  160. Help snail with odd shell color. Deficiency?
  161. Sudden GH/KH drop? Shrimp Death and Snail Shell Deterioration
  162. Blue Dream shrimp
  163. Are Mystery Black Nerite Snails actually eating the Malaysian Trumpet Snails?
  164. Help identifing?
  165. Shrimp Tank Question
  166. What is this?
  167. How Many Assassin Snails?
  168. Looking for advice on intermediate level shrimp
  169. What is this ?
  170. Neos "Algae Eating Shrimp" Water Acclimation?
  171. New 20 gallon rcs tank
  172. Seachem's Discs buffer to lower ph
  173. Can Crystal Shrimp make 'Terrestrial' Trips?
  174. RCS dying slowly, black spot behind head
  175. Keeping RCS short term
  176. Marbled crayfish with goldfish in pond?
  177. 55 gal circulation.
  178. What size snail can an assassin snail eat?
  179. Please help - how do I figure out what's wrong; RCS dying
  180. Recommendation for raising GH and KH
  181. RCS Breeding Temp
  182. Critters Everywhere!
  183. Please help me so that I don't kill my shrimp.
  184. low TDS (145-150) cherry shrimp tank
  185. Help what is this
  186. Few shots of my shrimps!!!
  187. Orange Shrimp for my 5.5g planted tank and expensive snack :(
  188. Help Gearing up Shrimp Tank
  189. Help with snail choice (if any)
  190. Is there a minimum depth for a shrimp tank?
  191. NOT the usual Amano water change freak out
  192. RO vs. water softener
  193. Stocking question: inverts vs. fish?
  194. Am i crazy?
  195. Taiwan Bee difficult with housing and breeding?
  196. My shrimp are dying!
  197. Looking for Amano Shrimp for eating green thread algae
  198. Are there any obvious symptoms of copper poisoning?
  199. Crs ph
  200. building a shrimp and cori tank
  201. More Snails?
  202. My cherries! (photo heavy)
  203. Buy Shrimp
  204. Ferts + CO2 = no shrimp
  205. Red Cherry Shrimp
  206. Snail problem
  207. Help!!!!!
  208. Alum soak and spiderwood
  209. Is it amano shrimp?
  210. I picked up 4, young CBS..
  211. IAL and Alder cones
  212. Cherry shrimp questions
  213. Shrimp seeds?
  214. Cardinal Sulawesi Setup
  215. Planaria
  216. Amano Shrimp and Serpae Tetras?
  217. Filter Feeding Shrimp Diet
  218. Do Amanos need sponge intake covers?
  219. Will shrimp eat my livebearer babies/fry?
  220. What's up with my ghost shrimp?
  221. My food prep tutorial....
  222. Picked up a Blue Diamond colony
  223. Half dose of General Cure?
  224. Clithon species?
  225. Unknown worm found in tank
  226. Am I doing this right?
  227. Self drying clay
  228. planeria?
  229. Freshwater Jellyfish
  230. Cuttlebone crushed for Filter Shrimp
  231. CRS with CBS 1 tank
  232. Anyone keeping 24k Golden Backlines?
  233. amano compatability
  234. Shrimp in community tank
  235. Crs death, but the rest healthy...
  236. Strange red (bug? animal?) in tank
  237. In tank filter ideas for red cherry shrimp
  238. Any information on where to get Blue Diamond Tiger Shrimp
  239. Wierd Eggs
  240. Leaf Litter For shrimp tank
  241. Whisker Shrimp?
  242. Uh OH! SNAILS!!
  243. Identify shrimp
  244. Are these baby amano shrimp???!!
  245. Snail with Worms
  246. Using No-Planaria
  247. Are ghost shrimp OK in heavily planted tanks?
  248. Copper Contamination?
  249. red cherry cross-breeding fire red/bloody mary
  250. Paludarium Inhabitants