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  1. Spray paint in aquarium
  2. Need stocking advice
  3. Results of CO2 indicator are VERY different from kh/ph co2 calculator
  4. 10 gallon low tech build...thoughts?
  5. Drop checker staying green and Eheim noises?
  6. bulk aquascaping suppliers OR collect?
  7. Fishless Cycling Breaking Down
  8. Mold removal
  9. UV Sterilizer
  10. Floating Plants in a Larger Tank..
  11. Lily Pipes
  12. Alum as pest killer
  13. Are these water parameters ok?
  14. Plant Price Inflation?
  15. Ground covering
  16. Lowering tap water Ph
  17. Planaria?
  18. Help identify worms in my tank
  19. HELP Fish Stocking
  20. Any US sources for Tropica Specialised fert? (750ml)
  21. The big return - help needed
  22. Faq?
  23. Sad day.
  24. Pleco eating a lot of wood normal or water problem?
  25. Biological Filtration Survey
  26. Question on hatching brine shrimp eggs
  27. Advice for a novice.
  28. Medicine in planted aquarium
  29. Subwassertang Palatibility to Snails
  30. Moina culture regime...thoughts?
  31. What causes this film?
  32. Lazy Dry Start Method : Day 10 - is this normal?
  33. Planted tank attempt. Please advise
  34. Seachem Excel
  35. Alum Sulfate Soak
  36. Mature tanks....
  37. water lettuce in discus tank?
  38. PLEASE HELP—20G High Stocking
  39. Eheim 2217 filtration media layout
  40. Cave ornament alternatives
  41. Detritus worms and stuck on nitrite spike AND mold possibly??
  42. 20G High Planted Tank Stock
  43. Why does GH/KH/PH goes up after a while?
  44. Anchor worm!!
  45. fishes seem to have big belly
  46. Soil is alive!
  47. Please ID pest
  48. Designing Plant Grow-Out/Quarantine Tank
  49. Converting CEC into something we all understand
  50. Tropica Premium Fertilizer storage
  51. 2nd tank setup - canister flow & creature cross contamination advice.
  52. Fish dying in new tank- need help with diagnosis and treatment!
  53. Lowtech newbie Ferts or no ferts
  54. Can't remember the name of a piece of equipment
  55. Question about lighting and growth
  56. Show me your java fern scapes
  57. Questions about my tank
  58. Cardinal Tetra Stressed after filter upgrade
  59. How to do a Nocturnal Planted Tank?
  60. What's A Heater?
  61. Are these plants salvageable?
  62. Low levels of ammonia and cycling
  63. New Tank Setup - Add plants and water later
  64. Quietest way to diffuse co2
  65. White spot disease and nerite snails
  66. Newbie help
  67. My tank
  68. Canister Filter Flow is Reduced significantly
  69. Canister(s) question
  70. Not happy with the current state of my tank. How do I improve it?
  71. Hiding or dead?
  72. how to fix
  73. Is it possible for newbies to do advanced/iwagumi/Dutch planted tanks like these??
  74. Are chestnuts aquarium safe?
  75. Sump or Canister Filter
  76. No Water Change 5 Gal Deficiency
  77. New house water parameters
  78. High nitrates in heavy planted Dutch scape
  79. LFS- Redish Lily that can be kept 5 inches
  80. co2 reactor for large canister
  81. Substrate for my tank
  82. mistake with expansion foam stagnate water
  83. Cat on cover-glass
  84. Help
  85. Newbie looking for some criticisms/suggestions
  86. Surface agitation in planted tank
  87. Growing emersed plants in sump
  88. 350G Best plants for a tall tank?
  89. Moving tanks/fish?
  90. All of my guppies died, everyone else is fine?
  91. Advice on 20g tank process for my friend
  92. Help Identifying Unknown HitchHiker
  93. Sponge filter placement
  94. Ridding tanks of worms and planaria.
  95. Looking for Plant Recommendations
  96. Weird slimey crap all over my tank
  97. New planted tank plant selection questions
  98. Dissolved Oxygen data
  99. Critter help
  100. Help with starting out
  101. Help!! New Tank Selection Anxiety
  102. Painting Etched Glass?
  103. 2nd Attempt at a Planted Tank
  104. New tank setup
  105. 20 long as a quarantine and hospital tank?
  106. What material is ada dooa terra tape?
  107. New setup questions
  108. How dangerous are dragonfly nymphs to fry?
  109. Small insects in my tank???
  110. Under Gravel Filtration
  111. Clever ways to break driftwood?
  112. planted fish bowl smell! HELP!
  113. How to inject CO2 into Canister Filter
  114. 1000L / 300G Mbuna to Planted Conversion
  115. Tank placement suggestions
  116. What’s going on with my nitrogen cycle?
  117. Anyone ordered from Modern Aquarium in NY?
  118. How does water flow affect algae formation?
  119. Very small worms on glass
  120. How should I properly wash a Seiryu stone
  121. CO2 injection into canister filter vs. CO2 reactor
  122. Game plan for my Mangrove Swamp tank
  123. LFS - Concealed Aquarium Filter for 10 Gallon Aquascape
  124. Are there realistic non solid-color backgrounds?
  125. Propagating plants before tank setup
  126. Driftwood Bonsai Advice
  127. Custom tank
  128. First Planted Tank
  129. Persistent surface scum after tank has been established for over a year
  130. Help: New driftwood leaching a lot of phosphate
  131. Should I Remove The Cartridge System?
  132. Reducing Nitrogen to Keep Red Plants red
  133. Hydrogen peroxide spot treatment for BBA
  134. Need help adjusting light/fert/co2 balance
  135. Freshwater Sump with a Aquaponics Chamber
  136. Drop checker not changing color
  137. New invader? friend of foe?
  138. Small gardening effort/HUGE difference
  139. First tank finally setup
  140. Finally having success
  141. Apistogramma triple red pair DISSAPEARED
  142. Putting Substrate over Eggcrate
  143. Moving Cross Country - Tips for Transporting Fish?
  144. Dialing in CO2
  145. My parameters are out of whack
  146. Apistogramma 20g long advice?
  147. Green Spot Algae + RO Question
  148. Community planted tank with shrimp?
  149. Can i make water change at night?
  150. Planted Tank Fungus/ Mold/ Bacteria?? Rhizoclonium
  151. Pearling Plants
  152. Anyone know where I can buy Limnophila Aquatica/Giant Ambulia
  153. Max pH drop one should not past?
  154. Thoughts on the Chihiros RGB A series LED light
  155. Something's not adding up
  156. My hopes of a planted tank
  157. driftwood
  158. Unknown Aggression
  159. Furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings
  160. Water turning brown overnight?
  161. help identify worms
  162. Getting strong consistent lighting to the back corners
  163. 10 Gallon Stocking ?
  164. Combating Surface Scum without a Skimmer?
  165. Help regarding methylene blue
  166. How to separate dirt from sand?
  167. Clear Suction Cups Won’t Stay Clear
  168. Low KH/ High GH in shrimp tank
  169. Help me find the brand! Urgent!
  170. Snail population
  171. New Tank Questions
  172. Is there enough surface agitation for oxygenation in my tank?
  173. Is there a trick to vacuuming around plants in sand without pulling them up?
  174. Water top-off help
  175. need advice: planted tank for a kid?
  176. Hydroponics in a metal shed
  177. Is the temprature of a tank the same as the room it's in?
  178. fishless cycle dosing ammonia with nitrite spike
  179. 20g sump refugium
  180. Can someone guide me with specific help?
  181. Can you keep a nicely planted high tek tank with only 20% wwc?
  182. Newbie
  183. Water testing
  184. Christel Kasselmanns 2020 edition
  185. 125g overhaul project
  186. Question: Quick water change using PVC pipe
  187. Quarantine Tank Question
  188. HELP! Pygmy Cory not eating enough?
  189. Questions from a reef guy
  190. Filter media
  191. Has anyone seen this before
  192. I left the cap off CO2 indicator fluid overnight
  193. Mts
  194. Where to Buy Plants Online?
  195. Anyone know a source for true weeping moss?
  196. moss wall noob
  197. Recent grad returning to hobby: Advice?
  198. General cure or Paraclease
  199. Stocking a 20g tank :)
  200. Strange Brown Stuff All In Tank (photos attached)
  201. New to planted tanks
  202. Betta fish BIOTOPE project
  203. Back to the world of tanks!
  204. New to this, but here's my plan for my new 4 foot tank!
  205. Plecos carrying plants in there mouth
  206. I can't find the balance between healthy plant growth and algae and it is driving me crazy.
  207. Purigen didn't regenerate well
  208. Carpeted Plats and pleco
  209. 45 Gallon Community Planted
  210. Do I need to quarantine otos?
  211. Fluval spec v Iwugumi stocking
  212. White fungus spores on glass??? Not sure
  213. Aquascaping glass tank.
  214. If I withdraw CO2 injection will plants die?
  215. Trimming tips
  216. Fluval Spec and Co2
  217. Can u spot anything bad other than GH?
  218. Out of the planted tank hobby for 15 years - need help getting back in
  219. What would happen if I just take my pressurized co2 off my tank?
  220. Don't know what I did wrong
  221. African Dwarf Frog Not Eating, Please Help!
  222. What to do next?!
  223. Rimless Tank Stand Question
  224. question about "remove filter media" instructions
  225. Plant doctors to the emergency! Please help
  226. Clean Up Crew Suggestions!
  227. hello, and help keep me sensible stocking my 29g
  228. Breeder tanks
  229. Converting a planted aquarium to a terrarium?
  230. RCS Planted tank!?!
  231. Algae Pearling.. Ha
  232. Water changes
  233. Looking for help choosing 20L inhabitants
  234. Just rescaped my 5.5g into a planted tank! Thoughts?
  235. Light purple finger/hair like gro
  236. Co2/Ph
  237. First High Tech Struggles
  238. Why does everything have to be so hard?!?
  239. Help! Will this hold/be suitable for a fish tank?
  240. The big return - help needed
  241. New Aquarium. Dont know wat is going on.
  242. Propagation tank only?
  243. Newb....filltration and water changes
  244. Any High Tech Fluval Spec V players out there? What type of light do you have?
  245. (ideal) position for inflow and outflow?
  246. When to regenerate purigen
  247. Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate Spike After Trim
  248. DIY lid for 36G bowfront
  249. 40 Breeder stocking suggestions.
  250. I hate tannins/mopani