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  1. Low maintenance 75 gallon??
  2. LOL! I didn't know they did that!
  3. Sandstone hardscape for future aquarium, check it out [pictures]
  4. Driftwood placement suggestions [PICS]
  5. What is "Plant Pearling"?
  6. How much light to use
  7. How can I testy Co2 ?
  8. Puzzled by high PH
  9. RO closed circuit in the tank.
  10. Problems Heating My Water...
  11. please help! newbies
  12. Purigen use
  13. My 10g Planted!
  14. please help with doseing
  15. ADA Aquariums worth the premium price?
  16. before and after pics of my rescaped 80G
  17. 10 gallon or 5 gallon
  18. FLuval FX5 placement
  19. DIY CO2 Reactor
  20. well water and oscars
  21. Cannot fully remove tannins from Driftwood
  22. Can I use driftwood that has finish spraid on it
  23. Thoughts on "Planted Tank Guide" here on this site for 20$?
  24. Time to trim
  25. Need a lot of help on new tank!!
  26. help moving tanks
  27. CO/CO2 detector...
  28. High pH High KH
  29. Dosing New Tank
  30. Redoing a tank... help?
  31. Super cheap vs cheap lily pipes
  32. Disaster
  33. Evaporation
  34. Why Do Lily Pipes come in from the side and not the back?
  35. Would RCS be alright to be in the same tank as Zebra danios?
  36. Help Me Save Money! What Corners to Cut?
  37. Do!Aqua 17g vs Mr Aqua 33g?
  38. PH of water out of filter lower?
  39. Snail Control
  40. Some Dosing Help
  41. small daily vs. weekly water changes?
  42. Powerhead positioning in tank??
  43. Apistogramma and O2 levels
  44. Nervous about my first filter pad change.
  45. EI vs ??
  46. Co2 not turning off?
  47. fishless cycling for new 29g planted tank using shrimp
  48. Babies Galore
  49. interesting tank lol
  50. want to get plants a.s.a.p.
  51. 30 Gallon Build!
  52. Drop Checker Maintenance
  53. Is the CO2 green NRG Advanced by Hydor any good
  54. Algae is pearling.......!!
  55. Please help me figure out why my fish are diseased
  56. Tetra Kills shrimp
  57. From marine to freshwater planted ?
  58. where is the sales part of the forum?
  59. Aquarium Salt
  60. what happen to these two plant??
  61. Co2 back syphon when off?
  62. Good plants for background in a 20G High
  63. Hi! Newbie questions!
  64. 75 galln old reef tank
  65. HELP!!! new to plant aquarium, need help
  66. Longest running aquarium...
  67. to whom it may concern
  68. How many bubbles per second for Fluval Edge?
  69. Common signs of CO2 toxicity in fish?
  70. New Tank Cycling
  71. I'm new and need lots of documentaion.
  72. New 55gallon planted tank: NEED OPINIONS
  73. Whats a good pump setup for a 10gallon with Co2?
  74. Hoping of starting a high tech discus tank, any suggestions?
  75. Help Needed
  76. My Small Driftwood only Floats!
  77. How does my tank look ?
  78. Elos Tanks vs ADA Tanks
  79. Tank Upgrade
  80. Vacation Question
  81. Help w/ CO2 system leaking
  82. Riparium Pests?
  83. Fertilizers, excel, etc??
  84. Anemone Like Creature
  85. Tropica relaunches website - more goodies for us!
  86. How much CO2 - PH?
  87. New to TPT and tackling a planted tank situ in an established aquarium
  88. subsrcibed?
  89. What kind of Eggs might these be?
  90. My first planted tank, lots of questions
  91. New 90gal build questions
  92. prime
  93. looking to stock a 29gallon
  94. Gravel Vac in an Planted Tank
  95. Need Guru Help
  96. Can you check the height of your 40G breeder?
  97. Starting a 55g Planted. Advice needed.
  98. Video of 5 tanks in 1 room.
  99. Cloudy Water in Established Tank
  100. Those of you with 50 gallon 36"x18"...
  101. Rare plants?
  102. best place to order plants?
  103. Chuck Gadd & APC Fertilator Inconsistency
  104. Cherry Shrimp
  105. Suggestions about available tank
  106. Debunked: CO2-Myth --- See tanks without carbon dioxide fertilization ( ]v[.F.K)
  107. What happens when you end up with Daphnia in a green water culture?
  108. DID anyone every use this diffuser
  109. Ember Tetras -- Grrrrr!!
  110. Daphnia question.
  111. Green water.... help!!!!!!
  112. Coloration of Amano shrimp: mine turned red?
  113. New 55gal stocking ideas
  114. 1st planted tank - Advice needed
  115. Amano Shrimp: Do I (should I?) feed shrimp with newly planted tank?
  116. New Member Planted Tank Set Up
  117. Fuge on a cichlid tank?
  118. RIP fish
  119. re establishing bio filter
  120. How do You Pack Plants for Shipping?
  121. co2 building help
  122. 29 paludarium type tank and C02
  123. breeding snails.
  124. New here and need help
  125. cheap planted tank
  126. Dr Foster coupon codes?
  127. Mix of Dwarf Hairgrass, lilaeopsis, and echinodorus tenellus
  128. Age of SAE & algae eating
  129. Can I dose GH booster and NPK at same time?
  130. Mystery Eggs on Java Fern
  131. this is not a question
  132. sand?which to use?
  133. Is it bad to mix a dojo loach with a fire belly newt?
  134. CO2 reactor or diffusser
  135. air stone question
  136. HC Emersed: Just laying the plant ON the substrate???
  137. Alot of questions
  138. 37 Gallon Brackish Planted / Green Spotted Puffer Tank
  139. New to Aquariums in general, Looking for advice to get started
  140. Tank Chemistry
  141. new to the board, pics and questions inside
  142. new to tanks and aquariums...
  143. White cottony stuff on moss.
  144. When to add Amano shrimp /Caridina japonica to newly planted tank
  145. Takashi Amano aquascapes/tanks
  146. 70g Bow Front Ideas
  147. for the love of pete, someone tell me im crazy
  148. Help with Driftwood
  149. Best Moonlight LED for Fluval Edge?
  150. Starting a 20L need ideas please
  151. TMS and plants
  152. Riparium plan-does it sound good?
  153. Help! New Tank! 20 Gallon Long [Need Advice]
  154. Need some suggestions
  155. discus tank and snails
  156. tank cycling
  157. Best Fish for a 6 Gallon?
  158. Growing HC Emmersed -> Cycling?
  159. How to trim plants?
  160. question about cycling
  161. Super Crazy Tank Nuke with H2O2
  162. cloudy water
  163. Cleaning Crew for a Planted Tank
  164. Just another rookie here needing a guiding hand
  165. Lighting from the front
  166. Where to buy styrofoam sheets for shipping?
  167. Stunting UGH!
  168. How in the world did this happen?
  169. drift
  170. Newbie needing some advice
  171. API Fungus Cure - okay for plants?
  172. Best Scissor for HC Trim???
  173. Almost a riparium?
  174. Low light plant selection help
  175. Re-cycle, or not
  176. Do you use "full" lighting at tank set-up
  177. How sick is this. Honestly.
  178. Ich
  179. what caused my algae?
  180. German hybrid swords; E. Frans Stoffels
  181. Web Like Strings in my Tank
  182. Looking for non-overpriced aquascaping tools
  183. Small disasters
  184. Airstone or powerhead at night?
  185. White Film After Water Changes
  186. My planted tank *** first attempt
  187. plant ID
  188. Help! My plants are dissolving!
  189. RO/DI water and planted tanks
  190. Excel and Purigen
  191. yeast in tank?
  192. Chillers on SALE!
  193. Red plants going green
  194. Local creeks
  195. An introduction and questions
  196. Suppliers of metricide or CIDEX in the UK
  197. Hemianthous Cuba Emmersed not growing
  198. i'd be happy with something like this
  199. Hello
  200. Cycle Question
  201. alot of Q's please help
  202. cleaning filter and ammonia question
  203. EI dosing and water changes
  204. lights
  205. Rex Grigg Fert Store question
  206. Fish Medication in Planted Tank?
  207. heater
  208. indyplanted tank
  209. how much i wonder
  210. Amount of Excel to dose 6x4x4 inch cube
  211. cloudy aquarium water
  212. Interesting Riparium floater
  213. surface film
  214. Newbie question
  215. Fungus in filter system?
  216. Stupid question ...
  217. Hardscape opinions please
  218. Just set up my pressurized co2 system, pH has dropped about .7 from 7.2 to 6.5~
  219. Plant help
  220. Hot Glue
  221. Aquariumplants dot com
  222. FYI: Swagwlok needle valve <$20
  223. Ammonia = what in Nitrate?
  224. Reducing Tank Flow ...
  225. Reviving crashed tank - replant heavily?
  226. Purigen / JBL MicroMec / Seachem Matrix
  227. Cidex
  228. Newbie needs help!
  229. RENA Filstar XP 3 Canister question
  230. pearling with no CO2?
  231. How Could I get rid of my plants?
  232. Arizona Gardens
  233. New Tank Problem - pics
  234. Plant and Stone ID Please.
  235. Staghorn algae ok for turtle to eat?
  236. Leaf ID anyone
  237. Nano DIY c02 and other higher tech questions
  238. critique my 75g need suggestions
  239. Tetra 5g Starter kit for $30
  240. Thank You
  241. Starting 50 Gal (Hi tech??)
  242. lighting at night
  243. A few question regarding taking things from lake/stream.
  244. do i need to fertalize?
  245. Place to get Manzanita?
  246. Co2 regulator getting repaired, what should I do in the meantime?
  247. Do I need to vacuum a planted tank?
  248. BGA Question
  249. Fluval Edge Lighting Upgrade
  250. Somethings Fishy!