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  1. rock identification website
  2. Can Anyone Identify?
  3. What to put in my 20g?
  4. Co2 regulator bubble counter rate keeps going slower
  5. From reef to planted
  6. plant id and 1 ?
  7. Best way to clean/overhawl a tank
  8. flourite surface scum
  9. diy co2?
  10. Getting PH Down in Planted Tank
  11. Mold on my Floating Plants
  12. vitamin c
  13. background help
  14. Saying Hello!!!
  15. Hello Noob here!
  16. Rena XP3, New Problem (See Latest Post!)
  17. creating river/stream tank
  18. new set-up cloudy
  19. Just topped off with saltwater!
  20. Strange creatures in my tank
  21. WTB drift Wood, any sorts.
  22. help with a planted tank
  23. Will this UG survive?
  24. oxaegen
  25. Algae issues & Phosphates high
  26. Wooden Hood Question
  27. Aquarium and Cat
  28. drop checker vs p h meter
  29. Tonnes of fun
  30. Will a store Sea Shell that has its normal colors effect my tanks Ph and may kill F+P
  31. a couple of questions
  32. $400 planted tank?
  33. BlackLabel's new 125
  34. Info on nerite snails?
  35. questions about sterilizer
  36. Red Sea CO2 System Paintball Problem?
  37. Buying Plants
  38. Check valve: basic question
  39. whats the best lighting for easy to grow plants
  40. why rely on bacteria to remove ammonia when there's purigen/zeolite?
  41. Spraybar and C02 Gasing
  42. rexgrigg co2 reactor 20in total bubbles still in tank?
  43. new tank, low tech or high tech
  44. REALLY STUPID python question...
  45. A question about scissors and wives
  46. Can anyone interpret this in plain English?
  47. What could be causeing this?
  48. Need ideas...
  49. Cleaning/trimming/maintenance
  50. Spraybar location for 47T
  51. Hagen CO2 System Question
  52. Can you grow emersed moss submersed?
  53. How long to season filter media in established tank?
  54. Best growth after the lights go out
  55. red tiger lotus ok w/o Excel?
  56. Video of your tank?
  57. best size plant tanks
  58. What kind of fish is this, it look like a Red Tail Shark or Rainbow shark????
  59. Painting background: Latex or oil-based paint
  60. CO2 with lowish light?
  61. bobitus
  62. Noobie First Tank
  63. Sea Star rimless tanks???
  64. lots of questions: live food, starting plants, misc
  65. Ideas for a 5 gallon
  66. To water change or not to water change...
  67. hygro not growing
  68. Building an application (AqAdvisor) - question on plants and stocking levels
  69. co2 directly into canister filter
  70. question of growth rate of new plant
  71. how to tell if plant bulbs are good?
  72. First Post!! ID HELP!!
  73. Dead shrimp in HOB filter, HELP please!
  74. increasing hardness
  75. Rimless / Hoodless , Evaporation and Water Changing...
  76. A rambling hello
  77. Where can I find stainless steel wire mesh?
  78. Plant ID help
  79. "sludge" on top of gravel
  80. Pods on Echinodorus tenellus?
  81. terrarium plants
  82. glass diffuser, a waste of co2?
  83. how many watts max is considered low light
  84. Check out this tank!
  85. Restarting my tank and I want to do it well...
  86. can I use this "fresh" wood?
  87. Would a Blue Crawfish be a bad mix with a betta,dwarf frog, corrys, and guppys?
  88. Is this a good regulator?
  89. Just stocked my new planted amazon tank!!!
  90. I need help please!
  91. Drop Checker?
  92. best and most stable way to RAISE pH
  93. Long Stringing Glosso
  94. What is the most accurate way to test water parameter?
  95. Newbie, need advice
  96. Assuming non limiting nutrients - what's the highest WPG you can go?
  97. Method for disinfecting stones
  98. some good videos demonstrating planting
  99. Differences: Dwarf Sag & pygmy chain
  100. Might have to sell out, need opinions please.
  101. what supplements to use?
  102. 2nd 10gal Project
  103. what are these fixtures?
  104. HC with Dry start method and flourite
  105. light requirements for scarlet temple
  106. Water Softener
  107. Dog Fur
  108. Buying used 90 gallon aquarium
  109. CO2 systems
  110. Nerite snails
  111. Should the red sea turbo co2 bio system be showing bubbleS?
  112. 10g riparium?
  113. random cloudiness...
  114. How much would this cost?
  115. used aquarium, whats it worth?
  116. Rimless 5.5 and glass strength
  117. Quick question about building reactor
  118. orange water
  119. Plant suggestions
  120. CO2 systems
  121. Bugs?
  122. how to get algae off of leaves
  123. To CO2 or not
  124. 10g lowtech goes swell 38 gal high tech not so much. Explain?
  125. Recovering from excel overdose
  126. Please remove
  127. Dwarf hairgrass going brown
  128. Food for shrimp
  129. cichlid tank
  130. Rant, kids are the bane of all evil. D=
  131. Reno area stores and hobbiest?
  132. How long before water change with RCS
  133. Cold Snap hurting Tropical Fish farmers
  134. Should a newby start with CO2 and High intensity lighting?
  135. Questions about P. Scalare Peruvian Angelfish...
  136. Strange Question?
  137. Plant Sprouting
  138. Holy poop!!! Filter issue?
  139. Need some help with my Tank please
  140. Heater stuck on. Proper course of action?
  141. Red Sea CO2 Reactor Problem?
  142. Planted tank/iwagumi supplies in NYC
  143. adding some plants/grass/moss to already setup tank, Please suggest
  144. 75 gallon acrylic black back repair
  145. New Mini Tank Setup
  146. Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Florida Sunset" curled leave edges and discoloration?
  147. New tank setup
  148. Cloudy tank
  149. Returning to the forum
  150. Pleco Help
  151. Spray or aditive to prevent calcium deposits?
  152. My plants are reproducing!
  153. Hiding intakes with gutter downspout material
  154. 20 long filter suggestion
  155. Should I Remove the Carbon Filter?
  156. WTB Clueless beginner looking for suggestions...
  157. Newb rock question...
  158. Changing hosing on a Fluval 205
  159. help!! what could i use to get rid of this calcium build up on this tank?
  160. Manzanita: will soaking it stain bathtub?
  161. Is it okay to refill the Red Sea CO2 reactor with homemade stuff?
  162. Cycle in a partially established tank?
  163. CO2 Saturation Experiment
  164. Stinky Prime
  165. Grey Aquarium Background?
  166. Beautiful Tall tank
  167. 10 gallon project
  168. Newbie with problems
  169. touching up seals?
  170. name this rock
  171. newbie book recommendation
  172. Adding vinegar
  173. plants sales
  174. Painting the trim
  175. trimming stem plants
  176. Does anyone know where to get a FULL eheim tank setup?
  177. Scraping Paint off Back
  178. How long are you supposed to wait
  179. Snails
  180. What can I do about my 5 and 10 Gallon?
  181. co2, where to start
  182. Yellowing of Glosso Leaves
  183. Hey Dudes I'm new and..
  184. emersed dwarf tiger lotus?
  185. bow front 46 gallon brace
  186. Has anyone returned an item to Big Al's?
  187. Riparium questions
  188. 20 pound aluminium co2
  189. Shopping for 3G Tank - Need Advice
  190. Plant species for a Columbia biotope?
  191. Setting up new planted tank
  192. Sand and Inverts
  193. How do i start my first planted tank without huring my fish in the process?
  194. soulotion to having black sand and smooth sand
  195. python usage question
  196. Cycling new tank
  197. Newbie: Anyone create their own River Tank Ecosystem
  198. Manzanita cleaning
  199. 5th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas?
  200. tank bowing
  201. Cutting back on growth
  202. Tank Wiped Out - Whitespot
  203. Attison's Betta Spa & kh/ph/CO2 relation in planted tanks
  204. PH change?
  205. Ambiguous Directions: Melafix & Pimafix
  206. My water never clears up
  207. Starting a 50 Tall - Need advice
  208. 120 gallon project
  209. Lighting for 10 Gallon
  210. Co2 Measuring question....
  211. Continuous Clouded 250G Planted
  212. Root tabs only ?
  213. Noob here, need some direction!
  214. where to get good planted tank backgrounds for your PC
  215. 2010: Minimalist Aquascaping, ADG and I^3
  216. Shrimp or tetras first?
  217. can i...????
  218. Eheim spits out white, silk-like stuff
  219. Has anyone grown Marselia Minuta emmersed?
  220. Any advice on the emersed start-up method on a new tank?
  221. Can you have too much fertilizer?
  222. Big Al's coupon
  223. Newbie to planted aquarium needs help on green water
  224. Using sumps in large tanks.
  225. Please help identify this plant!!
  226. Causes of a bacterial bloom?
  227. intakes and tank life
  228. Inline Heater Problem
  229. 75G rio paraguay biotope stock list (suggestions?)
  230. Filtration For BioCube 29
  231. Anchoring Plants
  232. advice for a newbee
  233. Yet Another Noob Needing Advice
  234. Dilemma!
  235. East coast tank builders
  236. Cory acting strange
  237. Noob Question
  238. Do you use medication when quarantining new fish?
  239. Help - Plants turning Brown
  240. Best Beginer Plants????????
  241. Potassium Permanganate Treatment for fish
  242. Please, please, please help me!
  243. whats the number
  244. sponge filter questions
  245. how many tanks and your electricity cost?
  246. Cycled in 1 week?
  247. I want to plant my 10 gallon, but have no idea what I'm doing, please guide me
  248. how to cool down a 185 gallon tank without a cooler...
  249. corys and shrimps
  250. river style fish tanks