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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Earth Pellets and "RIGHT NOW" bacteria for co2
  3. Hair Algae
  4. ordered plants and did not get them
  5. Tank placement in very cold room
  6. Marimo Tank
  7. Quickest way to dry wet sand?
  8. Marineland LED vs. T5
  9. whaqt is this plant?
  10. How many OZs of Java Moss do I need.
  11. What causes haze on the surface of the water?
  12. My 20 gallon tank
  13. how many Cory's can I fit into a 10 Gallon?
  14. First Planted tank please help
  15. Nearly at my breaking point
  16. Does Water temperature affect the water“s CO2 retention capability?
  17. Lighting and C02
  18. Thought 10 gal was a 20 gal - overkill?
  19. Driftwood selection
  20. Recommendations for 95gal
  21. Noob:Need CO2 System!
  22. Cleaning Plants / Snail Prevention
  23. Chillers and Humidity
  24. Pine Drift Wood?
  25. Boeseman Rainbow in planted tank
  26. Rock Wool
  27. This is what I spent my afternoon assembling (regulator awesomeness) pics
  28. Help! White Squiggly Worms?
  29. Biological filter thingy question
  30. Advice for first set up ?
  31. Melafix ok to use with Purigen?
  32. How to dispose of old unwanted substrate?
  33. return at the bottom
  34. ZooMed 501 collecting C02
  35. Safe Guard for hydra
  36. $10 steal . . . after a reseal?
  37. Maracyn Plus Treatment
  38. Redoing tank: How long is a mini cycle?
  39. Newb questions, after many years fishless.
  40. Leveling my 46
  41. Getting back into fishkeeping!
  42. Tons of questions, setting up a 20L
  43. light?
  44. Water hardness
  45. regarding water changes and care
  46. My Dilemma...
  47. Stopping the substrate fertilizer
  48. too much flow?
  49. About tips of plants closing up...
  50. Marineland Magnum 350
  51. Changing tanks question
  52. no idea what to put in this tank!
  53. 20 Gallon High, going HIGH TECH!
  54. Are these Rocks Safe?
  55. hey guys!! New 30 gallon!
  56. A planted tank for a 5 year old! Need help/suggestions please...
  57. Point in the right direcion
  58. ro questions
  59. Problem with deficiency or something else (hydrocotyle-leucocephala)
  60. co2 good for crystal red shrimps?
  61. Starting New 30 Gallon Classroom Tank
  62. Really cleaning stone - mutric acid?
  63. 20w or 80w on my 10 gallon?
  64. Cycling a 120, how long?
  65. Flourish ropt tabs
  66. Terrible smell...
  67. Question: should I waterproof decorative wood that will be wet?
  68. use of a back ground?
  69. Just Starting out. One of two questions .
  70. New 55G Planted Tank, Wouldn't Mind Suggestions!
  71. cycling with a second tank?
  72. I couldn't say no.
  73. New to planted tank..kinda
  74. Why does my Amazon Sword have long skinny leaves?
  75. HELP!!!! She said no to 100gal child. (she it was to long)
  76. HC or Glossostigma?
  77. Trip to Grundy
  78. quick question about diy Co2
  79. Excel not working?
  80. Best place to purchase aquatic plants online
  81. lowering PH in water with leftover coral chips
  82. ok Let Me Have It.....
  83. Sumatra wood
  84. Anyone use this drop checker?
  85. Taking my planted tank to the next level
  86. Hello from Alabama
  87. Are all Watts created equal?
  88. New User Intro
  89. $*£@$$! Volcano!
  90. max temp?
  91. volcanic rock
  92. are true SAE's aggressive at all?
  93. Do you think fish in captivity are bored?
  94. what kind of algae and how to get rid of?
  95. can i keep ground covering plants?
  96. Fish / shrimp Armageddon
  97. Determinine Over-stocking
  98. C02 overdose
  99. co2 ph/kh chart
  100. Is Seachem Clarity invert-safe?
  101. Florabase or not?
  102. proper way to feed vegetables
  103. Live Plant Background - Ideas
  104. Anubias - what is this on the leaves?
  105. How's My Tank Look - Update
  106. A begginer's question about Seachem Excel
  107. 210 gallon Amazon theme suggestions
  108. New 55gal planted tank
  109. Can I cut glass lily pipes?
  110. New to planted tanks
  111. Heatwave
  112. Minimum 10 gallon substrate depth
  113. Planted tank under natural sunlight?
  114. Was my Flourish Excel Tampered with?
  115. What to do with two empty 10gals?
  116. My first plant!
  117. Black substrate and dark colored fish
  118. HOW to keep Utricularia graminifolia planted???
  119. SUMO regulator solenoid is stuck open - what do I do?
  120. tall plants......what to do?
  121. Setting up a 15g
  122. Distance between gravel and light
  123. Medication and zeolite
  124. about to introduce peat into my tank
  125. co2 diffusion - ladder vs rio venturi pump
  126. ooooh my wife is gonna kill or divorce me...
  127. any thoughts on this?
  128. Happy 4th of July!!!!!
  129. Pearling?
  130. Tank Temp
  131. Cycling 2.5g w/ Tom's Mini internal
  132. What kind of paint for aquarium background
  133. What do you use for dim lighting?
  134. Dwarf bulbs?
  135. look what i found
  136. Trying to get softer water for dwarf shrimp...
  137. Looking for online plant dealer in Florida..
  138. Amquel+ doesn't have an aweful odor
  139. Is ammonia "with surfacants" OK for cycling?
  140. CO2 inline diffuser through cannister intake?
  141. Wahooooooo!
  142. Water circulation
  143. New Fluval aquarium line
  144. ABN at Petco?!
  145. Cleaning an old tank
  146. Intruders in plants
  147. New tank
  148. algae and pruning
  149. Saltwater vet... First Freshwater Tank
  150. Transferring plants to new tank?
  151. Alot of brown sediment settling in the tank...
  152. Slime in inlet and outlet tubing/pipes?
  153. 10 gallon shrimp tank help
  154. What Makes This Hobby So Much Fun?
  155. Deficiencies oh deficiencies, will you be the death of me
  156. My Co2 runs out SO FAST!
  157. Help with Lighting in 14g
  158. 55g equipment list
  159. broken cfl
  160. seeding with filter media
  161. brown alge.....
  162. Possible to make freeze dried food sink?
  163. feeding live food
  164. are my T8 18000k by Power Glow to High
  165. Seachem Comprehensive...$15.99
  166. Sick fish!! Need help!
  167. 100 Gallon Planted- Where to Start
  168. My Tank + Fogginess/Green Water Algae Question
  169. Trimming Starougyne, before and after pics
  170. Lights at night/temp control?
  171. why is my us fissiden this colour, is it normal?Help needed
  172. Does Amquel or Prime give a false positive ammonia reading?
  173. Purchased a DIY drop checker from ebay. Question
  174. is this bowing?
  175. Calling ENGINEERS: Tank weight + concrete help
  176. Online source for plants?
  177. New Nova T5 Lighting & Plants
  178. HELP! Ammonia Spike!
  179. Cloudy water, Is it algae? Or something else?
  180. tank update.....some questions
  181. making stand for 20G 10G combo, just a few questions.
  182. Foam Filter Block Inserts
  183. PETCO $1 a gallon sale on now
  184. newbie confusion
  185. Does Seachem Paraguard kill beneficial bacteria?
  186. What fert program do you use??
  187. confussed on CO2
  188. LIGHTING Question
  189. Baby Dwarf Tears
  190. Where to find HC Cuba
  191. The Best Way to Switch Filters...
  192. What is the purpose of Lily Pipes?
  193. Rummynose Tetra: Tolerance to KNO3?
  194. Best location for Co2 outlet into a long tank
  195. Emergency!!! Major
  196. this is your brain on plants...
  197. What to do with my Xmas Moss...
  198. Dryscaping
  199. Think i may need calcium?
  200. Your opinion requested on low level planted tank
  201. Noobie looking for help....HC is turning mushy after 1 week of DSM
  202. Upgrading my 29 planted, which lighting?
  203. Dirty Tank?
  204. Ground-cover plant dividers - how too?
  205. is any of this a good deal
  206. 29g High lighting?
  207. A couple blackwater questions
  208. How to temorarily turn a tank low tech?
  209. Water Flow RINA XP3
  210. do my plants and tank look OK? *cell phone pics sorry*
  211. Water Change pH Fluctuation
  212. New 14g Planted Biocube (& Eclipse) Advice Request & Gratitude
  213. Background Plants
  214. What Algae Is This and How Do I Get Rid of It?
  215. one last check
  216. stocking question.
  217. Fish Euthanasia...
  218. ADA plant ID please
  219. Neighbors pitbull vs. my ponds
  220. Where Should I start What should I do with my 55gallon
  221. Tank cleansing?
  222. Looking for the right tank
  223. Echinodorus palaefolius
  224. Another noob planter
  225. Seriously wierded out. Eggs? Poo? Parasite? Fungus?
  226. Aquarium in the garage?
  227. Fish Dying.. Need Advice
  228. HC with this lighting?
  229. Storing Plants for Main Planting
  230. id please
  231. There is fungus in my tank!!! Aaahhhh!!! Help!
  232. growing sword in shallow water?
  233. diy co2 p.s.i
  234. more lighting! need ideas!
  235. Indepth Nitrification & Denitrification
  236. tank idea
  237. Hows My Tank Look Update " Lily Pads"
  238. unusual spots, worms in tank?
  239. Question about water quality and replacements
  240. Feedback on aquascape please (PICS)
  241. 44 Gal MH lighting
  242. My Mystery Snail
  243. plant leaves
  244. to cut or not to cut
  245. 68 Days of Dwarf Hairgrass
  246. Does InvertzFactory have an account on this website?
  247. New Discovory
  248. New Member Just Saying Hello
  249. would this bulb work in a planted tank?
  250. Whoops! Almost gassed my fish...