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  1. Cleaning on the inside of the tank
  2. The 40B Plan: A S. American Riparium Biotope
  3. New to The Planted Tank, Need Advice on my new planted tank
  4. Questions about flooding tank with emersed growth
  5. new wood, and new plants
  6. Petsmart flourite sale
  7. Petco 1 dollar per gallon sale! AGAIN!
  8. Brackish tank setup help
  9. New to Planted Tanks and need some Input.
  10. What permanent marker is non-toxic?
  11. Tank size
  12. CO2 question
  13. New 55g Planted tank-with a TREE
  14. Biggest plant in a 10 gallon tank?
  15. 55gallon Paludarium help
  16. 6ft planted aquarium plan
  17. My New Driftwood
  18. NEW GUY here, got a few Q's
  19. 45 gallon acrylic planted!!
  20. How do I use click-n-ship for a priority non flat rate box?
  21. Buying plants in the swap section
  22. Testing Crackdown!
  23. Any Rex Grigg Orders Received Lately?
  24. HC Growth Time Lapse in HD
  25. Fishless cycling safe for plant aquarium?
  26. Gunk eating fish?
  27. New to planting and aquariums
  28. Is this light acceptable
  29. My first planted tank.
  30. New 55 Gallon
  31. Getting closer to being setup
  32. looking for a fert calculator
  33. Is my water the root of all my problems?
  34. I'm a newb. Any and all help is appreciated.
  35. Layout help
  36. cant catch fish in the net!!
  37. Looking for ideas, etc...
  38. water test check
  39. Driftwood...?!
  40. Local society plant contest
  41. brine shrimp - which adult fish will still eat nauplii?
  42. What would you upgrade first: CO2 or Filter?
  43. New 75gal. Suggestions?
  44. Water quality question?
  45. Planted tanks in their rooms: keeping things tidy
  46. another ro water question
  47. Blackout with co2 running?
  48. One step forward, one step back
  49. How small is to small?
  50. starting out-ish
  51. My first Planted tank
  52. CO2 injector
  53. What size tank?
  54. Problem with plants taking root
  55. Natural Carbon for plants??
  56. Is it safe?
  57. Low light plants in a High light setup - getting algae
  58. Need help with New Tank
  59. restarting my tank again
  60. Can I grow a plant in a bottle of seltzer water?
  61. Trying something new, but not without help
  62. New Tank, Need Advice
  63. Proposed 10g Setup
  64. phosphates and algae
  65. Java Fern Plantlets
  66. Where to begin?
  67. Do you think tank lights bother fishes' eyes?
  68. Will Assassin Snails Kill My Nerites?
  69. First Medium Tech Planted Tank
  70. planting without filling the tank
  71. green water, need some help
  72. question about plant packages...
  73. Canister filter questios
  74. Best Reference Books?
  75. 10 Gallon Low-tech Questions
  76. using natural light
  77. How much different is Seachem pond flourish Iron versus regular seachem flourish iron
  78. Coconuts Yum!
  79. Driftwood Driftwood Driftwoooood!
  80. 58 gallon setup
  81. New guy with a new (to me) tank.
  82. Brackish water plants?
  83. Is it possible to make a floating piece of wood sink?
  84. WOW!! What a website. New to your forum.
  85. Sediment remaining in Suspension
  86. best substrate for carpetting plants
  87. what's it called? That one sq inch of plants Japanese?
  88. Fish disease identification help
  89. zebra nerite snails getting it on
  90. How do u hang light fixtures?
  91. In need of Sump Plumbing Help
  92. idea's for new 270l tank anyone ?
  93. Aquariums and Cats...
  94. Fulfilling Snails calcium needs...
  95. 10 gallon tank-100.00 budget
  96. Tough luck!
  97. Will Malachite Green Color Driftwood
  98. Aquarium cover that keeps humidity in but lets light through?
  99. Utter frustration at this point. Update - Bye Bye 16 gallon. Hello 20 Long.
  100. Up and running tank still having issues
  101. Oil Dri as a substrate
  102. plant/layout suggestions?
  103. why is it necessary to do weekly 50% water changes?
  104. is there a way to measure the co2 in my aquarium water
  105. Vacuuming gravel
  106. 1st time setting up a Marineland tank
  107. Where is the S & S?? ...or the trade place
  108. Plants Melting/Rotting>?
  109. How long to leave the first filter, when cycling a second?
  110. Dont ever try this with fish in tank!!
  111. lights out?
  112. Light 90g, (no C02)
  113. Amano Stones
  114. New to all of this...and I think I'm already doing it wrong.
  115. Cleaning rocks with muriatic acid
  116. co2 distrubition question
  117. Anyone here live near Ashford, CT? need plant ID
  118. Am I the only one who does this?
  119. aquasoil in a 46 bowfront?
  120. yellow anubius leaves
  121. Keeping stem plants anchored down
  122. where can i get NICE driftwood
  123. Moving Tank Advise
  124. MTS in a emersed set-up
  125. dolomite for gh booster?
  126. Looking for advice on fish load
  127. Low light + CO2/EI? Looking for guidance
  128. java moss
  129. what can i do with java moss to fill this space?
  130. gasping fish?
  131. New to Planted Aquarium, need help
  132. need help again :/
  133. Is it legal to ship dry fertilizer?
  134. need help Getting rid of hitchikers
  135. Visit to Local Petco
  136. Best way to prep/store veggies
  137. Leaving the ADA logo on the tank and showing it off. A little rant.
  138. How to Keep temperature DOWN?
  139. tank re-do: can I keep biofilter active with no fish?
  140. Rock too heavy?
  141. CO2 Question (levels and maintaining)
  142. Leaves turning clear-ish on LIMNOPHILA AROMATICA
  143. Will switching to a larger aquarium with new substrate cause problems?
  144. Are Garden hoses safe?
  145. Need ID help in my planted tank
  146. 80% to 90% water change so I can move a tank.
  147. what would be considered a drastic water change?
  148. Potted Plants
  149. Vallisneria growing too long
  150. RO/DI question..
  151. The Aquarium Blues
  152. Koi friendly plants
  153. Using anacharis as a nutrient export
  154. possibly getting new water source-questions
  155. Clown loach mistake... :(
  156. salt and plants
  157. Replanting Impact
  158. cottonwood in an aquarium
  159. Overdose Excel for hair algae?
  160. need an id please
  161. What is this?
  162. Big pile of bubbles on water surface?
  163. Broken tank, 1 filter 2 tanks
  164. cloudy water at top of tank
  165. check out my planted discus tank
  166. How do you grow emersed plants?
  167. CO2 Affected by Too Much Water Movement?
  168. Terrain moss for aquariums and other plants?
  169. HELP! Fish dying
  170. Will plants survive after I used methylene blue?
  171. Co2 Regulators
  172. Low Maintenance 30G suggestions?
  173. Power outage thought
  174. Planting my 4ft discus tank?
  175. New to PT: High Planted Tank?
  176. 55 heavily planted
  177. what fish would go well with neons?
  178. Advice on "sour"(?) swap N shop deal
  179. co2 questions part 2
  180. Rene filstar xp2
  181. co2 questions
  182. Best low-light moss?
  183. kh for ro water
  184. Please help ID this algae
  185. Not sure what to do next
  186. stand suggestions for gla 46-c
  187. want to do something 'unique'
  188. Where to purchase gh Booster?
  189. Severe bacteria bloom or something else?
  190. Newbie plant buying advice
  191. Can too high of KH kill fish?
  192. Odyssea 2x24W T5HO and glass aquarium canopy
  193. My tank.....
  194. Flourite: Too much or not enough
  195. Newts
  196. how long can my tank survive on excel?
  197. What's this stuff?
  198. New to website would like some opinions on aquarium.
  199. Substrate swapout for re-scape?
  200. Dead Bees in the Tank!
  201. Little White Spots
  202. Emersed grow-out in tupperware... need some advice please.
  203. Leaf curling Proserpinaca palustris
  204. What is this?
  205. Ich Treatment for Planted Tanks
  206. question about pennywort (h. leucocephala)
  207. Just Ordered Supplies!
  208. Is clear water possible in a planted tank?
  209. Not the best day for my the tank...
  210. Tank emergency (not sure where to put topic)
  211. My tank =D
  212. Couple of questions from a beginner
  213. Hello, New Here!
  214. A Bad Week...
  215. Prime, NO2 & NO3
  216. How to tell if I need to dose macro-nutrients ?
  217. How do I become a breeder?
  218. Finding Driftwood
  219. after a short saltwater break....
  220. Can anyone ID the problem?
  221. Quick size Question
  222. Help! White cloud tetra bullying to death
  223. Best floating nitrate removers
  224. What should I add?
  225. Some advice on tank situation
  226. Need some help with plants
  227. help with plant choices please
  228. Newt filter???
  229. Hydra and where did it come from?
  230. keeping water clear with almond leaves
  231. Dosage of Pimafix and Melafix together
  232. Dry Start using ADA AS
  233. leaving the door open
  234. Will I stress my fish?
  235. Do you use a glass canopy?
  236. For the love of MTS - Teaching S.O.'s to cope
  237. Help me get rid of my mosquitoes...
  238. redsea regulator fitting
  239. When to use Seachem Flourish?
  240. Ebay CO2 drop checker question
  241. using root tabs to fert moss
  242. Proposed 220 gallon setup
  243. What size (gallons) tank is this?
  244. Thread subscription based on user id
  245. Healthy plants?
  246. Aquatic plants of Lake Ontario
  247. Earth Pellets and "RIGHT NOW" bacteria for co2
  249. Hair Algae
  250. ordered plants and did not get them