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  1. would it be too much??
  2. Plant problems
  3. hmm which tank for next
  4. How exactly do you vacuum substrate? (equip & method used??)
  5. Help With My 15 Gallon Tank
  6. Vortex XL Diatom Filter
  7. How to grow Hemianthus Callitrichoides???
  8. Co2 injection with a ph controller
  9. ph controller for breeding crystal red shrimp
  10. Chip on the edge of 20g L
  11. My new 46 has BBA, oh too familiar!
  12. How to maintain tank with extreme lighting
  13. Newbie question about plants in transit..
  14. I am new to the planted tank and am pretty excited about it!
  15. Planted Tank Size Opinion?
  16. Quick moss questions
  17. Switching tank..
  18. New video. Lmk what you think
  19. What is this?
  20. why is my water still cloudy???
  21. Newb to planted tank questions...
  22. The Iron Aquascaper:
  23. Woo hoo!
  24. JBJ Nano Cube 28 Gallon
  25. does this really count
  26. Best way to rid tank of particulates?
  27. Help me identify these plants and tell me how to trim them! (Please)
  28. Co2 not working...
  29. Planted tank help
  30. Question about aeration...
  31. Am I gassing my fish?
  32. Suppose an introduction is in order
  33. First planted tank: Algae boom!!
  34. Rusting connectors
  35. need some help.....i have hair alige i think
  36. Connecting two 10g tanks together..... need ideas....
  37. I had a little stow away....
  38. Cichlid friendly hard water plants?
  39. Plants only tank, dechlorinator needed?
  40. 300 gal Acrylic w Scratches
  41. moving
  42. planting coldwater
  43. New B question and advice
  44. FTS's with large school of fish?
  45. co2 in a 75g
  46. 300g tank for FREE!
  47. Iron gluconate for plants?
  48. Ok...wt??
  49. The 29g Saga: Need some advice
  50. ph and cycling
  51. EI Question
  52. A little advice needed
  53. Attaching plants
  54. Noob Needs Help
  55. Filter size question.
  56. Anyone have a GLA 91-B ?
  57. Has anyone used "CaribSea Bio-Magnet"?
  58. Restarting a planted tank
  59. is this possible
  60. What's so special about RO water?
  61. Elodea/Ancharis
  62. RO/DI unit that has sat for 24 months
  63. And so it begins
  64. How to know if rock is ok for aquarium use? test
  65. Growing plants in a high pH
  66. Changing Bio Media
  67. New Canister Filter, Cloudy water?!?!
  68. Stuff I Learned In My First 2 Months
  69. 20g update
  70. is this reactor fine?
  71. help me before i pound me head on the wall!
  72. water changes
  73. Refund options?
  74. What's the general consensus when going on vacation?
  75. Hair-like algae (black)
  76. new to planted tank
  77. emersed moss dripwall
  78. New video
  79. First Planted Tank
  80. flourish comprehensive - Motor oil and Soy sauce???
  81. African cichlids with plants?
  82. Ideas for 120p
  83. Suggestion to Planted Tank from a noob
  84. Best way to get CO2 into the water
  85. Hydrotriche hottiniiflora
  86. Canister filters--- and pressurized pond filters
  87. Plant placement suggestions
  88. Aquaclear 20 for filtration
  89. FANWART - Tall and stringy
  90. Yet another rock ID request :)
  91. All shrimp, dead :(
  92. Surface agitation
  93. Cost of Upgrading/Upkeep to a larger tank.
  94. HELP! I have white bugs everywhere -outside the tank too
  95. pressurized co2 and no EI. Asking for trouble?
  96. Photo hosting site?
  97. 10 Gallon Lighting
  98. Food colouring
  99. Name this fish
  100. Sandstone. Boiling Enough?
  101. Pogostemon stellatus -- thin stems
  102. Need Ideas - 210 gallon
  103. Largest school in your tank?
  104. Film over tank
  105. Lighting/Substrate for a 75 Gallon tank?
  106. Hi Hello and All that Whatnot
  107. Best plant for fry to hide in?
  108. What in the worl is THIS!!!
  109. Painting back of tank black?
  110. Why Grow Ludwigia Pantanal
  111. post pics of someone else's tank
  112. Ecoweb
  113. Build of my first tank.. Photos !
  114. Lighting for a 50 gallon hex?
  115. Reliable Shut-off valve, for CO2 bleed line
  116. Japanese Moss Balls/brackish water shrimp tank
  117. Does anyone know how to contact this company?
  118. Switching night and day
  119. Suggestions on switching 30G cube from Reef to Planted FW
  120. Word of warning about raising lily pipe
  121. Nitrogen Cycle for Dummies
  122. Help a new planted tank hobbyist out!
  123. Freshwater Cycle?
  124. Advice for 112 Gallon Planted tank
  125. CO2 in low light?
  126. You Know You're Addicted To Aquagardening When...
  127. Fishy behavior
  128. Bio Chem Zorb or Purigen ?
  129. Where can I buy a 5 lb. Co2 tank
  130. Coffee table aquarium
  131. Anyone run CO2 line into Magnum HOT?
  132. New but old tank.
  133. How do you stop shrimp from going into filter of Bio Cube 14
  134. first planted tank after years of saltwater !
  135. UV affecting PO4
  136. Adding PO4
  137. Web in my tank ?
  138. goldfish and dried tubiflex worms
  139. Yet another newbie - Please help!!
  140. If you had the luxury of starting all over again
  141. Ammonia spike
  142. Water Changes
  143. dissolving Co2 tabs, are they worth it?
  144. Treating velvet?? Cant find mardel maracide anywhere
  145. First post: A little help...
  146. 10 gallon's frame looks skewed
  147. Hello!
  148. found some wood
  149. Start Up Help
  150. buying items over seas?
  151. air bubblers in tanks?
  152. Water conditioning
  153. Hello from Minnesota
  154. What is this Blue/Black fuzz
  155. Having trouble deciding if its cycled or not
  156. 175g ideas?
  157. First post: introduction and plans
  158. UV Sterilizer
  159. Nutrafin Co2 generator
  160. New to the forum...stocking/ich question
  161. Shipping plants - Vacuum sealing?
  162. Newbie here - can I plant in .75wpg?
  163. How do I plant my plants?
  164. Thoughts On Cycling
  165. How to weight driftwood and hide the base?
  166. Joining the club
  167. plant suggestions for filling up space
  168. Needing glass thinkness info for 90 gallon
  169. decided against cell pics, and made a video :D
  170. CO2 tabs for tanks, waste of money?
  171. 35G Corner tank ?'s
  172. red sea turbo co2
  173. Ostracod vs Hemianthus Cuba
  174. new to the site
  175. Bubble counter question
  176. Plants appear to be melting!
  177. Planted Tank How-To
  178. attack of the green tentacles!!!
  179. Please help me ID and care for my plants
  180. C02 system?
  181. First time @ planting
  182. Newb need advice.
  183. Saying hello for the first time.
  184. PLANTS! wysteria mostly.
  185. Everything's dying, help!
  186. Unplanted to planted. Any concerns?
  187. Newb :)
  188. 29 gallon oceanic biocube
  189. Indian Almond Leaves.. Water changes?
  190. my 29 gallon planted
  191. Newbie! Have many questions!!
  192. craigslist score
  193. Pool Filter Sand and Brown Algae
  194. indian almond leaves
  195. Help with CO2 diffuser
  196. Linen and Things sells Aquarium Equipment???
  197. Using Seachem Excel as spray-on algecide
  198. little jumping bugs, on my water...
  199. Oh No Algae
  200. Award for algae problem? PLEASE HELP!
  201. Ugly Java Ferns! Please Help!!!
  202. Corydoras and feedings
  203. Shops in Tokyo
  204. Chipped my ADA 60H
  205. Converting from an existing fish only tank?
  206. Small white particles that wont settle
  207. Catastrophe
  208. Are harmful bacteria always present in the tank?
  209. Pearling plants
  210. Target Ph
  211. White eggs(?) on plants
  212. what do you use RO/DI OR Tap water...... POLL ~VOTE~
  213. Where Can I Find a Fish Calculator?
  214. Lake Water
  215. NW alabama stores?
  216. Surface Scum
  217. Plant Separation Anxiety
  218. How do I clean my plants?
  219. Feeding fish baby brine shrimp
  220. Please help me identify this
  221. Need a quick answer! How to remove plants from sandbed!
  222. Using peat
  223. How much circulation is ideal?
  224. My tank
  225. Buying from Aqua Forest Aquarium? (
  226. tetra natura food
  227. Photo Period
  228. Lets see those cabinet interiors!
  229. Identify these rocks please?
  230. Stocking A 125 gallon tank
  231. Could I put this 90 Gallon into a 29 and keep the Eheim Filter?
  232. Please help name this deficiency...
  233. im really happy with the weeks progression...
  234. cube of water techniques advancing, and not
  235. Aquariums meet Interior Design
  236. Help! Mystery egg in tank
  237. Does anyone know where I can get...
  238. A Couple of Questions
  239. Quick question...
  240. DIY CO2 Problem
  241. Gift Idea, help
  242. Where to put Ricca?
  243. Noobie question about replanting HC
  244. help please :)
  245. following DSM
  246. Asking for trouble?
  247. What in the world is wrong with my tank?
  248. Help : From Singapore to US
  249. Index of Riparium How-to Threads
  250. Help with new setup