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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. serenity now!
  2. Double check my list help critque my plans.
  3. So what's next.
  4. 75 gallon tank stocking
  5. sterilizing driftwood
  6. Too much flow?
  7. Where is everybody getting their sunset hygro?
  8. Help for Beginner
  9. Lighting for beginner
  10. gourami tank
  11. Shipping plants question...
  12. Question about cycling the tank and EI dosing?
  13. Questions about vals???
  14. How's my flow??
  15. murky water help. 3rd attempt at new tank.
  16. 125 gallon tank stocking
  17. christmas moss - how to get rid of?
  18. A walk in salt and what I learned...
  19. cloning moneywort??
  20. Snails
  21. Will a U.V. sterilizer help my planted tank??
  22. New 55 gallon
  23. Which Light is better ??
  24. CO2 injection to lower pH in turtle tank?
  25. Is CO2 the problem
  26. Simple setup. anubias not doing well
  27. Turn on CO2 earlier than lights?
  28. Just got my CO2 setup.. I'm excited
  29. Receiving plants...
  30. New Planted Tank Fish Problems
  31. new planted tank not doing well
  32. My setup needs some work..
  33. My setup - please evaluate.
  34. i got something wierd
  35. I want to grow java fern,moss and anubias
  36. Corkscrew vallisneria
  37. plants in tubes
  38. balensea
  39. Commercial culturing, how?
  40. Changes to tank
  41. Glass under hood
  42. Questions for heavily planted Discus tanks folks
  43. Hello! New forum member from CT
  44. 2010GA6 An Introduction
  45. Vals, java fern and CO2
  46. HELP!!! White mold or fungus taking over!
  47. why does CO2 "drive" off algae like it does?
  48. Need opinions about diffusing CO2
  49. Rockscape Help
  50. Leveling the Tank
  51. Amazon Swords/Crypts turning clear...
  52. how to avoid snails when buying plants??
  53. Two Questions
  54. Yes some Noob question(s)
  55. Problems with plant growth....PLZ HELP!
  56. easiest way to ship plants?
  57. Finally got the tank planted
  58. Nerite Snails!
  59. What the hell is this thing?!
  60. Fish not liking new light?
  61. peat question
  62. ways to attach java moss?
  63. dosiong flourish question
  64. Too scared to start using Excel!!
  65. Where do you purchase the styrofoam for shipping?
  66. Echinodorus uruguayensis
  67. Volcanic spring headwaters, another example of lush rich CO2 fast water Nirvana
  68. Barr's GH Booster
  69. Diff between RO/DI and RO?
  70. Good Filter/Light for a 20g
  71. Opinions Please - Swap to 30G or keep 90G?
  72. What to do, what to do.... 2 More tanks.......
  73. Seachchem Prime weird smell
  74. Plant-friendly ich treatment
  75. Utricularia graminifolia mass produced
  76. EI dosing hard on fish?
  77. Reducing pH of water-change water----
  78. African or Amazon Cichlid Tank?
  79. Making my own substrate?
  80. pond plants inside?
  81. Writing on Aquarium Glass
  82. Hey Guys, whats up!!
  83. confused which is which?
  84. Riparium How-to: High-Humidity Setups
  85. Weird plastic film on surface...
  86. Mixed update! Pics too.
  87. CO2 Questions Reguarding Agitation and pH
  88. Coralife T5HO Clearance at some Petco's.
  89. PH Question
  90. Is this a good setup?
  91. Water Lettuce - Inclosed Aquarium?
  92. Looking for plant list based on how easy they are
  93. they grow this fast????
  94. Lead Weights?
  95. Flourish Comprehensive supper cheap at Petsmart
  96. Pleco Breeding
  97. New Tank Cycling Question?
  98. C02 help
  99. fertilizer??
  100. CO2 Systems
  101. Advice needed!
  102. New guy, 20G Tall, need some help
  103. lighting
  104. how to take good photos of my fish/tank?
  105. white hair do i deal with it
  106. 20L Iwagumi - Now w/ PICS!!
  107. emersed growing
  108. Running O2 at night. Yes or No?
  109. New planted 55G
  110. How to slow flow of filter?
  111. Ibuprofen & Fish Food = Kid walking on something softer than egg shells
  112. White worms floating in the water column
  113. High Viscosity alternatives for bubble counter?
  114. schooling fish not schooling?
  115. Tanks on Hardwoods
  116. uuuggghh HC
  117. new to planted tanks. hello everyone!
  118. How to use GH booster?
  119. Endlers?
  120. Question on Water changes
  121. Help with plants...
  122. Tank decision - could use help
  123. Plant Grow Tank
  124. New here and a few questions...
  125. cycling problem
  126. lighting advice
  127. Help! Water regularly way too hot.
  128. Old School
  129. Patience
  130. Lazy water change method
  131. Just hooked up my New Red Sea Co2 kit, have few questions
  132. Looking for suggestions
  133. Flourish Excel Discussion
  134. breeding platy, and guppys
  135. Email exchange with LFS owner
  136. new plants
  137. CO2 Reactor and Drop Checker Question
  138. Ammonia in my tap water...
  139. What 3 or 4 plants for a 10g?
  140. Word of advice
  141. ADA 60P Stand Question
  142. Where to buy catfish online?
  143. Bleach and Aquarium Tools Question.
  144. Double Membrane Diffuser
  145. Need tips on shipping plants
  146. Dry start method disaster - HELP!
  147. Newbie Tank
  148. New planted 10 gal
  149. Cleaning on the inside of the tank
  150. The 40B Plan: A S. American Riparium Biotope
  151. New to The Planted Tank, Need Advice on my new planted tank
  152. Questions about flooding tank with emersed growth
  153. new wood, and new plants
  154. Petsmart flourite sale
  155. Petco 1 dollar per gallon sale! AGAIN!
  156. Brackish tank setup help
  157. New to Planted Tanks and need some Input.
  158. What permanent marker is non-toxic?
  159. Tank size
  160. CO2 question
  161. New 55g Planted tank-with a TREE
  162. Biggest plant in a 10 gallon tank?
  163. 55gallon Paludarium help
  164. 6ft planted aquarium plan
  165. My New Driftwood
  166. NEW GUY here, got a few Q's
  167. 45 gallon acrylic planted!!
  168. How do I use click-n-ship for a priority non flat rate box?
  169. Buying plants in the swap section
  170. Testing Crackdown!
  171. Any Rex Grigg Orders Received Lately?
  172. HC Growth Time Lapse in HD
  173. Fishless cycling safe for plant aquarium?
  174. Gunk eating fish?
  175. New to planting and aquariums
  176. Is this light acceptable
  177. My first planted tank.
  178. New 55 Gallon
  179. Getting closer to being setup
  180. looking for a fert calculator
  181. Is my water the root of all my problems?
  182. I'm a newb. Any and all help is appreciated.
  183. Layout help
  184. cant catch fish in the net!!
  185. Looking for ideas, etc...
  186. water test check
  187. Driftwood...?!
  188. Local society plant contest
  189. brine shrimp - which adult fish will still eat nauplii?
  190. What would you upgrade first: CO2 or Filter?
  191. New 75gal. Suggestions?
  192. Water quality question?
  193. Planted tanks in their rooms: keeping things tidy
  194. another ro water question
  195. Blackout with co2 running?
  196. One step forward, one step back
  197. How small is to small?
  198. starting out-ish
  199. My first Planted tank
  200. CO2 injector
  201. What size tank?
  202. Problem with plants taking root
  203. Natural Carbon for plants??
  204. Is it safe?
  205. Low light plants in a High light setup - getting algae
  206. Need help with New Tank
  207. restarting my tank again
  208. Can I grow a plant in a bottle of seltzer water?
  209. Trying something new, but not without help
  210. New Tank, Need Advice
  211. Proposed 10g Setup
  212. phosphates and algae
  213. Java Fern Plantlets
  214. Where to begin?
  215. Do you think tank lights bother fishes' eyes?
  216. Will Assassin Snails Kill My Nerites?
  217. First Medium Tech Planted Tank
  218. planting without filling the tank
  219. green water, need some help
  220. question about plant packages...
  221. Canister filter questios
  222. Best Reference Books?
  223. 10 Gallon Low-tech Questions
  224. using natural light
  225. How much different is Seachem pond flourish Iron versus regular seachem flourish iron
  226. Coconuts Yum!
  227. Driftwood Driftwood Driftwoooood!
  228. 58 gallon setup
  229. New guy with a new (to me) tank.
  230. Brackish water plants?
  231. Is it possible to make a floating piece of wood sink?
  232. WOW!! What a website. New to your forum.
  233. Sediment remaining in Suspension
  234. best substrate for carpetting plants
  235. what's it called? That one sq inch of plants Japanese?
  236. Fish disease identification help
  237. zebra nerite snails getting it on
  238. How do u hang light fixtures?
  239. In need of Sump Plumbing Help
  240. idea's for new 270l tank anyone ?
  241. Aquariums and Cats...
  242. Fulfilling Snails calcium needs...
  243. 10 gallon tank-100.00 budget
  244. Tough luck!
  245. Will Malachite Green Color Driftwood
  246. Aquarium cover that keeps humidity in but lets light through?
  247. Utter frustration at this point. Update - Bye Bye 16 gallon. Hello 20 Long.
  248. Up and running tank still having issues
  249. Oil Dri as a substrate
  250. plant/layout suggestions?