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  1. Power Outage in Denver! how do you deal with power outages
  2. How good of a deal did I get on these Items?
  3. Planaria?
  4. Stocking a 30 gallon... Too much?
  5. DIY Inline CO2 Reactor (REVISED)
  6. paludarium
  7. Are there any plant for newbs that...
  8. perma-seal for pressurized Co2
  9. what do you do with your quarantine tank when not in use?
  10. Too much co2?
  11. Baby plants
  12. Planted Tank Newbie
  13. best way to diffuse co2 in a nanotank
  14. 29g lighting question w/ med-high light plants
  15. Flourish Excel and Ich
  16. What to do with a uniquely shaped aquarium?
  17. Large Cichlid in a planted tank?
  18. Wierd film on top water of tank?
  19. newbie
  20. hydra in my tank
  21. Pond Plants
  22. Super cool Stream tanks!
  23. note for other people: pygmy cory do eat RCS
  24. Black backgound for a rimless?
  25. Scientists make Bacopa Caroliniana "glow"
  26. Your guess as good as mine
  27. What am I doing wrong?:(
  28. Bulbs for newbie
  29. What is this?
  30. Hollow Ornament Question
  31. Keeping tank cycled between fish
  32. How do you plan your new tanks?
  33. Eheim 1262 for closed loop system with Ocean Clear
  34. Using net for temporary isolation?
  35. Plant: Ludwigia Glandulosa
  36. Best aquarium heater?
  37. Cleaning ex Marine tank
  38. curved edge aquariums
  39. Can people ship to the uk?
  40. Moving a 15 gallon?
  41. 3 day black-out disaster
  42. 5.5 gallon Mountain Minnow Biotope
  43. Moving 3 tanks- the plan
  44. Does having ground cover plants affect stocking?
  45. Mopani
  46. Help on setting up a 125...
  47. Thoughts on fishless cycling
  48. diy co2, what should i be looking for
  49. nano heater
  50. Newbie question about fish poop buildup.
  51. wife nixed the 40 breeder
  52. when injecting CO2...
  53. Help needed, How to plant UG?
  54. Azoo Eco-Desk: Aquascaping from a diff perspective
  55. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  56. dry start method over christmas
  57. Aeration
  58. Lighting too short of a period?
  59. Gatlinburg Aquarium of the Smokies
  60. Switching tanks - not sure about gravel?
  61. 10g Setup, too much light?!
  62. canister or HOB for 10G?
  63. Nearly Free, Large Tank =]
  64. Will these grow?
  65. Gassed fish
  66. Inspiration & Short Poem!
  67. Substrate for shrimp tank? (ghosties and CRS)
  68. Got some flack for being interested in a Fluval Edge at PetSmart
  69. Complete Beginner Seeking Guidance
  70. Where do you guys buy your plants?
  71. Need some help IDing this rotala-looking sp.
  72. New to the forum
  73. Tap pH = 7.8, Tank = 6.1, CO2 has been off for days!
  74. Help me with flow pattern
  75. Moving tanks ... some ideas
  76. Drop Checker Question
  77. To Prime or not to Prime...
  78. What not to do when starting a high light tank?
  79. Very dumb question
  80. Moving from salt to a planted tank
  81. walnut leaves
  82. Powerhead?
  83. Tiny white dots in tank?
  84. Freshwater Cleanup Crew
  85. I have co2
  86. new tank time!!!
  87. Diy Co2 Question
  88. Mow The Lawn
  89. Water Softner only
  90. What's a good moss for a carpet?
  91. Some sort of Infestation??!!
  92. Acrylic vs. Glass
  93. Filter Media Use in Planted Tanks
  94. Snail ID please
  95. Catastrophic Failure - 50Gal Heavily Planted
  96. Temps for shipping plants
  97. Controlling very basic DIY Co2
  98. glue
  99. Fair price?
  100. Planted Tank Help, Please.
  101. snail traps
  102. 30 gallon bowfront dimensions?
  103. water changes? how to best plan/strategize
  104. Want to now how to best set up a 65 Gallon tank
  105. How long do you folks give a change before discontinuing use?
  106. Big tank, hi teck, still bad results.
  107. DIY CO2 question
  108. TV sounds upset fish?
  109. Holes on leaves and turn yellowish
  110. Confused!! HELP!!
  111. Confused!! HELP!!
  112. Drawbacks of an acrylic top not perfectly straight?
  113. Do you treat the water?
  114. Newbie quesions
  115. bioload/Cory question
  116. Used acrylic tanks
  117. co2 problems!!
  118. drywall mesh?????
  119. Ugly leaves & algae on lower parts of stem plants, Why?
  120. How many Rams in a 180 Gallon?
  121. Is dosing worth it?
  122. Help, Check what i have planned?
  123. Upgrading from no-tech to medium tech?
  124. Metricide Question
  125. any advice for my new 45 Gal Tank/
  126. New to me 55g!
  127. Help save my betta fishie!?! (pictures!)
  128. Quick help, Leaves and tannins?
  129. water changes at night, while the lights are off
  130. Adding Aqusoil to a stablished tank?
  131. Feeding Fish With a Strong Surface Current
  132. The random halloween tank find
  133. There are no words to describe how mortified I am.
  134. my 12g has leeches, I think
  135. Help !!! Cloudy Water ...
  136. What is this ?
  137. Hc!
  138. Rummynose Tetras not red at all
  139. Newbie questions
  140. Looking for nice shrimps shop in Tokyo
  141. Catfish that won't attack half-grown cherry shrimp----???
  142. high pH what to do?
  143. Website of bugs needed...
  144. CO2 question
  145. Bad choice of cold water plants
  146. Will cooking smoke effect aquarium water and inhabitants?
  147. Suggest a dominant centerpiece plant for a 70g tank?
  148. Question about plants received from shipping
  149. new guy here
  150. Shrimp dying left and right
  151. Something in my tap water.
  152. Freshwater tank Upstairs?
  153. water clarity and diatoms
  154. Reaction EFU-35 filter question?
  155. Questions for canadians
  156. Yuk Ick
  157. What kind of plants are these?
  158. Nature Aquarium Party Report - ADG
  159. Plant shipping in cooler
  160. normal for everything to look bad after planting?
  161. Water circulation on 40G
  162. Some questions about my planted tank...
  163. Going To Set Up A Fluval Edge
  164. The List.
  165. Rescaping HELP!
  166. ordered custom canopy - very dissapointed
  167. Help my two week old platy is dying.
  168. Little worms/wigglers in my tank...? What are they?
  169. Ph change in my tap water
  170. CO2 Bubble Size
  171. New guy here, rehabbed reefer :P
  172. Post pics of your tanks: good composition for a painting please!
  173. Should I use my pressurized CO2 system?
  174. I have long fuzzy algae...what is it and why?
  175. I am ading a juvie bristlenose, anything to be weary of?
  176. Ok, wow.
  177. What happens if you STOP dosing Excel in a CO2 tank
  178. 1st tank, not looking so great
  179. Co2 overdose!!!!
  180. 30 Danios Down...
  181. Completely confused
  182. Has anyone tried eels in their planted tanks?
  183. I may of made a mistake, little help please.
  184. First Planted Aquarium
  185. Coral life dual strip 36 watt
  186. All the fish are DEAD!
  187. Tank Lid Question
  188. House plants and veggies...
  189. Look what someone threw out.
  190. Questionable white stringy film
  191. Name the deficiency
  192. nutrients
  193. Need Suggestions
  194. scape fu?
  195. Rocks, rocks, and more rocks...
  196. Help Fuzzy Plants
  197. Ada
  198. Found a tiny snail, harmful or not?
  199. brine shrimp
  200. bubbles in tank
  201. Burns on plants
  202. a little help please!!
  203. Why is my PH so low?
  204. Need To Identify Two Houseplants
  205. my first real planted tank!
  206. Good fish store in Maryland?
  207. Rapids Mini Canister Filter
  208. For a good laugh....
  209. Which plants out of this list are good for newbies with brown thumbs?
  210. Plants and Cycling
  211. Power head or not?
  212. Will someone please explain CO2 and ph and their relation to each other
  213. Breeding agression question
  214. Planting Oriental sword
  215. Arcadia Arc Tank 35 litres Shrimp Question
  216. Tank problems
  217. What is this??
  218. 70g cube---- Help me plan this tank build :D.
  219. regulator not regulating correctly
  220. co2 question
  221. Substrate ?
  222. looking for stocking suggestions
  223. Eating Thread Algae (Spirogyra): Cherry Barb vs. Rosy Barb
  224. EXTREME rotting smell
  225. New planted tank... Need advice/suggestions!
  226. New First Tank Problem, help!
  227. my photos suck and the corner tank makes it even harder
  228. My first attempt...I am real happy with it!
  229. DIY C02 and Excel?
  230. Ideas/Help With Stocking Please
  231. New 26gal any advise?
  232. Drop checker
  233. TOO much CO2 = water cloudy??
  234. What deficiency is this? (big pic. warning)
  235. OH yes im weird
  236. problem with dwarf gourami
  237. sick fish...doing best I can
  238. PH level and Aquasoil
  239. driftwood
  240. Please take this little birdy and help him fly with a huge tank
  241. Question for regulator owners
  242. Using Fluval FX5 as CO2 Reactor
  243. planted tank help and advice
  244. RCS cluster
  245. Would a 90g be MUCH more difficult to care for than 29g?
  246. Green disc with CO2 bottle
  247. where to buy 5/8 hose fitting for pvc reactor?
  248. Can this support a 30g tank?
  249. Lighting/Fert/Co2 Help
  250. Incredible pearling!