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  1. Newbie 'planted' tank
  2. Shipping Plants or Fish in Winter ok?
  3. Quick filter ?
  4. Algae or moss explosion
  5. So I had this odd dream last nite..
  6. First signs of algae - what to do?
  7. Spidery threads in my aquarium
  8. Is it possible to grow Bolbitis emersed?
  9. LED lighting question
  10. Planting/bulb advice/question
  11. My 29 Gallon Planted Tank Planning Stages
  12. Online stores sells plant aquarium products?
  13. can anyone tell me what these worms are?
  14. New Results from Aquarium Plant Research!
  15. Best websites to buy plants from?
  16. What are some decent Reef discussion sites?
  17. Easy Co2 question.
  18. Planted tank cycling help
  19. New to planted tanks
  20. CO2 Ran Empty
  21. FLooding my DSM , some questions!
  22. Plants dying!
  23. Tall plants
  24. Manzanita WITH BARK in aquarium
  25. Research vs. Trial and Error???
  26. What plants for High Alkaline water?
  27. new to plants, need some help
  28. Let's Talk Mother Nature
  29. Introducing da feesh
  30. General Questions for a Newbie
  31. Texas plant ban?
  32. Drop Checker - HELP!
  33. Bleach+DW
  34. How does HC do w/ a peroxide dip?
  35. corys and rams
  36. Plants
  37. Ferts - any ADA pro's there?
  38. Best way to treat Ich with plants, shrimp, and snails?
  39. Snail help question
  40. What am i doing wrong
  41. what could make my pH drop?
  42. Planting and managing Vivipara
  43. My 75 gallon planted
  44. Reef to Planted
  45. Props to this dude
  46. Dosing...
  47. feedback
  48. Co2 in a Fluval Edge?
  49. Drop Checker?
  50. Adjustment period for new plants
  51. Having hardwood floors installed, concerned...
  52. MTS 30G tank with 5 Green Corys
  53. Can i use a canister filter for a pond?
  54. Looking for
  55. Changing aquarium into a dirted aquairum...?
  56. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. Done with reef and going planted (need some advice) :)
  58. Need help with Botanical Drawings of Aquarium Plants
  59. Starting a 75 gallon planted - Advice please
  60. Why is GH booster necessary?
  61. the new fluval c02 system
  62. Can I grow anything with a 10w Halogen in a 16 Biorb?
  63. Quick question about peroxide dosing
  64. Lighting Technical?
  65. Is this light problem or nutrition deficiency or both? And what to do?
  66. New to planted tanks w/questions
  67. Dry starting plants
  68. Feedless/Low or No Maintenance Office Tank?
  69. Tiny Tank, Tinier Fish...
  70. Do you leave the lead weight on when planting stems?
  71. Top off With Tap or Distilled?
  72. Used to post here,a new planted tank, new fish
  73. new tank setup
  74. Can i use OAk leaves to get my water a yellow tea water?
  75. Disturbing yet puzzleing
  76. Why cloudy tank???
  77. Name that plant!
  78. Help a newbie pick a tank
  79. Pool Filter Sand? Where can i get it?
  80. My experiment and observations: Dosing/co2
  81. My fish are pearling ;)
  82. Please Help!
  83. Dwarf Baby Tears
  84. Strange brown algae in my tank
  85. Treating water
  86. From the looks of it, do you think this dresser would support a 40g breeder
  87. magic snail appearance
  88. Marine planted tank with co2???
  89. Why is “Modern” the only option?
  90. quick response needed!
  91. Water sloshing sound with rex reactor?
  92. coupons??
  93. eggs?
  94. Is My CO2 Diffusing?
  95. Back to the white fluffly stuff on my plants
  96. Good deal on CO2 tank?
  97. Rex Grigg
  98. Self-Sustained (almost) Tank... Possible?
  99. Anybody have any idea what these are?
  100. Outdoor Tank
  101. How can I speed up the cycle process
  102. What to use
  103. Best method to remove CO2 @ night?
  104. What the heck is this in my water? It looks like snow.
  105. Help me choose the background
  106. Question about Fluval Co2 Kit??
  107. Newbie Question
  108. What's wrong with this setup?
  109. For you supergluers...
  110. OK--who did it????!!!????!
  111. New 125 gallon tank
  112. Osmocote Plus
  113. Need help identifying micro organism in my tank.
  114. upgrading advice
  115. Natural Fish Deaths
  116. Walmart divided tanks for sale on CL...question
  117. Slow Growth - Possible Causes?
  118. How many SAE's? - Ridding Hair Algae On Plants
  119. setting up 93 cube heavy plant tank, its been years
  120. Live plant fertilization from substrate?
  121. Has InvertzFactory gone under?
  122. BN pleco gnawing on plants?
  123. nitrate/nitrite
  124. Help Setting Up 55G Planted Tank
  125. need help balancing my tank
  126. is this co2 indicator ? pls help
  127. Would Your Tank look Better if You Wore TPT Tee?
  128. help... emergency... filter issue
  129. Another plant identity thread
  130. Need help with spray painting back of tank
  131. First Planted Tank - 125gallons
  132. Dumb question... Carpet cleaning and tanks
  133. Can anyone identify this plant please?
  134. My new goal and realization for what we want to achieve... (Very long)
  135. Hello, New tank help needed.
  136. i have a non planter tank as well with little white worms eating algae
  137. New setup with MTS
  138. 0 Nitrates and WCs?
  139. Can't get plants to grow.
  140. Where to purchase rocks?
  141. Help me make a low maint. rescaped tank!
  142. Taiwan Moss
  143. Tiny White Particles Clouding Water?
  144. DIY sponge filters
  145. What plants for me
  146. chia pet
  147. To much flow in tank??
  148. EcoSphere Closed Ecosystem
  149. Sudden Spike in NH/Nitrites
  150. tank instability - now I have brown/black dotty stuff everywhere
  151. Need some advice.
  152. Plants are turning brown?
  153. Where to buy?
  154. ?? Small Piece of Aluminum OK in Tank ??
  155. What carpet is for me? and how much?
  156. show me you wabi kusa
  157. Rimless Tank Sources
  158. Lunar Actinic LED Question
  159. Holy Nitrates Batman
  160. Odd cycling quetsion
  161. That's bizarre!!!
  162. NPT/ Soil Compaction??
  163. Cycling ?
  164. Rimless tank (Do? or Dont?)
  165. Hemianthus Callitrichoides or Micranthemoides?
  166. What's wrong with my angelfish?
  167. Can a heavily planted tank support a greater bioload?
  168. Any suggestions where to get a stand for a 40g breeder tank
  169. Plant Slection Ideas for my 20 gallon Low Light Tank
  170. Strange hitchhiker
  171. Cycling a planted tank
  172. disappearing fishes?
  173. Ahoy matey's
  174. My 20 gallon long FW project
  175. Current questions
  176. Liquid Ferts=Airborne Fumes?
  177. Show pictures of your dream tank
  178. looking for plants.
  179. change my 4 10 gallon's to 1 40g breeder tank?
  180. blue water
  181. First stocking has crashed and burned - totally perplexed
  182. Ask water parameter
  183. Planting advice
  184. Planted tank Rookie
  185. Algea eaters all die ?
  186. Yellow tinted water - NO wood
  187. just your average newbie
  188. snow storm power outage
  189. Raising KH hardness...
  190. Hydroponic Plant Filtration
  191. Moving and keeping a 90 gallon SW tank untill its changed to planted!
  192. PRunning plants!
  193. Water water everywhere...........
  194. Will my bedroom floor hold?
  195. Pink death
  196. Seachem's Prime
  197. Places for buying....
  198. Lava Rock Safety.
  199. Dwarf African Frogs and Chytrid Fungus?
  200. Why dose my PH drops??
  201. Yoyo loach & Dwarf loach?
  202. That Fish Place - Planted Tank
  203. aquadic frogs
  204. Paintball CO2 and tank size?
  205. Fluval Hose Replacement - Most Likely A Worn Out Topic
  206. Driftwood (spongy) question
  207. Re-established tank with new light
  208. Substrate Alternatives
  209. Java Moss Back Wall
  210. lots of 38 gallon questions
  211. Amazonian bitope
  212. Achieving a natural planted tank
  213. refilling a tank without messing the AS?
  214. Sponge filter
  215. gassing apple snails?
  216. Starting 125G
  217. Using found backyard leaves/plants in tank okay?
  218. ceramic co2 diffuser question
  219. Siphon Without Sucking?
  220. Cycling Info
  221. hob and co2?
  222. A noob and a Fluval Edge...
  223. High Nitrate in Cycling Tank
  224. Help!
  225. Help for a newbie?
  226. lighting question and a little bragging
  227. Large CO2 drop after rescape?
  228. Any place in the States sell ADA's 180p?
  229. Important Tank vs. Stand questions
  230. A "Top Down" Tank...
  231. New at keeping plants...
  232. need help getting Fluval Flora started
  233. Capturing Ill Fish
  234. Plants doing ok, but not propagating
  235. how to clean a used tank?
  236. New tank - am I a bad aquarist?
  237. Co2 + HOB filter + small tank
  238. Ideal PNK levels?
  239. Senator Glenn Hegar of Texas backs off the white list!
  240. Is Prime safe for acrylic?
  241. New Regulator
  242. Purigen bag got cigarette ash on it
  243. Fishless cycle and thumb twiddling
  244. Shipping Snails
  245. Adding fish to uncycled tank with nothing but carbon?
  246. Newbie to the planted tank
  247. Is your tank nicer than your front yard?
  248. Decide What Biotope My 5.5 Should Be...
  249. You people make me sick....
  250. Premium?