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  1. Cleaning pet urine from tank...
  2. indirect sunlight
  3. Urgent Help Required!
  4. water flow testing
  5. New to planted tank test kit suggestion needed
  6. Immersed Paludarium
  7. shocked at how disgusting my substrate has become
  8. Plants growing very tall, sparse, and small leaves. What am I missing?
  9. Changing over 46gallon bowfront fish only to planted and looking for some advice
  10. Looking for advice and some help
  11. New Tank Cycle
  12. What nutrients am i missing?
  13. Timed powerheads? to enhance CO2?
  14. 10g Introduction
  15. Beat deal ever?
  16. Need help with rock selection
  17. old tank needs reseal
  18. Show me your 29's.
  19. Waterproof, non-toxic paint...
  20. Corning Gorrila Glass, I'd love for them to make aquariums
  21. Stems not growing up but twisting???
  22. Mold during emersed
  23. Thank You Everyone
  24. high light, injected co2, dosing ferts - slow growth and algae...confused
  25. Instant cycling
  26. My tank. How am I doing?
  27. HC Experts Help!! growing upwards!?
  28. CO2 output location: how low should you go?
  29. Do I have a leak?
  30. Should all the plants sway in current?
  31. is this a bad idea?
  32. Need Help With Regulator
  33. Plant ID?
  34. What qualifies as "Surface agitation"
  35. Betta Planted tank recomendations
  36. Oops I definitely did something wrong. Too much or too fast Co2
  37. My beginner's 10 gallon tank
  38. Fertz and Lighting?!?
  39. Just An Opinion
  40. how to connect pieces of driftwood?
  41. Case of the missing shrimps
  42. 25G live plant tank kit from petsmart?
  43. Two questions
  44. What is this???please identify ASAP
  45. disintegrating rock
  46. Blackwater vs Stillwater
  47. Open V Close
  48. Filtration Question
  49. What to do with 4dkh???
  50. 75 gallon acrylic tank
  51. My question for today.
  52. tank bottom and stand not flat with eachother
  53. Which fish here are eating my plants! Help!
  54. Film on tank surface
  55. Rocks OK for tank life?
  56. Reconfiguring - add CO2, change lighting?
  57. what to do with all of the melt?!?
  58. New member of the forum, average aquarist experience level, several questions...
  59. Hello from Memphis
  60. Upgrading my Koralia 2's to EVO's?
  61. The Road To My Insanity
  62. Helllpppp!!!!
  63. what is this second filter thing i keep seeing yall do?
  64. New with lots of questions
  65. Why dont more people use sumps?
  66. Fluval Edge lighting mod?
  67. Ecosystem in a bottle...torture?
  68. Costs?
  69. Good Online Sellers?
  70. Re: glass diffuser cleaning
  71. Eheim 2076
  72. Can I put this in my tank?
  73. Would have, Could have
  74. Moss id?
  75. White funk on my drift wood?
  76. Ok to shut filter down to feed?
  77. confused
  78. Water changes on a new tank
  79. Raising brine shrimp
  80. Newbie 55 gal setup help
  81. Changing my water conditioner
  82. vals and sword.
  83. Tall tank dilemma
  84. water
  85. Are these rocks safe?
  86. Tips for moving planted sand?
  87. Found some great aquarium backgrounds (especially 30-c size) for cheap
  88. ID me please
  89. Angelfish laid eggs
  90. water is slightly cloudy.
  91. Drilling
  92. Indian Almond Tree Leaves
  93. Re: photosynthesis?
  94. Help book?
  95. Any clue on what these white stem-like things could be?
  96. 75 gallon stocking
  97. petrified wood
  98. Another forum?...
  99. Where to buy a good proven pair of discus?
  100. Medium-tech tank set-up?
  101. Best way 2 get rid of brown algae?
  102. New setup
  103. Ahh how I love Craigslist!
  104. How often do you have to top off?
  105. Greetings, plus a really weird hitchhiker...
  106. Oopps!
  107. Lighting help.
  108. Dosing Nitrates Necessary, brown algae?
  109. Dosing Nitrates Necessary
  110. What do you think this is???
  111. Trying to identify whats parasite?
  112. Best way to clear Copper?
  113. Redo of my 75, bba clean up
  114. Fish food selection and plant nutrition
  115. your opinions needed, how to transfer
  116. Should I be disappointed in my self or does this just happen...
  117. levelling a tank?
  118. 10 Gallon Shrimp Tank Start Up
  119. Having a planted tank with no filter
  120. Do I need to burn this tank down and start over?
  121. Tools?
  122. derimmed a 20g long explosion
  123. Hows a newbie gona learn with all these codes
  124. Surface scum question
  125. the plan, freshwater: 110 L
  126. Anyone know Anything about new world cichlid tanks?
  127. Loosing fish...please help
  128. Looking for advice for an empty 29gal (planted or not!)
  129. Making the switch... questions
  130. My first planted tank need advise please!!!+ video
  131. new to planted tanks
  132. re-doing my tank and i have a question
  133. Sawdust???
  134. Hagen...
  135. Your opinon....
  136. atominizor...
  137. Messy bottom
  138. Average moss in wabi kusa- coul i use it?
  139. My first "real" attempt
  140. Cycling?
  141. Nutrient Deficiency or Plants Eaten?
  142. Need some help after my flood... QUICK!
  143. Help! My plants aren't looking so great...
  144. Questions about Bettas, oxygen and nitrates
  145. Wood from trees in tank...
  146. DIY CO2 Another Look
  147. Do you have a quarantine tank?
  148. Need Tank Suggestions for a 'Fun' Tank
  149. Moving a tank
  150. CO2 and circulation
  151. Eleocharis Vivipara some advice?
  152. Better plant for securing to lava rock
  153. Treating Ich...Add Substrate?
  154. cloudy reasons?
  155. even the moss is going brown!!
  156. Stocking 120 gallon discus biotope?
  157. Hi Im new!
  158. Goldfish flake?
  159. did i solve the CO2 problem?
  160. 1G shrimp cube...need advice.
  161. old tank bad calcium deposits
  162. Newbie 'planted' tank
  163. Shipping Plants or Fish in Winter ok?
  164. Quick filter ?
  165. Algae or moss explosion
  166. So I had this odd dream last nite..
  167. First signs of algae - what to do?
  168. Spidery threads in my aquarium
  169. Is it possible to grow Bolbitis emersed?
  170. LED lighting question
  171. Planting/bulb advice/question
  172. My 29 Gallon Planted Tank Planning Stages
  173. Online stores sells plant aquarium products?
  174. can anyone tell me what these worms are?
  175. New Results from Aquarium Plant Research!
  176. Best websites to buy plants from?
  177. What are some decent Reef discussion sites?
  178. Easy Co2 question.
  179. Planted tank cycling help
  180. New to planted tanks
  181. CO2 Ran Empty
  182. FLooding my DSM , some questions!
  183. Plants dying!
  184. Tall plants
  185. Manzanita WITH BARK in aquarium
  186. Research vs. Trial and Error???
  187. What plants for High Alkaline water?
  188. new to plants, need some help
  189. Let's Talk Mother Nature
  190. Introducing da feesh
  191. General Questions for a Newbie
  192. Texas plant ban?
  193. Drop Checker - HELP!
  194. Bleach+DW
  195. How does HC do w/ a peroxide dip?
  196. corys and rams
  197. Plants
  198. Ferts - any ADA pro's there?
  199. Best way to treat Ich with plants, shrimp, and snails?
  200. Snail help question
  201. What am i doing wrong
  202. what could make my pH drop?
  203. Planting and managing Vivipara
  204. My 75 gallon planted
  205. Reef to Planted
  206. Props to this dude
  207. Dosing...
  208. feedback
  209. Co2 in a Fluval Edge?
  210. Drop Checker?
  211. Adjustment period for new plants
  212. Having hardwood floors installed, concerned...
  213. MTS 30G tank with 5 Green Corys
  214. Can i use a canister filter for a pond?
  215. Looking for
  216. Changing aquarium into a dirted aquairum...?
  217. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  218. Done with reef and going planted (need some advice) :)
  219. Need help with Botanical Drawings of Aquarium Plants
  220. Starting a 75 gallon planted - Advice please
  221. Why is GH booster necessary?
  222. the new fluval c02 system
  223. Can I grow anything with a 10w Halogen in a 16 Biorb?
  224. Quick question about peroxide dosing
  225. Lighting Technical?
  226. Is this light problem or nutrition deficiency or both? And what to do?
  227. New to planted tanks w/questions
  228. Dry starting plants
  229. Feedless/Low or No Maintenance Office Tank?
  230. Tiny Tank, Tinier Fish...
  231. Do you leave the lead weight on when planting stems?
  232. Top off With Tap or Distilled?
  233. Used to post here,a new planted tank, new fish
  234. new tank setup
  235. Can i use OAk leaves to get my water a yellow tea water?
  236. Disturbing yet puzzleing
  237. Why cloudy tank???
  238. Name that plant!
  239. Help a newbie pick a tank
  240. Pool Filter Sand? Where can i get it?
  241. My experiment and observations: Dosing/co2
  242. My fish are pearling ;)
  243. Please Help!
  244. Dwarf Baby Tears
  245. Strange brown algae in my tank
  246. Treating water
  247. From the looks of it, do you think this dresser would support a 40g breeder
  248. magic snail appearance
  249. Marine planted tank with co2???
  250. Why is “Modern” the only option?