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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. fast growing low light plants
  2. Cidex Plus
  3. what lowlight plants use the most nitrate?
  4. Enough CO2?
  5. Put new plants & new fish in tank at same time?
  6. When to see results of CO2?
  7. lighting
  8. Should i or shouldnt i?
  9. Tetra Schooling Question
  10. ADG: Personability
  11. PH and CO2 - do I really just ignore it
  12. Fertilized Tanks and WCs
  13. Catalina Aquarium Site not working?
  14. Battling of Algae with CO2
  15. Anyone ever use Fenbendazole (Panacur-C) in a pleco tank?
  16. 40 breeder on stand for 150 gallon
  17. Books ?
  18. I think the universe is telling me to not start up the tank
  19. self propagating wentii?
  20. New Member
  21. New member ..and questions on getting started
  22. Using a python with an outside hose? Water too cold to add?
  23. Help!
  24. Planning a Future Tank
  25. Huh???
  26. Omg Their breeding!
  27. Why are my plants not pearling anymore?
  28. simple question on tank shape
  29. Planting shipping during freezing temps
  30. Internal Filters!
  31. A little math?
  32. New Around Here
  33. leeches
  34. New to FW and need some HELP
  35. keeping pH down
  36. water change
  37. Look what I scored!
  38. Bought a Mag-Float today
  39. Can you run your lights too low?
  40. Which tank, 40 or 55?
  41. Water changes: srimp-planted tanks idea?!?!
  42. Rough Plan for My 20H...
  43. Stupidity sometimes really REALLY hurts
  44. New Tank Setup 46 Gallon Bowfront.
  45. What on earth is this?
  46. Need to Know Something Quick...
  47. Uh-oh Ich
  48. Thought I won the battle with algea but...
  49. Talk me out of or into a tall aquarium
  50. Starting Out Big vs Small?
  51. moving established should I move it
  52. Plants don't look so good
  53. Calling All BioCube Planted Tanks
  54. broke my 180 tank
  55. how to add peat moss to the filter?
  56. Aquarium lighting!!!
  57. New to plants, could use some tips!
  58. Myriophyllum tuberculatum x sae
  59. Harlequin rasboras
  60. holding driftwood down
  61. Filters vs CO2?
  62. Hanging brackets for Catalina light fixtures?
  63. Calling All Plant Nerds!
  64. Marsilea question
  65. Vallisnaria Runners
  66. Heater+bucket
  67. plants lights and growth
  68. Blackwater aquariums on Youtube
  69. Instant cycling
  70. They took my plants!
  71. The Not-Show-Quality tank thread (56k warning)
  72. Responce to Craigslist add
  73. Fish Injuries...Any Ideas?
  74. "Unique" & Unusual Aquariums
  75. Deformed leaves and lots of algea
  76. Anyone ever have an unexpected scape happen?
  77. Where to get stainless steel mesh?
  78. Spacearium
  79. Plants not growing
  80. Surface scum/protein and CO2 outgassing
  81. Using Metricide
  82. Too much water movement?
  83. Interesting in the Tampa FL area
  84. getting a 20 gallon :)
  85. Newbie seeing first signs of potential trouble
  86. New Tank Substrate Question
  87. AHHHHHH I love and hate stems!!!
  88. Quick question about potted plants
  89. what carbonates water in nature?
  90. New to Planted Tanks - Help with Set-up please!
  91. Clorox Fiber Guard Bleach to Restore Purigen?
  92. Theory on bacterial blooms in new tanks
  93. Filter for my Nano Cube 30L
  94. Photoperiod is too short?
  95. Green Water...
  96. Vacuuming gravel - any tips?
  97. Calling all tanks!
  98. Small Snails In Tank?
  99. Surface Protien
  100. A or B?
  101. Would pfertz root tabs work on emersed set ups?
  102. Plant dips.
  103. any ND or MN folks here....
  104. Coralife customer service
  105. Nano Cube 30L - CRS - Hardscaping.. life !
  106. medium tech?co2 and no ferts or light dosing?
  107. water changes
  108. Which is faster?
  109. My first planted aquarium
  110. Kindergarden aquarium project
  111. What would you do? "new" 40b
  112. IS there such a thing as to much light
  113. African/Congo Biotopes
  114. Juwel Rio 180 6mm glass
  115. Plants in a gravel aquarium
  116. Maintenance?
  117. Transporting an Aquarium to College
  118. Drop checker color Q.
  119. Why do aquariums have glass bottoms?
  120. traveling with fish
  121. new tank.. super tiny white bugs in my substrate??
  122. Dilema consolidating 2 tanks?????
  123. Photo period for DSM... how long can I leave the lights on?
  124. planted lawn attempt 10 gal.
  125. My first Planted Tank
  126. Drop Checker Showdown!
  127. To many snails?
  128. Emergency...ferts and small children :(
  129. quarantine tank suggestions/questions?
  130. milwaukee sms122 ph controller
  131. Are the cheap e-bay drop checkers OK?
  132. From 55g to 150 - SUGGESTIONS???
  133. Newbie needs help with KH Buffer
  134. Survive till Monday
  135. Purigen need recharging?
  136. making a cave
  137. 10 gallon planted with fish
  138. Betta Biotopes
  139. Help please...
  140. I've committed the ultimate blasphemy!!!!
  141. 65g dry start - It begins!
  142. New to the forum, would love some input.
  143. Driftwood, to use or not to use...
  144. Planted discus community tank
  145. Eco-Complete on sale at PETCO + FREE shipping on $60 order
  146. What could be worse than your worst algae problem
  147. Stocking a (standard) 30 Gallon?
  148. How many gallons would I need to raise 5 juvi discus? sub-2.5 inches
  149. Shrimpo's dream tank...
  150. Fissidens
  151. Green Leaf Rimless Aquarium?
  152. New guy
  153. metal stands at lfs
  154. African Dwarf Frog Keepers/Enthusiats
  155. More or Less?
  156. Converting 20H fishtank to planted...?
  157. Newbie Mistakes -- Handle Laterite With Care!
  158. Moss Pad?
  159. Proper way to turn ON CO2 tank
  160. What NOT to Buy
  161. Newbie to planted aquarium--lots of questions
  162. First Time Caller...long time listener
  163. Heard about the aquatic plant ban in Texas? Your state next?
  164. Fluval Ebi Tank?!?!
  165. 50 gal tank black rim question
  166. gross
  167. Out with the old & In with the new!
  168. Making water changes (30g at a time) easier..... designing something much easier?
  169. portldan oregon fish store?
  170. man--she is gonna kill me
  171. Emmersing
  172. My new koi angels and black angels
  173. 14G tank: unable to cycle in shrimp method
  174. Dividing!
  175. How to spice things up
  176. disaster
  177. Questions and help?
  178. Cheap 20 gallon long, high light
  179. How much water "slosh"/water movement back & forth is too much for a tank's silicone?
  180. Peat water softening...
  181. DIY CO2 dangerous to fish?
  182. Pet Supplies Plus
  183. Petco $/gal sale
  184. Thinking of changing from Reef to Planted
  185. Dosing dry start with eco complete
  186. Need input ASAP: Too much light?
  187. Is Flourish Excel enough?
  188. what is the proper way of shutting off co2?
  189. darn you Petco and your $1/gal sale!!!!
  190. First planted tank ADA mini L
  191. please help me
  192. what rocks?
  193. Cheap substitute for Eheim taps
  194. Water Portion Of Paludarium Ecosystem
  195. Suction cup marks..cannot get them out !
  196. bog driftwood
  197. co2/yeast question
  198. Marineland Halfmoon 10 gal, 5gal, 3gal with LEDS?
  199. any place sell CO2
  200. TDS help
  201. Dwarf Baby Tears
  202. New JBJ Picotope- plant/light questions
  203. Lead plant weights
  204. Help!!!!
  205. Temperature fluctuation
  206. need help setting new nano tank
  207. Photosynthesis and pearling times?
  208. Dwarf Hairgrass? Please advise!
  209. LFS markup
  210. Best place to buy a 48" long rimless tank
  211. ADG Install at Picasso Exotics!
  212. Water changes in the winter
  213. how to keep tank clean
  214. Inline UV set up question
  215. Some Plant and light algae issues. Need suggestions.
  216. snails problem
  217. Zero Water Change Planted Discus Tank Proposal???
  218. What am I doing wrong?
  219. Oddball tank
  220. Crazy tragic Christmas story... bye bye 29g :(
  221. ich treatment question
  222. HELP!! Cycled filter stopped working :(
  223. Name that Plant! (What is this?)
  224. Just getting my feet wet!
  225. Shrimp tank advice
  226. introducing plants/fish/whatever else from streams, rivers, and lakes
  227. When is enough enough?
  228. banana plant help!
  229. new to planted tanks, malawi cichlids
  230. How much Co2 is enough ?
  231. Crypt ID
  232. aquarium in a lightbulb, another random project :)
  233. How to keep tank warm during power outage?
  234. Problem with 75G tank, New, but deep scratches on bottom
  235. Fish Rapid Breathing at Surface
  236. Zoo Med T-5 HO Flora Sun Max Plant Growth Fluorescent Bulb
  237. How to introduce a new filter?
  238. hydrogen peroxide
  239. African Reed Frogs (Hyperolius) As Pets?
  240. 90 gallon co2
  241. What my gf got for me for Christmas!
  242. where to buy 30g and 40g tanks
  243. Aquascaping Rocks
  244. My room smells like moss
  245. Rock and a hard place!
  246. pregnant guppy problem
  247. recomendations for automatic feeders
  248. Which tank next? (opinions)
  249. My plants
  250. A few questions before i get started!!