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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Questions on using eggcrate
  2. QT medications
  3. I'm getting a used/resealed tank- is this one safe??
  4. Found this driftwood on the beach. Is it safe to add to my tank?
  5. DIY Lid Options for 3 gallon bowl that won't affect lighting
  6. Sunlight in a Dry start method
  7. Help with 20G Tank Plants
  8. 20g Long Planted Tank Filter Questions
  9. Priority mail shipping - USA
  10. Barley Bail as Filter Media?
  11. 10G Planted Tank - Suggestions Needed
  12. Subwassertang with snail
  13. Enough CO2
  14. anyone order the buceplat mini clip pkg?
  15. Striking the CO2 balance
  16. 50 Gallon Planted Tank Help
  17. Setting up my first Discus tank.
  18. Thinking of adding CO2 to existing 6x2x2.
  19. Fishless Cycling water change
  20. Lets talk lids of planted tanks.
  21. Question on fishless cycling
  22. There is no escape. (Soon to be 65 gallon)
  23. How long on new filter
  24. Starting a new tank (Walstad Method)
  25. River Rocks in Tank
  26. Biotope tank for angelfish
  27. Reverse Osmosis Water and Flow Meter Water Timer
  28. Moving 75 gal from one stand to a new one
  29. Is two FX6 filtera overkill for a 80 gallon tank?
  30. brass fitting and FW planted tanks?
  31. Deadzones in corners of tank
  32. First post - new to planted tanks
  33. AquaJournal Online
  34. Only bio media for planted tank?
  35. Best way to fertilize my emersed set up
  36. Some kind of black fungus?
  37. Opinions Needed For My Tank Decor
  38. Dusting my aquariums
  39. Vintage tanks
  40. Setting up a plated discus tank
  41. Help with DIY cerges reactor build...
  42. Co2 though fluidised bed
  43. High-Light, Low Tech: I think I'm making rookie mistakes
  44. I want to buy a complete planted tank setup
  45. Converting Saltwater to Fresh
  46. Help!!! 20 gallon long stocking issues
  47. 4ft IKEA Stand ? HELP
  48. Black Diamond Blasting Sand and GH and KH
  49. First stand build for 20gal Long
  50. Do i need CO2 to grow a mermaid weed?
  51. whats in your canister filter?
  52. Attempting Low-tech Walstad, looking for trimmings
  53. Is glut effective against diatoms ?
  54. Oak Branch?
  55. Something growing under wood
  56. critique my build out before I speed $$
  57. Eggs!! Exciting?
  58. BEWARE when ordering plants!!
  59. Planted Tank Help
  60. how long does your Co2 last?
  61. Do Thermostat chillers work for Aquariums?
  62. (New Here) 65 gallon planted setup and stocking
  63. Dry Start Method Questions
  64. Need some opinions and advice.
  65. Surface scum
  66. Please help!!! What happened to my fish!?!?!?!?
  67. TDS reading of 171
  68. First planted tank, am i doing this right? (pics added 4/5/18)
  69. Does changing water eliminate Flourish/Excel
  70. Large driftwood won't sink (8-9 months!)
  71. BioCube 32G Help
  72. Black Diamond Blasting Sand questions for growing Monte Carlo and/or neocaridinas?
  73. help! my tank may be under attack!
  74. True Siamese Algae Eater
  75. Help with Planted Tank
  76. Hello everyone!
  77. Tap ph is 10
  78. Fluvial flex new planted aquarium
  79. Water softeners - does anyone have one and does it affect your tanks?
  80. Evening All
  81. Co2 or no Co2
  82. lets see your black diamond sand tanks (BDBS)
  83. Fish Food
  84. Water clarity using Equilibrium
  85. Good equipment for nano reefs? Invertebrate recomendations?
  86. New low-tech tank + Old high-tech enthusiast = Fish dead?
  87. Seeding new tank experiment
  88. Cucumbers growing in aquarium
  89. Can PRIME stall or slow cycle
  90. Debris in the water
  91. First planted tank
  92. Help! Stupid mistake!
  93. CO2 - Auto?
  94. About How Often Do You Stick Your Hand in Your Tank(s)?
  95. Help with scaping/plant ideas?
  96. Some questions about my tank
  97. Need help with diagnosis
  98. 220 gallon setup questions
  99. Fluval Spec V Filter keeps floating up?
  100. Suggestions: First time planted tank Need Help
  101. Overstocked 10 gallon?
  102. Can I Use This Wood?
  103. Flood light holder?
  104. Help needed: Newbie setting up 90G planted fish tank
  105. Mystery Algae?
  106. Is that supposed to do that?
  107. Where to you keep your tank(s)?
  108. Beginner with planting!
  109. Plants not doing to well please help (dhg)
  110. Air Stones and Air pump in a Planted Tank?
  111. Help identifying a critter
  112. Is the fish waste is enough in my 40g heavily planted aquarium
  113. table top / counter top tanks
  114. Aquarium fungus and prevention
  115. New tank, fish, substrate and plants from old tank
  116. Wall Spring Park, FL - Brackish Water Fish?
  117. RO/DI unit help
  118. switching to planted discus advice from vets plz
  119. Leaving tank several months
  120. Fish jumping on plants....?
  121. Newbie trying to work out CO2 injection.
  122. What is on my glass???
  123. New Tank, Plants Coming, Help Me Stop Algae Before It Starts
  124. Have i stalled the Cycle advice
  125. Beginner with high-tech, new tank! Advice/help please
  126. Strange pod-like thing
  127. Day 3 of Spec V cycle: no detectable ammonia/nitrite, 40ppm nitrate?
  128. Complete rescape advice on established tank
  129. Too much flow and dosing during cycling?
  130. 5 gallon nano stock
  131. PH raising with airpump
  132. High co2 indoors winter??
  133. water changes... opinions?
  134. CO2 Concentration Question
  135. Co2 issue
  136. How long does CO2 take to get up to concentration?
  137. Are all co2 solution 4dkh?
  138. Oyster shell
  139. Here's my new dirt nano tank. Let me know what you think
  140. Co2 in low tech cichlid tank
  141. Rainbowfish Reminiscing
  142. Cycling with Ada amazonia
  143. 2017-2018 ADA Nature Aquarium Exhibit (Tokyo, Japan)
  144. Wendy's' pickle buckets w/lids
  145. Help!!!
  146. show me your drift wood moss tanks
  147. 29 gallon moss only scape
  148. Dollar Per Gallon
  149. Earthquake proofing
  150. 100 Gallon...Rimless?
  151. Canister Surface Skimmer
  152. Advice on first time setup
  153. C02 levels too low for plants but too high for fish?
  154. 16.9 Cube planted tank design help please
  155. Fishless Cycling Ammonia not droping
  156. Is this heavily planted??
  157. A beginner looking to get started...
  158. Carbon vs No Carbon
  159. Help - Cracked bracing!
  160. Question on new tank cycling
  161. When to plant - new tank
  162. Worst tank ever restart
  163. New tank help
  164. Bad LFS Experience (Cockroachs!) Fosters Exotic Pets, FL
  165. Heater placement?
  166. Heavily planted fishless cycle?
  167. Excess CO2 but none added
  168. Black Gel Super Glue
  169. Fish do feel pain!
  170. Stainless Fittings Invertebrate Safe?
  171. Invert only tank: What is this?
  172. Is there any point in me using a drop checker?
  173. water changes- how often and with what water?
  174. I think my tank is cycled?
  175. Chip in glass a concern or is it fine?
  176. Water test frequency in well-established tanks?
  177. New guy here!
  178. Check out my youtube channel!
  179. Large tanks WC, Prime and tap water
  180. This Made Me Cry
  181. Extra plants
  182. Green Aqua Maintenance
  183. Finding hard to balance pH and
  184. What are some popular lily pipe brands?
  185. Bacterial Bloom lasting a very long time??
  186. Emersed plants on wood at the surface
  187. planted community tank - help please
  188. Drop Checker and kH
  189. Need a better diffuser. Suggestions?
  190. Back into it
  191. Cycle Amazonia Soil in one week in an established tank
  192. Angry angelfish lol
  193. Tank postmortem
  194. Flow through CO2 Reactor
  195. Co2 Regulator at 2000psi
  196. White fuzz on wood during dry start (and other questions)
  197. So Petco does not do $1 per gallon anymore?
  198. Equipment Check and Advice
  199. Co2 question
  200. I need help with a stunted Oscar tank.
  201. Tips, criticism, and answers?
  202. How to save the tank ?
  203. Who has found a big-box LFS that actually isn't bad?
  204. Paludarium plumbing questions.
  205. Weird growth on leaves
  206. First Tank
  207. New 175
  208. Planted HOB, riparium, emersed set ups
  209. Painting DIY Lighting
  210. Tank Filtration and Water Changes
  211. Help with TO water
  212. back to the drawing board!
  213. Preventing End of Tank Dump with Dual Regulator?
  214. Ideas on how to make it fit?
  215. Yellow/White Sac on Aquarium Glass?
  216. Confused Overwhelmed Noob
  217. Plant Bubbles
  218. I'm Not proud of it
  219. Name this creature
  220. can disturbing the substrate kill your fish?
  221. Something to hold rock wall
  222. A few General Questions + HC Carpeting Issues
  223. Should I Upgrade My Filter......
  224. Question for people that have ordered from blooms and branches
  225. Just wanted a floating plant
  226. Gravel tube valve
  227. Fighting BBA
  228. Replacing stand for 180 g planted tank
  229. Increase oxygen content without degassing carbon dioxide
  230. Plants melting (PMDD dose)
  231. Do you add Prime for new planted tank?
  232. Surface Film Caused By Lack of O2
  233. How many CO2 bubbles per sec?
  234. Automated Water Change
  235. ICH in my planted tank
  236. Snails...snails everywhere...
  237. Anyone ever used No-Planaria with fish?
  238. 30 Gallon Stocking for Aquascape
  239. Best type of water for EI solution?
  240. Insulating the ceiling
  241. Going the reactor route again -- bubbles
  242. Best way to treat new plants? Caught Hydra
  243. 2018 tropical fish calendars- not all saltwater
  244. How to clean a NEW tank ?
  245. How many dwarf puffers in a 30L/8gallon tank?
  246. Tale of two tanks
  247. Best place to buy true aquatic plants online, and advise on plants /ferts
  248. Fish trap
  249. Expiration date of water?
  250. Any reason not to use API stress coat aloe vera with loaches?