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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. recomendations for automatic feeders
  2. Which tank next? (opinions)
  3. My plants
  4. A few questions before i get started!!
  5. probably simple but idk how
  6. Gravel?
  7. uses of H2O2
  8. Greetings from Hyderabad, India
  9. disinfecting new plants
  10. 55 gallon questions
  11. Color chart for API test?
  12. Before & After - Switching to the 30 Gallon
  13. ahhhh....tiny white worm like things
  14. co2 or not - new to the hobby
  15. help me, help you
  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  17. advice pleasee!
  18. Substrate Dilemma
  19. Photographing Aquascapes & Aquatic Life
  20. Weird clear film on driftwood
  21. New tank, old filter, cloudy water
  22. HELP! Problematic Growth
  23. Planted 55 gallon
  24. Cycle problem
  25. Christmas moss must be hard to kill
  26. Anacharis (egeria najas) care?
  27. Dwarf Pufferfish
  28. Setting up a 30 gallon - Suggestions, Advice & Ideas
  29. Fish keeping can be so sad sometimes...
  30. Plants not growing
  31. Is 4dkh solution for drop checker
  32. Quick cycling a small tank
  33. 55 plant options
  34. Tank weight on the floor
  35. Name that bug...
  36. Emersed Setup Help
  37. Uh oh
  38. ~3 yrs since I've had my hands in the tank
  39. Few newbie questions about the very basics
  40. My corys have just laid eggs :)
  41. Planning V Big Planted Tank
  42. Why do water changes?
  43. Please Experts... What next??
  44. Best online retailers?
  45. Dwarf hairgrass requirments
  46. tank plan
  47. New to the planted tank forum, and planted tanks in general.
  48. hornwort explosion
  49. Help!! Persistent Cloudiness
  50. AmQuel Plus
  51. high tech vs salty
  52. Well hello there. C: Halp a noob?
  53. Dry ferts
  54. Water surface
  55. New Set up!
  56. New 15 Gallon Setup
  57. Plant Substrate Qs?
  58. Fluval Edge & EBI
  59. good place for selling?
  60. Cleaning
  61. :) New Aquarium
  62. C02 system down. What do I do?
  63. Hello, Nub here wanting to ask about planted styles.
  64. Possible new tank
  65. new tank and unknown plants help.
  66. Plant farming?
  67. Stocking a 29g
  68. 75 gallon tank with 23 bpm less or more?
  69. propgating java fern
  70. What size tank?
  71. What to look for when buying plants?
  72. Where to buy plants online?
  73. Prime
  74. Anubias
  75. Reasea Nano filter?
  76. Doing A Blackout
  77. Aquatic freshwater mushroom?
  78. Best planted tanks?
  79. Am wondering what this is....
  80. new guy with dumb question.
  81. Moving across country with my fish and plants - need advice
  82. cusion mat?
  83. Carbon out Purigen in, Cloudiness appears
  84. Cute lil whirlpool
  85. plans for my new set-up
  86. Shipping plants question
  87. New Eheim 2215 for $35
  88. Thinking of Downgrading
  89. Sword eater
  90. Help! soap in tank!
  91. what would you do?
  92. Planaria-Eating fish?
  93. Whos the math wiz?
  94. Green water in 66 gallon
  95. EHIEM PRO 3 2071 does not exist on ehiems website??
  96. Storing my biological filter?
  97. Any shrimp keepers in Kentucky?
  98. Fungus on rubber
  99. will dwarf hairgrass carpet in my setup??
  100. sterilizing driftwood?
  101. What fish should be in my 10G aquascape?
  102. Whats this stuff on my gravel?
  103. Is sprayfoam safe for aquatic uses?
  104. What are these tiny thread-like worms? (Pic)
  105. Protein film on surface of water.
  106. in line water filter/water pump
  107. filter setups, need advice
  108. Adding tree leaves to aquarium?
  109. does your Manzanita wood turn black?
  110. HAP Chairs?
  111. Suggestions Please
  112. best way to plant
  113. Plants that use bicarbonates for photosynthesis
  114. API CO2 Booster
  115. Am I wrong on tank size?
  116. aluminized steel fish/shrimp safe?
  117. Plants growing low
  118. Questions about stem trimming and also algae (56k warning photos included)
  119. Is calcium buildup an issue with rimless tanks?
  120. drop checker not changing colour
  121. some questions about 10 G tank...
  122. Moved over from AquascapingWorld
  123. Plan for my new setup.
  124. Seeking a good reference for Amazonian Biotopes
  125. Shaded Area of a Planted Tank
  126. Tiny worms, any1 have them?
  127. Rockscape Info Websites, Books
  128. HOB/Canister/Internal Filters and CO2
  129. Planted Biocube 14 shrimp tank project
  130. New here... have question about setup of large hex
  131. What happened to my angelfish?
  132. Any problems with using Excel just to start a tank?
  133. ordering plants from overseas
  134. Hola, from PERU!!! Plant ID help!?!?!?!
  135. New tank equipment ready
  136. Glass Scratches
  137. Christmas Break Tank Care
  138. Dont know what else to do.
  139. Help pick my new Iwagumi
  140. Stocking planted tank all at once?
  141. Maybe not the best idea.
  142. Beginner
  143. toxicity of raku pottery
  144. Hi all...
  145. How to take good photos of your aquarium
  146. Planted Tank Problem
  147. We need an Aquarium Plants app
  148. Tearing down the tank is a pain in the ....
  149. help a planted tank newbie out
  150. best overall book on planted aquariums?
  151. Can I use random tree branches in the aquarium?
  152. Leaking Ehiem Pro 3 (2071) need help!
  153. 2 tanks, identical setup/totally dif results: ARGH!
  154. 20g or 55g for new planted tank?
  155. How long does it take for 55g to clear up after set up?
  156. DIY CO2 w/canister
  157. general concensus of filter input/output locations?
  158. I think I'm the olny person who can kill Java Moss
  159. GLA vs. Mr. Aqua tank decision
  160. excel & carbon?
  161. Hitchhiker fish ID
  162. Best 40 gallon hardy plants
  163. Does cycling damage plants?
  164. Pics of large cubes
  165. Some question for Tonina tank
  166. Mounting Moss Question.
  167. What fun and interesting things can I do with moss?
  168. Rescaping suggestions?
  169. New guy
  170. Co2 Diy (video included)
  171. Newbie saying hello to all...
  172. Is a journal really worth keeping?
  173. Water Wisteria
  174. OK where are the planted tanks is Evansville In.
  175. Rex Griggs orders?
  176. NV swinging?
  177. Dwarf Hair Grass
  178. Please help a noob!
  179. when do you clean your ehiems?
  180. Where to order 6 gal or under tanks
  181. Does anyone use a sump?
  182. [BEGINER]: Filter or no filter
  183. My First Hi-Tech Planted Tank - 125 gallons
  184. Best water flow practices in heavily planted discus tank?
  185. What would you do with an empty 10 gallon that...
  186. How do I know when I have too many fish?
  187. Don't know what to do
  188. CO2 bpm
  189. fungus?
  190. My First Planted Tank
  191. Best non brand name bioballs?
  192. 40 Breeder - Safe to remove frame?
  193. What are you filter media's?
  194. Lilaeopsis 'mauritius' dry start?
  195. Little white bugs and redworms in tank
  196. What are some problems you have had on aquabid?
  197. Filtration-less planted tank?
  198. I think I'm having trouble with my 10 Gallon Tank
  199. compact fluorescent light bulbs for plants?
  200. A little help with burning leaves please!
  201. Few Questions
  202. planted tank without fauna
  203. Hydra infestation and dosing
  204. Something is destoying my tank!
  205. Fossils in Aquariums
  206. Preferred Reading for Planted Tanks
  207. My poor roseline is sick, need help fast.
  208. 210 gallon planted tank help and advice
  209. Super resistant Ich strain?!?! Treating with Aquari-sol...
  210. Fluval Stratum in a low tech tank
  211. CO2 question
  212. A little analyzing on my city's water?
  213. Mass genocide in my 10 gallon
  214. how to use a glass diffuser?
  215. worms in plants tank
  216. Best place for aquarium rocks!
  217. Slimey stuff in new tank
  218. Rimless Aquarium - How to stop jumping fish?
  219. rex griggg...are you out there...
  220. Filtration for 125g Planted...
  221. EI ferts and Algae
  222. Adding Manzanita questions
  223. How Do You All Take Down Your Tanks?
  224. cold weather and shipping
  225. Juat had a trip to AFA San Francisco.
  226. 5g LOW maintenance plant options (for betta tank) and 10g fish options
  227. Can chlorine/chloramine from washed hands hurt fish?
  228. A noob from Central PA
  229. Online fish
  230. Departing During Startup
  231. Contribute and fill survey: Calculator for Aquarists
  232. Committed Sacrilege, please tell me it's ok
  233. Passed up what might have been a great deal, tell me if I'm stupid
  234. Hello everyone
  235. Drop checker
  236. priming a 2213?
  237. Bookcase tanks ?'S
  238. Co2 Regulator Schematic
  239. fastest growing carpet plant for my tank specs
  240. Python-less, bucket-less water change?
  241. Do shrimp tend to jump from topless tanks?
  242. But i don't want to turn my light off....
  243. Question about self pollination and selfing..
  244. Green Algae on glass
  245. Lf advice -planted single strain discus tank (pics)
  246. 450G tank in Serbia is Awesome!
  247. using limestone as tank deco?
  248. need assistance
  249. Need some serious help with fish disease ASAP!
  250. Hello World