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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. New Aquarium Placement Questions
  2. ever put flourite in your fluval & left tank floor bare?
  3. got my amanos!!
  4. Water topping question
  5. Removing A Painted Background?
  6. Is that algae?
  7. Help me learn and grow my 20 and 10g tank
  8. lol
  9. Where do most of you...
  10. Where to order African Clawed Frogs in Canada?
  11. Aquarium safe Adhesive?
  12. How many SAEs for a 55g tank
  13. Large scale plant production
  14. Tools for a planted tank?
  15. Re: Penn Plax filter
  16. transition to non co2?
  17. 4 foot light on 6 foot tank picture?
  18. does co2 stay on when having a mid-day blackout?
  19. test strips or test kit?
  20. Planting an established tank
  21. White Film in aquarium...
  22. Ordered a new heater, got a free upgrade...bad idea?
  23. Planting clippings ?
  24. Best dwarf cichlids for a smaller tank?
  25. New to the larger planted tanks, :)
  26. Fishless Cycle/water change question
  27. This hobby sucks in canada
  28. Best place to buy lights?
  29. What is this bubble form floating on my tank?
  30. java fern melting??
  31. fish issue - no plants
  32. 6mm glass
  33. Where to buy cheap 4ft 2 bulb T-5 HO
  34. This is what happens when you get pissed off with ceramic diffusers!
  35. is my tank in danger???
  36. White film on top of water - help...
  37. crypt id
  38. 29G or 30G
  39. Discus Tank, Tap Water Low Ph KH GH, BB Algae, C02 Injection
  40. what is this?
  41. Will my shrimp succesfully breed with all the fish?
  42. Old tank history
  43. Getting angels in 2 weeks, what can I do to prepare
  44. light, ferts, plants, and algae
  45. fluval 305 question
  46. What is this stuff? *PICS*
  47. Feeding Time: Filter ON or OFF?
  48. New to Aquascaping.. :(
  49. New here - Cycling/Algae questions
  50. Is it possible for a fish to gas itself?
  51. Top water plants.
  52. Might abandon this hobby...
  53. 110 planted discus tank flow questions
  54. So many ideas--so many tanks--so little time
  55. Norman lampeye eye no longer blue?
  56. I.D. this algae for me please and help me fight it.
  57. green carpet algae (slime)
  58. Eheim 2073, ecco 2036 or classic 2215?
  59. Is my tank going to leak?
  60. CO2 at night?
  61. How to kill tiny pest limpets?
  62. Ah! WTF is this?
  63. Red Sea Co2 Reactor 500 (General Co2 question)
  64. Pygmy Chain Sword Question
  65. surface agitation
  66. Georgia Aquarium
  67. plants dying, need help!
  68. tank temperatures
  69. How much seachem purigen (water polishing) should I use for a 30 litre/5 gallon tank?
  70. Is angel fish the only planted tank friendly big cichlid?
  71. Correct Swagelok needle valve for paintball C02
  72. my tank in a nutshell... any suggestions for improvement?
  73. Fluval pressurized co2
  74. Airstone along with C02
  75. Odd thing happening in my planted tank
  76. Everglades inspired tank!
  77. Leaving the dead roots of plants?
  78. Best/easiest way to soften water w/o an R/O unit?
  79. freshwater zooplankton
  80. How do we get oxygen...
  81. Does anyone here avoid petsmart? (I have a feeling you do)
  82. Stuck on Design
  83. DSM to Water
  84. Greetings!
  85. Algae scrubbers with Planted tank??
  86. New Project: 30g Tall. See your advice in my tank!
  87. newbie with high ammonia in planted 55g, PLease help!!!!
  88. what wong?? (PICS INSIDE)
  89. lowlight foreground ideas help?
  90. anybody here from Winnipeg?
  91. What is the best temp for fish and plants?
  92. Is pearling important?
  93. need help identifying plant
  94. Another easy Co2 question.
  95. Remember when...
  96. Cheap lowlight plants? THAT GROW FAST.
  97. Anything I can instant cycle? new tank. Need to pick up fish!!!
  98. Sand substrate and plants
  99. Need new foreground
  100. Increase lighting to help amminia problem?
  101. China Mark Moth Larvae....Dipel?
  102. strange Phenomenon
  103. Magazine Ideas??
  104. Anubias are NOT aquatic submersed plants in nature
  105. The Wisdom Behind Periodic Water Changes
  106. Has anyone seen this?
  107. Water changes and Ferts?
  108. 55g Problems
  109. I need your opinion for new tank!
  110. Still Water Proof?
  111. Need help with cutting back on plants
  112. Dwarf Puffer in my planted tank?
  113. Adding fish
  114. Laser Guided Angelfish
  115. running lights at night
  116. optimal temperature?
  117. New Pic of my planted tank
  118. Perfecto 5' 120G Tank Experience (mods, sorry for double post)
  119. Aquarium turn over
  120. Buenos Aires Tetra and plants
  121. Suggestions on brackish puffer tank.
  122. Getting ready to attemp DSM and have some questions
  123. Safe for a brackish aquarium?
  124. What would you do....?
  125. glass quote
  126. I forgot how expensive this hobby is...
  127. plants need help and me! :)
  128. Feeding: shut off filters but not CO2 - cavitation problem?
  129. Need advice on a tank purchase
  130. Test kits?
  131. How does Amano Dose his huge planted tank?
  132. What do you think? (pic)
  133. trouble w/new flora tank
  134. growth at a snail's pace
  135. What is EI?
  136. Im do i move?
  137. Can we run CO2 24x7
  138. Do i need co2?
  139. usual blyxa behaviour?
  140. Back to the PT Obsession after a 6 yr hiatus!
  141. Help- ammonia in new planted setup
  142. Plants under LED Lighting
  143. New Tank Plans--Need Opinions
  144. 50% water change ??
  145. DSM success anyone?
  146. Plants through mail? (swap&shop)
  147. Looking for a little advice
  148. fish cycling a 55 long
  149. My amano shrimp just walked out of the tank !!
  150. Worms growing on/in my cardinal tetras?!
  151. Help my fish are dying!!!!!
  152. Catalina Aquarium
  153. Fish kill and I feel horrible.
  154. GLA out of stock!
  155. Film on Top of Water
  156. To dose or not to dose a low-maintenance tank??
  157. Driftwood challenges
  158. help w/new flora & guppies PLEASE
  159. My Experience Shipping Larger Items
  160. MARINE planted tank article
  161. hand lotion in my tank? ummm...
  162. Noob Here!
  163. Paintball co2
  164. White haze, fuzz??
  165. threadfin rainbow eggs and cherry shrimp.
  166. Green water bloom
  167. got my kh/gh test kit in the mail...
  168. Plant only Tank Question
  169. A thin layer of slime on everything?
  170. what does this do?
  171. Question on PH pen type Meter.
  172. Planted Tanks and Vacation
  173. Thinking of planting my 55 gallon tank...
  174. Newbie getting started
  175. Poor Man's Alternatives
  176. Snails help!
  177. Are there any fish eat snail eggs but not snails?
  178. question about tanks with overflows
  179. Looking for Ada tank in the northeast
  180. International Online Plant Sellers
  181. Mycobacterium marinum (fish TB)
  182. Any ideas??
  183. Using Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect plants outside the aquarium
  184. Sustainable growth question
  185. How to plant Marsilea Quadrifolia
  186. Hairlike looking worms in tank????
  187. How to take pics of your aquarium - help!
  188. 29 Gallon Photoperiod Question
  189. Weird 20long tank design
  190. Super low KH
  191. RE: keeping an american fish. (catfish)
  192. Adding Plants to tank
  193. How do you calibrate your thermometer?
  194. New to plants some ???
  195. Sunami--Japan
  196. Now its working, can i get some help?
  197. Is Karma rewarding me? Or gonna get me...
  198. Moving to Florida ? Any Advice ?
  199. Has anyone used a Tom Aquatic Gardener Tool?
  200. Just got a 90 gallon, not sure what I want!
  201. New Tank Build
  202. What kind of mesh can I use?
  203. What has been your best tank investment
  204. New To Planted Tanks, Need Some Help.
  205. Flow for my tank and where to put it
  206. Dumbest Things in the LFS Continued
  207. 30 Breeder Tank... Any Experiences???
  208. random rambles
  209. Juwel Replacement Globes
  210. First time attempting emmersed
  211. Tank pic. Help me choose plants
  212. Co2 refill costs $30.00!!!!!
  213. Long & Interesting Filtration & Flow Thread
  214. Fluval Flora
  215. RE: will this help?
  216. New To Plants - Not Fish
  217. Rotala wallichi
  218. Matrix Packed Tight - Counterproductive?
  219. Homemade Food Question
  220. Will rams or apistos kill shrimp?
  221. Co2 Mixture
  222. An Interview with Frank Wazeter on wabikusa.
  223. Driftwood in Florida
  224. Adding pressurized C02 and PH change
  225. Re: aponogeton ulvaceus
  226. more than I can chew...
  227. Water parameters help!!!
  228. How to prevent snails
  229. Best ground cover??
  230. New Plants Enroute!
  231. Odyssea Lighting
  232. Simple albeit silly driftwood question...
  233. Electrical bill
  234. When to begin CO2?
  235. Bubbles out of my soil substrate?
  236. I have had enough!
  237. Newbie, need lots of help
  238. Week 8 of THE CYCLE...The engine just wont start!!!
  239. Starting a 125 and need some advice
  240. CO2 Fill Ettiquite
  241. What tricks have you taught your fish?
  242. Lets hear your method.....
  243. Stressed Roseline Sharks??
  244. Too much fertz
  245. Gassed fish
  246. Big Al's Screws Canadians.
  247. The big decision: one large tank or a few mediums
  248. CO2 and water flow/surface turbulence
  249. Palufreak's future 10g!!!
  250. What is the dumbest thing you have seen in a LFS?