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  1. Mystery Slime
  2. 2.5 start up
  3. HELP: "Larry's Plant Aquarium"
  4. 37 gallon top cover question
  5. help?advice?sanity?
  6. Need help with substrate!
  7. I got a deal!!!
  8. New Planted Tank Setup: Need Your Advice!
  9. Malysian Trumpet Snails
  10. fish safe rocks, potting soil, pots, old drift wood, ect.
  11. What makes a new tank cloudy?
  12. Filter Flow?
  13. Dirty plants
  14. DUMBEST question of the year! :) I have to ask
  15. Sweet Potato: The Ultimate Vacation Feeder?
  16. Are you leaving the Hobby? Advice...
  17. 20 or 29 gallon riparium?
  18. Another Vacation question lol.
  19. Whats the secret to water changes?
  20. Crystal clear water??
  21. Reducing velocity of flow?
  22. Need some pictures!
  23. Co2 regulators: Aquatek, Azoo, Milwaukee
  24. Gravel & Bacteria
  25. CO2 with T5NO lights
  26. failing again
  27. Moving House... I think... Help!
  28. Need some equipment pictures
  29. Minor change, major headache??? Blanket plant...
  30. Water Conservation
  31. New tank questions...
  32. Harvesting plants from a pond?
  33. My water company posted this...
  34. i need plants!
  35. Important news!!! Please read!
  36. Art
  37. New tank...plants dying - pictures added
  38. Cost to Refill Your CO2 tank?
  39. Sword roots turning black and rotting
  40. Hard Water
  41. Nitrogen Cycle Day 11. Amm & Nitrites off the scale!
  42. Another DRIFTWOOD question.
  43. T5-NO in planted
  44. Electric Blue Crayfish in community tank
  45. How to split a sword
  46. Excel/Comprehensive question
  47. Glass stains
  48. Can I change to sand?
  49. off to a bad start... leves not looking good
  50. Office decor suggestions ... for a small viv!
  51. The Glacier Water RO UNITS
  52. Planting Plagiomnium Trichomanes
  53. Tapwater contains ammonia so should I use RO??
  54. Hello ... new to planted aquariums - 1st post
  55. Anyone else here hate Java Moss?
  56. first planted c02 tank -questions
  57. 1 minute before showtime!
  58. Substrate Question
  59. Time to upgrade my lighting ?'s
  60. Overstocked?
  61. Name that plant!
  62. pet shows in america
  63. 40% weekly water change too much?
  64. 46 planted tank newbie advice
  65. My first planted tank! And my first posting! Need some advice from the gurus.
  66. Slightly Complicated Iron Situation
  67. How much co2 should I use for my 90 gallon planted tank?
  68. help me save/restore plants!
  69. Purigen not working on tannins
  70. progression... opinions please.... 4 pics
  71. How to compete in AGA Aquascape Contest?
  72. Do you...
  73. chemical filtration good or bad?
  74. How overgrown would you let a tank get?
  75. pH Problems
  76. Advice on melting leaves( with pics)
  77. Ammonia .25 ppm again
  78. Keeping away the ratty bottoms?
  79. Eheim 2217 hose size.
  80. co2 mini kits
  81. From bad to worse, Need more help please...
  82. Let me rephrase to question
  83. Mound of crypts; cycle first or all-in?
  84. TImelapse yours!
  85. New here... Starting out with a question about AZgardens
  86. A great website
  87. Cloudy Water Pleaseeeeee help!!
  88. Echinodorus tenellus super growth!
  89. Strange algae?
  90. Filtration Angst
  91. LFS had some zebra loaches.
  92. DIY CO2 injector for 29 gallon tank
  93. Problems with humidity
  94. Paintball C02 Issue...
  95. getting the tannins out of driftwood
  96. defective needle valve?
  97. first ever tank, 55g adivse please...
  98. Black Hair-Like stuff
  99. Plants for Fluval Edge with Mr16 CFL
  100. Removed an ornament and created a disaster
  101. Hey Everyone!
  102. Fluval Spec Help!! MAybe Iwagumi?
  103. Hey everyone!
  104. Possible 270G Tank!!!
  105. Post a picture of your favorite fish....
  106. Living Sphagnum moss in a planted aquarium?
  107. greetings/reccomendations
  108. What is your favorite part of keeping a planted tank?
  109. what a good idea
  110. hey guys
  111. Advice on new MODERN PLANTED setup
  112. Moneywort
  113. how to check when c02 needs refill
  114. Making Money
  115. The never-ending cycle....
  116. Anyone Ordered from
  117. Did I just destroy my BB?
  118. Jumpstarting a new tank - will this work?
  119. no drop checker for a few weeks.. is there an alternative?
  120. Having Water Clarity Problem
  121. inline powerhead?
  122. Eheim 2028 hose replacement time?
  123. Fishless cycle without plants/dw???
  124. Help identifying snail
  125. The White Fuzz is here (fungus???)
  126. Help with established tank
  127. Ghost Tank!!
  128. My way of saying thank you (vid)
  129. C02 Reccomendation
  130. Drums and aquariums!?!?
  131. piece of driftwood is close to the light - covered in algae!
  132. Stand/hood/surrond out of MDF... Need to seal??
  133. What times do you use?...
  134. Anyone stream their tanks?
  135. what is this brown stuff ?
  136. Fast Growing Plants
  137. How to file a USPS claim?
  138. What this?
  139. Eco-Complete QUESTION
  140. Cloudy Water
  141. Any suggestions on adding new substrate?
  142. Bad idea to have planted tank in your room?
  143. Temporary staging tank ferts question (miracle gro?)
  144. Anyone like hydroponics?
  145. tips of plant leaves curling downwards?
  146. Newbie With a TON of IWAGUMI Questions!!
  147. Temps for Moss?
  148. woooh hoooo figured it out this is my 80 gallon planted tank
  149. Nano drop checker for 55 gallon?
  150. how to post pics from your desk top to be viewed in a thread?
  151. Eureka It's Working
  152. ADA Superior $$$
  153. 80 gallon Planted tank
  154. New to the site looking for lots of...
  155. Anchor worm meds???
  156. Your Diffuser placement?
  157. How many assassin snails should I buy?
  158. Snails Snails Snails!
  159. Water Circulation?
  160. Nitrites at 5.0+ after only 4 days on a fishless cycle?
  161. Where to buy Ferts...
  162. My Plants & Possible Cichlids?
  163. Please help ID this stowaway! (snail)
  164. power outage!
  165. What all would a mega-dose of Excel kill?
  166. Fishless cycling by adding ammonia?
  167. Inspire Me!
  168. selling house, with in-wall 80
  169. Bad day, time for new tank. 75g or 90g?
  170. When is it too much?
  171. My Plants are Brown, but should be green...
  172. I have a problem, Relating to CO2, pH.
  173. Transporting DI water?
  174. Nitrates 0 on overstocked tank?
  175. cleaning heavily planted tank
  176. Tank Transport
  177. Ammonia Spiked what happened
  178. Sharing some phone camera photos, tell me what you think?
  179. Is there a way to regulate DIY CO2?
  180. Suggestions for holding onto plants needed for later
  181. can you help me identify this moss?
  182. Who here has the largest home planted tank?
  183. Need a little help with my jungle vals.
  184. Low Light, Medium Light, High Light???
  185. Old acrylic reef tank potential?
  186. hills n valleys question
  187. 2x24 T5HO too much for 20g w/ blyxa and stauro?
  188. How Much flow
  189. Floating sword plant
  190. MTS and Chronically cloudy tank
  191. Difference between internal/external filters.
  192. Moss on driftwood?
  193. moss wall
  194. Whats a cool/fun fish to breed in a 55galln?
  195. new tank
  196. How to plant?
  197. Fish Help! and a Hairy Mess !
  198. Planted Tank Guide on iPad?
  199. PLS HELP!! Suitable community tank???
  200. 10 gal with pics!
  201. Do more plants = more fish carrying capacity?
  202. New Tank Question
  203. Keeping Betta with Cherry shrimp
  204. Anyone have an outdoor fish tank? Expertise needed.
  205. Dry Ferts
  206. Best way to move a tank to new house?
  207. 90g with large severum
  208. Twig driftwood (from outside yard)
  209. breeding area build
  210. Filtration?!?!
  211. Newbie to Planted Tank Guru
  212. New here please help b4 I do something foolish!
  213. Upgrading to New Tank: Question
  214. Background?
  215. who to trust
  216. Water Flow Question
  217. Siting a tank under glass. Bad or really bad?
  218. Can anyone ID this disease my fish are getting?
  219. How long does your Co2 last..?
  220. Need Help with "Worm" Identification
  221. unplanned experiments in fertilization.
  222. new tank time... what would you do?
  223. water won't buffer
  224. What am I doing wrong?
  225. getting red.
  226. What are they (White/yellow floating things)
  227. Decision time: GBR or shrimp (or both?)
  228. boraras cf. micro and shrimplet
  229. Aquascaping! - Fly Your Colors!
  230. update: ID requested of Locally Native Plants
  231. eeeek--no power
  232. Is your tank your therapist?
  233. How to prepare driftwood for tank?
  234. Hello new to P.T. and reef pics
  235. What to do with my 75 gal tank when I'm on vacation for 2 months?
  236. Can you remove the painted background on a tank?
  237. Purchasing Fish On-Line
  238. acrylic tanks
  239. hmmmmm..........
  240. Random algae bloom?
  241. Introducing ... my tank.
  242. Plants for 2.5G
  243. Filter intake sponges and cloudy water?
  244. What is wrong please help!!
  245. Cheaper planted tank or marine?
  246. From Marine to Planted advise please.
  247. Please suggest a light and filter for my ADA 45p!
  248. Is this rock is safe for planted tank?
  249. A public service announcement
  250. Question about HC Dwarf Baby Tears