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  1. How accurate is this C02 Chart?
  2. Low Kh an issue?
  3. Clear film
  4. putting plants while doing a fishless cycle
  5. melon sword
  6. 29 gallon stand, Sturdy?? (pic included)
  7. Is this too much flow in a 75g tank? Videos included
  8. Favorite Websites?
  9. Has anyone used Almond Leaves or Alder Cones?
  10. Yellow water
  11. Pictures of my 29 gallon that's been up for 1 wk
  12. Measuring C02!
  13. moving with tanks tips?
  14. Floating leaves?
  15. Plant question...
  16. Building my first terrarium
  17. Will this work??!
  18. To tear down or not to tear down?
  19. Upgrading my 8 gallon?
  20. Green gel in fish tank?!
  21. Setting up a 120gal
  22. Plant problems- lighting/ temp/ ferts
  23. Shipping plants, what would cause this to turn to THAT?
  24. How to go about moving a 120g aquarium..?
  25. Spraybar Idea - Possibly Been Proposed 100 Times
  26. Howdy!
  27. Algae wafer disaster
  28. Advice on flow in a 75g tank with pressurized CO2. Almost gassed my fish...
  29. Anyone here have a large ADA suction cup? Can you measure it for me?
  30. What to do when Swords start growing out of the tank?
  31. What are the signs a fish would show if there was too much CO2? Need advice asap...
  32. fluval 205 on ten gallon
  33. Bio balls or no Bio balls?
  34. is powerhead needed?
  35. Run out of background!
  36. tropica plant nutrient+, dwarf hairgrass help
  37. BASIC co2 tank and supplies?
  38. Bubbles from the substrate?
  39. What is an affordable way to light a 29 gallon tank?
  40. safe to use aquarium salt in planted tank??
  41. Outdoor Cultivation Information?
  42. What do you do at night..?
  43. Planning a 150 gallon tank. Need help.
  44. How do you prep plants you took from the wild?
  45. Oxygen question
  46. New here
  47. Dry Ice CO2 system
  48. Cloudy Water
  49. Science project using DIY CO2 Help!
  50. Hi! Whats that bug...?
  51. baby plant?
  52. T. Amano's Private Tank- It's Big
  53. Ideas for a tank in this space in my house?
  54. Ideas for a tank in this space in my house?
  55. Need help...I am a newbie :-)
  56. Question about translucent plants received. Shipping problem?
  57. Going to set up the 29g again need suggestions
  58. Atomic Diffuser
  59. great day to be an aquarist
  60. Water change schedule!
  61. Need planning advice
  62. New Setup
  63. Can't get rid of biofilm
  64. Eco complete; SALE
  65. Low tech planted tank advise!
  66. flow.
  67. Have some very large Anubias, would they sell on the SnS?
  68. Any corner bowfront tanks?
  69. Best way to clean up a dirty tank
  70. my algae is pearling.. =/
  71. What Type of Aquascaping Do You Like Best?
  72. Help me figure out this fertz calc please...
  73. CO2 though an in-tank filter?
  74. my fish are dieing please help?
  75. Caffeine CO2 system?
  76. Over filtration,i laugh at you!!
  77. Options for effective gravel vacuuming
  78. -
  79. Need help growing my plants!
  80. powerhead in planted tank?
  81. moving fish to bigger tank
  82. co2 check solution 4dkh
  83. Power outage
  84. how can i hang my odyssea light fixture?
  85. Who's eating my Staurogyne repens?
  86. Advice on moving fish, plants and substrate from a 75g to a new 75g
  87. Should I point my output wand from my filter at my CO2 Diffuser
  88. organic build up on substrate
  89. Epsom salt for plant fertalizer
  90. Need light advice asap eBay bid finishes in 50mins
  91. Tear Down - Frustrated w/ BBA - Follow Up
  92. Anyone notice something wrong in the last TFH?
  93. What a deal!
  94. What to do with a 10g - Updated 6/1
  95. Need help with a sick bolivian ram!
  96. Quarantine Help
  97. Good floating plant to shade part of my tank?
  98. How to make high light --> low light
  99. new tank losing fish every day (not NTS)
  100. looking for a certain plant
  101. Need some vital info please
  102. Cloudy water..
  103. One of the worst days in my life.
  104. Just saying Hi... Last posted in 2004
  105. I'm going to give up soon!
  106. Will 400w Metal Halide cover my 90g tank
  107. Is it wrong to buy online instead of your LFS?
  108. CO2 is steriods for plants!
  109. post your best craigslist deals!
  110. Photosynthesis confusion
  111. soft water and pressurizxed co2
  112. When do I need astructural engineer?
  113. overnight bucket
  114. Can't stop buying plants!
  115. Got the 75G
  116. pH Drop in Walstad style tank, what to do?
  117. White film on water surface?
  118. Best root tabs?
  119. 2?s: cleaning a planted tanks And adding gravel ontop of substrate
  120. brackish conditions
  121. Worms in planted tank without fish... normal?
  122. circulation design?
  123. Help, Should I go ADA
  124. Purchased a Amazon Sword at Petsmart "help"
  125. UGH!!! aquabid... have you had bad experience??
  126. Driftwood question
  127. Clearinghouse for Riparium Articles
  128. How suitable is my water?
  129. The PH in my planted tank is a around a 6. LFS recommended poper 7.0 ph
  130. co2 added, something not right?
  131. Well-sealed lid
  132. Planaria outbreak: ROUND 3
  133. Tiny Planaria Worm. I hate them.
  134. CO2 Tablet?
  135. a week under timelapse
  136. Suggest a Back Ground plant(s) for this scape! (pics)
  137. Is hottania inflata and palustris the same thing?
  138. power head venturi and co2
  139. stocking advice for 125l planted tank
  140. Hi! im new! few questions..
  141. Diy Canister Filter tubing?? (intake outtake)
  142. 29 Gallon Eclipse Planted
  143. Need to cycle my 75g fast for my Angels. Help!
  144. my first pearl! :)
  145. what is this worm!!?!?!? PIC!!!
  146. white seeds?
  147. CO2 tank nuke, need advice.
  148. Are you on other Forums?
  149. Tank setup for emersed growth
  150. reptile wood?
  151. bugs on my water, help
  152. Glass Diffusers
  153. Interview with Oliver Knott
  154. Swap n shop questions
  155. 29 gallon lighting (2) Current Usa Nova 2x24watt?? 96w total??
  156. Trumpet snails
  157. not really thrilled.. much needed help
  158. Sand and Anaerobic pockets??
  159. powerheads and 4dkh
  160. Best way to set up a tank for fry.
  161. fish suggestion
  162. elodea - anacharis
  163. CO2 Tablet for small tank..Is it any good when compare to the Co2 bottle set-up ?
  164. 10 wpg and glosso is still not growing horizontal
  165. Is it a good light for my aquascape tank ?
  166. 29 gallon Hi-tech pre build list
  167. Some help with my 75 rescape (Very long detailed post and questions)
  168. Fluval tubing
  169. Nice looking and modern tank light...
  170. Help please
  171. RCS with flourite
  172. First time planting
  173. old 29 gallon craigslist. Reseal?
  174. What is the best temperature ?
  175. avoid pH swings after water changes?
  176. Clip Of my Tank
  177. Possible to Nuke tank to rid algae
  178. New Rena XP3, poor water quality 24 hours later
  179. manzanita wood fuzzy?!?
  180. What am I doing to my poor Starougyne Repens and Ammannia Bonsai?? Deficiency?
  181. I've been asked...
  182. Moving plants to a new tank?
  183. Plantbrain--what did you say you dosed your 75gallon
  184. where can I get some KH2P04
  185. New to forums and planted tanks!
  186. ridewake210 email address
  187. Finally think I have enough filtration
  188. Root Tabs: Osmocote, Osmocote + or Jobe's Spikes?
  189. Snails...
  190. Bacteria problem? Help!
  191. "easy" plants not doing well in my tanks?
  192. My platys
  193. bubble rate with needle wheel vs. CO2 reactor
  194. Plants turning brown HELP!
  195. Dosing Nitrogen when Nitrates are present
  196. How much maintenance time for a well balanced tank?
  197. Air pockets in Silicone joints?
  198. driftwood sludge = death
  199. Yaow! Need some help from you pros! :D
  200. Is this planaria? Need advice quick... this is gross :)
  201. repurposed hydroponics gear.
  202. Newbie to planted tanks
  203. Subwassertang Low-Tech
  204. Live stock advice...
  205. Best way to install a new filter, using media from old.
  206. DIY or Purchased CO?
  207. moving to athens
  208. Soda water in planted tank?
  209. So I have a delimma about tanks...
  210. danger of removing hardscape?
  211. Purple Water???? What???
  212. How much do you pay for Aquasoil?
  213. Figuring out PPM?
  214. Help me. Ordered to get my whole 75g setup now
  215. ro unit for a renter?
  216. feeding rings?
  217. e. cordifolius questions.
  218. redline torpedo barbs eating plants
  219. 9w Coralife uv question
  220. Riparium Article
  221. Last man out....Updated News!
  222. co2 drop checker question
  223. Discus temp
  224. Diffusing co2?
  225. so.... any water safe adhesives?
  226. Acrylic Tank?
  227. New To Forum and CO2
  228. Will preventative meds hurt plants?
  229. is this a good plan?
  230. Considering to set up a 210 gallon planted tank
  231. Breeding?
  232. feeding schedule and automation
  233. How PS are the Aqauascaping Pictures?
  234. new to forum, here are my tanks...
  235. Very Scary! Tank Creaking after water change!!!
  236. Fishless Cycle Question
  237. Where do you guys buy your plants online?
  238. What other plant/aquarium forums do you guys frequent?
  239. Erythromycin Tablets
  240. Cute little guy I found in my tank today
  241. UV filters
  242. Not bad for 45 days... :]
  243. earth quake straps?
  244. stands, racks and weight
  245. Re-planting Question
  246. Micro and macro basic help...
  247. Installed 3D Background lost everything, Advice please!
  248. quarantine tank size/set up
  249. Yet another 'Help a newbie' thread...
  250. Dark or Light substrate for a new tank...