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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. cannister filter tubing elbow?
  2. HC or Glosso for carpet. Which do you prefer?
  3. Iwagumi (minimalist style): hardscape and plant selection suggestions...
  4. Procedure for water changes
  5. Emursed Crypt for start-up
  6. I have a HUGE snail problem!
  7. Cycling tank question
  8. Rainbows in a 36 inch tank.
  9. I Have No IDEA!!
  10. is this good wood? beach drift wood
  11. 75 gallon stocking questions.
  12. Dry Start Method Plants?
  13. Who makes good water test kits?
  14. Need a HOOD!
  15. A little story about the nitrogen removing ability of plants
  16. splitting co2 between tanks?
  17. what do you feed your Roseline sharks (aka Torpedo barb, aka Denison barb)
  18. Help! What kinds of plants can I grow in a tank w an overflow?
  19. Wpg Help
  20. Help needed with new tank!
  21. making driftwood ???
  22. n00b- moving plants, rescaping?
  23. Plant experts help...will these plants work in a non-CO2 tank?
  24. Feedback
  25. Stunted and Co2
  26. WOW, EI, Rootmedic and 1 week pics
  27. Anubias Mother plant division
  28. watching your plants
  29. need help on my HC
  30. Ceramic Substrait - Would you buy or not?
  31. HELP! Ich break out in planted tank with shrimp!
  32. 360 degree viewing area
  33. woohoo I'm getting a Spec!
  34. anubias only tank
  35. Trimming Wisteria
  36. Redoing substrate for a 20g tall tomorrow.
  37. New 60 gallon tank
  38. Where to buy 3m color quartz/spectraquart in NoVA
  39. Water changes and plant growth.
  40. New to planted tank.. someone please help with co2 and test readings?
  41. Tetra Tank
  42. 29 gallon supplemental lighting (pics added)
  43. diatoms, not enough flow? HELP
  44. When will it all end!!!
  45. Brine shrimp eggs
  46. Im New
  47. vallisneria sprialis "red"
  48. why is 40B so popular?
  49. Gluing the Rhizome...
  50. dosing hydrogen peroxide?
  51. WPG and Plant Selection (in pots!)
  52. Whats wrong with this tank?
  53. Glass Co2 diffuser...meh
  54. Carpet & Floor Board surfing fish
  55. 20L: Ideal non-CO2 setup
  56. need help on abriviation in this forum.
  57. Can't find a place locally to fill my C02 tank, any ideas?
  58. 20 gallon high plan
  59. NutraFin C02 system
  60. perfect beginner setup?
  61. Veggie Filter?
  62. Noob Question: About C02?
  63. Bought a Used Planted Tank, Need Setup Help
  64. What methods are availiable for cooling a small tank
  65. White bumps
  66. 55 Gal Planted Tank Redo Question
  67. Ideal Carpet Plant for a 10 Gallon?
  68. Supplemental lighting; Coralife T5NO
  69. Java fern leaves turning pale and holes
  70. CO2 in inverted cup??
  71. Do plants absorb CO2 through their roots?
  72. New Planted Tank Questions (Substrate, CO2, Lighting,etc)
  73. Dosing Medicine for planted tank
  74. Been a while figured I'd show the updated tank
  75. plants not growing
  76. Too much light?
  77. Live food for fish
  78. whats on my rocks??
  79. Ooops!!!
  80. pest snails?
  81. looking for suggestions-asian biotope riparium setup--pic added
  82. This or That? (55 gallon decision...)
  83. Wood in tank
  84. Future Proof
  85. Plant runner questions.
  86. What does "UG" stand for?
  87. Aca 2011
  88. Do you prefer larger planted or nano planted?
  89. T8 bulb in T12 fixture
  90. GLA co2 atomic diffuser, how bad are bubbles?
  91. It once was lost, But now it's found.
  92. Help growing marimo. Can it work on this?
  93. Not another tank!? Need substrate advice
  94. What would you do with a 20g tall?
  95. ?? Please Help..I'm Ready to Give Up
  96. My first planted tank...
  97. 90 gal max fish capacity
  98. T5HO Bulb combo
  99. Want a larger tank. Any advice appreciated.
  100. Nice plants that don't have runners?
  101. My Pleco is eating my plants as if it's a cafeteria...
  102. Opinion on Plant Starter Packages
  103. Pressurized vs Seachem Flourish Excel
  104. Will Black Skirt Tetras harm my plants/Neon tetras
  105. Adding Air pump will reduce CO2 level?
  106. I'm just so excited thread!
  107. what is the plant?
  108. Filter too big for hood
  109. Air in my Fluval
  110. Need a nuclear option for killing hydras and snails... but not the bacteria & plants
  111. help me pick some fish!
  112. Southwestern/Mexican Biotope
  113. Tiny critters noticed when I did my water change
  114. UV Sterilizer questions.
  115. Walstad style tank - adding fish.
  116. Is this a good deal for CO2 gas?
  117. Tank of the Month??
  118. moss tank
  119. What do I do? Planted tank and "full grown fish"???
  120. Crypts not doing well
  121. I'm back!!
  122. apisto biotope?
  123. Rainwater?
  124. Plant vs. Algae Low/High Tech Ecology Concepts
  125. Sorority tank - 9 betta girls in a 15 gallon?
  126. interesting local find - red plants in mountain stream
  127. epic tank idea: eywagumi
  128. How do i fishless cycle?
  129. Preparing for BAD new!!!!
  130. Worms worms worms.........
  131. Scarlet Badis - Ordering Fish In Canada?
  132. bugs in my tank - with better pics
  133. Help setting up 125g
  134. Lighting/Ferts/CO2 Advices Needed for 22G Planted Tank
  135. Wabi-Kusa or Riparium? Got some nice goodies.
  136. Planted tank a couple fish has died.
  137. what would happen...
  138. Rcs vs wcmm
  139. Weird
  140. need suggestions
  141. 40B Set-Up
  142. pick holes in my 13.5g aquascape plan
  143. Know any Good LFS in Miami?
  144. Anything other than Styrofoam?
  145. Need help with dwarf baby tears (HC?)
  146. Update on my first planted 29 gallon tank
  147. 13.5g Iwagami advise
  148. Hot summer day, how about
  149. Snails Everywhere
  150. Discus Sick help!
  151. Anyone running a filterless tank?
  152. Long Summer for my inverts/livestock
  153. question about planted tanks~
  154. 2nd gen EDGE
  155. The hardies plant... EVER?!?
  156. Is biofilm harmful in any way?
  157. Found Driftwood. Can I use it? More pics added
  158. Plant looking unhealty
  159. co2 dump. another leak? or too much use?
  160. How many bubbles to start?
  161. Water Lettuce vs nitrate
  162. My planted tank build (Details)
  163. my ottos HATCHED!! pic!
  164. Is there an internet site or Excel files for daily diaries?
  165. Online Ordering
  166. iron with flourish comprehensive supplement
  167. Advice for a newbie
  168. split in rim of tank, is this okay?
  169. water wisteria problem
  170. am i gonna need a chiller?
  171. 75g overflow removal?
  172. When it becomes a job I will sell everything
  173. cannister tube selection
  174. Tank Problem
  175. Stocking list-Is it good?
  176. Restart my planted tank and some question.
  177. jasper
  178. How much is 125g tank worth
  179. Java Fern Leaves
  180. Need to identify new plant tag is wrong
  181. Newbie DSM with dwarf HC
  182. Dirt substrate/hight tech aquarium update
  183. This tank is cursed
  184. Fertilizers and lighting for a beginner
  185. Freshwater refugium?
  186. Co2
  187. Where to buy?
  188. Beginner Planter Needs To Confirm Research For Turtle Food
  189. This forum is unbeatable !!!!!
  190. Cheapest and Easiest Way To Dose Fertilizers
  191. riccia pad
  192. storing substrate?
  193. Algae removal from driftwood
  194. HC vs Dwarf Haigrass water hardness
  195. relationship between plants, O2 and CO2..?
  196. across the country with a planted tank
  197. just one??
  198. Plants dont seem healthy...(Pics Added)
  199. What is your cleaning crew???
  200. Substrate options?
  201. What deficiency is this?
  202. Petco dollar per gallon sale started today!
  203. Tanks and Toddlers. How do you deal?
  204. Nerite snail eggs removal
  205. Grindal and microworm questions
  206. Help! Fly infestation!
  207. $1 a gallon sale is back
  208. Location of filter intake/outflow and powerhead?
  209. Power outage
  210. Is this a low light, med light or high light tank?
  211. how to kill hydra?
  212. BGA and antibiotics advise...
  213. delete old thread
  214. DIY-LED club, help us design a graphic, I sure can't!!!
  215. Purigen for tannins
  216. investing in a R/O water system?
  217. Tap water or not?
  218. $1.00 per gallon Petco
  219. Flood
  220. snail population
  221. killie jumped out, RIP
  222. Uv Sterilizer
  223. Something terrible has happened :( WARNING with pics
  224. plant pads?
  225. How far from being a reality is this? An Automated Fertilizer Sensing+Dosing System?
  226. <72degrees
  227. Dwarf rainbow... Injured or disease? Pics included...
  228. Tell me about Snails.
  229. Stresscoat?
  230. Help rampant zebra!
  231. Do aquatic plants use roots to feed?
  232. Banded mystery snail
  233. Air pump suggestions
  234. Another newbie question.. weather stripping?
  235. Paradise fish, German blue rams, killifish, and a flame gourami in a 15 gall?
  236. Dry ferts dosing; khso4 (potassium)
  237. High nitrates, fish dying... need some help please. Possible EI dosing problem?
  238. cory cats with dwarf hairgrass?
  239. Low stocking + Low phos and silicates Vs Your actual water params?
  240. drop checker readings...
  241. Possible silly questions from a noob...
  242. New Tank, please help me.
  243. Are heaters necessary?
  244. Best method to feed fish while on vacation
  245. anybody know what's wrong with this plant?
  246. Help with my newly planted tank!!
  247. The most over engineered fish tank EVER !!!!
  248. about to set up my first planted tank
  249. A Tonle Sap (SE Asia) biotope... tougher than it looks!
  250. stocking for 5 gallon nano