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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. My kid has MTS. What have I started?
  2. For those of you with big tanks ever navigated a remote control submarine in it?
  3. Happy with my little "mod"
  4. light and dark period for fish????? important?
  5. DEATH, total restart. (Pic heavy)
  6. Blanching food for otto's
  7. please help big nitrite problem
  8. Pearling bubble stream finally!
  9. First Planted Tank - Need Input - Pics Included
  10. Persistent Myths about Planted Ripariums
  11. Swamp smell in Walstad method tank associated/following recent deaths?
  12. Is my HOB filter a good enough co2 diffusor?
  13. I cant find the hagen elite mini? is it discontinued
  14. PVC for DIY yeast co2
  15. diy c02 still not up to par?
  16. newbie with questions?
  17. The wood stinks
  18. after dosing excel and leaf zone have issues
  19. Check out the O2 being respired! XD
  20. Advice regarding set up
  21. Can I pee in my tank to make it cycle faster?
  22. Recommended "Sword" Plants?
  23. fish for a sulawesi biotope?
  24. power head placement ?
  25. fish amount
  26. drill side of tank
  27. how to kill snails?!?
  28. 1 bubble every 15 seconds?
  29. What a bad week.
  30. No Filter, no heat, no long can it last?
  31. Plant ID Please?
  32. cheap glass diffusor
  33. sponge filter for 30 gallon tank?
  34. In help with my 110g planted tank
  35. 2 questions: co2 gauge and light on top of the tank?
  36. Questions about Bettas
  37. Canister Filter for Smaller Tanks?
  38. DIY glass cleaning methods?
  39. Plants in a bottle .. good buy?
  40. new 75 Gal tank - with or withiut an overflow box
  41. question for DIY co2
  42. Plant recommendation
  43. Help with ideas!
  44. Blow off valve for DIY co2
  45. scratch
  46. Par Meter/ Sensor
  47. Leporinus Fasciatus info?
  48. Aquarium safe metals?
  49. suggestions for my kindergarten class?
  50. What is this plant called?
  51. Can you de rim an active tank? (10G)
  52. 20g - tank background recommendation?
  53. will I kill it?
  54. ferts from rex grigg?
  55. 10k vs 6700k lighting
  56. Any Macroalgae tanks out there??
  57. Plant Trimming, Fertilizer and CO2 quesions...
  58. White Fungus on C02 diffuser
  59. Place plants into private pond
  60. Substrate?
  61. 55g Planted - slow growing HC 'cuba' HELP!
  62. New Shrimp Tank
  63. Galvanized Threaded Rod In a Tank?
  64. Fluval Edge Shrimp help
  65. Fellow Fraternity of Dirt Members ATTN!
  66. It IS possible to gas your fish with DIY CO2!
  67. What do I need to get started
  68. my first planted nano tank
  69. Ammonia goes down, no nitrites or nitrates?
  70. New Planted Aquarium
  71. Goldfish Street (金魚街), Hong Kong (lots of pics)
  72. help making a light fixture please?
  73. Algae help [photos]
  74. Is it possible to have too much CO2 with no fish?
  75. planting crypts...
  76. Assassin snails babies ????
  77. Research Opportunity - Any ideas?
  78. green house?
  79. The plant room
  80. Please check my setup: Plant Newbie
  81. Is anyone keeping poison dart frogs?
  82. Have a question about DIY CO2 yeast generator
  83. Slime after water change..
  84. Do I have to use CO2?
  85. Is a filter really needed in a heavily planted "el natural" tank?
  86. Plant problems & lighting for 150g tank
  87. is this a plant deficiency problem?
  88. Just cycled a tank with new aquasoil in 4 days!!
  89. NEED HELP: canister filter advice nano tank
  90. Melting plants
  91. Tank Updated - Dosing Question
  92. PH/hardness
  93. $1 per gallon
  94. Tearing down my 3g salty.. What should i get?
  95. Help me plan a tank
  96. Yeast Reactor vs. Pressurized
  97. AquaBid - fish shipments
  98. shaking my canister filter???
  99. Loach lunatic...... can you have too many???
  100. Picked up some cedar
  101. drop checker solution turning clear
  102. Low KH
  103. Newb after some help
  104. Livebearer Disease or something else?
  105. Myths of Activated Carbon
  106. Increasing the power of H2O2
  107. My tank management .. please critique?
  108. How much fish water have you swallowed?
  109. Mystified why plants not doing well
  110. My fish have super surviving powers!!
  111. How to salvage a tank?
  112. Son of a gun
  113. What is the outlook on algae control liquid here?
  114. My hair grass isnt doing so good.
  115. Novice needing some advice on several things!
  116. What is this?
  117. Lake Plants
  118. Snail Leech... Ewww!
  119. Aquascaping for 29g Tiger Barb Tank?
  120. Hurricane Power Outages.
  121. Which plants for hard water?
  122. how to start setting up planted aquarium?
  123. Yeast in Aquarium-how to treat?
  124. Where is Our Rating in the Large Sceme of Things?
  125. Calibrating Test Kits.
  126. Help and advise. Accidently CO2 gassed 10g tank
  127. craigslist score! (I think?) lol
  128. Is this white sand FW aquarium safe?
  129. 5 Day Black out or just reduced photo period - Vacation
  130. Carpet plant advise
  131. Proposal for a new sticky!
  132. Rex Grigg vs gla choice regulator
  133. hi again
  134. How many tanks do you have?
  135. Light upgrade
  136. Algae!
  137. HUGE snail problem....
  138. Grandma's tank overrun with cyano (blue-green algae)?
  139. Carpeting grasses are important.
  140. Free CO2 and alternative energy use in the home aquarium
  141. What's your most unusual pet store story?
  142. Flagstone?
  143. Add carbonic acid instead of CO2?
  144. end of tank dump
  145. Starting planted tank.
  146. Reusing power filter cartridges
  147. Earthquake effects
  148. Lily pipe setup questions.
  149. High Tech Vs. Low Tech - Let's Discuss it!
  150. transitioning crypts from submerged to emersed
  151. Review of 90L planted tank
  152. Is the lighting for the fish or the plants?
  153. moss, netting, riccia, and mesh
  154. Yea or nay on 20L tanks?
  155. something weird in my tank
  156. Multi-tiered Deep Tank?
  157. Help with "dirt" on plants.
  158. Newbie
  159. How-To: Macro shots on the cheap
  160. Who is eating my plants?
  161. Help with stocking a 26 gallon
  162. SCORE on Craiglist!!
  163. looking into making a Threadfin Rainbow biotope...
  164. plant dip to kill planaria? (plant not in tank yet)
  165. How can I improve my plants' health?
  166. Are you kidding me?
  167. New Tank-Water Changes?
  168. 4+ inches of eco-complete?
  169. Who's hungry for some Pea soup?
  170. oscar tank, can I plant it?
  171. Need help with new 80 gallon low tech planted tank
  172. Went shopping, replanted tank.
  173. New tank ?
  174. where does everyone buy plants...
  175. Carbon in planted tank?
  176. Water Changes With Chlorine
  177. Rant: Beer in tank
  178. turning co2 on and off
  179. aquaricentral website
  180. lowest cost to run
  181. Now what?!? White worms on glass, and another thing...
  182. Killing flatworms in a RCS planted tank
  183. Peat
  184. Pair-a-meters
  185. Vampire Crab Palladium advise please
  186. Post Holiday Algae Issue
  187. New to co2 question
  188. need some help with plants please
  189. anyone use bubble wands?
  190. My blue mystery snails arent blue..
  191. lfs in toronto?
  192. I got the itch...
  193. high tech planted tank STILL not working out, help please.
  194. want to be a breeder
  195. King Eds trip tommorow
  196. Shipping fish overnight urgent
  197. Its that time again..
  198. Leech!
  199. Receiving new plants via mail
  200. Paintball co2 canister
  201. Moving
  202. Injected CO2 and dosing ferts is too time consuming... Or is it?
  203. what plants would be good for my tank?
  204. Nutrient deficiency
  205. Fluval Edge or EPI
  206. What are your homemade fish food recipes?
  207. Long time no see!
  208. Comments on Ebay internal reactor
  209. ID my mystery critter....
  210. What the???????
  211. Anybody use Clorox when cleaning their tanks?
  212. moving from hard water to soft water
  213. Crsytal Red Shrimp 8$ each...
  214. Looking for Aquarium Plant Book!
  215. need help please
  216. Need help with scape
  217. Submerging reg for leak check?
  218. Summer Heat???
  219. 37 gallon tank: is surface area the limiting factor for stocking?
  220. white film?
  221. options for 2.5g
  222. Apistogramma cacatuoides with red cherry shrimp......??
  223. my wife says Im evil
  224. Anubias, Excel, Algae
  225. Shrimp tank?
  226. 25 gallon
  227. Converting a reef setup to fresh planted
  228. DIY C02, rich substrate. Water dosing needed?
  229. plant problems
  230. Plants issues, not sure what I'm doing.
  231. My 20 gallon tank.
  232. Put oto in non planted goldfish tank?
  233. My stingy fish video
  234. Wierd creature in my tank???
  235. cloudy tank water
  236. Riparium
  237. Tank overheated-? on how it will effect tank
  238. Oops, I did it again...What ya think?
  239. MrAqua12,Ebi, Ada Mini M. SHRIMP!
  240. salt water
  241. Changing tank from salt to fresh?
  242. Canadian Tire RO Water and RO-Plus
  243. Reef lighting for freshwater plants?
  244. Wabi Kusa going emersed to submersed
  245. Ugly water
  246. How to ship manzanita.
  247. ooh, hydra and other 'things' in my tank
  248. Neon waste?
  249. Breeding Tank Design Input Needed.
  250. New member with lots of PROBLEMS to solve