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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Bacterial bloom...uggghh
  2. Assassin snail
  3. Takashi Amano on Failure
  4. Assassin snail eggs
  5. New Planted 55G
  6. Help ASAP - priming a Rena XP 3
  7. I just cant win
  8. Ceiling mounted lights...Show & Tell
  9. How to treat wild plants
  10. Flow/Filtration ?
  11. Help! Sick babies!
  12. Definitions please?
  13. Fluval Plant Stratum ?
  14. Seachem nitrogen testing?
  15. filter output position?
  16. Hello!
  17. RO or tap water?
  18. 80 gal planted tank photo journal, questions inside!!
  19. trouble cleaning a heavily planted tank
  20. please help identify my tank
  21. im new to plants please help
  22. Driftwood
  23. Praecox Rainbow
  24. Fast Growing Ground cover?
  25. What gear and substrate do i need?
  26. New tank help with ich and shrimp?
  27. Brand new to Fish keeping. Need some Advice.
  28. So, is degassing bad?
  29. possible itch in my new tank
  30. Dawn/Dusk Circadian Rhythm
  31. question about CO2 Levels...
  32. When is my tank/equipment safe to use after bleaching?
  33. Hugewagumi?
  34. What would you recommend?
  35. questions about my growing tank
  36. New to THe Forum and Planted tanks
  37. Just a general question about aquarium glass
  38. Planted OEBT tank: Fluval/Tetra Crescent/other?
  39. Phosphate Levels...
  40. Soft water a problem?
  41. Redox Paradox!
  42. Leaves
  43. Chalk Lines Underwater?
  44. Rotala Macaranda
  45. The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2012 Hannover
  46. Question on lighting a 65G?
  47. CO2 Methods?
  48. Do you QT plants?
  49. Aren't flat rate boxes supposed to be flat rate?
  50. Treating ICH in Planted Tank?
  51. BIG fish in planted Aquariums
  52. Help me layout these rocks!!
  53. Tank Tear Down Q's
  54. Water has micro small bubbles floating around
  55. Can i put?
  56. The Basics
  57. Floating blyxa for a few days
  58. My solid marble backdrop stack.
  59. how much salt?
  60. Resealing acrylic tanks
  61. customs and importing
  62. zebra snail
  63. New to plants
  64. Old fashioned planted tanks?
  65. YouTube
  66. Do Plants Require Water Flow?
  67. Bryozoans?
  68. Plant storage?
  69. "Poly-Ox" for potassium permanganate dip?
  70. Erythromycin or Interpet No 9 Anti-Bacterial Treatment for Internal Bacterial Infecti
  71. Ho2o ?
  72. How long to wait before adding more fish?
  73. 29 gallon or 20 gallon long for Shrimp tank
  74. white slime in drop checkers?
  75. Am i better off buying rooted plants????
  76. Pros and Cons on a lid less aquarium
  77. Staghorn algae
  78. Sponsor/place to get driftwood?
  79. cottony growth
  80. Dust Particles on Water Surface?
  81. Dual tank aesthetic question
  82. 75 gallon cleaned out. Need advice on new layout.
  83. Stuff I bought yesterday, Co2 isnt working :-(
  84. My planted tank progression
  85. new co2 question
  86. Plants poor growth
  87. Air pump for running sponge filters
  88. Cycling/Tank Transfer Question
  89. java fern rehab
  90. I just wanted to share some of the awesome pics from the Shedd aquarium in Chicago!!!
  91. CO2 bubbles
  92. Rainbow in my tank!!!
  93. co2 ladder help!!!!
  94. problem,if any..
  95. co2 dumping......
  96. Live Assorted Aqua Plant Bulbs?
  97. Driftwood Placement
  98. Cycling the tank
  99. Crazzzzzy Project - Ideas - Help
  100. API algae-fix/destroyer help!
  101. Backround Plant Help
  102. driftwood question
  103. anubias nana petite help!!!
  104. That feeling...
  105. How to add under post?
  106. Ants colonized my filter!
  107. Dumbest question.. What is a RAOK
  108. A Fluorescent Light Broke in the Fixture...
  109. Found this on Jungle Val..what the heck is it!?
  110. New co2 system tomorrow and I havent a clue.
  111. Active Carbon?
  112. Should we start a plant co-op?
  113. Should I? Oceanic Biocube 29 gallon
  114. spray paint inside tank
  115. Thinking of Doing a Dirt Tank?
  116. New 36 gal bow
  117. Pieces of My Dirt Substrate On My Sand?
  118. What to do with biting fish?
  119. Something for my sand?
  120. what is this?
  121. as low maintenance as possible..
  122. Help for a beginner
  123. question about using metal tank stands
  124. Need Help. New Co2 Planted Tank with Algae Problem
  125. Kh dropping?
  126. Couple questions take a look!
  127. 2.5G co2
  128. Mr. Aqua 17.5 vs GLA 17.5?
  129. Fry tank water changes
  130. Algae control: Otocinclus or RCS
  131. Black Bush and Hair algae
  132. Whats going on with my tank
  133. Fluval Edge - Shrimp care
  134. Ro?
  135. Question of when to introduce Plants?
  136. removing an overflow is a PITA
  137. Rate or comment on manzanita driftwood-please
  138. Effects of plastic figurine in water?
  139. playing with your fish with lasers
  140. Help id?
  141. the most needed tank redo ever all advice wanted
  142. Corners of tank not touching stand?
  143. would like to elevate a stand that holds two tanks...
  144. Just some updated pix
  145. Cats Vs open topped tanks
  146. Lots of roots?
  147. How to clean filter without killing bacteria?
  148. water slater/waterlouse
  149. java moss
  150. Afraid to change my water!
  151. Staghorn algae by outlet of HOB
  152. Starting a new tank
  153. "Anything liquid, perishable, etc....?"
  154. Setting up 125g suggestions please
  155. To CO2 or Not to CO2
  156. AlgaeScape?
  157. comet goldfish journal
  158. Someone verify my shopping list
  159. Pick holes in my rescape plan please - 55g
  160. Starting new tank
  161. Fishless cycle?
  162. brittle stems and thin leaves?
  163. rack v larger tank
  164. Canister filter or hang on the back filter?
  165. slime on driftwood
  166. What a Rookie Mistake
  167. Is it bad to have my co2 bubbles right near my air pump bubbles?
  168. First nano planted
  169. where to buy plastic
  170. Kills snails but leaves shrimp alone...Got anything
  171. Whooops.... I'm a murderer
  172. update on co2 system
  173. low co2
  174. Fish nipping at me? Hand feeding? Video
  175. Bottled ammonia and plants
  176. Pre-Cycled Filter Media - Any Help to Plants in Initial Planting?
  177. How to get dividers to stay better
  178. Biocube (29G) SW to Planted conversion
  179. for CO2 system.. Should I refrigerate yeast?
  180. Looking for artist
  181. quick question
  182. Does Aged Tap Water Need Water Conditioner
  183. Bunch of questions
  184. New ferts: green water
  185. Calpoly12's High-Tec Build
  186. bamboo
  187. co2
  188. can someone here help me find this???
  189. Water parameters advise
  190. going to get a co2 system tomorrow
  191. My new 10g planted tank
  192. Fluval Vicenza 260 for planted tank
  193. 10 gallon planted tank
  194. Aquascaping With Swords
  195. Aquasoil in New 40B
  196. Whats a node or stem
  197. Plant growing out of moss ball
  198. How to fix this problem?
  199. Experience with Mebendazole for hydra eradication
  200. Uh, Now What Do I Do
  201. Im so confused please Help
  202. Those poor fishies
  203. How to Aquascape With Swords?
  204. tanked
  205. Fishless cycle advice
  206. Random uprootings
  207. Largest Dirt Tank?
  208. Cycling tank - hazy/foggy looking mold/algae stuff??
  209. Planted Hex Aquarium??
  210. Co2 and Powerhead question
  211. pH Swinging, Why?
  212. Help With 75 Gallon Planted Tank
  213. Kens Food
  214. Wtb-moss
  215. Ro/di diy?
  216. How Many Pounds of substrate?
  217. attaching driftwood
  218. TV Show About Aquariums!
  219. Fertilizers and Nitrate Readings
  220. A Magical Cure ?
  221. A craiglist RAOK
  222. 100% natural tank?
  223. Silicone smell...
  224. Need input and opinions
  225. Floating Plants?
  226. Are plastic shims safe to use?
  227. What is the best snail bait for night traps??
  228. OK to not vacuum substrate??
  229. Please critique my 33.6G Mr. Aqua parts list
  230. Bleaching a ceramic diffuser...
  231. plant ID's? (NO idea what these are!)
  232. HOB to Canister - Mini-Cycle?
  233. Maximum occupancy?
  234. My eye feel dizzy when look at the tank
  235. algae- should I add another bottle of CO2? ferts?
  236. RSM 250 Conversion
  237. Moving a Fish Tank?
  238. My kid has MTS. What have I started?
  239. For those of you with big tanks ever navigated a remote control submarine in it?
  240. Happy with my little "mod"
  241. light and dark period for fish????? important?
  242. DEATH, total restart. (Pic heavy)
  243. Blanching food for otto's
  244. please help big nitrite problem
  245. Pearling bubble stream finally!
  246. First Planted Tank - Need Input - Pics Included
  247. Persistent Myths about Planted Ripariums
  248. Swamp smell in Walstad method tank associated/following recent deaths?
  249. Is my HOB filter a good enough co2 diffusor?
  250. I cant find the hagen elite mini? is it discontinued