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: General Planted Tank Discussion

  1. Aquascaping Software?
  2. sponge powerhead vs. hob
  3. Water in LFS fish tanks.
  4. 75 gallon stock advice
  5. Dry start Questions
  6. Plant ID needed Please
  7. moving 250l planted tank journal
  8. Any moving advice?
  9. adjusting plants to new lights?
  10. CO2 infusion
  11. Let's Settle This For Once And For All!
  12. Live foods
  13. How Long Will Cycle Live Without Ammonia
  14. First Tank Questions - Amanos, Loaches (Pics)
  15. school project, diy co2..
  16. Well water, water softener & fish deaths
  17. Stocking a 75 gallon planted tank?
  18. Its been a journey.
  19. screen mesh
  20. Some General questions
  21. what would look good with guppies?
  22. a "winter" themed scape?
  23. Converting a NANO 24 DX ~Help~
  24. Need some solid advice
  25. Energy efficient bulb disposal
  26. Your tank's side pics....lets go sideways
  27. Cycling a tank question
  28. BUGS in my aquarium?
  29. Bb?
  30. Tank out of Balance
  31. Bunch of birds with one stone....questions. (:
  32. oh duckweed how I despise you...
  33. Id's, max lighting questions
  34. Tiny white worms
  35. how to keep sponge filter down??
  36. fishing your aquarium
  37. 2 tanks 1 filter?
  38. plant gro
  39. Peat tabs--???
  40. Confused by TDS test
  41. oddball Biotope tank questions...
  42. can u break a tank from to much weight?
  43. moss battle
  44. New To Planted Aquariums
  45. Cloudy water?
  46. salt, plants and dojo loaches
  47. Copper Tube Foam Insulation
  48. Aquarium Glass TYPE???
  49. What filter media to use?
  50. What the big deal with snils
  51. Wood finally sunk
  52. My Fish Have Ick?
  53. Boyd's Chemi-pure
  54. Should Figurines and "toys" go into an aquascape?
  55. Fish Water = Houseplant fertilizer
  56. Need help with water level and sump
  57. HELP! Critters are dying, no idea why.
  58. HELP, I'm killing my plants, and I don't know how...
  59. Do I have enough water movement?
  60. Ever leave a tank?
  61. plastic fish bags.
  62. How to properly clean/disinfect rocks/jar for beta?
  63. Green Algae Menace
  64. 10g betta tank filter
  65. Substrate Idea
  66. Best DIY Spay Bar For Planted Tank?
  67. I need some facebook friends lol
  68. CO2 Water Diffusion
  69. Planting mishaps and hardscape failures
  70. new 75 gallon- freshwater noob here
  71. magnets in a tank
  72. Seiryu Stone
  73. Freshwater Aquarium Magazine
  74. Looking for low light plant package...
  75. Yellow tint to the water!
  76. how to fix broken tank?
  77. reverse flow undergravel..good or bad
  78. Can anyone ID this??
  79. What do you use?
  80. Leaves dying
  81. Who uses Lilly Pipes?
  82. Question on Water Changes
  83. Newbie Questions - Equipment etc.. Any help appreciated! :)
  84. I think I goofed :(
  85. Farming Here I Come...
  86. Background plant suggestions
  87. Welcome To The Big Leagues
  88. Time to play the *What Would You Rather Have* game
  89. CO2 and Oxygen
  90. New setup and leaves all over the tank
  91. a fish hit me in the head!!
  92. two chemical inserts?
  93. FInding natural (Free) driftwood in Miami?
  94. What KH DH For Blue Rams?
  95. fish disappeared for real?
  96. Is It True Snails only Eat Dead Plant Matter?
  97. 55 vs 75 gallons
  98. sick/injured angel fish?
  99. MTS and Ramshorn outbreak
  100. Good idea to seed aqua soil with black worms?
  101. Water Change Technique?
  102. Low Tech VS. High Tech?
  103. How efficient is indirect tropical sunlight (Miami)
  104. Heating the substrate?
  105. malawi cichlids and planets?
  106. Moving - shrimp, fish, and fish fry
  107. Fishless/Pure Ammonia cycle: how long until nitrites appear?
  108. Injecting Soil -- Do I need to "Age" the potting mix?
  109. JBJ Nano Cube
  110. Filterless Aquariums
  111. Celestial Pearl Danio Biotope
  112. Started with Gravel.. want to switch - now what?
  113. Do I need to heat my tank in Miami?
  114. lighting issue...
  115. thermometers and tank temps?
  116. Point of Flourite
  117. Low tech 2 gallon questions
  118. What is this organism growing on my plant? (picture)
  119. what is this on my java fern
  120. I got weird looks in my LFS....
  121. What in the hell is in my tank?!
  122. plant fertz diy
  123. How many discus can I get away with?
  124. Stocking Question
  125. Hardscape
  126. best substrate for keeping a slope
  127. Snail infest in 90 gallon planted
  128. Plant dip for disease and bacteria?
  129. What type of rock is this?
  130. Will pygmy cories dig up carpet plants?
  131. Nitrate testing question
  132. Discus
  133. new/used tank - cleaning out left over water/chlorine scum
  134. What is growing in my tank?
  135. what wood is safe for driftwood?
  136. What do you think of my shrimp tank latest scape?
  137. Smelly slime on Driftwood
  138. What tree does it come from?
  139. Post Fish Mystery
  140. Some of my tank pics!
  141. Actually turning on C02 for first time?
  142. Fluval Edge
  143. Emperor
  144. would yellow jacket endlers or german blue rams be easier to sell?
  145. Can you order ADA stuff from Japan?
  146. Best way to plant grass?
  147. What would you do if...
  148. download
  149. help! white Slime on plants, manzanita, and in the water.
  150. Backgrounds
  151. Emersed Ludwigia Repens
  152. Columnaris question
  153. top of the water line
  154. best cheap co2 diffuser
  155. yoyo loaches?
  156. question regarding dwarf sag
  157. questions from a newbie
  158. How planted is a 'heavily' planted tank?
  159. Calling water department in an hour...what to ask?
  160. start-up lighting/plant ?'s
  161. moldy duckweed.
  162. 20 Gallon Long Amazon Sword Only?
  163. White sugar sand
  164. just for know when your aquarium habbit is outa control when....
  165. Unstable Water? Kh Drop
  166. Moving a tank advice
  167. How do you change Thread Title?
  168. Tabletop Granite Pieces
  169. Time without CO2?
  170. Fish Mystery
  171. How to grow dwarf hairgrass???
  172. Oltombon's First Planted Tank (Pics)
  173. Which type of lighting is better for my fish tank?
  174. Hanging aquariums
  175. will this Co2 work for a 10 gallon?
  176. rasing salinity and plants
  177. Who has a "holding tank"?
  178. What do you use for CO2 diffusion?
  179. New Setup
  180. lighting chart
  181. Non-C02, low light aquacapes are they possible?
  182. In-depth Discussion: Judging Dutch verse Japanese Style
  183. goin native
  184. Need some advise
  185. Has anyone heard of this?
  186. Just got a very stinky used tank! Help?
  187. CO2 Diffusor problems :( Help please! (inline diffusor)
  188. help!! whats this bug???
  189. QUESTION on diy co2
  190. Should I use excel and CO2 together?
  191. Where to replant my cuttings (Pics)
  192. New ID
  193. "sterilize" live plants?
  194. URGENT question re: goldfish
  195. Question about newly planted plants
  196. Is a uv sterilizer a waste of money to fight hair algae?
  197. Can I put a 60 gallon on the second floor?
  198. DSM- Small Bugs in Substrate
  199. should i be worried?
  200. Good UV sterilizer?
  201. Changing The Substrate
  202. Riparium-ish help!
  203. Several Beginner Questions.
  204. RAOK - A Thank You
  205. brush wood
  206. 125G Fix
  207. Great Forum, seek advice
  208. Excel dangerous?
  209. WTB: Patience! ARRGGHH!!! I need some!
  210. what is hi-tec?
  211. Whats the Best HOB filter
  212. Gassed my fish on DIY
  213. Aquascaping tools?
  214. Where are my roots? Why aren't my plants growin.
  215. Help choosing plants
  216. Large planted tank filter help
  217. Amazon Biotope
  218. Fluval=junk!
  219. Fish Dying - Why?
  220. where can i put a 75
  221. Reasonable price for 90 or 125 used?
  222. Have some puzzling cycling issues
  223. Foreground carpet plant
  224. plants and filters
  225. Fiddler Crab - are they safe in planted tanks?
  226. Fish swaps and instore credit.
  227. A year of Chaos! Trying to reset my Planted tank brain!
  228. Where in the house?
  229. Need suggestions for unplanted plants?
  230. Can I do this layout?
  231. reducing fish stress during maintenance
  232. Does anyone else use rainwater?
  233. Green water; not sure what to do
  234. Planting potted plants
  235. fish in a planted tank...
  236. question re planting in dirt
  237. My First Planted Tank Build
  238. Plans for Upgrade
  239. Starting a Nano Tank
  240. Marineland Single Bright LED Lighting
  241. Why can't I grow Fissiden
  242. Hydor Eth - heater problem?
  243. My First Tank
  244. Moving 10 Gallon Tank, How's My Plan?
  245. Don't Do It!
  246. I can not find good water for my tank anywhere! Help!
  247. Diy co2 help
  248. Evaporation Top Off?
  249. Nutrifin Cycle
  250. According to the Seachem Excel sheet (10g)