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  1. DIY CO2 question
  2. Dosing's effect on hardness?
  3. Do bacteria absorb other nutrients than just nitrogen?
  4. Lost fish? Where did he go? Found!
  5. Question on some scaping techniques
  6. fishroom construction question
  7. ADA Aquajournal in English
  8. Ok, let's try this again.
  9. New planted ram only tank or SW tank?
  10. Is this a Water Flea or What Exactly?
  11. Geodes?
  12. New 10G setup questions.
  13. Fert Solution Bottles
  14. LED lights?
  15. Which of the two should I buy: HO Bulbs or LED
  16. Dry start frustrations..
  17. i need help. plant deficiencies. gaaaahhh!
  18. Aquascaping Rocks
  19. get here in time?
  20. CO2 Bubble count issue
  21. Quick question on my lighting.
  22. fish vs fishes.
  23. anybody use Aqueon bulbs?
  24. New 10 Gal fishless cycle and PH question
  25. where does nana petite come from?
  26. new show on Animal Planet called TANKED!!
  27. Where to get rocks locally?
  28. Getting dirt off of leaves?
  29. Share your quarantine procedure
  30. Is this a sign or lack of O2?
  31. Fibre glass screen for making a moss wall/carpet
  32. Removing the clutter - ideas?
  33. !!!RAOK Elliot's entry!!!
  34. Tank Redone New Issues
  35. [film] Planted nano tanks of the PetFair 2011
  36. Aqueon Water Changer
  37. (RAOK) radioman's 2.5g entry
  38. Very low flow or very High Flow...which is best for plants?
  39. How much light for a shallow cube?
  40. (RAOK)-Leave me any feedback big or small - Fish photography tips and tricks (56K)
  41. Calling all crypt lovers!!
  42. MTS in your this a good thing?
  43. how to clean up excess food on bottom
  44. Plant problems
  45. How much flow?
  46. need help!..
  47. Alien egg in my tank
  48. **Updated 8-14**I think I need some CO2! (Oh no, what have I done?)
  49. !!!!!Franny's 40 brdr NEEDS the C02 RAOK!!!!!! UPDATED
  50. BLACK OUT! Tank Hair Algae War Begins!
  51. Anyone ever use Azalea root balls as driftwood?
  52. [RAOK thread, could use more comments] current state of things
  53. Last push to win the RAOK. New pics updated 8/21. Page 6
  54. biological/bacterial water additives
  55. Newb here.. If stem plants reach water surface...
  56. EI Dosing
  57. What's Your Earliest Memory of Aquarium/Planted Tanks?
  58. How much co2?
  59. Rock Types
  60. |Dont mean to start an arguement... just an idea :)
  61. Fungus?
  62. Avatar Tank
  63. substrate worms
  64. New Tank Fishless Cycle: Need advice
  65. my planted tank w/ 3d custom background
  66. Help!! Question about my KH, GH and plants
  67. CO2 pressurized system, the RAOK item.
  68. "Corydoras" Lost its barbels on one side...
  69. Best way to move my tanks??
  70. what to do with 20g high
  71. How often to flush filter box?
  72. I need some suggestions on plants
  73. Shipping to Canada
  74. help snail problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. Mosquitoes in emersed tank - Carnivorous plants wanted.
  76. Co2 + Light, how sudden is the demand for co2?
  77. What is this????????
  78. Marimo moss ball
  79. Emergency Need Help !!!!
  80. New Member - Substrate Help?
  81. Help with new build plans....
  82. A question of snails!
  83. Potted plants
  84. Betta ate my Endlers...
  85. Proper planting techniques?
  86. Help me ID some plants please!
  87. New setup, list of plants
  88. i think it's time - i got the clove oil, now what?
  89. Co 2 with shrimps
  90. salt water tank
  91. Noob CRS question
  92. Backround Plants
  93. IAPLC 2011 and "abovewater landscape replication"
  94. Another driftwood question
  95. I thought I was growing plants, where did a mushroom come from
  96. RO or no?
  97. 250g
  98. What to consider - trying to make an existing aquarium planted
  99. Newb question, how long to wait in between water change and filter change?
  100. Window tint for background?
  101. 60 gallon Tall Hexagonal
  102. AHHH - I killed my bio filter
  103. CO2 ran out
  104. Help with DIY paintball co2
  105. Water changes just for plants?
  106. Water has suddenly gone cloudy
  107. Would anyone be interested in wild hairgrass?
  108. MP40W wave maker?
  109. 13g iwagami stock...
  110. Power filter cartridge alternative
  111. Bog Filtration
  112. Where to FIND!
  113. Using paypal?
  114. Time for a change
  115. Tank takes a full 180 "HELP"
  116. Glass cages
  117. ADA Factory? (pics).
  118. More Flow
  119. Surface Agitation - Enough to keep CO2 loss low and O2 high
  120. Big Al's is having sales!
  121. API NEXX Filter Review
  122. Carpet Plants
  123. HELP!!! There's white slime covering my wood!
  124. Brass CO2 splitter
  125. Is this plant aquatic? Probably not, but ...
  126. Fun tank for a kids room?
  127. identify algae
  128. what should I trim in my jungle?
  129. floating hydor breather bags
  130. Copper Removal
  131. If you had a 20 gallon high....
  132. Tiny white organisms in substrate?
  133. another surface agitation question
  134. Nice looking plants, but very hard to grow
  135. CO2/Excel + Surface movement relationship
  136. IRC FIshy Chat Room
  137. Using air and co2 in my planted aquarium
  138. Warning about excel and cory cat
  139. Golden rams, paradise fish, and a hammers cobalt blue lobster?
  140. My 90, 75, and 29 gallon planted tanks
  141. Glass types.
  142. $1 Fish
  143. The best food for Grindal worms
  144. 100g plunge, need advice/info
  145. IAPLC 2011 Results are out
  146. Dead snail shells in aquarium... do I really need to pick em all out?
  147. Ich at LFS - How do they let this go on?
  148. What do YOU want to see in a pet store?
  149. plants growing in a power filter?
  150. Help Perk up my plants... TLDR... 56K....
  151. Plant Help
  152. Cloudy surface water
  153. ideals for a 10 gallon tank
  154. Anti-siphons go bad?
  155. Help battling algae
  156. Is it possible to rent a van/truck for only a few hours?
  157. Refugium on Planted Tank
  158. Optimal Tank Size for a Betta
  159. Thoughts...
  160. Could I get some plant IDs, please?
  161. Looking for some ideas
  162. What happens if....EI dosing... ?
  163. API Nexx canister filter, too big?
  164. Talk me out of getting a Spec
  165. Do you ever just want to give up on it?
  166. Want some opinions.........
  167. Injecting co2 into canister filter
  168. If you went to hear a speaker talk, what would you most like to hear and learn about?
  169. Driftwood Problems
  170. fenbendazole! i need help
  171. Pricing on equipment
  172. Switching out lights: From T5HO to NO t8/t12
  173. Green Water - Not algae
  174. Time to buy plants
  175. Can pressurized Co2 go bad?
  176. Regimen Adjustments
  177. Any Sites??
  178. Reestablishing your filter bacteria
  179. Acrylic cleaning?
  180. Micro...Nano...Pico
  181. Flourish Excel
  182. Suggestions for low/med light foreground plants
  183. melting sword plants
  184. Some questions on PH, hardness
  185. Lighting Fixture Mounting Height Question
  186. CO2 Changes
  187. Woohoo, i got my first fry!! erm.. advise!
  188. Thinking about setting up a new tank.
  189. What the heck is that??
  190. help
  191. Experience with Aqueon - Good
  192. fishless cycle... pure ammonia?
  193. Live foods
  194. Suggestions on my 48g bowfront?
  195. black, plastic bags in aquarium
  196. Roseline eating Java moss?
  197. Iwagumi scope advice
  198. Etiquette question
  199. Suggestions needed for background ideas
  200. Mopani wood
  201. Great day in aquarium keeping!
  202. Lighting needed for Hemianthus Calli.
  203. de-rimming bottom of a 10g (good idea?)
  204. Help with Planted tank...
  205. Petco has aquaclear powerheads on clearance!!!!!!!!!
  206. Help with Hydra removal
  207. Setting Up
  208. Planting a shrimp tank
  209. Plant ID Please
  210. New Beginnings
  211. 90 degree tank water?
  212. new tank setup... testing the waters
  213. New Tank Set Up (need some help)
  214. Fluval Ebi & the projectile backgound problem
  215. Using tank water as houseplant water?
  216. Petco Black Friday Sale 20% OFF - TODAY ONLY!
  217. Dead Sword?
  218. Using Rocks You Find?
  219. Cycling Help
  220. Aquascape critique and stocking ideas please
  221. Tap water from hell
  222. Heat wave and mailing java fern
  223. What's wrong with my amazon swords?
  224. Accurate water test kits
  225. Metal bands on bunched plants, what are they made of? (Invertebrate Genocide)
  226. Question about plants & dry starting
  227. hob filter help
  228. fish shop policy
  229. Going on vacation
  230. Some Vital Questions for a Novice
  231. 36" fixture on a 30" tank??
  232. Water Changes
  233. how much does it weigh?
  234. Do you use fine filtration pads in your filters?
  235. Best HOB filter
  236. Help with white cloudy water
  237. new rimless 30 gallon tank - now what? :)
  238. DHG Belem wont grow:(
  239. Goldfish and plants
  240. Ciggie filter CO2 diffuser noise.....
  241. Changing substrate
  242. Black or Clear Silicone?
  243. Co2 needle valve question
  244. Coralife T5HO anyone use them?
  245. Inject CO2 to jumpstart a Walstad aquarium?
  246. Newbie question: Water change for temperature control?
  247. cannister filter tubing elbow?
  248. HC or Glosso for carpet. Which do you prefer?
  249. Iwagumi (minimalist style): hardscape and plant selection suggestions...
  250. Procedure for water changes